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  1. Racing have to stop giving themselves uppercuts, for an industry with poor public acceptance they just add fuel to the burning fire on a regular basis Crazy stuff
  2. Have seen him on TV and comes across as a very humble highly intelligent guy, was just wonderful to watch A legend in his own right, and I am sure only has admiring friends in the game
  3. Can but agree Leigh, very sad for Racing in NZ
  4. Tyler's, Collett, Dennis Surely the bells are ringing that NZ racing has significant issues ... just wish they could hear them More will leave for sure, just too tough
  5. Agree Berri, was on course and the feeling was far from happy. A complete joke, ridiculous Interestingly in the racebook on course CJC advertising for a new Starter, Oggy gone and Barry Pelling good for only 3 days. Leaves one wondering.....somehow more to it maybe. Raceday ain't a trial ground ... trainers stand up
  6. Just a matter of time for you Cubes, your day in the sunshine will come for sure
  7. What a superb comp. Well done team, just brilliant
  8. Te Rapa R4 9 10 Randwick R3 4 9 Randwick R4 2 5 Hastings R6 FP Te Rapa R7 1 7 Randwick R5 2 6 Hastings R7 6 7 Riverton R8 FP Randwick R6 2 3 Randwick R7 1 2 Randwick R8 1 11 Caulfield R8 3 9 enjoy
  9. Great trainer, great family history Pleased for him under our tough environment. Super
  10. Trentham R4 3 Trentham R5 5 Trentham R6 2 Trentham R7 6 Trentham R8 5 Rosehill R6 2 Rosehill R7 8 Rosehill R8 3 Rosehill R9 10 Flemington R6 2 Flemington R7 4 Flemington R8 3 Good luck all, thanks Team
  11. Ellerslie R1 4 bb Ellerslie R2 4 Ellerslie R3 5 Ellerslie R4 1 Ellerslie R5 4 Ellerslie R6 5 Ellerslie R7 9 Ellerslie R8 3 Ellerslie R9 2 Ellerslie R10 5 bb enjoy
  12. Pukekohe R1 1bb Pukekohe R3 8 Trentham R3 3 Trentham R7 3 Flemington R1 8 Flemington R4 2 Flemington R5 4 Flemington R6 13 Flemington R7 1 Flemington R8 3 Rosehill R2 4 Rosehill R3 2 Rosehill R5 9 Rosehill R6 11 Rosehill R8 15 bb good luck all