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  1. Can't see the need for an independent review. Why can't Dean McKenzie just do this as part of his job?
  2. The pools you see on the NZ Tab site are commingled Tabcorp pools. If you want to check them out after the race go to Vic results at
  3. Bimbo


    Looks like yesterday it paid a bit of overs, but today was massive unders. Big ups to Rita for taking advantage of the fact that a fool and his money are soon parted.
  4. Bimbo


    Can't see the point of this Aus Dogs Terminating Turbo Quaddie tonight. No bonus money in it and I think the takeout is greater than the normal commingled quaddies. Looks like about 25 other dog quaddie pools on offer already today. $438 in the pool with about 40 minutes to go. I guess some people will just bet on anything so you have to provide for them.
  5. Talk about soft. Gets called names by a girl, gets hurt feelings, goes crying to stewards wanting her held to account. Please don't start crying on television if the horse wins tomorrow Brae.
  6. Bimbo

    Paddy Busuttin out of retirement.....?!

    If they keep pumping up the prize money the way they have been in that country, it won't just be retired trainers setting up stables. Butchers, plumbers and dressmakers will all be looking at becoming racehorse trainers. I look at some fairly ordinary horses in their form guides and just shake my head at how much they have won in stakes.
  7. Bimbo


    No I am local using Firefox Just wanted to log on to watch the Darwin Cup. Luckily poundforpound's advice worked. Turned the wireless back on today and it's working fine so a bit of a mystery what was going on yesterday.
  8. Bimbo


    Is this common? I have never seen it before: The NZ TAB is not accessible from your current location. For more information please contact our customer services team on
  9. Bimbo


    The pool sizes are readily available at if you want them. Just choose VIC. These are virtually always going to be the largest pools on New Zealand events. Might be just Zeljko's money going on and nothing to do with money laundering or closing totes late.
  10. Bimbo

    Macpac Whip

    Tanya rode four winners yesterday. Nice work.
  11. Bimbo

    John Allen

    Another 660 k in the pocket. Kaching.
  12. That was a horse out of the following race that did that: Out of the Highway, Healing Hands bled. BUT, it didn’t happen at the track. Per Marc Van Gestel, Gayna pulled the float over to put a rug on the horse and noticed significant blood from a nostril. Incurs a 3 month ban.
  13. Bimbo

    RITA's Rolling

    Some guy said he was going to build 10,000 houses a year. Found out he couldn't. Still has a job. We're still paying him the same. Another guy was going to plant 100 million trees a year. Hasn't. Just say what you like. Nobody cares. You have to use big numbers though. Nobody would be impressed if you said racefields was only worth about $75,000 per month.
  14. Bimbo

    RITA's Rolling

    He's in charge.
  15. Bimbo

    RITA's Rolling

    Is that the same John Allen as this one talking about his new website in January this year? "We estimate this initiative alone will increase returns to the industry by $17 million to $19m in annualised profit, rising to approximately a $30m increase in net betting profit as a result of the change from 2021/22," he said in a statement.