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  1. what does everyone think i think its not bad had a little fiddle with it today a good idea the odds on offer were reasonable aswell hope it stays that way doubt it will though
  2. scare mongering and hidden agendas thats all corona and Blm are and the next lot of shit is
  3. SUB 2ND SUB R1: 1,3,8,9 11 4 R2: 2,7,8,12 20 4 R3: 1,2,7,10 4 8 R4: 3,4,5,11 12 14 R5: 2,3,4,7 15 10 R6: 1,2,4,15 3 10 R7: 3,6,11,16 17 4 R8: 1,4,5,11 13, 22 R9: 1,5,8,10 7 19 R10: 3,6,7,13 11 ,15 R11: 2,4,12,18 16, 21 R12: 7,14,17,20 8, 21 CHEERS THANKS
  4. mike28

    Today's Press

    10 years is way to much he should get the same as what a jockey would get if they bet on another horse in the same race 1-2 years
  5. they should have chucked a $10 dollar free entry into a punters club or something like that or 2 free drinks. tunnel vision the problem here
  6. the stream on ts1 and ts2 is pretty bad at the moment might just be my computer was working well saturday
  7. what do you mean a percentage what did you bet what did you get back as a bonus
  8. unreal probably having a champagne breakfast somewhere getting the last bit of milk from the tit
  9. i thought it was sausage rolls never new they were on the tit aswell
  10. when did national give 62 mil to racing? if they were in power it would have been less or nothing at all most people on here would agree with that.You are right it is the tip of the iceberg as far as unemployment and stuffing up the economy goes but shes just doing what most countries and what the so called expert epidemiologist say
  11. i read an article on newshub that muller likes pork crackling. should go for the top job in petone
  12. is this going to be law? i dont agree with this if they have a monopoly it doesnt necessarily mean success well it hasnt so far anyway. if they get the betting monopoly aswell it will just mean they take the bonus bets and all promotions away and we will get a worse product like we have been getting for the last 20 years then everyone will be moaning about that . i know some people will be thinking it will support stakes etc but they will muck it up like everything else the monopoly model doesnt work for the tab never has.