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  1. Last Monday I was critical of Frankie Dettori. But not as critical as the Gosden Yard. They have awarded Frankie the "DCM". And that is most certainly NOT the Distinguished Conduct Medal!!!
  2. My review of Ascot 2022. Stradivarius would have won the Gold Cup if James McDonald had stood in for Frankie Dettori. Frankie, that was not a ride to be proud of. Holloway Boy in the Chesham Stakes; he looks like a bit of alright!!! The last race on Saturday; I thought the umpires would have called "bad light stopped play".
  3. The winner of the last race run summed up the organisation.
  4. I wanted to see $12,000 races stay at $12,000!!! BUT, for all $12,000 races all base riders fees to be paid by NZTR, together with a $200 starter's allowance for every starter. That way, it does not cost so much to find out that your horse is no good. And you will be encouraged to go and buy another one.
  5. I think that fireworks display immediately prior to The Derby was damned stupid.
  6. That video of the Oaks was filmed from cameras on the finishing line. I recorded the Oaks and the telecast on our Trackside was from a camera at the 2 furlong peg, and after that they switched to the camera at the finishing post. At the 2 furlong peg Emily Upjohn had cruised up and had a length on the hard ridden Tuesday. Tuesday may have gone too soon, and she was in front at the 1/2 furlong peg, judging by the shadows each of them showed on the track. Tuesday's effort to hold on, after having gone too soon, was that of another tough, hard and consistent performer sired by Galileo. In th
  7. I recorded the Derby and saw a mere two seconds of that. I thought it had been removed to avoid giving the protesters the thing they enjoy more than anything else; "publicity". It would seem that the feed we get here in N.Z. just shows the screen with no talking whilst the British endure 60 seconds of advertising. There was a similar break in the telecast prior to the Oaks.
  8. When the Kaimai rail tunnel was opened in September 1978, Toby won the Tunnel Cup at Matamata on a horse with doubtful parentage. That horse had won its maiden at Matamata the previous month. Toby looks like a young bloke in that photo, which is still in my home office.
  9. Interesting chat with my second brother, who is now 76 years old. In the third, fourth and fifth forms he played in the under 7 stone 7lbs grade. That is, under 48kg! Their team was very successful. We wondered how a school these days would find a team of runts to play in that weight grade. He tells me that the team included some aspiring apprentice jockeys. One of them fathered a good jockey named Shane Dye; another player was a full brother to Black Kirrama.
  10. I saw Lester win on Milkwood at Scotsville, in Pietermaritzburg, about 1975. Lester wasn't ready at the start but the starter let them go anyway. He settled six or more lengths behind the second last horse and in the straight came through the middle of the field to win. Unbelievable.
  11. Berri, could you be so kind as to post on here when Sun And Heir is nominated. After Emily Upjohn, your forward looking posts are appreciated.
  12. I saw the Midget earlier today and he tells me the esteemed "Yaldie" is to be replaced by a huge shopping centre. The top deck of the public stand at Trentham = gone. The top deck of the public stand at Riccarton = gone. My favourite pub in Chch = nearly gone. My favourite drinking place in Auckland = gone. Nostalgia is not what it used to be.
  13. Tauhei is a locality in the Waikato. When in Christchurch the Yaldhurst is my favourite pub. Not flash, nor pretentious, just a great N.Z. pub that attracts people who are interesting to chat with. Add that to reasonably priced food, competent tote operators and beer chilled to the optimum temperature. Which Wellington pub would Racecafers recommend to me. Today is a bit sad as my favourite drinking hole in Auckland is closing. It never had a TAB, but it always attracted interesting people to chat with. And the proprietor reminds me of Aristotle's famous quote; "There is a
  14. Possibly off topic Stodge, but having been a penciller for the bookies, you would have been surprised to be at Hastings on 16th April where the odds posted in the three horse, race two, were $1.80, $3.20 and $15. Did your great uncle set markets like that? I note that you have travelled from Hawkes Bay up to Taupo. Our NZ Transport Agency have reduced the speed limit on that road to 80 kilometres per hour. People who are not bright enough to get a job at the NZ Transport Agency can be employed to set the odds at our monopolistic TAB.
  15. I note that Claymore has weakened from 6 to 1 to 7 to one. He has the visitors' draw. Unfortunately our TAB channel closes at midnight our time on a Sunday evening, so they only only show the first race from Longchamps.
  16. The way that Rich Strike WEAVED his way through the field whilst accelerating; I was surprised. I was hoping to read something on this site evaluating that performance. I have never ever been a jockey, but to me that effort to get up and win comfortably was something you only see from a very good horse. And he started from the visitor's draw. "20" in a 20 horse field. I would not bet on him, even with stolen money! Come on, readers. Tell me I am wrong. I'm big enough to take criticism.
  17. American horses racing on dirt don't win like that. Thank you for bringing us the overhead shot. Please tell me another American group winner who has won like that. Did you see how much he was spotting the leader 350 metres out? He was 80 to one at Las Vegas and he was still 80 to one at the top of the straight.
  18. Stodge, your comments on the Chester Vase would be appreciated. The winner looked good but that Chester Vase seems to me to be more like Omoto, near Greymouth, than a true test of a horse's ability. I like Galileo bloodlines. Please advise if I am being too cynical.
  19. Is that what is called a skewbald?
  20. Lusail was unlucky??? The only thing about that crab is that I was unlucky enough to back it for a place. One thing about the Rowley Mile; it is straight and there are no excuses. BUT, my punting is so bad lately that I backed the Canberra Raiders yesterday and Pulse (-6.5) today. That puts me in that rare sphere of people who have lost money betting against the Warriors..
  21. My sincere apologies to our TAB. Race 5 at 2.40 a.m. is The 2000 Guineas. It will be shown.
  22. Stodge, Under our present racing management we are able to watch races from Goodwood, Newmarket, Uttoxeter and Thirsk in the early hours of our Sunday morning. So on Sunday morning NZ time we can watch the From Burton With Love Handicap Hurdle at 1645 hours Greenwich mean time, but the 2000 Guineas is not considered worthy of showing. Un far kin bee lieve far kin able.
  23. Can anybody explain why Australian service fees are always quoted inclusive of GST whereas New Zealand stallions' fees are quoted excluding GST.
  24. A mate was telling me that he has not had much success betting on gallops, trots, dogs, cricket, rugby union, rugby league, baseball and American football. But he has had surprisingly great success betting on Netball. He reckons that most Netball betting is by women, who bet with their heart as distinct from betting with their head. Being an old bachelor he also reckons that if they chose husbands with their heads rather than their hearts fewer of them would be married to useless bastards. But aside from that, it appears that the weight of money on Netball is creating some unusual