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  1. Agree .. Aaron is excellent with pre race chat, and calling equally as good. But I still mute Wanganui, it's like groundhog day, with the incessant pre race waffle, and boring race calling.
  2. I'm not surprised its declining with service like that, and it still doesn't explain why you can have comments from greyhound racing from somewhere we have never heard of .. and nothing from Manawatu harness.
  3. It's as you say a disgrace, I rang the TAB and they didn't comprehend my complaint. I gave up in the end, It just beggars belief, who the hell is running things ? .. it never gets resolved and keeps happening.
  4. 1st - No 15 Dr Velocious 2nd - No 5 Lincoln King 3rd - No 19 Divine Duke Cheers
  5. Very poor calling on Christchurch dogs biggest night. Won't go into specifics it was plain to hear and see.
  6. I never said that, what I am saying is the whole combination of things leads to disarray. There are many elements that are just left alone, ignored, or inconsistently dealt with. Certain factions use the inconsistencies to their advantage knowing that repercussions are a wet bus ticket unless the uproar is so loud it can't be ignored. But most of the time its bury the head in the sand syndrome. And we all know that don't we.
  7. Whatever you want to call it, this crap happens all the time, and people are absolutely sick of it. If you can't see that the industry has never been cleaned up because of the slap on the wrist with a wet bus ticket attitude .. then it will continue like that. Also try telling Ray Green Copy That was afforded every chance and was on the same playing field as the first 3.
  8. Your being naive and patronizing at the same time.
  9. Told you .. but the irony is heaps of owners, punters etc were robbed. How come he is still there ?
  10. At least he doesn't scream " Right " like he used too. I don't know a lot about harness racing, but a few years ago I posted on Racecafe that I was bloody sure it used to freak some horses and cause them to break, posted replies said that was rubbish. To this day I stand by my observations that it does indeed scare some at standing starts, calm is what the horses need I would have thought.
  11. Count how many times he mentions Lockdown every time he is on. He is obsessed with the word Lockdown .. I have counted 17 times today and we are only up to race 4
  12. Yeah .. he is good, I wish we had him in the C.D. He does a very good to the point preview, and commentates really well. Rosanowski bores and confuses the hell out of you with his previews .. just a tirade of waffle, and his commentaries are not good enough.
  13. Check the Sharks tips against a certain Trackside presenters, and you may get your answer