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  1. Everton

    Good Feeling

    Said it before, say it again ... Monopolies destroy any competition. NZGRA are to blame for allowing this and everything else that has destroyed the sport, it extends into those in the wider spectrum as well, certain owners, industry people etc etc.
  2. Everton

    Trentham presenting

    Why oh why do they always have the coverage near a bloody speaker with Andre Neill bellowing ? .. his constant waffling stops me going to the track .. but there is no escape, it interferes with trackside now. Has anyone ever bothered asking patrons if they enjoy it ?
  3. Everton


    Guy on radio trackside called The Naenae Express .. after two cracks and an apology he settled on The Naynay Express haha. Dont who it is, but dont think he was a Kiwi.
  4. Everton

    Cole - Court case

    How many years has it been now ?
  5. Everton

    Why ?

    Haha ... and they swallowed that. No wonder people give up
  6. Everton

    Why ?

    Race 4 at Invercargill, Peroni is in the trail, Motor Mouth is in the breeze. Peroni's driver eases to allow Motor Mouth into the trail and ends up 3 deep. Motor Mouth weakens slightly in the straight, Peroni has to get out and past to run home really strongly to run a close 2nd. To my untrained eye, that driver move early in the race cost it the win.
  7. Everton

    Railway & Auckland Cup Predictions

    Cheese and Chalk , Robson
  8. Everton

    Cole - Court case

    So did the trial start today ?
  9. Everton


    Absolutely agree, I remember the days when I played football in Lower Hutt for our local club Naenae. There committee used to work and fight hard for the club, they got everyone they could involved, they would promote home games big time, the games and club rooms were stuffed with supporters enjoying the game and the aftermath. It doesn't happen by itself, committees or whatever have to do something.
  10. Everton

    Absolutely utterly appalling

    Obviously not yourself, that's the trouble. I agree with Berri let's focus on the horses, like another thread going on at the moment about the Grace Millane thing, why is that in the Thoroughbred cafe ???
  11. Everton

    Stupid Question .. but

    Agree having first 4s and trifectas in NZ just doesn't work. Always said to have only trifectas and include first 4s in the 2 bigger races, unless they are premier meetings where there are a lot more people betting. Its hopeless at Greyhound meetings, I used to bet only trifectas now it's a waste of time. Bloody hard to pick one, now when you strike you are more often than not really disappointed with the payout .. that's because the TAB pools are split and not worth it. There is NO value for money
  12. Everton

    Stupid Question .. but

    Just saw results for race 3 at Rotorua, trifecta paid $6400, and the First 4 wasn't struck, carry forward $884 .. does that mean there was only $884 in the pool ?
  13. Everton

    Cole - Court case

    With everything going on about greyhound racing in Australia in the media, you would think our lot would be doing everything they can to showcase the sport as being safe, straight, kind to the animals etc etc. But what happens, proverbial head in the sand syndrome hoping it will all go away which means they dont care, or can't do anything and that is why we will and are already seeing the demise of greyhound racing because they are allowing the few to rule the many. I am also amazed how our presenters and commentators always waffle on about how unbelievable the Cole kennels are etc, it makes you cringe .. and some are or used to be by association .. that in itself is wrong as well. I also think Miss Mullane is the contingency for the Cole kennel should things not go their way in court .. an admission of guilt maybe ??
  14. Everton

    Jason Tans suit

    What a beauty he was wearing yesterday, top marks for having the clangers to appear on TV with that on lol.
  15. Everton


    Understand all the other avenues for form etc, but not everyone has that, plus the point is if you are going to put something out there for the racing people then do it properly .. not half arsed, and then say "but you can go on this website or use that avenue" when we stuff up again.