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Good Luck everyone...

Please pick in ORDER your 1st 2nd and 3rd place getters as well as who you think will run tailed off Charlie...last.

Please list as Horse Number and NAME.

Winner will be the closest to correct order as listed in your entries.

I will be the decider LOL...good luck to everyone.

Scratchings go onto the TAB favourite.

Entries close 3pm Tuesday NZ time.



1. ANTHONY VAN DYCK (Aidan O'Brien, Hugh Bowman) 58.5kg (3)

2. AVILIUS (James Cummings, John Allen) 57kg (10)

3. VOW AND DECLARE (Danny O'Brien, Jamie Mott) 57kg (4)

4. MASTER OF REALITY (Joseph O'Brien, Ben Melham) 56kg (11)

5. SIR DRAGONET (Ciaron Maher & David Eustace, Glen Boss) 55.5kg (14)

6.  TWILIGHT PAYMENT (Joseph O'Brien, Jye McNeil) 55.5kg (12)

7. VERRY ELLEEGANT (Chris Waller, Mark Zahra) 55.5kg (15)

8. MUSTAJEER (Kris Lees, Michael Rodd) 55kg (2)

9. STRATUM ALBION (Willie Mullins, Jordan Childs) 55kg (9)

10. DASHING WILLOUGHBY (Andrew Balding, Michael Walker) 54.5kg (19)

11. FINCHE (Chris Waller, James McDonald) 54.5kg (6)

12. PRINCE OF ARRAN (Charlie Fellowes, Jamie Kah) 54.5kg (1)

13. SURPRISE BABY (Paul Preusker, Craig Williams) 54.5kg (7)

14. KING OF LEOGRANCE (Danny O'Brien, Damian Lane) 53.5kg (18)

15. RUSSIAN CAMELOT  (Danny O'Brien, Damien Oliver) 53.5kg (16)

16. STEEL PRINCE (Anthony & Sam Freedman, Willie Pike) 53.5kg (21)

17. THE CHOSEN ONE (Murray Baker & Andrew Forsman, Daniel Stackhouse) 53.5kg (5)

18. ASHRUN (Andreas Wohler, Declan Bates) 53kg (24)

19. WARNING    (Anthony & Sam Freedman, Luke Currie) 53kg (8)

20. ETAH JAMES (Ciaron Maher & David Eustace, Billy Egan) 52.5kg (22)

21. TIGER MOTH (Aidan O'Brien, Kerrin McEvoy) 52.5kg (23)

22. OCEANEX (Mick Price & Michael Kent Jnr, Dean Yendall) 51.5kg (17)

23. MIAMI BOUND (Danny O'Brien, Daniel Moor) 51kg (13)

24. PERSAN  (Ciaron Maher & David Eustace, Mick Dee) 51kg (20)

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37 minutes ago, mikenz said:

Is this the last race in the picking comp?

No, this is a  "one-off" comp.

The Spring Carnival Group Comp goes thru until the last day of the Christchurch carnival so plenty of time for the backmakers to catch up.... just need a couple of First Fours to roll home to move up the ladder significantly as Archer found out yesterday.

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'Entries close 3pm Tuesday', eh, Scoobs?

You're happy with my submitting an entry, say, the Tuesday after the one coming up?

In the (boringly-likely) scenario that you'd prefer I pick before the race is run, I will go:

First - 4 - Master of Reality

Second - 6 - Twilight Payment

Third - 16 - Steel Prince

Last - 8 - Mustajeer

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