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  1. See, all you had to do was say, John fkd up in the entry post and it was only $100 total.
  2. Well may I suggest you actually proof read what you post. because the majority of people ain't mind readers and/or in on your intimate pms.
  3. LOL ... so now its Johns fault !
  4. Sorry but the entry thread clearly stated the winner gets a 100 ew, how can you deny this ? You said I was LUCKY to get a 50 dollar bet, AFTER the comp was over.
  5. Ipswich race 4 --- 8 - He is. 100 e/w (50/50 return split) or 50 ew (all mine) or whatever ... please let me know what you do
  6. more confused than ever now ...
  7. can someone confirm this ? The objective is to fill out your Bingo card. You need at least one of your 24 runners to finish in each of these positions: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11+ First person to fill out all 11 spots on their bingo card wins. Prize $100 each way bet on a horse of the winners choosing split 50/50 as normal. Thanks ...
  8. Te Rapa r6 - 6 Te Rapa r7 - 1, 9 Te Rapa r8 - 1, 3, 10 Flemington r5 - 4 Rosehill r7 - 4, 8 Ipswich r7 - 5, 10 Ipswich r8 - 8 Ipswich r9 - 12, 13
  9. Say nothing, till u hear more .........
  10. Interesting concept, certainly a degree of luck in the 5-12th place. I was a bit rushed, so I took basically horses I thought would finish in the top half of the field .... It was only later, after 2-3 rounds that I realised I didn't pick a WINNER in the last 6-7 races .......... then luckily a 20 dollar pick got up !!! Good idea and another comp format to add to the system.
  11. Now to address the other issue, John (who does a fantastic job scoring) wrote a post at 4.54, saying back soon, ... I posted a :: ? :: at 6.30 !! Now first of all, this wasn't about hurrying him up at all, I was simply wondering what was happening. Impatient, hardly and not reflective of my posts. Obviously there are some people who believe they are only ones who deserve to win and abuse or harangue the people not in their group. So once more and finally, thank you Scooby for the competition and thanks again to John for the scoring effort.