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  1. crustyngrizzly

    Trump written off

    Used to watch Fox News when it was on Freeview every morning when i finished work at around 3 am. This was pre Trump days. Their news coverage was crap and the reporting of the US political landscape was a shocker. I was pleased Trump won(only because he beat Slick Willies wife) but overall he has performed poorly and yet Fox can't praise him enough. They would have to be the most biased channel i have ever watched,they are like a Govt controlled station in China or Russia. Having said that,once again the Dems aren't offering too much in the way of candidate so it won't surprise me if he wins another term.
  2. crustyngrizzly

    il tempo rider R.I.P.

    A broodmare on Gavelhouse has Timing as its 3rd dam. OFF the Hip,has a foal at foot by Unusual Suspect.
  3. crustyngrizzly

    AWT Cambridge

    Is it the intention of NZ Racing to also put a grass track at Cambridge eventually and if so where would it go?
  4. crustyngrizzly

    Trump written off

    Just imagine the number of protests that would be in the USA,if the general population took to the streets every time an American Politician(present lot included) was found to be lying.
  5. crustyngrizzly

    Trump written off

    IRAN HAS JUST ADMITTED THAT IT SHOT DOWN THAT AEROPLANE UNINTENTIONALLY. hmmmmmmmm Launched 15 missiles at American bases and killed nobody and then does this. What a bunch of twaats after denying it.
  6. crustyngrizzly

    Trump written off

    Nobody is safe on any side.
  7. crustyngrizzly

    Trump written off

    Newshub article by Proffessor Paul Gillespie of Waikato University says that Iran called Trumps Bluff. Pretty good article in the Washington Post today debunking that theory well and truly. Article was written by Danielle Pletka. Gillespie has shown himself to be Anti American/Trump in the past and his type teach our future leaders.
  8. crustyngrizzly

    Kate Cowan

    Pretty sure she is riding in NSW country eg Dubbo and Gilgandra.
  9. crustyngrizzly

    Trump written off

    I wonder if Trump will get the blame for those 56 nutters being killed and 231 injured at that other nutters funeral.
  10. crustyngrizzly

    Trump written off

    Best speech so far this year and containing the truth about those who live in walled communities with their over sized bank accounts,body guards,chefs etc and yet think that they know more about the real world and how to fix it than those who live in it. Gervais is right,thank your agent,thank your'e god and f.....k off,and yet most still didn't get it. Fantasy land.
  11. crustyngrizzly

    Trump written off

    Judge Judy endorses Mike Bloomberg. A multi millionaire supporting another multi millionaire.That sounds about right. QUESTION....Are any other Republicans throwng their hat into the ring to become POTUS.?
  12. crustyngrizzly

    Ross Taylor

    The problem is,he won't really care as his name will be forever etched in NZ Cricket history as the man who took over from Stephen Fleming as NZs leading all time test scorer. That is possibly the problem with cricket.A team sport dominated by individual records.
  13. crustyngrizzly


    Name rings a bell. Memory tell me it was related somehow to NUNUI a flyer in the old days out of the Collett stable in Te Awamutu. he was by Golden Plume(not 100% sure) out of Splendid Jewel.
  14. crustyngrizzly

    Trump written off

    To be fair,not all Iraq politicians want the USA out. The Kurds and Sunni factions want them to stay. The vote was 170---0 but apparently its not binding. Typical of all Govts all over the world,nonbinding votes.What a joke,have a vote and act on it thats the only way to go. Watching and listening to some US politicians on both sides is making me spit tacks. The crap they come out with.makes you shake your head.
  15. crustyngrizzly

    Trump written off

    Condolences from Russia,the poisoners of countless Russians abroad and at home and the country found responsible for the downing of a passenger aeroplane. What a joke. The US,Russia and China are as bad as each other and they are all members of the UN security council with veto powers. Another joke.