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  1. The disney channel is not on that early
  2. They do not give a rats rrrrs about those that have to get out of bed at 3.30 - 4.00am
  3. They do not want you to see how off the inside was at Trentham last Saturday
  4. mmm - a bit like the Ministry of Healths 1pm announcements that come out anytime after 1.30pm
  5. Is it the expensive watering system they installed where it is spread via semi circle from inside the running rail and there are overlaps on the inside and also therefore the inside gets more water?
  6. That place is getting out of control!
  7. you mean like 'bonkin Bayliss'
  8. How could you forget that name? P4 told us he spread them all over Chch
  9. Jacket tie and now hat required in the Committee room -
  10. He doesn't own socks so no chance of that happening heard last weekend that he takes the microphone to bed with him.
  11. I guess anyone can have a leak but the tracks between Palmerston North and Wellington are starting to look like the Mickey Mouse of NZ Racing.