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  1. If they want to clean up Harness Racing put an end to the Operation Inca nonsense. Kerr etc can then be dealt with MVB articles in The Press always on a Saturday, biggest circulation day, and it is very much damaging racing across the board. No Investigative journalism required as the stories are delivered on a plate. No doubt there will be more, just a matter of time HRNZ have to stand up and defend racing, but I doubt they will. If they think there silence will make it go away they are dreaming. All very sad for all forms of racing
  2. Randwick Race 2 2 4 Randwick Race 3 3 4 Riccarton Race 5 10 12 Te Aroha Race 5 2 7 Randwick race 4 2 3 Riccarton Race 6 3 8 Te Aroha Race 6 3 7 Randwick Race 5 5 7 Riccarton Race 7 2 3 Te Aroha Race 7 1 2 Randwick Race 6 1 4 Randwick Race 7 1 3 Randwick Race 8 1 2 Randwick race 9 1 2 Thanks Scoobs, good luck all
  3. Downright dangerous, a good holiday for sure
  4. Washdyke Ashburton Wingatui Trentham Hastings
  5. Front bias was ridiculous, 8 of the winners drew 1 and if you weren't on the pace you were gone.
  6. Brilliant PR spin Incredible
  7. The fact is WRD that the industry participants have sat on their hands for years and have let it happen and their silence and inaction is the primary cause I guess the industry participants are happy with 7 to 10k races week after week, but the day will come when they won't be as they will have no owners and then they will yell from the rooftops, but all to late One just cannot take NZ racing seriously as it is sick and on its death bed, close it down
  8. Have reread this morning Words fail me, what a bloody incompetent company Staggering to believe this happened Heading nowhere here
  9. Meomy, she is a shoe in for a very senior UN role and just a matter of time
  10. Saw him race twice, has the x factor and as Dave says could have been anything. Will be grabbed by a leading Aus stud Magnificent looking animal too
  11. Jyst another advert on their professionalism, muppets
  12. AWT will do zip to improve racing and turnover A crook of BS