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  1. TurnyTom

    Mark Du Plessis

    Jeepers Archer, can't stop with MDP now you have the Magic Man in your sights too. Give the game up buddy, it is clearly stressing you - take up bowls or tiddly winks, less stress
  2. TurnyTom

    R.I.P. Mrs Cubes

    My very deepest sympathy Cubes. God bless you and your family at this very sad time Tom
  3. John Hore wasn't travelling that summer then
  4. TurnyTom

    Silver Fox: I'm not ready to give up just yet

    Col, can but agree Had a couple of hours with Des and my old departed mate Rumpole at Trentham Oaks Day a few years ago Des was superb company and was so passionate about racing and Trentham, what a great time I had and superbly educated. A good man. As Rumpole said to me later, you may hold different views but Des is a more clever bastard than you. Thanks Rumpole, you old grumpy bugger, but he was right of course
  5. Ludwig they rest comfortably in the 70s or 80s and in doing so have fcuked racing Muppets
  6. Don't go to RITA They haven't a fcken clue
  7. TurnyTom

    Silver Fox: I'm not ready to give up just yet

    Des is a huge loss NZ Racing have no idea about marketing the product All very sad
  8. Dean Lester out the back was good too, good brain and presenter and a very good tipster
  9. It is so fcken simple in today's world just basic I get so frustrated at our stale males fucking the go forward, it ain't hard - it is marketing 101 in reality, about knowing your customers, past, present and future relative to changing times, put simply change nothing and nothing changes. For years racing has produced no colour or atmosphere. Take Riccarton, why don't the jocks mount out in the back parade ring rather than in the birdcage, get the atmosphere close and personal, my daughter said to me last year on WC day this is so good to see these little guys and girls up close, she loved it - atmosphere, involvement, personal and real - she didn't need my binos, interestingly she saw Lisa Allpress and backs her every time she is at the races, 100 to 1 and my daughter has 3 over 7 for her simply because she was so impressed at a little girl doing her big job It really is simple, no need to make it difficult
  10. Good comments TA I agree it's up to the management of CJC to get it moving, get three under 35 yesr olds on their committee to drive it. Old hats do not have the vision, sorry Tim and Co.
  11. My children are mid 30s grew up in a racing involved family Cup Day Riccarton and Addington they attend, Winter Cup Day Riccarton, a family tradition Balmerino Luncheon and they attend. They punt Melbourne Cup day. They find the average race day too long in time with no atmosphere and just for you old folk. It doesn't work for them. Interesting both non drinkers so getting slammed not their agenda. Randwick, sub 35 years area with a band kicking in 5 minutes after the last in the sunken parade birdcage out the back, when I left on a recent trip there were 500 young ones dancing up having a ball. Great to see. And at Flemington on Super Saturday in March a similar thing in HQ under the Hill Stand after the last. A reason for the young ones to go. We are babes here relying on tradition, but we are old and dying
  12. Balmerino luncheon is very good value and cabinet food on ground floor members is Couplands fare which is good Outside hot dogs and chips and a coffee caravan, they belong in the 70s Real issue is no one goes and no food provider would set up to serve 200 people on course, no sense in being involved, a financial disaster. I would be more worried about lack of public support if I was CJC. Been going to Riccarton for 60 years and still enjoy but sad to see it a shadow of days before and an AWT track won't produce a dollar of extra income, sorry Pitty but that's the reality but the training benefits etc another debate but as a business I am sure it will not be effective Tommy T
  13. TV free to air, radio, newspaper fields, customer service will never happen again. Our leaders failed Marketing 101. They do not understand marketing or customers wants/needs Very sad
  14. Attacked low wages, nothing upstairs who caused our problems. Just a joke. Bring on Statutory Management