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  1. The TAB cannot offer tote betting on any race involving more than 24 runners. It's actually a classic example of bad database design that creates this limitation although in fairness when the platform was implemented, clearly no one expected to be providing better on English races. So in that context, it makes sense why there was no tote betting but it would seem have been sensible to provide some type of placeholder for the GN for those that aren't interested in database design!
  2. There was a technical issue affecting Chrome 64 with a notice posted yesterday. Still no fix by the looks of things. I'm back using IE ... the irony. https://www.tab.co.nz/information/#news/2018-01-26/technical-update-chrome-64-issues
  3. Dazzer

    Liz Whelan

    First, I accept we need to highlight what's wrong but credit to GOM for making the effort to highlight what's right. Liz is rightfully a star and has done a lot for the dogs on screen and off. It's a real pity she's going - she's a real intergenerational star. She has the respect of the old school but is also championing changes ahead particularly with the way information is presented. The fundamentals of racing will always be the same but there is a real need for change in the data and information space - you only need to see the growth of sports betting with younger generations.
  4. I stopped posting anything to do with sectionals ratings etc on the instructions of admin. To be fair, his site and he makes the rules.
  5. App is on a different platform but the web site still hasn't slowed down yet. Problems with watch and bet seem to be ongoing - I had a problem with Chrome but no such issue with IE.
  6. Interesting. The site seems supercharged today coupled with the fact that they have said top ups will be delayed makes me wonder if they have put in place some backend solutions to cope. Always like to back a roughie so perhaps the site won't crash although I agree it is early days.
  7. Sorry folks but as much as I think the Coalition of Losers is not the right outcome, I don't get why some comments rely so heavy on causal racism and sexism. And I suppose why they have been challenged. Perhaps the closed attitudes of some in racing is one of the reasons racing is in the mess it is.
  8. With respect, I think you're missing the point of the series and the nature of media/news/infotainment. Doing what you have always done and hoping people will share your interest simply no longer works. All forms of sports entertainment have had to reinvent themselves to an extent or develop new concepts along the way - with cricket think ODIs and then 20/20, rugby has gone from the NPC to Super Rugby etc. With marginal sports like racing - it's no longer a mainstream sport - few people outside of the engaged have interest in the standard racing. What is so different about the NZ
  9. Dazzer

    My money

    I haven't been to all NZ greyhound tracks but have been to the most and Hatrick is a standout - in terms of experience, the only racecourse I've been on that has a similar leave of raceday experience is New Plymouth. It's a real pity that there isn't a similar type of facility in Wellington. I went to Wenty the last time I was in Sydney on a Saturday night - compared to NZ tracks, the number of young people on course was staggering. Would love to have seen something like that in Wellington.
  10. This meeting was actually transferred to Foxton in 2008.
  11. Rescheduled - Monday @ Awapuni http://www.nzracing.co.nz/RaceInfo/22152/Meeting-News-Article.aspx
  12. Worth noting that Shandon Golf Course in Petone is also closed tomorrow which puts Trentham into context.
  13. I had a note from Formpro (Neil Davis) re the timing of the races and the inaccuracies. It is really serious from a punting and integrity point of view as any races that have seriously incorrect data create a follow on effect for any punters who are making investments on the basis of incorrect data.
  14. NZ strategy for the dogs must start with animal welfare. Nothing else. https://www.punters.com.au/news/act-government-to-ban-greyhound-racing_160158/