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  1. Caroline


    Thanks so much-! I will be attending his sale of course.
  2. Caroline


    Lot 615 Burgundy- Game Duchess
  3. Caroline


    Brilliant idea and thanks to all setting this up. 1/10 2/7 3/11 4/8 5/2 6/1 7/8 8/9 9/13
  4. Caroline

    Name for my horse please.

    Mister Neutral. Mybliss. Brilliant concept thanks.
  5. Caroline

    Cheap purchase gets better and better

    Thank you breeder and ruby I agree with the sentiments of the family. Exquisite Jewel foaled a beauty little brown colt who is going and growing strong. She is my 'dream' mare and that big step to racing. Yes i did look for the family and I hope I have found one in Grand Prospect tracing back on her family. To say I am a little bit excited in his half siblings performance is an understatement. We can only try and try again.
  6. Caroline

    Choosing A Yearling

    Hi all, thank you for that, yes i did notice that she was 20/20 with 'everything' and it is interesting to see the pedigrees and how they line up. Definitely taken your words on board and will definitely select a stallion 'we like' and will select from there.
  7. Caroline

    Choosing A Yearling

    Not yet and we are looking. I have been trying out the Gold Nicks Tests and there are a few that she is 20/20 with and i have been following with great interest, comments on these pages with breeding for my education it was easy to put her to Power to begin with.
  8. Caroline

    Choosing A Yearling

    Yes indeed- i know she is amazing and our wee star although her shape is now looking like a Zeppelin! Great Stuff. I am now always on the lookout with her lineage in horses that are racing and planning to buy... (as are others I suppose). And the few that have been through the recent sales - i have been outbid on, however - if Exquisite Jewel is all we have in our life and her progeny i am more than happy with that. I watched Dark Princess have a great trial win at Foxton the other day and Nabiac is another going around.
  9. Caroline

    Choosing A Yearling

    I am proud once again to see that the filly lot 272 went for 200 to Perth and just in time to hear the name Exquisite jewel mentioned in the sale. I am so thankful to Sir Patrick and Lady Justine for giving us a start in this business for the future. Exciting times.
  10. Caroline

    Choosing A Yearling

    Woohoo thank you very much. He lives up to his name and was a beautiful little ' star 'today .- showing with beach work and ear muffs doing the trick. I am amazed at the ease of winning with some very good horses in his race. Where to now that is fun deciding..
  11. Caroline

    Choosing A Yearling

    She is down south following new pusuits swimming Bush walking and eventing. She had a great life with our trainers and has landed on her feet again....
  12. Caroline

    Choosing A Yearling

    Thanks yes our kate had plenty more in her racing ability and we could have raced her again -vet says..... but that would be tempting too much risk so we chose not to and have a fantastic well bred black type mare now. that experience has hooked my involvement and love of racing and now breeding horses even further and going to aussie with her was a dream. She paid her own way. Yes Trish is a partner also and still is and our last mare to race and win and then knock herself....was Eternal Angel. She was bred by Trish but she has now retired too. I have another Thano- Star Quality . A cracking looking liver chestnut. He has potential but he gets sweaty and worked up and doesnt look good but loves a fight in the race.
  13. Caroline

    Choosing A Yearling

    Hi i am Exquisite Jewels very proud joint owner /buyer. Unfortunately she injured her tendon again after 13months rehab and had returned to trentham for one race. She is too valuable - 8 carat family to risk again racing. She has now tested in foal positive to stallion Power!! I am excited beyond belief. I rushed up to buy Game Duchess when put up for sale and she was withdrawn- rest is history. I am going to this years select sale to look only......yeah right.. good luck to all. Game Duchess has a yearling in book 1 be interesting to see what it goes for.