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  1. Hy hey you are telling porkies - but I love the colour combo's
  2. Bit like the poll on Akl Mayoral race - is it time for the whips and spurs to come out?
  3. Most people do not understand how much moisture is under the ground surface, especially in vallleys closely surrounded by hills (Trentham comes to mind) with their runoff. Also areas close to the sea after major rain events when the said moisture makes it's way to the ocean.
  4. Yeah - card more races on a winters day on tracks that are already stuffed Where possible, NZTR will look to split races in the near future to provide opportunities for those horses that have missed out.
  5. I doubt that was the reason they had to move the rail after 1 race though!
  6. I wonder if Elastoplast or Bandaid are going to be approached for sponsorship in the CD in the near future.
  7. Yet the best by far winter track in the CD - Foxton, sits there not being used!
  8. Only got themselves to blame after that recent meeting that was abandoned after 2 races. Quite a few northern trainers/owners were there and not a word from a club official spoken directly to them - would make a good Tui billboard Meeting abandoned - get back in your trucks and drive 7 or 8 hours back home and we will see you next meeting- yeah right! second last meeting at Trentham = 1 horse nominated from north of Taupo This Saturday so far no horses north of Taupo nominated.
  9. Doesn't the Princess Royal look happy in the photo
  10. Probably because NZTR do not know that he is suspended - after all they have him listed now for rides at Matamata next Wednesday
  11. Please note the 3YO 1600 SW+P was deleted due to insufficient entries.
  12. If it is the lack of open class stayers - why programme the race at that stake?
  13. Wellington Racing Club - any alarm bells ringing yet? If you want horses at your meetings do something to look after the owners, trainers and stablehands of said horse!