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  1. The thing is the majority of day to day punters are not interested in odds on favorites, to attract viewers create some interest by throwing out a decent piece of bait occasionally.
  2. Lols they do when their tips are crap, I see none of them won
  3. Mmmm ... but having a bet is being involved, and it's a bloody rort
  4. Once again the Whale goes outside the square at Winton...NOT.. Captain Finns 2.1, R K Finn 3.1, and Pay Me Speedy 2.0. Same old boring picks that the whole country are picking anyway.
  5. Totally agree, the old Boys club syndrome and Simon is part of it, he shouldn't even be commenting, it is not on. I remember Sam Spratt getting a suspension for something far less than that. Our Industry us so so inconsistent with the way they operate.
  6. Next thing we will have to ban any sports where humans get hurt or worse, Cricket will be banned asap. I hate seeing any animal hurt, or any type of cruelty, and it's a very small percentage that ruin it for others. But we all know greyhounds love running, and we aren't riding them with whips either.
  7. Even though Trackside has now become very predictable and boring, Emily Bosson did a fine job with her interviews. Excellent questions, great with her praise, no repeat questions, and kept the interviews at a reasonable length so very respectful.
  8. The heading of this thread " What about Blair " .. throw the book at him. The industry is becoming a joke
  9. Trying to listen to Tony Lee and Bevan Sweeney when they are previewing is hopeless and annoying at times. Why do thet persist letting Andre Neill or whoever it is blasting through the speakers, and is Sweeney sitting right under the bloody speaker ? .. not much thought or planning by anyone.
  10. If it had Mouth Ulcers what the hell was it doing racing ?
  11. Just like this forums attendance Jimbob, everyone is giving up on greyhound racing, including the stipes. I feel for the true enthusiasts who try hard but are on a hiding to nothing because everything is swept under the carpet and those few that have a grip on everything including the purse strings have created monopolies, there is no such thing as a level playing field. I don't bet at all at Wanganui or Palmy anymore, it's a lottery and those involved that have any influence know it. Even the race previews and commentaries are so boring, very very vanilla. Suits those in the know, but does ab
  12. I don't get it either Puha, I hope someone can explain .. because it does appear as though it's made up as they go along much of the time.
  13. Another abandonment
  14. Was driving home from work yesterday listening to trackside and a race from Invercargill had at least 3 false starts. The last one half the drivers weren't even in their carts when the starter let them go according to commentator. I switched off after that, harness racing in the south is becoming a joke.