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  1. Meeting may proceed but only 100 on course if the new Lockdown extended which looks likely till Wednesday next week
  2. Give them a very wide berth Dave, when they don't like the surface they go real sour, not a good decision to put them in IMHO
  3. They don't understand their own business, it just trundles along losing participants each and every day
  4. They are in the 97% Pam, cracking at the 3% Thats how we are seen
  5. The question I ask is will an AWT at Riccarton bring in any new punters or industry participants through ownership. A big investment but I cannot see the returns, just hope I am wrong. Thoughts anyone
  6. More nonsense from the pair
  7. Nerula, racing press has been terrible for years, very few happy stories reported, anything positive helps The industry has a very poor public image so anything is of benefit in an industry devoid of any form of leadership
  8. Pretty sure Tommy don't need to read your post Nerula, send it to NZR
  9. Those running the show haven't a clue in relating to the industry let alone the punters, the death if racing in NZ is inevitable and just a matter of time, this fckerz killed it
  10. OK, missed it, pleased it was - trust it was positive
  11. Where are racings marketing people. This should have been TV1 news, celebrating young ladies and the fact she never gave up and persevered, what a lost opportunity Come on NZ Racing, get with it for goodness sake
  12. The whole "thing" is beyond belief I suspect we all know where the "crime" is. Sickening, simply hell bent on destroying lives
  13. And we wo der why racing is total fcked but in reality we know why, just need a sad reminder every wee while