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  1. Rules For Some

    Auckland GRC

    Itd be suicide if they closed cambridge and left Auckland the sole track in the northern region with the lease nearing its end. If they did close Auckland, whatd happen to all the circle dogs up north? I wonder if they would be allowed to do at cambridge what some places have in aus with two track circuits
  2. There goes racing in NZ. No way will it continue after today
  3. This is an issue for all codes. I doubt racing will be allowed to continue after today with 36 new cases. I see ferry's are restricting travel between the islands, so are domestic flights. I'd be surprised if racing is considered an essential gathering aswell. There have also been cases overseas now where covid-19 has been transferred from people to animals. As for testing the entire industry. Thatd be impossible. We only have the capacity to do 1500 a day and if we follow other trends. We will end up being short of test kits
  4. Rules For Some

    Good Feeling

    Yes, it would be very risky for anyone to spend money setting up a kennels in NZ right now, especially up North where racing longterm is no longer a certainty. (Tbf, it isnt a certainty long term anywhere) I'm sure the Cole case when it gets concluded will make the industry look bad aswell.
  5. Rules For Some

    Good Feeling

    Who? Are they based up North?
  6. Rules For Some

    Good Feeling

    No I do not sorry I doubt hes having that much of a big affect on northern racing. I think it stems down to people retiring from the sport and numbers dwindling up north. In the last 5 years, Steve Clark's numbers have cut back, Craiks do not seem to be racing many dogs now, Schofields are gone, alot of smaller trainers like mike martin have cut back to 1 or 2 or even given the game away, some others have passed or are now to sick to train a small team. Up and coming trainers like james black and halley mullane have also stopped training and very few new trainers have filled this void. It appears peter ferguson and jared Udy have upped their numbers but they still havent filled this large void in the northern region that's there and I've only seen a handful of new trainers appear up north. Numbers were already dwindling prior to this aswell.
  7. Rules For Some

    Good Feeling

    Manukau sports bowl is zoned for future residential and I am pretty sure the lease expires around 2025.
  8. Rules For Some

    Uthor Bale

    When you turn your head away purposely away from the lure, you have just failed to pursue the lure. Pursue literally means to follow or chase. If your head is turned, that means you are folowing something else at that moment. especially when its in the opposite direction of the lure LOL
  9. Rules For Some

    Uthor Bale

    Are you daft? The moment his head turned to the right, he failed to pursue the lure for that moment as he was looking elsewhere I.e. not pursuing the lure. Pretty straightforward I thought. Nothing more to discuss really Saying "what If the rule did not exist?" Is just as stupid as implying he did not fail to pursue because the rule does exist just for this type of scenario. I'm sure connections are gutted as would anyone be in this situation but rules are clear. Winning a race by 5L doesn't wipe clean the fact the dogs head turned right for those few moments.
  10. Rules For Some

    Uthor Bale

    The dog turned its head to the right. The rules are their to stop this
  11. Rules For Some

    Cole - Court case

    I am unsure. I believe all the cases in palmerston north have been pushed back due to some accident. I'm sure someone has better knowledge of what happened
  12. Rules For Some

    Railway & Auckland Cup Predictions

    Select trick - buddy boom - seve Pinky Mack - Dyna Dave - Ringside
  13. Rules For Some

    Uthor Bale

    I havent seen his races prior but I'd presume the silent lure at Auckland and first look probably caught him out
  14. Rules For Some

    Uthor Bale

    Turning your head is a turnoff the head. Does not matter how harsh it is. Especially if his head went right
  15. Rules For Some

    8 Races

    I do believe if there is not enough noms to run 8 races, the meeting is abandoned