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  1. Maybe it was a stepping stone to greater things.Kenny and Greg O what a team.
  2. Yes it was very good series of races all the drivers preformed well. The sad thing about it was the presentation after the races, it came up on trackside for a few seconds with all the competitors, Greg O'Connor and spicer then, Trackside switch to the greyhounds so we can watch a person hosing and sweeping the starting boxes and the divies for the next race; this went on for almost 5 mins with a fucking presenter talking about the upcoming greyhound race These young drivers deserved better than that, they need their day in the sun.I dont know why but trackside seem to go out of the way to piss people off, well it worked for me , I cashed out in last at Addington turned the bloody lap top off. Trackside kiss my grits you tossers.
  3. badger

    Stakes Stables

    Yeah 1.5 days a week fly him down from North Island probably stays in a 5 star Hotel , I understand the law says HRNZ has to have a CEO and he will be Spicers pick. I cannot believe there was no person local that could have stepped in until the new CEO is appointed.
  4. Shane Renault, Nick Ydgren, Rick Quirk, couldnt find any others.
  5. Well done Dave, I think you will find Kevin Hickman also has a few letters behind his name they are both self made men and deserve it.
  6. So sad to read this all the best Mr Cubes
  7. I believe that Ultimate Sniper is an absolute top horse, but Lazarus was a champion he was in another zone or a different planet from the other horses that he raced against and there was some very top horses among them and he destroyed them. I remember talking to Mark at Rangiora one day he said words couldn't express what it was like training and driving him, and if Mark felt that way you know that Lazarus was a complete champion. He was the best of the best.
  8. Flash you are correct she did drop her hands, I dont know why the RIU didnt get involved maybe, with the way things are going for them at the present time they are taking a back seat. Look at harness racing, Mark P fined only 300 for not driving a horse out at the finish then is caught again maybe involved in team driving in the ID heats nothing has come out about that at this stage. I think that the decision on race 2 at Auckland is another cock up the RIU and the JCA seem to be hellbent on trying to be nice people but they are letting down the owners, punters and race goers and it needs to be sorted out ASAP. I understand this is one of the issues that RITA was going to have serious look at.
  9. Mickey settle down, you are losing it, take another couple of pills and book yourself in again, you will come right in a week or two, have a nice day .
  10. badger


    I agree shad one for the little guys, good on Timaru they are a good club and tend to give everybody a fair go
  11. No contest Tim Amateurs by a street . Keep the Monty races as a non tote until we have more horses and more experienced riders, Friday night was a bit of a circus, not a good look for harness racing.
  12. What a post you are correct that is exactly what Bishop said with regards to horses lungs.I think this is the reason that it has raised so many posts on the subject.
  13. No I couldn't he is a legend in his own lunch box, and being a stipe is untouchable,
  14. Arjay you and the trainer are complete jerks for doing and condoning that, if you did that to one of my horses, I would shove the prodder up you where the sun dont shine, I hope all the hairs around your arse turn into fish hooks. You have to be a complete tosser to come on a public forum and discuss this sort of crap.
  15. badger

    Dexter Dunn.

    P4P . Give it a rest, this has to go through the courts match fixing became a serious crime in 2014 , as you will be well aware, if the RIU believed that match fixing was happening, they were obligated to involve the police, once again you will be well aware of this, to demean them and the police at this stage does not help the people you are defending if anything it makes it worse, for them and the others. To post that government told the police to turn a blind eye to the use of cannabis apart from medicinal and party drugs is rubbish, they are illegal and until a law is passed through parliament to legalize them. I hope that other posters on this site have enough intelligence to understand the point I am trying to make.I also believe that trying to intimidate and abuse others on this site does yourself no favors. I hope you have a nice day.