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  1. Been told through the grape vine. Wont give names yet as they arent supposed to be out. Slack rib probably leaked
  2. Thoroubreds should be on trackside 2. Dying industry. No one watches nz thouroughnreds anymore. So boring
  3. They cant even get the results and records on their own site correct lol.
  4. Another wonderful display on tv 3 news of a squeeky clean industry. So glad that the participants and people running the sports heads arent all the sand
  5. Rumour is he said something off putting about Adcock recently and lost of his dogs as a result. Wont be winning much more races with those dogs. Ive been told hes an all round rude person anywho. Especially when they get beaten
  6. unironically has better record keeping of nz litters than grnz and its a victorian based association
  7. Thats like asking why are all our race replays available at but the nz tab still hasnt worked out a way to do it
  8. People in the industry laugh at me when j say the industries time is numbered if we fail to deal with the outstanding issues still at large but here we are, given 1 year to tidy up the industry which im doubtful of when it has made little progress in 10 yrs.
  9. They failed the industry. The numbers in the report they provided were botched aswell. One of their stats says 0 dogs were brought into NZ for breeding purposes in the last 2 years. I am connected to two bitches that were brought in in the last year. Fucken shambles. Than they think "we are rehoming 1 dog per litter whelped" is a good statistic. What a joke. I am glad i no longer rely on the industry to survive because its being run into the ground
  10. The industry needs to take a look at itself and question whether its really possible for the industry to continue
  11. Its too little to late. Most people in the industry are as naive as grnz so im not surprised this is the end result Everytime i make a suggestion regarding any issue, people either at the track or on here push back and say nothing needs to change and that there isnt a problem or its a problem to big to solve. Its been clear since 2013 that this industry will struggle to reach 2023 and it very well may not with the current direction its going in. Regardless of stats, greyhound racing in new zealand has a poor standing in the publics eye and i cant see anything changing in a
  12. Grnz couldnt even provide correct numbers.
  13. Once again grnz has shown its incompetent and cant even get its tracking of racing numbers right. The end is nigh for this sport unfortunately
  14. Once again grnz has shown its incompetent and cant even get its tracking of racing numbers right. The end is nigh for this sport unfortunately
  15. How are the numbers on our side? Out of 3000 racing dogs a year, only 800 are rehomed. Great odds