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  1. Te Rapa Race 7 - 1-3 Te Rapa Race 8 - 1-12 Riccarton Race 6 - 4-5 Riccarton Race 8 - 10-13 Morphetville Race 7 - 1-3 Gold Coast Race 2 - 3-4 Gold Coast Race 3 - 2-6 Gold Coast Race 4 - 3-11 Gold Coast Race 5 - 4-5 Gold Coast Race 6 - 2-16 Gold Coast Race 7 - 1-12 Gold Coast Race 8 - 1-11 Gold Coast Race 9 - 7-9 Thanks Scooby and Ponda.Good punting all and especially me.
  2. I have joined the Marshy one so I like the idea.
  3. Found it. Well he got it right Then wrong Then right Then wrong he ha. Toss of the coin to see if you had the winner
  4. Forget the country/ town thing. Just use the lottery concept. Apply it to whatever race you like. Great Northern Steeplechase for example. Or a race with a maximum field likely. Of course someone would have to get off their arse and organise it. I have just the man in mind. Loves his facts and figures. Loves his research. Yes our one and only Tasman man. Let’s go
  5. Yes I saw the person there in his bed and wondered what his story was. True follower to the end. Hope he had as good a day as possible. Well done Willo
  6. Yes TH. It must be good to be ridden by a King
  7. Tomorrow at Hawkesbury. Race 4#11. We might get some hot info from the horses mouth.
  8. Yes the Oz Labor party had their roots there. Nice people pubs and counter meals. Probably won’t see any blackbookers out there. Be a big day for the locals. Bizarre why the NZTAB would need to include it in there coverage. Maybe they have s deal with the local tourism people.
  9. Same in Sydney 2 GB . ALTHOUGH retired now AlannJones would have been there PM for the last 35 years. Knows everything about everything . But hardly a clean skin. If you are not a know all you won’t get far on that station.
  10. It’s a joke. The minute they back a horse out it’s going to be scratched. Do they pay these vets? Are they too scarred to let a backed out horse run in case it arses up half the field. Is there a report on reason for scratching? Pretty disappointing effort.
  11. Ellerslie Race 7 Ellerslie Race 8 Riccarton Race 7 Riccarton Race 9 Randwick Race 1 Randwick Race 2 Randwick Race 3 Randwick Race 4 Randwick Race 5 Randwick Race 6 Randwick Race 7 Randwick Race 8 Randwick Race 9 Thanks a lot Scoobs and Ponda for a great comp.Good punting all.