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  1. Easier for trainers to train sprinters than it is to train 500m+ dogs. It's the sad reality of racing in NZ today
  2. These have to be two of weakest Silver Collar heats I have seen for a very long time. Would barely get out of bed for this years event
  3. Than I dont see an issue if the trainers had the choice to race or not
  4. Cant trainers scratch on the 100km rule?
  5. Casting the blame on other industries wont solve anything
  6. People in this industry are naive. Having worked outside of the industry, most people think the industry is already closed and many find greyhound racing a repulsive sport, to the point where I don't discuss any of my dealings within the industry with people. I sure hope they don't enquire into where all these dogs being bred that aren't put through gap or make it to the track go because this will be the undoing of racing. I've Said it in here plenty of times but no one even wants to acknowledge that there's a problem that needs to be rectified. Everyone defends the people that do th
  7. What are people's thoughts on the new review into the welfare and safety of racing dogs? Will be interesting to see the outcomes of this. Surely mass breeding will be under the microscope this time id imagine.
  8. What happens to the left over stakes?
  9. I wouldnt say that. You haven't been in the sport long if this is the best dash for cash field you have ever seen
  10. You are joking right? I've seen far better dash for cashes than this. Wouldn't get out of bed to watch this one
  11. No. Why would I? I can actually watch a race without muting the commentator
  12. Why don't they get rid of him like they did Peter Early? The calling up north is much better now
  13. Is it just me or is there a real lack of depth in quality up North now? There are some top dogs but outside of these top dogs, they seem very average.
  14. I see B & L Cole now own and train the Sandown cup winner. Surely wouldve paid a fortune for him? I was wondering what others thoughts were because I doubt this dog could see out the longer distances here. 720 always seemed at the very top of his range
  15. I remember a Friday night at wanganui getting pretty bad sometimes