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  1. Agree with that sentiment yesterday stephen was so painful yapping on and on . Even if not listening to what he’s actually saying you can’t seem to avoid him. I emailed a mate at the TAB Petone to go and put a sock in Stephen’s mouth. Didn’t work. loves his own voice I reckon
  2. From stewards report - S Phelan - Admitted a charge in that he misconducted himself making inappropriate comments of a racial nature in a telephone interview live on Trackside TV regarding his stable runner in Race 5 ‘Big Mike’. After hearing submissions, the Adjudicative Committee imposed a fine of $800 Didn’t catch the comment but must have been a bit dodgy Will he join Meyers and no more Trackside interviews?
  3. Johnny been late scratched last 2 times at the races now Stable mate Motor Mouth inglorious last when hot favourite today Race 1
  4. Don't know if Lamb was doing the job at Wingatui today but that Race 2 start didn't look too good Front row all walked up and flew away but 30 metre horse were all standing and took a while to get trotting--- and none of them even caught up with bunch of the front horses after that
  5. How does one place a bet on the jockeys challenge?
  6. ‘Presented’ is one of the most used words on Trackside....and most irritating, especially in the context it’s generally used in. It’s getting worse .....must be well over 50 times today and it’s only 3 o’clock Plain English it isn’t ......must be a special racing term Sorry. Rant over bugger ..Charli Rose has just been ‘presented’ as the $3.70 favourite. Hopefully she will be ‘presented’ by Coleman turning into the straight and stark away to win
  7. Weird .....2 of the horses mentioned in that article didn’t win the stated races......even though the report says the accused assisted them to win
  8. ......and has ‘a high profile’ in thorougbred industry in a further tweet from Knight
  9. PN guy is 47 not 27 according to Knight
  10. Thanks for Fogarty Fegen’s history Fogarty Fegan was Irish and served in the Royal Navy and received a VC in WW2 even though his ship the Jervis Bay was blown up by the Germans but his heroic actions saved many other ships in a convoy Some old documentaries pronounce the Fegen as Fagan ....and that’s how I recall the horse of the 70s being called
  11. In days gone by Wellington raced on Anniversary Day at Trentham and there were also races at Awapuni/Woodville the same day. The Ashurst-Pohingina Cup was the feature and always had a pretty good field.
  12. Cook Strait dead calm ....sparkling waters on a still sunny hot Wellington day is there a storm or something
  13. 1st Imperium 2nd Pentathlon last Villa Elba
  14. 1st Marmelo 2nd Rekindling last Bondi Beach