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  1. Very Elleegant is more Ozi than Zaaki. Ozi rep would be Riodini
  2. Agreed. They used to import her back to Flemington for Cup week when ch10 did the coverage. Much better crew now.
  3. Hastings Race 5: 1x2 Hastings Race 7: 1x2 Hastings Race 9 1x11 bb Randwick Race 5: 4x11 Randwick Race 6: 4x6 Randwick Race 7: 2x7 Randwick Race 8: 1x5 Randwick Race 9: 2x3 Caulfield Race 3: 3x7 Caulfield Race 4: 1x2 Caulfield Race 7: 11x12 Caulfield Race 8: 2x5 bb Caulfield Race 9: 4x9 Good punting all.Winx and Kingston Town.Thanks Scoobs and POnda.
  4. I was there for that race. Did you sleep well the night before the Cup?
  5. Wonder how forward Amarelinha is and what her goal is ? Maybe Caulfield Cup then she will need to be good on Saturday. Could be the Epsom. I’ve got a couple of black bookers in her race on Saturday. Quite a tough little race
  6. Any thoughts on Aegon?
  7. Gee what happened there. Jumped well into a good position and loomed at top of the straight. Looked like a sniper took him out 350 from home. Got to be an issue with him. Exposed really early . Quality field with a budding superstar winning. Entriviere on the other hand won on her ear courtesy of a peach of a ride by JMac. This combo look like doing some serious damage this spring. Love the spring racing
  8. Beautiful scoring Ponda. True legend. Well done Winx boys to come out a winner. Good effort by the Might and Power team. Great comp.
  9. Flemington R2: 1-7 Flemington R3: 2-3 Kembla R5: 1-4 Flemington R4: 2-12 Kembla R6: 4-8 Flemington R5: 2-7 Kembla R7: 2-3 Flemington R6: 1-2 BB Kembla R8: 2-8 Flemington R7: 1-9 Flemington R8: 3-9BB Thanks Scoobs and Ponda.Good luck to Might and Power. However Winx was the greatest of all so good luck to our team. Good punting all.
  10. Ozi have their own version. Munz. S Hunt with a turbo.
  11. Can’t see Lane getting off the rail to let Oliver up on his inside in the Feehan