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  1. JMO but i think the Roe v Wade decision will hurt the Republicans and the first sign of this will show up in the Mid Terms. States that were looking like going to the Republicans may stay with the Dems.
  2. ROE V WADE overturned,what a backward country the US is turning into.
  3. Being soft on crime has results.. Boeing and Caterpillar both with HQs in Chicago are leaving the crime ridden city and now Citadel Securities worth $51b are also leaving. If people don't feel safe they won't live here said Citadels owner.Citadel will be missed as it has recently given $600m to various projects. Wouldn't compare it to whats happening in NZ but whats happens in the USA usually trickles down to NZ/
  4. Jockeys were held in the highest esteem in those old days.We lived about 50m from a jock described as "famous"by my non racing parents.That was Reg Turnwald a better than average jock according to my mate and his property backed onto stables owned by the late Jack Hayes who was the dad of the late Jimmy Hayes a top jock until a fall. All of them famous according to my parents.
  5. Saw a death notice in Herald for PHILIP JAMES KEMPTON aged 84.I presume it was the ex jock. Was a prominent jockey many years ago especially during the Whangarei consecutive Frid/Sat meetings. Have a memory that one of his daughters married a Hillis boy.
  6. My son was telling me yesterday that a can of beer at the Chiefs v Waratahs game was $9.50. Great Scott Anybody know how big the crowd was?
  7. Why are we even having hegotiations with these criminals.?
  8. Hec Anderton trained it. Won the 1961 Great Western Steeplechase at Riverton.
  9. Had a wager on Glodal Beauty,couldn't go early felw home as expected and happy with run the way the track is playing.
  10. Poach them from soccer. The little fellows don't play rugby now.
  11. From my memory i think Jack Taylor gave him his last winner in NZ.Pretty sure it was at Ellerslie on a horse called SOBAY.Could be wrong.23/2/85
  12. Resigned after a month. TVNZ saying family emergency was the reason..I agree ,he was going nuts working with those losers.
  13. He has had 101 2nd placings at Metro level as of today.
  14. At one stage he was married to Jake La Motta's (raging bull) ex wife Vikki who appeared in Playboy at the age of 51.Looked good.
  15. Wall Street want you to be scared and confused because they know that you'll trade more and generate millions of dollars in commission for them.. Why, if Musk knew a recession was coming did he bid $44b for Twitter. Recessions on average take 40 to 50 months to appear after being first diagnosed,in the meantime you prepare.