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  1. TurnyTom

    Glenda Hughes scores

  2. TurnyTom

    The reason the TAB isn’t focusing on racing

    I think we have known this fir sometime that the future is ports betting, your figured show why and confirm.... Racing us fooked
  3. TurnyTom

    says it all

    Interesting article but how the hell she thinks they have achieved is beyond me. Think it was a taking the piss article
  4. TurnyTom

    Parliamentary Handicap

    Yes once upon a time there was. All changed and how the hell Owners make money us beyond me Tony Pike must be thinking seriously thinking about relocating after the last 8 weeks, and once a leading trainer goes the outflow will be massive
  5. TurnyTom

    Parliamentary Handicap

    Just where we are at time honoured races being run for Saturday maiden races NSW but JA says all is fine
  6. TurnyTom

    Sport on TV

    Bottom line is they are total fuckwits and haven't a bloody clue Accept them for what they are
  7. TurnyTom

    Mark MacNamara A Big Loss

    Just so sad, our leaders haven't a fcken clue
  8. TurnyTom

    Mark MacNamara A Big Loss

    Massive loss What the hell do we do as those who lead haven't a fcken clue
  9. TurnyTom

    Time to end Jumps in the South?

    True WD, CJC without the top stand is stuffed and the management has put up no other option, just the malaise of NZ racinga sunset industry through piss poor management
  10. TurnyTom

    Time to end Jumps in the South?

    The trouble is WD there is no central plan where clubs work together, the CJC National meeting will be as boring as batshit save but the Winter Cup, beyond that an industry meeting with larger stakes - can't be bothered
  11. TurnyTom

    Time to end Jumps in the South?

    The 2500m races at CJC started in front of the stand - Palisade, Rose Mellay, Royal Master and Next Please loved them, but that's when we had rock hard stayers - today it's all about 2 and 3 year olds and Sprint races They call it progress
  12. TurnyTom

    RIP Paul Costigan

    Very sad news, lovely guy larger than life and loyal as the day was long RIP Costie Tommy
  13. TurnyTom

    Time to end Jumps in the South?

    I say can them, there is a total lack of interest - even my local CJC has canned them save but for National week
  14. TurnyTom

    Turkeys vote to support early Christmas

    Incredible spin, Rita is there because of them yet they suggest they have a partnership Incredible
  15. TurnyTom

    Race replays

    www.tab.com.au Pitty Go to results posted 15 minutes after race - 2 versions short or full last 400 metres or full race Our muppets haven't a fcken clue Tommy T