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  1. you are rightno other political party would have done that 100%
  2. had a dream trip then done nothing got to be something wrong surely
  3. mike28

    place 6

    crap was thinking it might be the second sub
  4. mike28

    place 6

    if i have a place 6 and one of my runners is scratched and i already have the favourite does it go to the second favourite or do you get a higher percentage cheers eg say i had 1,2,5 and 1 was the favourite and 5 was late scratched what would happen then or would i just have the two runners now
  5. a lot of dead wood going to make a bloody big fire
  6. did you win maybe a good or bad luck charm. bye the way i know its not the point
  7. they must no update the odds properly you see sometimes a horse paying 2.50 to place 1 second before they jump then after the race shows a 70 cent divvy
  8. mike28


    does anyone know whats going on with the stakes are they going up next month or is it mainly 15kers
  9. get a good lawyer and take them on head first thats the only way to beat a bully
  10. proofreader was probably at smoko
  11. overall i dont think its changed much it seems to be slightly faster. the new format is different i wouldnt say its better about the same like everything new they bring in it takes a little while for the wheels to start falling off
  12. it will probably crash by saturday
  13. what does everyone think i think its not bad had a little fiddle with it today a good idea the odds on offer were reasonable aswell hope it stays that way doubt it will though