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  1. I bet he was looking on trackside 1. For some reason the NZ gallops zig zag from 1to 2. Trap for young players. The outside rail was very popular.
  2. Meeting Race Horse Name EW Amount Tauranga 4 Khan Hunter 80 Eagle Farm 1 Seduction Queen 90 Eagle Farm 8 Annivisto 80 Thanks Ponda and Scoobs.Good punting al.
  3. Float was stuck in traffic around an accident site. Horse panicked and was given something to calm it. Obviously shouldn’t have raced after that but not really “drugged up” On a red hot day
  4. Yeh I was thinking that. Looks like Catalyst came off second best. The owner watched it on his phone with his wife who couldn’t comprehend what was happening g she is so sick. Poor lady.
  5. Have any race meetings that have been abandoned been transferred to the synthetic tracks yet. Whanganui went to Waverley but would it have gone to the Awapuni synthetic?
  6. And Marton and Ashurst. Lucky Waverley is still going. I’m sure they would like to get their teeth into them.
  7. Yeh well the experts said that’s what we had to do. They didn’t think long term and now it’s back firing with tracks overloaded. Getting Messara wasn’t a bad idea. Expert on Ozi conditions. Expert on all aspects not just breeding. But they should have had a NZ expert ( there are a few on here) and Messara and have some sort of balance. Good tracks sitting idle while over used tracks getting hammered. Not ideal. My threepence worth
  8. Just bought a share in a horse. With this news I will soon be high on the hog. Good timing by me
  9. Hastings. 1-4/7 2-3/7 3-1/4 4-2/12 5-2/3 6-2/3 7-1/2 8-2/5 9-2/4 10-1/9 thanks Scoobs and Say No good punting all
  10. my father went there in the 1930s .Short tubby lad at that stage.Rowing hockey etc.DO you remember him Cubes ?
  11. 1. Whanganui @ Waverley R4 4.5 2. Avondale R3 4.6 3. Whanganui @ Waverley R5 1.2 4. Avondale R4 6.10 5. Whanganui @ Waverley R6 4.5 6. Eagle Farm R4 2.5 7. Eagle Farm R5 3.11 8. Eagle Farm R6 4.7 9. Eagle Farm R7 4.8 10. Eagle Farm R8 10.11 11. Eagle Farm R9 1.7 12. Eagle Farm R10 3.7 Thans coobs and John.Good punting all.