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  1. gazza123

    Racing Act

    twice when the house chairperson called for for/against votes there was no response,lucky she repeated the question..gee there was some boring speechs
  2. gazza123

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    u probably said the same thing about carl lewis and flo jo
  3. gazza123

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    thought i was watching the two ronnies or dr lee in a horror movie ,once again free advertising ,very unbalanced programme
  4. gazza123

    Race intervals

    racedays are becoming dragged out affairs,why not run without a set schedule,trots in the south easliy average 25 minutes but at the momemt on saturdays extend out to 40 minutes so when all the horses are on the track blow the whistle and start two minutes later,if the dogs are at the box let them run ,if the dogs are at the box and trots have a false start or galloper playing up let the dogs run.will affect all ups but protests can do that ,some computer whiz can work a formulae,a race in nz clashes with oz take nz race live
  5. gazza123

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning
  6. gazza123

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    sorry iraklis .dont know how that got there,theres no edit so i will ask scobby to delete or shift under my name
  7. gazza123

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning stipes report on marcoola and temperal.
  8. gazza123

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    trainers test their horses tuesday to see what the white cell count is i.e an indication that horse is unwell.fighting a infection or cold ,these show up on trainers bills,probably mainly professional s as owner/trainers hate costs ,quite often stipes reports state trainer will have blood done and results forwarded to expensive way to tell when snots running out the nose.interesting the pro people attack the person ,the against people attack the practise
  9. gazza123

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    Was not a balanced programme,people who oppose these practises where not interviewed and i believe next week again two people who are in favour of treatment,hence it can only be seen as a pr propaganda exercise,yes the red blood cells are seperated but are illegally inhaled into lungs by infuzier(sp).alot of stables blood test tuesday horses racing later in week then reinject magic mixtures to make horses "perfect " for racing,if they are off colour they should be scratched
  10. gazza123

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    they inhale the red blood cells by infusion using an inhaler to the lungs
  11. gazza123

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    increases the red blood cell count which store oxygen,the major contributor to maintaining speed for longer apart from the spleen so it does enhance performance
  12. box seat next wed night ,discussing blood spinning ,who and what will be asked mystery but dont expect hard hitting in depth item,more like pc coverup,those in the thorughbred industry will be amazed at its exsistence as blind eye policy rules
  13. gazza123

    Garrick Knight

    HRNZ puppet
  14. gazza123

    Police Raids

    Only two have claimed innocence publically,a not quilty plea is jus,t eating up time,if ban dropped cases won,t b heard til may
  15. gazza123


    will stop the use of rein prickers