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  1. How long for a credit card transaction to go thru ? If I put it in my account tonight, will it be available for tomorrow afternoon ? Obviously never done this shite before, but when to the local and they closed ... ... Strange because if you just close the pokies, then its likely only 8 people including staff in the Tab.
  2. Its ok, all those people that profited from this slaughter are going to refund the owners loss, the riders hospital bills and loss of earnings .....
  3. I see he kept the race and the owners and punters all got paid, wonder what they think ?
  4. love it, OR just carry on with your own racing track !!!!
  5. and the grandstand doesn't need to be knocked down, just cleaned up and refitted. The concrete structure is sound as, the glass ? windows at the western end need replacing with a more up to date product. The roof needs some work, but nothing drastic and the rest is basically a bit of elbow grease. Renting out some of the extra spaces would earn extra bucks and even bring back one of the smaller bars (with a tote) for the westies, who like to sink a few, go out watch the race, yell at the little people and go back and carry on enjoying the relaxed conditions and maybe bring back the nightclub !!!
  6. Fk off ... We can see which tracks in the Auckland area are useless ... Avondale has always been a superior track surface.
  7. Aye and base it at Avondale ...
  8. Going to save the place all by myself ...
  9. been piss weak beer in the smallest glass at $5 for years .............
  10. 1: 1, 9, 11, 12 2: 2, 7,14,15 3: 2.10.12,13 4: 1, 4, 12. 13 5: 3, 5, 12, 15 6: 2, 4, 5. 9 7: 3, 9, 12, 13 8: 1, 6, 11, 14 9: 1, 3, 10, 13 10: 3,4,9,13 11: 3,8,11,13 12: 3,10,15,16
  11. Also stops people picking likely non-starters, then getting the off course sub ..
  12. Hmm (a) .... a racing venue owned by the club: (b) .... a racing venue owned by the club: (c) .... a racing venue owned by the club. So the writers of this act, agree quite clearly that the venues are OWNED BY THE CLUB !