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  1. Obama released federal prisoners ahead of time as part of his soft touch on drugs. One of them then went on to kill his girlfriend aged32,and her 2 children aged 7 and ten as they were witnesses to his first murder. Clinton pardoned his own brother as well as a couple of dodgy realestate dealers that the Clintons had dealings with. Ford pardoned Nixon The list goes on and on.
  2. I see a death notice for a Russell John Campbell aged Cambridge. Anybody know if he was the trainer of Fairfleet and a host of other good gallopers at Matamata?.Tom Jones may have been another good horse he trained.
  3. Nice win in the first at Te Rapa by full sister De La TERRE. I thought Elliot was down to ride but not so.
  4. A group of Republican officials previously who worked for G W Bush have formed a group to get disaffected Trump supporters to vote for Sleepy Joe. They are calling themselves 43 ALUMNI for BIDEN. Just the fact that they previously worked and voted for George Dubbya should sound the alarm for Bidens camp. Trump will more than likely let out a sigh of relief.
  5. In CHOP under control of BLM 2 black youths have been killed,rapes,assaults,looting and various reports of shootings have taken place. They are a bunch of thugs and hoodlums taking advantage of a situation that has been created by a real issue that needs addressing.
  6. Hello,Hello its good to be back. Te Rapa
  7. Trump signs order prioritizing job skill over college degree in Govt hiring. Cannot believe they didn't have that already in place. Feels like NZ 30 years ago.
  8. Love them or hate them Fox News won the Primetime Viewership ratings for week 15 to 21/6.Left ABC,NBC and CBS in the back ground. The were helped by record viewership of the Trump Rally in Tulsa.
  9. Great to see normal Saturday night booze behavior is back. 3 people stabbed in a Auckland bar but what concerns me most is the unreported wife and partner bashing that takes place everyday but more so under the influence of booze.
  10. He will in the back of a troop carrier somewhere reliving the old days. The fact that.he is not Deputy Leader of NZ First speaks volumes about how he is regarded by Winnie.. Will finish his career with a resume that says coulda,woulda,shoulda............didn't.
  11. I did say that i couldn't vote for Trump and that the alternative from the Dems was not an option. Summary .....Sit on fence but continue to voice an opinion on both candidates and parties.
  12. I wouldn't say that i'm a converted Trump fan, ,if i do come across like that then its because the Dems seem to be hopeless and i find very little in their favour to say. I don't think i could vote for Trump but the alternative is Joe Biden in his 3rd try at being elected President.37 years representing Delaware and seemingly hasn't achieved much. Basically i see myself as a contrarian(think its a word) and showing my disappointment in the way U.S.politics are conducted..and this never ending B/S about being the ''leader of the free world'' or the greatest nation on earth''' or ''the greatest military force in the world'' I would have thought that by now the U.S.A would have had a 3rd viable party after decades of having war mongerers and sound bite experts. Pork barrel politics survives in the U.S.A. unfortunatley
  13. Mitt Romney now saying the the GOP will retain control of the Senate and Trump will be reelected. Go Figure.
  14. May 31.....18 murders recorded in Chicago over a 24hr period. Highest in 60 years. Lets defund the police and then records will be broken every weekend. The BLM protests don't protest in the Soutn or West of Chicago because theres not enough bullet proof vests available.
  15. 3 or 4 months ago i thought Trumefficientp would win another term but with his handling of Covid i started to think Sleepy Joe would gain power. Now i think it wil be closer than i thought.IMO the longer these protests go on with looting and violence the voters imo will punish the Dems because of the inefficient performances by their Governors and Mayors.Now they want to defund the police depts.Imagine New York with less police than they have now.They are under powered now. People want to feel safe.