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  1. Good article also on THE HILL. under heading Joe Bidens disastrous 48 hrs. You known he is in deep dodo when NYT columinists ask him to declare that he won't run in 2024 and to drop Harris now.
  2. Article on Yahoo this morning ""The Democratic Party is as inept as the G O P is corrupt"". Future not looking good for US politics.
  3. She has been M I A for a while but the chance of giving taxpayers money away has proven to be too much to pass up.
  4. On 27/8/21 Sirhan Sirhan who assasinated Robert Kennedy was granted parole. Today the Governor of California overturned that ruling. I say good,,you, take a life we will take yours.
  5. Couldn't find anything on this on the NZ Herald website but they did have a story on a lost cat wandering into a police station looking for help. Real news from the NZ MSN.
  6. Why don;t they just not renew the licences of the people that they don;t consider to be of an appropriate standing.
  7. Billy Turner trainer of the 10th horse to win the Triple Crown.has died.Seattle Slew won in 1977 He sued the owner after the horse was syndicated for stud demanding a percentage of the $12million he was syndicated for plus a lifetime breeding right.Settled out of court. The owner once said about Turner that""you can;t train a horse when you spend more time at the bar than the barn."" Turner in 2010 said that he lived on alcohol but had been 20 years sober when giving the interview.
  8. Certainly has had a chequered history of ownership since going into bankruptcy in 1988. Sold in 1989,1993,1994,2000 and B.Wayne Hughes along with a couple of studs got it in 2004.
  9. Look at its positioning on the race card.4/10. Could be a case of studs pulling the strings here imo.
  10. Sorry scooby3051 i was referring to what i wrote below regarding San Francisco not being her fault.
  11. This isn't JAs fault but points to one rule for them and one rule for us mentality. In San Fransisco they have cancelled a New Years Eve fireworks display owing to Omnicron,however Tuesday they allowed over 18000 people to watch a NBA match between the Warriors and the Nuggets.
  12. Looked as though he was going to get beaten but the horse was too tough. Hutchings also won the last for the Snowdens with a no panic ride .
  13. Has Democrat Senator Joe Manchin just committed political suicide ? Seems to me that he is putting his own business and financial interests ahead of whats best for the citizens of West Virginia.
  14. Where to now for the Cook County DA Kim Foxx who originally dropped charges against Jussie Smollett.? Her election funded to the tune of $2 Million dollars by the idiot George Soros. Now Smolletts team are going to appeal. What a joke. Biden and Harris had plenty to say now they are silent.
  15. CNN terminates CHRIS CUOMO effective immediately, Both brothers have now gone down in flames.. Probably get a job in the Biden Admin.