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  1. So it was all true, Joe P got the boot and the rich got in. Just saw a verandah FULL of people, so how does that work ? oh well, my 100 dollars for drink, food and other extras is going on LOTTO !!!
  2. Ascot R 6 - 2,3,6,8 Ell R 7 - 1,4,7,13 Ell R 8 - 1,2,5,14 Caul R 5 - 1,3,4,10 bb Caul R 6 - 1,3,6,7 Rose R 6 - 1,4,5,11 Caul R 7 - 1,2,5,13 Rose R 7 - 1,3,4,7 Caul R 8 - 2,4,6,7
  3. couldn't find the bong ....
  4. They gonna allow those f scum fking member bastards from the ARC entry, but not the Joe P. Thanks houla for that info and not ..... Some mf pollys are going their ars holes rebored next week for that.
  5. Hmmm what, you think they gonna shut us out ??????????????? I'm sure the rule is, as long as 100 people ain't in each others faces, then it should be sweet ?
  6. You do know its free entry ?
  7. Yeah you couldn't get much better, than the Counties Cup, Avondale Cup and Guineas, then boxing day Derby, followed by Auckland Cup on NY day. worked for ages ...
  8. Yeah, never heard of the distance increase, what the fudge is that about ?
  9. I heard covid deaths were down by 40% since they announced the vaccine was here ....
  10. Cats and Dogs can get the normal flu toooooo. Hard for them to pass it on to their slaves tho .....
  11. fk p jam, one song wonders, I'd say hit but it wasn't even that ..
  12. Used to like it being a place punter, but let me down badly (Quad, treble) in last few. so no way harvey .....
  13. Avondale Guineas, very interesting race, always a great Derby lead up.
  14. My pick and hopefully not laying a curse, is Ocean Billy for Mr Pomare.
  15. Now there will probably be only 80 on course anyhow, but what rules are in place ?