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  1. mike28

    Mulit issues

    thats wrong
  2. mike28

    Mulit issues

    the selections that come in 1.45,2.50,1.55 each selection is worth 0.66 cents. so your return would have been 0.66x 1.45x2.50x 1.55= $3.70 your return
  3. mike28


    if the lockdown extends say another couple of months. do people think racing will be able to continue after that or will we be to far gone. by then also can trainers and everyone else involved in getting a horse to the races get the wage subsidy if they haven't already will these folk be able to survive 3 months or is it a day by day scenario for now
  4. mike28


    i work at wellington airport myself 2 int flights departed yesterday and 1 arrived yesterday very small numbers rumour has it after tonight no more flights but who knows not even people that work there bit of a shambles
  5. mike28

    Cannabis testing

    cannabis testing waste of time doesn't enhance performance iv'e been a lot more wasted on alcohol and kava im not even joking. Highly recommend kava if you need to relax get it from the chemist
  6. mike28


    in 3 or 4 weeks from now we will know who made the right calls and who didn't
  7. mike28

    Why not Racing ?

    a doctor that i know that has a lot of knowledge on this has said that numbers will rise for at least 2 weeks. if the numbers dont start going down by week 3 there will probably be a further lockdown she said this is way more serious than people think and if things are not done properly we could be in a world of trouble the common consensus is we are handling it a lot better than aus
  8. mike28

    Some Good News

    i cant believe they are still racing in aus as of now. theyll be in a heap more trouble than us shortly in a couple of weeks
  9. mike28

    TAB to go tits up

    more than just tits up
  10. mike28

    I know this is not racing but...

    the govt done not bad really especially the payouts to business etc my job at the airport in duty free is still going at a reduced rate if it wasnt for the govt i would have been made redundant already might be in a couple of weeks though. from what ive seen in and around the airport people have been way to relaxed the govt doing well they just need to be way more ruthless with self isolaters
  11. mike28

    Corona Virus Impact on Racing

    it will only be a matter of time weeks not months before they have meetings without spectators or no meetings at all i dont support but thats were i can see it going
  12. mike28

    Cut salaries,,,NOW !!

    celery instead of sausage rolls and pies
  13. mike28

    Racing Bill Submissions

    more smoke and mirrors
  14. mike28

    C. S. Hayes Stakes........

    great run if he had drawn an inside barrier and led he would have won a good run none the less
  15. mike28


    Lot 59