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  1. Sadly for the Racing Industry Peters enthusiasm for horse racing only appears once every 3 years when political donations are required. He is full of it. Labour will govern on their own so even if by a miracle Peters gains re=entry into the political arena he won't be needed.
  2. Pelosi has finally come out and condemned violent protests and agreed with charging rioters. Only taken 10000 arrests,$2 million in property damage and 2 cops fighting for their lives. Only 100 days late.
  3. Only one of them wasn't wanted by his own party.
  4. No difference at all apart from Bloomberg and Trump both not wanting to release their tax details.
  5. Michael Bloomberg to spend $100 million in Florida to support Biden. Whats that they say about a fool and his money.??????
  6. Whats happening in the good old USA. 160 CEO's of major corporations ranging from Macys to Mastercard have sent a letter to Mayor deBlasio urging him to crack down on crime in New York city. In Austin Texas the police union have erected signs on the freeways telling drivers to''enter at own risk'' as the council are defunding the police.
  7. Huge crowd,top horses ,no i'm not talking about todays Foxbridge Plate i'm talking about the very first Plate in 1950. Mainbrace beat Beaumaris. Also the first time races out of Te Rapa were broadcast on the radio.Previously only Ellerslie,Trentham and CHCH were broadcast on a regular basis. To top it off my friend road the winner KEITH.
  8. Seem to recall a nice One Pound Sterling horse he had called EXCHEQUER.
  9. Remember him from his Waipa days with Luke Wilson. Did Prancer win 6/7 on end? Seem to recall that at one time he had the nickmame of""marmite".
  10. Nancy Pelosi is urging Biden not to debate Trump. Thats one way to lose an election.
  11. Viewership numbers for the DNC and RNZ plunged. Nobody is watching rubbish.
  12. Broke down at Te Awamutu while giving an exhibition gallop from memory. Haub was trying to get thru to the radio station to tell them but they were broadcasting something else.When he did get thru he gave them plenty on air.
  13. Robert Gates,Secretary of Defence under Bush and Obama said in his memoir in 2014 the following regarding Biden.... "" BEEN WRONG ON NEARLY EVERY MAJOR FOREIGN POLICY AND NATIONAL SECURITY ISSUE OVER THE LAST 4 DECADES"" This started with his not supporting the resettlement of South Vietnamese people in the USA. Those poor yanks,what a selection dilemma they have.Would someone else please step up.
  14. No matter if u are a Dem or Rep it would have been disappointing not to hear any of the Dem speakers not condemn the violence in Chicago,Portland and other cities. Interesting to note that the Chicago Mayor(Dem) has passed a law prohibiting protests in her neighborhood for her safety. What a joke,,,f..k everybody else.
  15. Who described Harvey Weinstein as a ""wonderful human being"" was one of those teleprompter readers at the DNC.