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  1. Yes hard luck with the Nix. Even game. Missing the penalty was fatal. The other semi looked quite even. Got mates who are mad CCM fans so they are happy
  2. Good ol Willo. Doubt those owners will be sacking him. Close to elimination tho. Go the Nix
  3. Trentham race 2 Wewillrock Doomben race 8 I Wish I Win . Joker Thanks John and Scooby
  4. Good run. Next time at greatly reduced odds.
  5. Must have seen a seagull or a hawk fly past the gates and it tripped his verbal switch
  6. I’ll put a vid of it up soon . I was there and it was even weirder IMG_9586.mov
  7. I was looking round thinking they must have started somewhere else. Never ever heard that before . Heard them miss the start but never go early
  8. Sunshine Coast r7 Just Folk New Plymouth r4 Justaskme things Scoobs and John
  9. Racing and Sports. Plus you get an email with results
  10. Hawkesbury race 7 Butch Cassidy. thanks John.
  11. Te Rapa race 7 Turn the Ace Eagle Farm race8 Uncommon James. thanks John and Scooby
  12. Whanganui. race 3#1 Lantern Way Te Rapa . race 4#1 December thank you Scoobs and John
  13. RIP champion trainer of some absolute champions.
  14. Dont think she left him. Vice versa But it made for a good story ff
  15. I don’t think Scoobs is the only one on here with that opinion. The famous Jim Cassidy caught once with a jigger. Can’t recall the outcome