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  1. Death notice in paper today for Sam Brosnan OWNER/TRAINER/STUDMASTER Operated Oakland Stud at Matamata where he stood amongst other, St Puckle Palm Beach Belmura Acharacle Neanderthal Peymour Biscayo Star Wolf. Our Countess was one of the many winners he trained.
  2. Worst news that i read today is that Democrat Diane Feinstein has filed papers to run again for the Senate in 2024. She will be 91 years old and has held her seat since 1992. Wouldn't it be great if she stood down and took Mitch McConnell and Patrick Leahy with her.
  3. It seems like only yesterday when Andrew Cuomo was been touted as the next big thing in American politics. Hollywood A Listers like Billy Crystal and Robert De Niro were tweeting about his handling of Covid and he even received an Emmy award in November because as Crystal says 'GAVE US HOPE,GAVE US TRUTH GAVE US CLARITY"'. Oh how the bubble has burst and not a word from the D Grade celebs.
  4. Next to be impeached...........Andrew Cuomo....Time for Chuckle Schumer and Nancy to return to their respective states and repair the damage done by the Dem Governors.
  5. Tradition is a foreign word to those that pull the strings.
  6. Very little reporting in the MSM of the riots and protests in Portland over the last few days. Even V.P. Harris who was so vocal in her support of them is slient.hhhhmmmmm
  7. You ask where is Joke Chiden.He is wandering around Washington D.C trying to find the offices of ""Phil .A. Buster.."
  8. This will get into the press. All Black says he knows Dexter Dunn etc.
  9. Might pay to investigate some of these banks and other brands to see who is more ethical.. Trump or them?? Trump wins hand down,thats not saying i support him but some of these companies are a disgrace with some of their practices.
  10. Rafer Johnson the 1960 Olympic Decathalon champion has passed away aged 85. Well known for subdueing Sirhan Sirhan after he shot RFK in 1968 along with George Plimpton and NFL great Rosey Grier. In the song Abraham,Martin and John you can hear someon telling Rafer to'''Get the Gun Rafer,Get the Gun Rafer'
  11. No longer the big spender at sales that he used to be.
  12. Joe Biden i love you. I am sorry for calling you Joke Biden and sleepy Joe and insinuating that you are senile. 3 NYSE shares i took a punt on thinking that they may rise under a Biden Presidency went nuts today APTA +16.7% AAIC + 7.22% FPI +4.6% Selling today Joe but thank u.
  13. Make sure Deloittes aren't the company that advises City Councils on the financial impact of building a stadium in your city.