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  1. Archer

    All Blacks v SA

    Something really weird happening in the betting on this game ..... BIG bets are being placed on the draw !!!!! No matter what happens in play !
  2. Archer


    Can't lose the Park, that would be the start of the fall and end of trotting in New Zealand ...
  3. Yeah I have only played one similar competition but it was more straight forward, 1 joker (double up), and no bonus races. But all good, not that fussed.
  4. The punishments seem to counter each other, making the two winner rule near obsolete. Thanks for the offer but I doubt any one will be alive soon ...
  5. This competition has a serious fault with the Group races being essentially bonus races every week, the only way to win is to pick Group one runners paying $3 or less .... Why not just have group one races ... And the mercy ??? rule, should have come in, say halfway through the competition. To make one mistake in the first round and be eliminated the next week even after not picking a winner is pretty sad. If the top three pick low divvie G1 non winners in the next couple of weeks, there won't be many people left ! But if the sponsor is happy then so be it.
  6. Melbourne race 2 number 3 Arthiri ..
  7. Cut off time .... 2.35 because of race 2 from Melbourne ?
  8. Any list of the picks ?
  9. Ruakaka R5 Starts 2:19pm 1-10 Rosehill R2 Starts 2:45pm 2-7 Rosehill R3 Starts 3:20pm 1-7 Rosehill R4 Starts 3:55pm 8-11 Hastings R9 Starts 4:20pm 8-11 Caulfield R5 Starts 4.50pm 3-5 Rosehill R6 Starts 5:10pm 5-9 bb Caulfield R6 Starts 5.30pm 3-4 Caulfield R7 Starts 6.10pm 1-5 bb Caulfield R8 Starts 6.50pm 1-6
  10. New Plymouth R4 2:14pm 1-2 Randwick R2 2:40pm 3-5 Randwick R3 3:15pm 2-5 Moonee Valley R4 4:05pm 5-9 Randwick R5 4:25pm 1-2 Randwick R6 5:05pm 2-7 bb Randwick R7 5:45pm 2-10 Moonee Valley R7 6:05pm 1-10 Randwick R8 6:25pm 1-8 bb Moonee Valley R8 6:45pm 2-8
  11. Archer

    Anyone fancy a Losers Get Laid comp ?

    Aye ...
  12. Sorry Paige, I got all my picks mixed up after race 2, I didn't understand it when I was checking each race and saw those horses ... and you performed so wonderful and we should have been much closer ....
  13. Te Rapa R3 1:50pm 3-8 Randwick R2 2:35pm 1-5 Otaki R5 3:19pm 1-5 Te Rapa R6 3:35pm 2-8 Caulfield R4 4:00pm 4-5 Randwick R5 4:20pm 1-6 bb Randwick R6 5:00pm 7-8 Caulfield R6 5:20pm 2-5 Randwick R7 5:40pm 4-11 Randwick R8 6:20pm 1-10 Caulfield R8 6:40pm 1-11 bb Morphettville R7 6:51pm 2-10