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  1. Agreed, scooby. Far too often Racing appoints someone with a wonderful-looking CV ... without underrstanding that that wonderful-looking CV has been built up simply by the appointee in question scouring the job markets to find positions that will look wonderful when he does his next scour...
  2. One of these, Midget? Wins are in the second column: All Seasons - Most Wins on a Runner Statistics Horse Wins Wins (%) Place Place (%) Starts PM AUD(%) ROI OUR GENES 23 17.3% 32 41.4% 133 $224,841 $1.52 BORNINTHESTATES 16 18.6% 22 44.2%
  3. I'm sure Berri will know, heh, but the original Steeplechases were 'races between Steeples', i.e. between two different churches. Presumably you could use any route you liked to attempt that feat! (I was impressed at the variety of different fences on that French course, though..._ And, Shad, I remain incredulous that Bono 'still hasn't found what he's looking for.' Any decent hardware store would stock bloody big mirrors that would enable him to fill that bill...
  4. Oi, you lot, no dissing George. Way way back in the day when Auckland had a decent Christmas/New Year racing programme - four days at Ellerslie and two nights at Alexandra Park - I fronted to AP before the first race there and had an 'interest' bet on the last of the day's races down at (I think) Rotorua. That race was telecast on course at AP... Except that, dunno why, there was no audio link. George just happened to be in 'our' stand on the AP course and - with nothing much to aid him other than a cursory look at the form guide - gave a near perfect commentary to an enthr
  5. Oh I certainly will. Thanks! I already knew you are a prominent racehorse owner so I guessed, especially the way your article was framed, that it was written for others 'in the trade', so to speak. As for the not wanting to blow your own trumpet, it always fascinates me how so many great New Zealanders are so modest about their achievements. I truly believe that if Muhammad Ali had been a Kiwi he'd have come up with some self-deprecating comment like 'I'm not bad', ha, rather than his 'I am the GREATEST!'...
  6. I must admit that I rarely actually enter a TAB these days. It tended to be a quick visit once in a while to top up my TAB Account. But now that they have, wisely, abolished the utterly-insane deduction they used to make on on-line TAB Account deposits I am picking they'll see me, in the flesh, even less.
  7. Sweet story, Nerula. If I wasn't so dreadfully-scared you might say 'Yes!', I'd offer you a couple of these Bailey's Irish Cream chocolates a business acquaintance couriered a box of which to me today! Burp! Pig? Moi? Was that a one-off story, Nerula? Or are there others you can link me to?
  8. Lemme echo Scooby's comments - the comps are well run ( to Ponderosa), fun (Hell, I even won one this year!) and the every-so-often-change in the format helps keep it interesting.
  9. Today was the ONLY day in the next 10 when I couldn't get to Trentham, Ponderosa. I'm hoping they will reschedule it for one of those other 9 days! My luck, though, they will probably run the big races at some back-of-beyond racetrack like Hastings or, God forbid, Havelock Bloody North!
  10. Ah, Pondy, go with your gut. Any complainers need to remember: Entry to the comp was FREE I'm just sorry that your organisational work for the day was disrupted...
  11. Greetings, Ponderosa, Scooby, Mr Gee and Kloppite Matamata Race 1: 2 Matamata Race 2: 1 Matamata Race 3: 15 Matamata Race 4: 14 BB Matamata Race 5: 4 BB Matamata Race 6: 5 Matamata Race 7: 7 Matamata Race 8: 8 Matamata Race 9: 1 BB Trentham Race 1: 3 Trentham Race 2: 7 BB Trentham Race 3: 2 Trentham Race 4: 1 Trentham Race 5: 11 Trentham Race 6: 3 Trentham Race 7: 14 Tre
  12. Nope, Stodge... The stake is unchanged since it was increased in 2019. They need to 'standardise' the way they cite the stake, mind,. Add up the dosh paid to the first 12 runners on Tuesday week and yes you get the $7,750,000 Ohokaman's list refer to ... but there's then a quarter of a million bucks' worth of trophies to factor in, too. Year Prize Money 2020 $8,000,000 2019 2018 $7,300,0
  13. Why the curious stake, NP? You on a promise, heh, if you spend under $250?
  14. Dunno if it was Minsky but I always chuckle when I remember Lester's gem about horses that consistently hung: "The best thing you can do is put a piece of lead in his right ear as a counter-balance . . . with a shotgun."
  15. Apologies for the poorly-used term! I used it thinking along the lines that his feats - against a generation that included two great horses (Mill Reef and My Swallow) - were of unexpected quality. His emphatic 2000 Guineas win over that duo in 1971 - when he was the 'despised' outsider of the three - was breathtaking: Ever read John Hislop's 'The Brigadier', Leo? Possibly the best racing book I have ever bought ... although I have the softest of soft spots for the tome 'Ruffian - Running From The Start'... Brigadier Gerard