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  2. Meeting News Avondale Racemeeting - 24 January There will be no final race programmed for the Avondale meeting on Wednesday 24 January. NZTR will look to divide a race if necessary.
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    Ellerslie track Cup Day

    Well I drove within 100 metres of the track at 3.00pm and it was raining enuff to put my wipers on. I am now in the CBD and it is pouring down so assume it will travel the 10 kilometres south to the track in the near future.
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    Dennis Quirke is back at head office

    Midget sorry I am unable to offer anything further at this stage, other than he started on Monday. If it was an advertised position surely his CV would have included reference to his previous position at NZTR as handicapper? and even if this new role is at the NZRB, surely someone would have made an enquiry downstairs. Maybe not. Maybe the position was not advertised - I don't know yet.
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    Dennis Quirke is back at head office

    Midget I believe he started on Monday
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    C/mon you ex jocks
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    Could they be the only ones?

    A large tax bill looming for Nelson Harness??
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    Good investment or not???
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    LOT 97 @ the RTR Sales Caulfeild Cup Comp

    Race 6 - Catkins Girl In Flight Diamond Drille Race 8 - Big Money Pago Rock Thermal Current Race 9 - Junoob Who Shot the Barman Lucia Valentina Fredd
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    NZTR &G Purcell

    Fasthorse, perhaps they have been asked to provide morning tea at the next NZTR meeting, and have budgeted accordingly.
  13. Fredd002

    Racecourse Drunkeness

    Sherriff I totally agree. As an owner of licensed premises, I am bound by the laws surrounding the Sale of Liquor Act, which among many things, dictates that I must be a responsible host and, not permit anyone who is drunk on my premises. The licensing inspectors get pretty tough when they notice the latter on premises yet it appears that some Racing Clubs condone this and, a blind eye is being turned by the officials in regard to their obligations under the Act and their licence.
  14. Fredd002

    Another track rating disgrace

    To Mr L.J Shannon - why are you being so defensive on this The simple fact is that at scratching time the track was rated a Dead 6 and straight after the first race, it was downgraded to a Slow 9 (with some experienced jockeys indicating it was worse). There was no change in climatic conditions 1.e. it didn't rain so why was there such a big change/variance to the listed reading? This is the real question. As I said earlier, yours is not the only club who have had to change their penotrometer reading so early in the day, but as an owner it is a frustrating and expensive cost to us. Just for your information, I do not sit in an air conditioned office, I was born in Pahiatua, went to Tararua College and members of my family sponsor racing at the Woodville-Pahiatua Club. When I move back to the area, I will more than welcome an opportunity to become part of the club but in the meantime, I raced a horse (even at "80%" we expected her to feature prominently at the finish), expecting a Dead 6 but in reality it was at least, a Slow 9. As an owner, who has to pay float fees, a jockey fee, etc we would not have accepted if a rating of a Slow 9 had been advised by scratching time, but these costs still get added to my training fees.
  15. Fredd002

    Another track rating disgrace

    You are lucky. I am an owner of a horse who raced in the 3rd, and I think our trainers comments pre-race summed up the attitude of a lot of owners/trainers there today. We went expecting a top run but ended up watching a horse struggling in the conditions. Yet we allow this to happen week-in and week-out. When will we get some accountability from clubs and administrators. Owners and trainers get fined pretty quickly for any misdemeanour yet administrators appear to be immune from any wrong doings