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  1. Stables the Covid-19 response from Labour has been a political campaign led by their smiling leader. With 24/7 wall to wall exposure how can they not get high acceptance. Giving out future taxpayers hard earned money will always be well received. Now lets wait until the "shit hits the fan" with the economy over the next few months and see then how well they react
  2. Why would National want to govern in this environment? They are going to inherit a "dog" economy with massive debt. To repay this bebt is going to mean increased costs passed onto the taxpayer. Let Labour climb out of the hole they have put us all in. Because if National did win in September, they will have to make some very unsavoury economic decisions, which will only guarantee them 1 term. Best to sit back for 3 years (probably less as the country will demand an early election), and watch the Labour economic package collapse then National will get in for 3 terms and this will give them the chance to rebuild the economy properly.
  3. RIP Jock and condolenses to the Harris family. Woodville in it heyday was one of greatest tracks for top-class trainers producing top-class horses. The college bus from Woodville was half-full with little kids who grew into the best jockeys.
  4. Why the need to turn it off? Half of my favourites race in OZ and they were racing . Luckily I got my email advising that Accountability was racing the other day.
  5. Race 1 - 3,6,10,15 Race 2 - 1,3,6,8 Race 3 - 2,5,8,10 Race 4 - 2,4,9,10 Race 5 - 5,6,12,14 Race 6 - 2,3,11,13 Race 7 - 1,6,13,14 Race 8 - 1,2,3,5 Race 9 - 1,4,11,13
  6. Rosehill: R4 - 2,6 R5 - 2,15 R6 - 4,6 R7 - 3,6 R8 - 3,6 Flemington: R4 - 1,6 R5 - 2,3 R6 - 2,4 R7 - 1,13 R8 - 11,17
  7. R1 - 6,14,18 R2 - 3,10,12 R3 - 2,5,6 R4 - 3,5,6 R5 - 1,5,6 R6 - 4,6,9 R7 - 4,11,12 R8 - 5,6,14 R9 - 10,14,15
  8. R1 - 1,2,3 R2 - 1,2,9 R3 - 4,5,10 R4 - 1,6,12 R5 - 9,10,12 R6 - 1,4,10 R7 - 2,4,5 R8 - 2,10,12 R9 - 7,8,17 R10 - 3,9,11
  10. Obviously self-isolation is a crock of sh.t as expected. Everyone entering NZ should be placed in isolation at a place such as Mangere Refugee Centre or the base at Whangaporoa or an approved hotel/s, tested then permitted to leave after 14 days. Air crew should stay in isolation until they are due to fly out. This should have happened weeks ago - what is happening is commonly called -= closing the door after the horse has bolted - (but we still haven't done it). What's the problem Cindy? - job too big for you to control or too many lefties telling you everything you are doing is correct??
  11. Unfortunately, unlike most private business who are now in a similar position of potential losses in the future, there is no mention of redundancies - just to ask our staff to cut back on their hours. They will ask government for cash - typical of an organisation bereft of ideas to reduce costs. Why not reduce their internal costs and see what a big difference that makes.
  12. What other options did Simon have? Whilst he and Winnie were in "good faith" negotiations after the last election, Winnie was secretly arranging to sue 2 x National members. Since his alliance with Labour, Winnie has done nothing but slag-off Bridges and whilst he is the leader of the National party, he had no other option. It has taken "balls" to make the decision knowing that it could mean National don't form the government later in the year. But in any event, there was no guarantee that Winnie would go with National anyway. Good decision, right decision and right timing and good riddance to Winnie's holding the country to ransom for his own benefit.
  13. The difference between your highlighted thread and this one is - one is full of hypothetical comment and this one is factual, detailing the actions of a Racing Club prepared to stop the consequences of the proposed legislation, to ensure land and surplus funds are retained in the district and, hopefully for the benefit of the local community.