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  1. No longer the big spender at sales that he used to be.
  2. Joe Biden i love you. I am sorry for calling you Joke Biden and sleepy Joe and insinuating that you are senile. 3 NYSE shares i took a punt on thinking that they may rise under a Biden Presidency went nuts today APTA +16.7% AAIC + 7.22% FPI +4.6% Selling today Joe but thank u.
  3. Make sure Deloittes aren't the company that advises City Councils on the financial impact of building a stadium in your city.
  4. Looks like the swamp dwellers from both parties are going to retain control of the American political system. Biden,Schumer,Warren,Sanders Feinstein,Leahy,McConnell,Graham,Romney and many others. A third party needs to rise from this turmoil and actually"drain the swamp"".
  5. Trump hater Le Bron James has called for help from the police and the public to help solve the murder of his boyhood friends sister in Akron Ohio. This is the same guy who wants to defund the police,the same guy who when asked to condem violence during the BLM marches refused,the same guy wh remained silent when only weeks ago a child in the same city was gunned down during gang violence. The cops will work hard and attempt to solve this case but not because of you Le Bron but because thats their job,now go back to your gated compound and put your feet up.
  6. Win or lose the Dems picked the wrong candidate to go against Trump. IMO people are sick of career politicians and Biden is exactly that. Now he says he should have voted against the Iraq war,thats exactly what a career politician would say to save his job. Biden after 47 years will/would have many favours to pay back.Pork barrell politics at its finest. Clinton had the same problem.People want change,real change not a changing of the guard.
  7. Not over yet but how have the pollsters once again got this so wrong.
  8. And if the Geriactic Joe wins he won't remember that he did the next morning. What a choice,either way the American people will be the losers.
  9. The coverage on TV1 is absolute crap.
  10. Here is a list of so called celebs who say that they will leave the USA if Trump gets another term. Bruce Springsteen Tommy Lee (who) Ricky Martin John Legend Chrissy Teigen (who) The only thing wrong with that list is that it should be sooooooooooooooooooo much longer. People are over the guys preaching from their gated compounds about the stuggles of life.
  11. The Mayor of NY certainly didn;t want Cohen approved as owner of the Mets but obviously has had a change of heart.
  12. Brett Farve also given Trump the thumbs up. The Bear and Farve can look forward to death by social media.How dear they.
  13. Gun sales booming pre election. Up 66% in September year on year and the 7th month of increases of over 50%. High percentage of buyers are new firearm owners. Shares in Gun and Ammo makers have been soaring. One gun seller sold 2 years inventory in 5 months. Black Americans and woman are the highest percentage of new owners. Unrest coming methinks.
  14. A vote for Biden is really a vote for Harris and i think a lot of voters find that unpalatable. Polls against Trump but then they were last time also. I read where Ms Clinton said that " the thought of another 4 years of Trump made her sick". That Ms Clinton is why they didn't vote for you.