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  1. nah, they should all get the off course FAVOURITE ...
  2. so Archer and d Missus, sitting in lounge with A trying to explain the rules and ways of todays comp ... A: Well its like you pick a horse but don't want it to win and if its more favoured thatz even better ... M: hmmm A: understand ? M: hmmm A: But I couldn't really be bothered studying so I just took my most hated jockey (lunkhead) in most of my picks. A: But now you know he will ..... (checks himself) .. nah I'm NOT gonna say that ! M: what ? A: nothing ...... (remembering all the reverse curses) 30 minutes later and lunkhead has ridden a d
  3. gawd, (a nose & half head) and twas the old bag and lunkhead .. a good start, then ten minutes later ..........
  4. Start again and disregard ALL best bets. including the two already run. Seems fair.
  5. Matamata R1: 5 R2: 1 R3: 2 R4: 11 R5: 6 R6: 9 R7: 2 R8: 7 bb R9: 11 Welly R1: 3 R2: 2 bb R3: 3 R4: 1 R5: 5 R6: 3 R7: 8 R8: 11 bb R9: 9 bb
  6. Nothing like beating up old people.
  7. Obviously it was Leggy ...
  8. nah, McCooks are known for other things ...
  9. It this sort of continuous bullshite, that allows the Regime to keep squashing people.
  10. Go forth and multiply, spread the loving far and wide ....
  11. Wonder what Owen would have got for the same offence ... :(
  12. Actually the ONLY people imprisoning us, are this fkn Government. And don't even think that the nats/act will save your arse, they have done NOTHING to stop this tyranny.
  13. Yeah, but this covid crap is mostly media bullshite swallowed by the young and vulnerable, any decent look at the evidence suggests that it is basically a flu virus and a VIRUS that may kill 500 - 1000 kiwis next year. Fairly normal.
  14. Bat virus, but modified by Wuhan. The current virus does not infect bats any longer !!! But, as they said, probably an accidental release. Still thru all that, it is just another virus. And they been here way longer than us. the funny thing is, try telling folks that 500-1000 people are going to die next year !!!!
  15. Yeah Auckland found all the support from the rest of the team of 5 million was so overwhelming. we particularly liked how you all lobbied for us to get a better deal .... NOT. So yeah, fuck you and the rest of the country, Auckland and the flu are coming to you all . People forget that 90% of the money comes to Auckland, so we are coming to get it all and the TAX.
  16. Just jump the fence like the old days ...
  17. You are getting it whether you like it or not ...
  18. Fuckn Bullshit, we are busting and none of you weak arse fks that having been living it up are going to stop us.
  19. good comp, pity about all the double entries, and rule changes. Well done to Mr Gee, and Goodie, unlucky Gruff, but dems da rules .... And another excellent job from Paul (Pon) Thanks Scooby for the opportunity. Oh yeah and great work team, sorry for last 2 days ( trying for solo glory)
  20. If its genuine and with his lousy phone, then I think it should pass, as there only the two or 3 of them in it ! See what the boss says and maybe ask Goodie ....