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    Hi Confused .. not being sarcastic, but do you really have to ask why lols
  2. I hope the young lady concerned is ok, not sure why some on this thread are clutching at straws trying to find reasons to support Anderson. It's all about the victim I would have thought, and why isn't the moderator taking down posts where someone refers to people on this thread as c**ts is beyond me.
  3. Everton


    This is getting a bit boring, there is a lot more to worry about within the racing industry than this topic.
  4. Definitely think it's worse, its noticeably slower. I wouldn't be surprised if it's a downgrade and is a cheaper version due to all the cost savings going on.
  5. Wow ... how can this be happening then ? .. nothing surprises me anymore though
  6. Does his wife even train at all ?
  7. Please Popplewell and Rodley stop going on and on and on about the bookies getting done with the chap from TAB it's so tiring, like when you've got no conversation we talk about the weather. It's not entertaining or funny, so not sure why Rodley is always giggling away.
  8. Should have been disqualified forever, what about all the punters, other trainers and owners etc he has cheated and effectively stolen from.
  9. It wasn't a great look, we had that chap tearing into the industry in a one sided argument. No real defense from greyhound industry, young lass Potts who got interviewed and ambushed with a question on whether she has ever had a dog put down from the track. Glenda Hughes who knows diddley squat supposedly defending the sport, she would make a terrible lawyer. It was a giant set up .. and who knows Cole could put the nail in the coffin in the next month or so, imagine having that on your conscience ? .. the thing is the greyhound industry have sat on their hands forever and never addressed the issues, everyone knows what's been going on .. where does it end ?? ... even the guy David Scott who was supposed to be looking out for the industry was up to no good, You reap what you sow. Does Lisa Cole actually do any training? .. I only ask because you hear about her fabulous achievements etc, but I've never seen her interviewed, or on the track etc, I could be wrong.
  10. And so it goes on ... sigh
  11. That is very sad news indeed
  12. Who is the Aussie trackside presenter ? .. surely we can do better than that ? I had the TV on, and there was a horse called Ultimate Stride which won at Invercargill. He commented that you wont see a better striding horse than that, strode out and was All Over Rough Rover, that's a new one, rough rover ?? Then a race from Alice Springs was next, he picked a horse and said the jockey will ride it out 3 deep and finish over the top .... WTF ? .. it trailed and got 5th I think. Where the hell do they get these people from ?
  13. Yes he will be missed, despite his idiosyncrasies he is the voice of greyhounds in the North, and you do wonder why experience is replaced by novices in respect to greyhound knowledge.
  14. Everton

    Today's Press

    Haven't bet on harness for years, sorry I mean thieves on wheels. Last time I did I'm sure McGrath was in trouble for something, but it was years ago. You guys are right about the RIU, cock up after cock up. There's been a big cock up case in the dogs going on 3 years, both cases I see smugness because they know they will get away with it.