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  1. R1_ 1,2,11,14 R2- 2,7,13,14 R3-1,7,13,14 R4- 1,3,12,14 R5-3,5,13,15 R6- 1,4,8,12 R7- 2,3,11,12 R8-6,7,11,16 R9-1,2,3,14 R10- 3,5,6,13 R11-1,2,4,8 R12-3,9,14,15 Brilliant thanks for this once again
  2. R1...1, 5 ,13, 15 R2....1,3,4,10 R3....2,5,8,12 R4....1,3,8,10 R5...1,3,13,14 R6.....2,6,11,17 R7....1,4,9,16 R8....1,3,5,8 R9....1,4,8,11 Thanks again....
  3. Hi Flemington R5) 6,10 selection as h4 was scratched. Can you update this please? Thanks again
  4. Rosehill 4) 4,8 5) 7,9 6) 3,14 7) 5,10 8) 6,11 Flemington 4) 1,8 5) 4,10 6) 3,14 7) 2,14 8)6,14 Brilliant and thanks again and special thanks to Mrs Cubes.
  5. R1..5,6,14 R2...2,6,10 R3..3,11,7 R4..7,6,12 R5.. 2,1,7 R6..4,9,11 R7..2,12,13 R8..2,4,14 R9.. 6,10,12 Thanks again........
  6. R1) 1,4,2 R2) 2,6,4 R3) 2,11,5 R4) 1,6,12 R5) 9,4,2 R6) 1,7,4 R7) 1,6,8 R8) 12,13,4 R9) 9,14,17 R10) 3,11,16 Thanks for this comp!
  7. So right Cooper !!and of course history making Lisa Allpress...where was that coverage on our national TV...very disappointing.
  8. Baz agree with your selections wholeheartedly -esp Jennifer.and sadly i have had to cancel going to the Darby but will see you at the Oaks!!.one of my favourite races. And we are blessed with all these beautiful 3yr athletes here and in Aussie competing. So proud. Just Brilliant.Did you enjoy Otaki?
  9. Caroline


    Good luck!!group 1 racing is fantastic and would love to be part of it. I may try to be there but if not enjoy. I had noticed over our summer we seem to have some fantastic horses all ages,running everywhere at the moment and I am loving watching it. Can't believe I kept my hands in my pockets at karaka! Definitely going to oaks at home track might see you there if not otaki.
  10. Caroline


    Baz- doubt will seeyou at races again....Breeder..exactly that about power. although Powers are semi performing 2nd in wakefield and races here and there they were not favored at the sale. Our filly added value to her foal for sure.Yet our colt was a physically very strong beauty type like they say close the book and look at the horse. I was going to keep and race him myself if he didn't sell/reach an amount. He has gone to a good home with a stable friend from highden which is neat. I really liked the Wrotes at the sale they took my eyeand got outbid on my picks so will keep looking as we missed with our mare to contributer but she is in foal to Rip Van Winkle. Hope for a safe and healthy foal and breeding.
  11. Caroline


    Go Baz !!those bargain basement dreams do come true as I well know.!! Very pleased with our colt we sold for 40k- from my $400 8 carat mare -exquisitejewel/power. Have to say sam and libby from Highden and their team did a fantastic job for us as 1st time sellers and our girls, 1st time foal. Will watch your girl with great interest.Caroline
  12. Caroline


    Thanks so much-! I will be attending his sale of course.
  13. Caroline


    Lot 615 Burgundy- Game Duchess
  14. Brilliant idea and thanks to all setting this up. 1/10 2/7 3/11 4/8 5/2 6/1 7/8 8/9 9/13
  15. Mister Neutral. Mybliss. Brilliant concept thanks.