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  1. Yep, He's an excellent driver and Jim Campbell is a classy guy from what I have seen over the years. Chapter and Walner domination for a few years more.
  2. John Cambell's brother trains the Hambo double 6-1 and wins Hambo at odds of over 50-1 I have seen better fields.
  3. So Todd McCarthy gets off Amazing Dream to drive Kobe's GG at 50 to 1. Kiwi Nifty Norman trains the winner Amazing Dream ran a good race.
  4. Some serious horses in here. Many millionaires https://racing.ustrotting.com/chart.aspx
  5. He ran second in the first elimination of the Hambo and won with one of only 2 fillies entered in it in Jiggy Jog. Here below is the video, watch the finish as she finishes like a Ferrari from just in behind. The favorite and other filly in the race is Joviality who is the only millionaire and who also has beaten the boys at will. In fact, she now has a record of 19 starts 15 wins 2 seconds and a third for $1,279,898 Dexter would be nuts to choose the colt over here IMO. I will post the 1st elim below the second one here. Rebuff actually may well be the favorite, this colt is a machine a
  6. The colts went in 1:50 flat
  7. Yeah, heart attack or aneurysm
  8. 1st race a $240,000 the one horse not by Lazarus won, Looks far and away the best so far. One poor filly went down in the backstretch, did the human version of the splits, hope she is ok, but she was in the trail and she either panicked or choked and went down in slow motion. Colts racing soon Here is the program if anyone is interested https://playmeadowlands.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/mxx0722p.pdf
  9. Here's the world record and under that is the link to Dexter interview
  10. That was a fun night of racing. I was happy to see Beach Glass win the Meadowlands Pace. His daddy was Somebeachxomewhere and the same connects own the son. He is from the last crop, and he was a frozen semen product. He wins the only race in which his father failed. That is a feel-good story up here, A fun fact is there were 10 colts from his last crop and 3 of them ran in the heats or final for this race. I think as great as Bettors is, we will never know how good SBSW was had he not died. Beach Glass is out of a Bettor's mare. What more can you ask for?
  11. Dexter wins with Bella Bellini in $432,000 Hambletonian Maturity. So he's won a 500,000 race and a 432,000 race tonight. Trained by Nifty Norman
  12. Bulldog Hanover and Dexter fastest horse in harness racing history in 145. 4/5
  13. Ran on to finish 2nd but the winner won by daylight in WR 1:47 flat. $175,000 US so she made good money for second and was at 60-1 odds