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  1. crustyngrizzly

    Social Media stars

    WTF is an INSTAGRAM INFLUENCER ? WTF IS A Social Media influencer.? No wonder our younger generation are F......d. Oopps hope i didn't influence anyone with that foul outburst.
  2. crustyngrizzly

    Banning of cars.

    Gummitt thinking of banning certain makes/models of car as they are deemed to be unsafe. Cars don't cause accidents,dumb arses driving do. Wouldn't matter how safe a car is if you have a lunatic coming towards you at 100k and youre doing 100k with only a 6 inch yellow line seperating you. Can of worms to open if they do.
  3. crustyngrizzly

    How y’all looking now

    How much land at Te Akau.?
  4. crustyngrizzly

    Glen Jackson

    I can't believe that there are not more penalties in rugby for off the ball play. The touchies are useless,the refs are useless and the video refs are useless. Rugby is becoming more like Gridiron. Players diving into rucks and mauls with no regard for their own safety and certainly no regard for the opposition. Now the chiefs are into the play offs despite winning less than 50% of their games. What a turn off Rugby is becoming.
  5. crustyngrizzly

    How y’all looking now

    I said''it should happen then'' in the context of the Messara report being carried out. Do i agree with it....50/50 Whatever side you are on,something definetly has to change.
  6. crustyngrizzly

    How y’all looking now

    Should happen then,but if Avondales stance is echoed by other clubs then Winnie will have problems. Someone is going to have to bite the bullet
  7. crustyngrizzly

    How y’all looking now

    Could somebody refresh my memory please. What did Messara say should happen to Avondale ?
  8. R1 4 R2 4 R3 9 R4 5 R5 1 R6 6 R7 12 BB R8 9 R9 17 BB R10 8 R11 6 MUCH THANKS
  9. crustyngrizzly

    Trump written off

    Must say i enjoyed Huckabee Sanders.I think she struggled early on but got better as the days went on. Did the job she was paid to do.She would have made some of our nz reporters like Tova O'Brien , Paddy Gower and Jess Mush look weak.
  10. crustyngrizzly

    Jacinda Ardern

    Never had any time for Hosking,even though i lean to the right,but i have less time for Swarbick. Another poli who has never had a real job but think she knows whats right for those that have. Another dreamer.
  11. crustyngrizzly

    Race caller rumours

    I seem to recall Basil training a few out of Te Awamutu and his wife use to to ride them trackwork. From memory Basil was a scrap merchant dealer in the days of big demand from overseas.
  12. crustyngrizzly

    National may scrap Super Gold Card

    I think you will find that the TAB is just complying with the AML/CFT act.
  13. crustyngrizzly

    National may scrap Super Gold Card

    Does the Super Gold Card have photo I.D. on it?
  14. crustyngrizzly

    Global Warming / Climate Change

    Lets hope U2 and Elton John don't hear about this emergency or they might cancel.
  15. crustyngrizzly

    Is this News ?

    A friendship tree planted by Macron and Trump has died. I wonder how much quality news was put on the backburner so this could be announced. Where are the censors when you want them