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  1. What happens to the left over stakes?
  2. I wouldnt say that. You haven't been in the sport long if this is the best dash for cash field you have ever seen
  3. You are joking right? I've seen far better dash for cashes than this. Wouldn't get out of bed to watch this one
  4. No. Why would I? I can actually watch a race without muting the commentator
  5. Why don't they get rid of him like they did Peter Early? The calling up north is much better now
  6. Is it just me or is there a real lack of depth in quality up North now? There are some top dogs but outside of these top dogs, they seem very average.
  7. I see B & L Cole now own and train the Sandown cup winner. Surely wouldve paid a fortune for him? I was wondering what others thoughts were because I doubt this dog could see out the longer distances here. 720 always seemed at the very top of his range
  8. I remember a Friday night at wanganui getting pretty bad sometimes
  9. Seems to be better thus far from my point of view. Actually getting relevant information as a punter
  10. thought the bloke yesterday did a far better job. Sounded clearer and did more research. 10/10 imo
  11. Better than some. Everything I punted on Sunday and last thursday came out and won today and had no money on them at all
  12. I think this article provides all you need to know about the muppets in charge of racing here:
  13. I think people are deluded if they think any new tracks will open up in the interim. I see most tracks closing with one down south, one in the CD, and one up North.
  14. My personal suggestion, get out while you can! You forget how distressful life is once you no longer need to rely on week to week winnings from your racing team
  15. There was an accident back in January that pushed the date out and this covid 19 business has pushed it out even further