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  1. Swede


    Don’t wish to be disrespectful to anyone but ... but an 11-year-old broken down trotter is named Horse of the Year in South Canterbury. Time to get real about the state of harness racing in the provinces.
  2. Swede

    NZ TAB A Shambles

    It is just possible that last week the Pick Six option was there all the time but I couldn't find it, whereas I stumbled across it this morning. Suggests it's not as obvious as it should be.
  3. Swede

    NZ TAB A Shambles

    Well, they are improving. Last Thursday the Pick Six option didn't appear on the website until about an hour before it closed -- must have denied them thousands in turnover. Today at least the option is already there. However, last week's pool (not struck) must have been so low that the jackpot today is a measly 30k (only 5k more than the starting pool).
  4. Swede

    Ashburton abandoned

    I see HRNZ has taken the Jewels off Ashburton and handed it to Addington next year (for one year only at this stage). A bad day all round for the Ashburton club
  5. Swede

    Jessie Duke

    Stunning . . . and a bit worrying. Reminded me of Elsu sitting three wide and winning the Hunter Cup on his ear.
  6. Swede

    2017super stable

    Yeah, I took Lazarus and Dream About Me so might be an outside chance.
  7. Swede

    Race fixing

    Events in Australia should have us all worried http://www.harnesslink.com/International/Top-driver-charged-with-match-fixing-
  8. Swede


    Yep, fewer ma and pa breeders down south (though his frozen semen is available anywhere in the country) and commercial breeders have learnt the hard way that they must stick to the Bettor's Delights, Art Majors, American Ideals. Panspacificflight is actually beautifully bred. His second dam is Rodine Hanover and he ranks as a half-brother in blood to Art Major (dams were full sisters) and is very closely related to Captaintreacherous. There mighty be prejudice against him because his sire The Panderosa left P-Forty-Seven, who was a flop at stud here. Also frozen semen might put a few off. Most likely it's just the power of marketing. Changeover, with a big stud behind him, came on the scene at the same time here and served 100s of mares before breeders lost interest in him. Auckland Reactor and Sir Lincoln are others who have benefited from big marketing budgets.
  9. Swede


    Quite a bit's been written about Naholo's win at Ashburton on Thursday. They don't often come from the back of a big field at Ashburton at the 800 and win like he did. Another quality performer from an underrated sire, Panspacificflight. Article on the Macca Lodge website about his first NZ crop. Wick, Southern Pursuit, The Manipulator, Arden's Concord etc. Fourteen horses who have now won 100 races! http://maccalodge.com Then he left two-year-old Group 1 winner Arden's Choice from a small second crop that also included handy types like Thisismylastflight, Pantastic and Julia Lady. There've only been 20 foals on the ground in each crop since then. Trouble is most of the good ones are sold and that doesn't leave many to carry the flag here. So proven sire, well-bred, going nowhere.
  10. Swede

    Will Purdon Rule Again

    More breakers on the day than at St Clair. Not a great advert for the game on its biggest day. Don't know why. More trotting races carded than there used to be, and that doesn't help, but there were plenty breaking or getting skittled among the pacers as well. It would just about have been possible to have backed a favoured (say top four) in each race only to see them all make a mistake/get wiped out.
  11. Swede

    King Of Swing

    Pedantic here but John Legend's "legend" doesn't quite fit eight on the front line, does it? Anyhow, KOS trainer Ray Green is delighted.
  12. Swede

    King Of Swing

    This is what I think you mean: 1234589 10 67 11
  13. Swede

    King Of Swing

    Sorry Harewood. You can't count. Kotare Hunter is right. I'm even more baffled now.
  14. Swede

    King Of Swing

    I see King of Swing has been placed on the outside of the second line for the Sires Stakes heat at Alex Park on Friday night. As a previous heat winner he had to be given the least preferential draw. I'm surprised that's not the outside of the front line in a 1700-metre race. It would be much harder for him there than three on the second line in an 11 horse field where he could punch through behind a fast beginner to a handy position. Can anyone explain this?
  15. Here's an update on the Australian view on whipping: http://www.harness.org.au/media-room/news-article/?news_id=34779