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  1. I have always rated his Railway and Telegraph wins on Loader, particularly the Telegraph, just sheer brilliant rides
  2. What a breath of fresh air BGP are, legend stuff and well done Leo for making HQ available to the BGP team Simply fantastic for our struggling game. Will be a great day, Ida liked to have been there as a loyal Kiwi supporter
  3. The pony pulled its head off for the first 450 metres and hung badly for the rest of the trip, Chris gave it 3 wacks on the turn and 2 more at the 300, the horse just didn't want to be there today and simply didn't put in, which happens every now and then Chris tried but the horse didn't respond IMHO PS, I backed it and thought it was well placed today, next time maybe
  4. Somehow I think the process is broken Judge talking of Steeplechase racing, FFS give me a break here The judicial system is fcuked, Can't we run our own industry God we are in trouble deep across the board
  5. If he fails Leo, suggest you ring you know who and make it a magic evening
  6. Our dear parted friend Rumpole would have loved the case, would have walked all over them
  7. My view is nothing changes, our voice not relevant
  8. Agree Trumpy Nothing changes
  9. Gave the NZ TAB away 4 years ago They haven't a fcken clue 50mil plus for a piss poor site, can't even scan tickets to see of you got a result Www.tab.com.au for me
  10. Indeed it is Trumpy, at some point the protection status will fail
  11. Trumpy, Riccarton is the same they rely totally on Cup Week and a little on Grand National week to get them thru. Just the reality Super Saturday at Flemington in March is a great day, love it that day
  12. Really, doesn't read like that at all Show respect fella
  13. Mike, rule 1, to help you Don't bag those with skin in the game, particularly our Jockeys - they put their ife on the line every ride. Respect them