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  1. R1.....1 R2 6 BB R3 7 R4 4 R5 15 BB R6 4 R7 8 R8 5 R9 1 R10 7 Many thanks
  2. crustyngrizzly

    McCord gone

    James Walter McCord one of the hiflyers in the Watergate investigation died in 2017.Only being reported in the msm now. He was up to his knees in the Watergate affair even being part of the break in crew. Did 4 months jail for his part.(not enough considering how deep he was). G.Gordon Liddy must be one of the few left who were deep into Watergate.
  3. crustyngrizzly

    History of Chicago (the band)

    Pretty impressive.
  4. crustyngrizzly

    Jacinda Ardern

    She said that a CGT was her ''cornerstone policy'' and that she had campaigned on it. It was obviously not just put out there for debate. One thing i gotta ask is ,surely in coalition agreement talks she must have asked NZF what they thought about a CGT. I wonder what Winnies reply was.
  5. crustyngrizzly

    Jacinda Ardern

    The Labour party had 9 years to come up with solutions and campaigned on that. Land sold to foreigners ...rising Immigration .....................rising CGT.....................................DEAD. Obviously they also did nothing for 9 years as all opposition do.
  6. crustyngrizzly

    Big news right here

    Seems hard to believe that with Ms Ardern and the Left flying high in the polls that they can't get this done Surely Ms Ardern isn't worried about not getting elected ,surely not. She is just like every other poli.head down and nose firmly in the trough. Rich Pricks .........1 Hrdcore left.........0
  7. crustyngrizzly

    Tiger back on top.....

    ''Get in the hole'' Can be applied to his golf and his lurid past.
  8. crustyngrizzly

    Bob Jones on Israel Folau

    Always wondered why rugby players are considered to be role models.Even Mrs Ed said the Folau was considered to be a role model. Why,if they did off the field what they did on the field they would be on assault charges. Why can't parents be role models.
  9. crustyngrizzly

    jordan grob

    I see he rode a winner on the GC today.Is he the same rider that was in NZ ?
  10. R1 6 R2 6 R3 2 BB R4 2 R5 10 R6 3 R7 5 R8 7 R9 4 R10 4 R11 5 BB R12 10 Much tars
  11. crustyngrizzly

    History of Chicago (the band)

    Best song of Chicago's by a country mile but only put on album because they had run out of songs.Band members didn't like it.Won a Grammy.
  12. crustyngrizzly

    The Crusaders

    How about the Canterbury Crumble and the New Zealand Rugby ununion.
  13. crustyngrizzly

    They dont make them like this any more

    If they made that today,Fred (i presume) would have to have a bit of bling and tats and the female would have to have bling,breasts popping out of her dress as well as tats.
  14. crustyngrizzly

    History of Chicago (the band)

    Watched a netflix doco called NOW MORE THAN EVER The History of Chicago. Didn't realise that they were caught up in the drug scene so much,but then it became pretty obvious to me when they started touring with Janis Joplin and co. Caribou Ranch their ""recording studio",virtually a location to explore drugs and woman.; Ripped off by their record producer who owned 51% of their publishing rights,he also owned Caribou Ranch .In concerts on stage they had a telephone box called the SNORTATORIUM ,where members of the band sorted whatever they like during the show. Their biggest sellers,apart from Cetera,nobody liked them. Cetera didn't want the horns. Still got 28 minutes to view so obviously Cetera leaves. Pretty good viewing but i gotta say some of their music wasn't that good.