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  1. Sheesh, Leo, Wallabies coach Dave Rennie is already spitting bile over us evil, underhanded Kiwis not clueing him in, personally, to our intentions in these difficult times. Now it'll be: 'Even short-arse Auckland restauranteurs are against me...'
  2. You do Savidan a (possibly unintentional) disservice there, Meomy! Savidan won the Six Miles (10,000 Metres these days) at the inaugural British Empire Games in Hamilton, Ontario in 1930. Two years later, in the Olympic Games of 1932 in Los Angeles, he ran fourth in both the 5,000 Metres and the 10,000 Metres. In his long career, he won 15 New Zealand titles - three in the Mile and six each in both the Three Miles and the Cross Country...
  3. He's not a bad bloke is your old mate, is he, Midget! If he wasn't so ugly, small, ornery, too-fond-of-grey and male, I might even kiss him...
  4. Strange name for a website... Washyourmouthout,Archer.com, surely?
  5. Ah, ta for that, TM. I wasn't sure if planning had proceeded as far as it obviously has so was either disinclined or too lazy to (delete one, ha) to do my own research...
  6. Kloppite, two of the banks in this here town have time-locked doors and a third has a security guy outside. Hell, even the WINZ Office has a security guy outside. Times have changed... Many many many years ago I helped pay my way through Uni by working late nights at a petrol station. Back then, I had no fears of anything going wrong but nowadays - and especially with all the multidollared cigarettes on like premises - I wouldn't dream of risking my neck... I saw a TV News report that it wasn't uncommon for even a wee dairy to have $35,000 worth pf tobacco products in
  7. Tasman Man, could you (if you can, I mean, without breaking confidences) tell me just how much of the Hill is being sold? Is it all of the area from the far side of the running rail upwards?
  8. Leo, if I may... In my persual of the 'free' bits that NZ Herald offers I see this: By: Simon Wilson Senior Writer, NZ Herald simon.wilson@nzherald.co.nz@simonbwilson 72 OPINION: I was pleased to see the Viaduct's very own bon vivant, restaurateur Leo Molloy, is running for mayor next year. At last, a contest to measure his ambition. He emailed me last year, inviting Not ever again going to subsribe to any NZ newspapers, ha, but I was just curious. The blurb is carefully edited so you don't know which way Simon is leaning. Cle
  9. Nope, none of her 13 starts have been outside of New Zealnad. Her 4 wins werre the: Eight Carat (once the Royal Stks) at Ellerslie - Grp 2 A race (again a G2) sponsored by the Ellises at Te Rapa The Lowland (Grp 2) at Trentham The New Zealnad Oaks (Grp I) at Trentham
  10. Caroline, at the risk of getting clobbered by you-know-who for giving you another 'life story', ha, I once took a day off work when a youngster - so this would be in the early 1970s - to go out to what was then the middle day of the three days that then constituted Wellington's July meeting... The day, somewhat surprisingly, was fine. The ground, definitely not surprisingly, was muddy to the extreme. The cute young lass I was, erm, 'seeing' at the time must have equated Wellington in July to Royal Ascot in June and hence turned up in a frilly skirt, a summery hat and - ha - high
  11. Sheesh, Pole. Let me guess, you are one of the folk who wants more 'colour' on TV broadcasts of Racing - more human interest stories etc. Caroline's post was delightful.
  12. Agreed, Nerula. Nowt wrong with Tower blocks perched alongside racetracks, meomy. Two of my fave global racetracks are Happy Valley and Sha Tin, both either completely surrounded by tower blocks or only stopped from being so because developers haven't yet figured out a way to float tower blocks on water.
  13. Tauranga R7: 3 Riccarton R7: 4 50 Caulfield R7: 9 20 Caulfield R8: 9 100 Caulfield R9: 16 Eagle Farm R2: 4 Eagle Farm R3: 5 Eagle Farm R4: 3 Eagle Farm R5: 6 Eagle Farm R6: 1 Eagle Farm R7: 5 Eagle Farm R8: 8 Eagle Farm R9: 3 Thnaks again to the usual suspects!
  14. Thanks for the 'colour', Stodge! The PoW is - along with the King's Stand - my fave race of Ascot Week. My first-ver visit to the track - way way back in '85 - saw just 4 horses go round in the PoW. Two v. good horses in Pebbles and Commanche Run were the hotpots. 'My' Bob Back, a despised 40-to-1 second-to-rank-outsider, beat them both, heh. From Wikipedia: Bob Back was one of four horses to contest the Prince of Wales's Stakes at Royal Ascot on 18 June. The race was widely regarded as a match between the classic winners Pebbles and Commanche Run with Bob Back st
  15. Can someone explain why the TAB (presumably the NSW TAB) 'announced it would pay out on both the disqualified Admit It and Brown Thomas as winners of the race (TAB Fixed Odds only, including Multis).' Admit It lost the race because it broke rules. No-one could really object. Myabe it was a Goodwill gesture - but if so why penalise the Tote players?