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  1. TurnyTom

    Paying 4 places tab

    www.tab. com. au
  2. TurnyTom

    Dean McKenzie road show

    I can see immense issues coming up soon. I am not feeling positive, at all
  3. TurnyTom

    McNabs Riding

    FO Ted, your guy in another class good but not excellent - has a long way to go to be great like CWJ
  4. TurnyTom

    McNabs Riding

    Old Magic Man doing well, and you have a horse to train on Monday as he is a very kind rider - surely is a legend
  5. TurnyTom

    TAB Credit union deposits

    No problems at www.tab.com.au
  6. TurnyTom

    AWT Cambridge

    Listen to Trumpy Cambridge will be another disaster
  7. TurnyTom

    The ride of the day at Trentham

    With you on day on that WRD Legend
  8. TurnyTom

    The ride of the day at Trentham

    NZ's Champion hoop best of the best, God knows what happens to SI racing when he retires Rides Trentham and Awapuni so well Just gifted with large loads of hard work and you have a horse on Monday they are all looked after
  9. TurnyTom


    All of this simply not adding up at all - suspect this situation was known some time past
  10. TurnyTom

    He's a Gold Digger

    Should but
  11. TurnyTom

    He's a Gold Digger

    Don't think he will get the Probabeel ride in Sydney
  12. TurnyTom

    Were's the orange cone

    Bush meeting
  13. TurnyTom


    This is a worry
  14. TurnyTom


    Yes back to A4
  15. TurnyTom

    Wellington Group Races Stakes

    They are broke