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  1. TurnyTom

    John Allen

    He is gone - celebrate
  2. TurnyTom

    John Allen

    More to fall, he has only gone as he lost 50mil on the website, holy fcuk how did that happen
  3. TurnyTom

    John Allen

    Total fckuen loser who got away with it for 5 years - why did we let it happen, he has only bailed as he fcuked up 50mil on the new site that dont work
  4. TurnyTom

    John Allen

    No loss Pleased to see has gone, let's drain the swamp as more should follow
  5. TurnyTom

    Rodmar - Reece Cole at Rotorua

    BS Baz, inconsistent BS
  6. TurnyTom

    Ruakaka finish line

    I am more worried about the leaders bias - fcuk the red cone
  7. TurnyTom

    Rosehill....shit hole

    For mine always been a very difficult track, never bet there - too tough
  8. TurnyTom


    Super news Leo, wonderful
  9. TurnyTom

    Tab at it again

    Amazing today's fields listing yesterday's fields Get the basics right muppets
  10. Multiple serious betting
  11. Interesting Dave I went to Riccarton last Saturday not one Asian with clipboards there _ yet 2 years ago there was 5 or 6, now they have gone we just know how to get folk on course Big concern
  12. True Dave They can't fcuk cup week
  13. The young ones want Party time and Trumpy is onto it, they will have a punt but they want alcohol and dancing and a good time with good bands etc That market is untapped but we need to ask them, not tell them
  14. M12 r7 13 Mystic Journey
  15. Makes one want to throw up but the interview was 3 years ago Lets put up a scoreboard