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  1. Question for General Milley and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff How did that ""righteous srike''' in a ''''high threat enviroment"" turn out?????
  3. From what i have read he has been here since 2011.?
  4. During a recent court case involving a 6 year old child and her foster parents,Sir Wira Gardiner (head of Oranga Tamariki) contacted the Chief District Court Judge and the Principal Family Court Judge to get them to contact the presiding judge because didn't like the way he questioned one of his staff.From what i have read one of them did make contact.. Surely this is judicial interference at its worst.
  5. I have read that some Pacifica a upset that they were asked to show their passports before getting the covid juice. Don't you have to show some ID?
  6. I wonder how many American Tanks and Helicopters will end up in Russian and Chinese hands.?
  7. Pretty sure he had a couple of rides on the Synthetic track last or previous meeting at Camb.
  8. Just reading a death notice in the Waikato Times for Norm Crawford. Tashi,Kerryman and Slaney are 3 that come to mind.
  9. No idea i'm just reporting what i read .The next headline is...The desparate rush to flee Afghanistan,so i am presuming the leaving of Saigon and Afghanistan could possibly have comparrisons in the way occurred.
  10. Why is it we need to have TV3 news special on for an extra hour to report on the new case especially when they can;t say anything that hasn't already been on the previous 30 minutes news break. show.
  11. Whats the likelyhood that some of these GROUP 1 races will be lacking quality opening up the door for kiwi raiders.
  12. Nick Price a spokesman for the State Dept says that while the Taliban has taken over the PresIdential palace ''THERE HAS BEEN NO FORMAL TRANSFER OF POWER""" Hey Nick the Taliban have the power.
  13. Wall Street Journal headline.regarding Kabul Airport ''''SAIGON ON STREROIDS"""".
  14. We will never know if it would be different.