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  1. Gruffy Stay close to the TV and watch history being created Pure magic from the Champ. If your pension allows CWJ has 2 winning rides today, so suggest you join the train of success and have a bet and celebrate NZ's premier sportsman. Gotta be short odds to win NZ Halberg Sportsman of the year. No brainer really
  2. Grossly underused talent Trumpy, like you I think he should review his agent relationship
  3. Easy overs tonite race 1 Superb ride
  4. Most underrated and under used hoop in Vic. Not sure what the issue is, but he is extra and I look for him always
  5. Incredible, updates thru the media and not NZTR or RIU. No wonder NZ racing is stuffed, can't even get the very basics half right
  6. Just a dog site, why bother they don't care
  7. Indepth knowledge of the industry would be a must Trumpy in order to make change to deliver financial results, Agree with your comments as that is fundamental, its the basic skill sets that are dumbed down that concerns me My personal view is sell today to an overseas corporate or another bailout will be needed soon
  8. Incredible, just desirable to have skin in the game or experience or interest in racing And the circus rolls on as they move to appoint an accountant with interests in property or property development. That works
  9. The Sierra Sue ride was superb, amazing. Just needs the breaks and more support
  10. Terrible outcome, when will we learn A bloody disgrace
  11. Take it with a grain of salt, historically inept where racing is concerned
  12. AHB failure 60 years in the making, has zippo to do with Labour, and nothing to do with covid, try blaming 50 years plus of failed Auckland Councils right back to DMR who saw it coming in the 60s