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  1. mike28

    1000 guineas

    Jennifer eccles i take it
  2. mike28

    1000 guineas

    Anyone got any early tips bolters for the race
  3. mike28


    Thanks for coming had yearn to place aswell
  4. mike28

    Horses slaughtered in NZ

  5. mike28


    Pukekohe R5 Just looking at this horses times and last 600m times aswell looks the bet of the day 3.50 will probably be closer to 2.00 by start time cant believe how much its paying have been wrong before though
  6. mike28


    R1 7 R2 1 R3 1 R4 8 R5 15 R6 2 R7 3 R8 14 R9 4 Cheers
  7. Comp R1 : New Plymouth R4 2:14pm 1-2 Comp R2 : Randwick R2 2:40pm 7-5 Comp R3 : Randwick R3 3:15pm 2-5 Comp R4 : Moonee Valley R4 4:05pm 7-10 Comp R5 : Randwick R5 4:25pm 3-1 Comp R6 : Randwick R6 5:05pm 7-12 BB  Comp R7 : Randwick R7 5:45pm 2-10 Comp R8 : Moonee Valley R7 6:05pm 3-1 Comp R9 : Randwick R8 6:25pm 8-13  Comp R10 : Moonee Valley R8 6:45pm 11-9bb cheers
  8. mike28

    Helena Baby

    should be at least $6 dollars 4.60 way to short but have been wrong before
  9. Comp R1 : Otaki R5 2.59pm - 1/8 Comp R2 : Rotorua R7 3.15pm - 6/5 Comp R3 : Caulfield R4 3.40pm - 4/9 Comp R4 : Caulfield R5 4.20pm - 4/9 Comp R5 : Rosehill R6 4.40pm - 4/7 Comp R6 : Rosehill R7 5.20pm - 3/5 Comp R7 : Caulfield R7 5.40pm - 1/7  Comp R8 : Rosehill R8 6.00pm - 4/11 Comp R9 : Caulfield R8 6.20pm - 4/7 b/b Comp R10 : Caulfield R9 6.55pm - 4/5 b/b cheers
  10. IM IN CHEERS Comp R1 : FLEMINGTON R1 1.40pm : 13Comp R2 : TAURANGA R6 2.09pm : 5Comp R3 : RANDWICK R3 2.35pm : 11Comp R4 : FLEMINGTON R4 3.25pm (Bonus Race) : 5Comp R5 : RANDWICK R5 3.50pm : 8Comp R6 : RANDWICK R6 4.30pm (Bonus Race) : 7Comp R7 : RANDWICK R7 5.10pm : 12Comp R8 : FLEMINGTON R7 5.25pm (Bonus Race) : 2Comp R9 : RANDWICK R8 5.50pm : 4 BBComp R10 : FLEMINGTON R9 6.38pm : 6 BB
  11. Comp R1 : Awapuni R4 1.54pm : 4Comp R2 : Rosehill R3 2.40pm : 1 BBComp R3 : Rosehill R4 3.15pm : 5Comp R4 : Rosehill R5 3.50pm : 10Comp R5 : Sandown Lakeside R5 4.05pm : 1Comp R6 : Rosehill R6 4.25pm (Bonus Race) : 7Comp R7 : Rosehill R7 5.05pm : 10Comp R8 : Ipswich R7 5.17pm (Bonus Race) : 4Comp R9 : Rosehill R8 5.45pm : 12 BBComp R10 : Sandown Lakeside R8 6.05pm : 5Comp R11 : Ipswich R9 6.32pm (Bonus Race) : 13 cheers
  12. mike28

    My radical plan to fix NZ racing

    stop it
  13. when i withdrawal on on sat i usually get it tuesday morning how about you and it takes 2 days during the week withdraw wed get it on friday
  14. i have an account with betfair,sportsbet,bet365, and ladbrokes and have had them all for at least a year so am well qualified to comment. BETFAIR: good for sports betting no hassles depositing and withdrawing money site is not the best overall to navigate etc. 7.5/10 BEST ODDS OVERALL SPORTSBET: Good promotions have suspended my account because i was winning money not much about $600 dollars over the space of a few months not exactly HUGE. if your a losing punter and like good bang for your buck the place to go.the odds boost are cool as well also had to wait 2 weeks once for my money but apart from that not to bad about as good as the nz tab 5/10. BET365: Awesome never had a problem mind 8.5/10 NO ODDS BOOSTS THOUGH 2ND TO BETFAIR IN TERMS OF ODDS LADBROKES: Awesome never had a problem 9/10 a little bit stingy on odds with nz races i find but apart from that awesome odds boosts are cool as well all do not charge for depositing via debit card but the nz tab does . mind you the nz tab is getting much better with there promotions refund for 2nd and 3rd etc which is quite good. the verffcation process is easiest and least hassle with bet365 and ladbrokes make sure you are fully 100% verified before you deposit money etc.