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  1. There have been alot of issues with the straight setup plus only sprinting stakes are on offer.
  2. Very good distance dog. Been the best in NZ the last 10 months. Hope Pringle wins the Collar today
  3. Why does the tab do a better job at advertising then grnz? Really enjoying the more frequent updates on everything coming from tab side, especially the random ones like a dog knocking of early or running of with the lure.
  4. Not surprising - Heard they were blaming soil last year for high readings in arsenic. Atleast that was the rumour going around in the CD
  5. Thats the industries own fault. Theyve dug themselves this hole to get out of. The industry needed to do more back in 2010 and 2011 instead of now because it looks like atleast from the outside, these reforms are only occuring because of the risk of closure. Its not like the warning signs werent there. I know one thing for certain, racing in general in NZ is no longer thst popular amongst mosy casual viewerd and all we are really seeing is the slow decline. Young people dont watch a race and see a fast animal, they see an animal being used as a comodity to make money. The people that think this will stop at greyhounds are delusional.
  6. I can tell you right now there have been signs of arsenic being used on dogs going back to 2007 and 8 when certain peoples dogs were dropping dead at the lure. I would not be surprised if this is just an excuse to get off with it.
  7. I can agree with that somewhat. I'm not in the industry no more so I don't know alot about the current board but I have heard similar things
  8. People in the industry do not help themselves at all. I'm sorry but blaming media for grnz licensees failing to uphold expectations of animal welfare and conduct generally isn't medias fault. They definetly sensationalise things but trainers don't help.
  9. Honestly. I'm not sure greyhound racing in NZ can continue in it's current form. GRNZ has tried to reform alot but from the outside, it doesn't look anywhere near enough. Throw into the gauntlet that upwards to 80% of the nz population now think the industry should shut, it's days are numbered. Do I think this upcoming review will shut it? Probably not. Maybe in another few years, sure. Greyhound racing in NZ just doesn't have the same presence it has in Aus
  10. Industry turned to shit a long time ago. Most people have given up trying to tidy it up now.
  11. Someone just needs to remember back to the days at manawatu when certain people were in humanely putting there dogs down. Not too long ago either.
  12. Recently, sure but some of the stories from years prior are sickening and some of these guys are still in the industry aswell. Anyone thats been in the industry longer then a decade would have seen something. I agree the large majority of the industry is fine but pretending these people dont exist is just crazy talk
  13. Yep - they wont stop with greyhounds. Theyll go after the thoroughbreds and harness with insanely high standards. Big questions will be asked where all the missing horses are that end up on a dogs plate.
  14. I imagine they had deals in place with Entain Group which will probably see the code survive for a while. Entain Group love the dogs aswell and have spoken to several trainers and clubs about protecting the sport in NZ