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  1. TurnyTom

    Great Western this Sunday

    Taking the Michael Trackshit would probably show Wallaroo and promote the bush before an iconic GW It's how it rolls with Trackshit
  2. TurnyTom

    Great Western this Sunday

    Would rather watch a 1200 maiden from Wallaroo
  3. TurnyTom

    The Informant

    It ain't coming back - they don't care. Lost their money on the other edition - the Informant is gone
  4. TurnyTom

    Felaar was ok

    Superb run, certainly worth another crack at them. Great effort on an unsuitable track
  5. R1 3 7 R2 7 8 bb R3 1 7 R4 2 8 R5 1 4 R6 4 6 R7 6 9 R8 2 6 R9 1 8 R10 2 5bb Enjoy all
  6. TurnyTom

    Unlucky Felaar

    Little doubt Leo the NZ Cup is within his range - good luck with him he is a tidy unit
  7. R1 1 bb R2 2 R3 8 bb R4 3 R5 3 R6 4 R7 3 R8 7 R9 6 R10 15 Thanks team
  8. TurnyTom

    Enzos Lad on the plane tonight

    Gotta love it - Pitty is giving it a go - great stuff
  9. TurnyTom


    Puha it ain't sports betting so no interest on their part - fcken unbelievable
  10. One has to asked where the hell is Winston in all of this The new site is a bloody expensive failure all on borrowed money. Incredibly they are asking the Govt to bail them out Who could have imagined they could get it so wrong Pure incompetence, but we all get paid on Wednesday
  11. TurnyTom


    It's not sport so not important
  12. Aussie TAB has a lot of fixed odds for the election
  13. R 1 5 R2 3 R3 9 R4 2 R5 6 R6 1 R7 9 R8 1 bb R9 3 R10 1bb Thanks Maria