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  1. Te Rapa R7 4/5 Te Rapa R8 2/7 Riccarton R6 4/8 Riccarton R8 2/10 Morphetville R7 1/15 Gold Coast R2 3/5 Gold Coast R3 6/10 Gold Coast R4 6/8 Gold Coast R5 4/12 Gold Coast R6 1/4 Gold Coast R7 1/6 Gold Coast R8 4/8 Gold Coast R9 1/9 thanks to all
  2. If Musk is involved i myself wouldn't want anything to do with it but then i'm just happy how the current system is working.
  3. Watching these guys this morning on Yahoo Finance.They are amazing at how much knowlegde they have stored in their brain and can reach back with ease and refer to it so easily..
  4. Rugby has saturated NZ,virtually no place to grow it in the provinces. Whats the bet very little money gets to the clubs.
  5. Arderns Minister of Transport rejects complaints that the new Ham/Auck train is to slow Its taking the service at least 2 and a half hours to get to Auckland.That includes having to get on to another train at Papakur.a. Toooooo Sloooooow.
  6. Massive drop in viewership of 'WOKE OSCARS''. Now thats what i like to see,people waking up to the overpaid,overloved so called celibrities thinking that what they say actually matters. It doesn't.
  7. Waipa used to race by themselves on ANZAC Day then were joined by Avondale.Waipa used to have a highweight late in the day so the jockeys from Avondale could get down to it.
  8. Ellerslie R7 1/3/7/8 Ellerslie R8 4/5/8/11 Riccarton R7 1/4/7/8 Riccarton R9 1/5/10/15 Randwick R1 1/4/12/17 Randwick R2 2/3/5/7 Randwick R3 1/2/3/7 Randwick R4 2/3/5/9 Randwick R5 2/3/4/8 Randwick R6 1/2/3/9 Randwick R7 2/5/8/12 Randwick R8 2/8/9/14 Rand
  9. A suspect of killing the 7 year old girl above was shot multiple times by police in Chicago as he tried to carjack a car after crashing another car. His condition has not been disclosed. Not a bad result.
  10. Gary Bell rode Ocean Monarch on both days to win at Ellerslie. Bonnybard won 1 race from memory for Des at Paeroa riddeb by Howie Mathews. Paul Sugden rode 1 winner i think and it may have been Sir Charlie of Doncast
  11. Was the late Jeff Marsh and Chunky Jenkins. there then?
  12. Haven;t heard Sharpton pass comment on the 7 year old girl and her father being gunned down at a drive thru last weekend,never hear him comment on the black on black violence in places like Chicago and Baltimore,nothing in it for him. A leader he ain;t.
  13. Wonder how long this has been in the pipeline.Makes the sale of Paeroa even worse imo.
  14. I see a horse named Mother Goose lining up in R5 at Invercargill today. The Mother Goose i remember from the late 70s and early 80s was by Minnamour out of Tusitala making it a half brother to the great Uncle Remus who was by Bandmaster. Pretty sure Mother Goose won a couple.