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  1. Just don't take her to WA.
  2. Next you'll be thinking it's a good idea for staff in all the councils proposing massive rates hikes to be accepting pay cuts as well.
  3. Yeah it's interesting how there can be such discrepancies from basically the same provider. Both markets at 127% at present.
  4. NZ TAB currently $1.35. Ladbrokes and Neds $1.50.
  5. Michael Saylor believes it is the future, has invested and made billions out of it. The late Charlie Munger said it was a worthless bubble that would burst and likened it to trading turds. Long term one will be right and one will be wrong. Both of these guys probably know or knew more about investing than anyone on this forum ever will. I've put a very small amount in and going long. An amount so small you I wouldn't care if I never saw the money again. https://www.moneyhub.co.nz/how-to-buy-bitcoin-in-new-zealand.html
  6. A handicap does make sense, but the run third and you're in One Star (so far) Mile will be the weaker race this year.
  7. Betfair Mobile App has a black background. Desktop site has a white background. Only site that as good to navigate was the old NZ TAB website.
  8. Obviously no point posting about it here then. Might be better for one of you to send the TAB an email about it.
  9. If they've just gone blunt you can sharpen the blades yourself. Go on YouTube and have a look.
  10. Graeme definitely got unders. That jacket and trousers would have to cost more than a bottle of bubbles, some shampoo and moisturiser.
  11. I think race callers are contractors so he'd be his own boss. Contracting has pros and cons like most things.
  12. Michael probably just thinks it's entertaining. Wouldn't be much of an edge if everyone watching gets the answer.