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  1. the box seat which produced a comedy skit on blood spinning has been found quilty of breaching broadcasting standards in that it item was unbalanced and did not produce factual info,the two ronnies i.e greg and micheal will have to apologise and be stood down for one season imo
  2. So your saying anthony butt was defending some one who was found guilty , is this the a butt who breached agricultural border protection security and put horse racing at risk
  3. Hit the nail on the head tim ,most trainers are chemists not conditioners
  4. Credit to the met,crowd control looked alot better,the true trot lovers trackside,the dayout crowd relaxed out the back 9/10
  5. Actually if you changed the NZ cup to Canterbury cup its just another run of the mill meeting at addington with 15000 yuppies
  6. must be run by national .,say nothing and hope it goes away
  7. Any news on atc financial it no news is good news or a media clampdown from PR
  8. reminds me of russian election "i would like to thank the public for re-electing me" prior to voting
  9. no matter wether its a committee or board 5 years max then gone none of this bullshit progressing thru the ranks ,best person for the job,many clubs are held back by long term members who telephone conference before a meeting hijacking decisions and "will leave that to next month"..lose money your gone profit a $1 you get another year
  10. but nothing on the elephant
  11. amazing they have had eyes wide shut for over a year,good they have finally listened and admitted they had it so wrong
  12. gazza123

    Racing Act

    twice when the house chairperson called for for/against votes there was no response,lucky she repeated the question..gee there was some boring speechs
  13. u probably said the same thing about carl lewis and flo jo
  14. thought i was watching the two ronnies or dr lee in a horror movie ,once again free advertising ,very unbalanced programme
  15. racedays are becoming dragged out affairs,why not run without a set schedule,trots in the south easliy average 25 minutes but at the momemt on saturdays extend out to 40 minutes so when all the horses are on the track blow the whistle and start two minutes later,if the dogs are at the box let them run ,if the dogs are at the box and trots have a false start or galloper playing up let the dogs run.will affect all ups but protests can do that ,some computer whiz can work a formulae,a race in nz clashes with oz take nz race live