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  1. poundforpound re relevant facts have you factually seen anything on paper or spoken to Kyle Salinger to confirm from him that he approached the RIU? My info differs as to the reasons why an investigation was started and by who and was rubber stamped through another source from someone who should know and the dots all connected to confirm. I not doubting your info could be 100% correct but i wouldn't bet on it. In 2016 there was no criminal act to have someone charged for placing bets on behalf of someone else. Charges for monetary gain by receiving information not privy to others can be made but if that horse is tipped to the public via newspaper, the internet, tv trackside or radio trackside he has done the same as the punters who backed the horse by betting a tip given which hopefully will return you a monetary gain. I think if it was me on a charge of monetary gain by disceiving would be obtaining everything I could to show the public were also tipped it via one or more of the various means above. There is no time factor associatting with the criminal act of monetary gain by disceiving so if the person charged backs a tip a trainer or driver gives him at 9am raceday and a punter backs it at 7:--pm when it is tipped publically by the trainer how could he be charges as the public were given same info he was eg trainer or driver thin ks the horse will win. Given the above I cant see a conviction and even if you somehow in Court you did think maybe I could lose then you put Plan B into action for the final trump to win. I hope it does make court for a insider trading deceitful monetary gain charge to be heard as there is nothing better than seeing someone throw the trump card from out of nowhere.
  2. In my opinion the Police became involved not because they wanted to but because they were told to by higher above. The media and Industry was informed that the RIU got the police involved due to ''betting anomalies have been identified in at least one race in May 2018'. Phone tappings,survelience and an investigation costing and climbing to around $10 million on betting anomalies identified on at least just one race? I think I read that the supposed main money man was initially charged on a number of races and today that is down to just one. Unfortunately the RIU were either given misleading information or choose to believe without enough evidence that a major race fixing ring was operating. I don't believe the so called betting anomolies did provide enough evidence to think race fixing connected but not having the right people employed resulted in them believing that was the case and they acted on it full on without first investigating further before going forward to police on the matter. With weak evidence to support their claims they thought by informing the right people the police would be made to become involved and this would result in anyone suspected of been involved in race fixing to have the police get court warrants for their phones to be tapped. The RIU were of the view that the phone taps would provide the required evidence to substantiating their claims that a major race fixing ring was operating. Numerous phones tapped over many weeks and what did it result in? Yes obviously some industry participants were were collaterial damage fallouts when drug use was picked up during the surveillance but as we have seen charges relating to race fixing has dropped in numbers charges and it is looking likely that possibly all charges on race fixing will be dropped. So the bottom line is hard and factual evidence was needed to confirm RIU suspicions and the best result to achieve that was to get the police involved and to get the phones tapped. I pity the poor Police Minister who will no doubt be asked in the House re the above senario as to why and how did this fiasco happen which has resulted in millions of the Police budget to be squandered on obviously ill founded rumours. Once it is all over then an investigation should be launched into the RIU over it all which has resulted in huge sums of NZ Racing Industry money and Taxpayers money to be totally squandered on a poorly orchastrated investigation over 3 years. The Warren Report on Kennedys assination took less than a year,Watergate Investigation less than 2 years,Trump Investigation less than two years yet an Investigation into an Industry with its own Integrity unit still hasn't got any person charged with race fixing even with supposed race records of betting anomlies from over two years ago. This is looking like it can only add to more ammunition for the anti racing brigade in their future challenges to the Government as to why is the NZ Racing Industry getting provided with taxpayers money to bail it out when itself destructs itself. If that is in fact true then that one idiotic comment just once again 100% confirms to me that some wrong people were involved in the investigation. If I worked in a department of an Industry that paid my salary to ensure that the public and those involved livelihood wise had the integrity confidence to be associated with it now and in the future then I would be hoping that any initial red flagged integrity concerns were proven to be totally cleared following an investigation especially when its part of my jobs role to ensure that it operates above board at all times. “is it bad that I’m so excited about tomorrow?” $#%k me a 10 year old kid says that to his parents when his school is going to the zoo the next day. “is it bad that I’m so excited about tomorrow?” that it could provide much needed evidence resulting in millions of dollars in lost revenue due to a downturn in the public's betting confidence to support it and essentially destroy it financially even though I will continue to be well paid from it. Getting a hard on like that which reading between the lines is they are hoping Industry associatted people are going to go down basically explains to one why the Industry is $%^ed. A normal level headed Industry Integrity person would be saying "I bloody well hope that tomorrows investigation helps to dispel the serious integrity concerns raised because if that doesn't happen then the question is going to be asked if I lapsed in my duties to allow for this to have happened".
  3. 12 more starts after that run with 3rd the best finish. Obviously couldn't last the distance and lost interest in racing after that noted indescretion on the racetrack.
  4. Hard to top this horse's race comment.
  6. That's a given, the Racing Minister informed Government that more funding in the very near future will be required to keep the Industry solvent. The trouble is once Peters is gone in a few weeks who will be the new Racing Minister and will he or she be as much of a saviour as Peters was.
  7. Use Of Language Associated With Addiction Monday, 27 July 2020, 3:09 pm Press Release: Advertising Standards Authority The TAB advertisements were two separate emails promoting various gambling options. Advertisement 1 was an email titled "Weekend Highlights" and promoted different sports and betting options available in the coming week. The Greyhound section of the advertisement says “Two meetings today to get your chasing fix.” Advertisement 2 was an email titled "Here is a Top Up Bonus offer specifically for you!" and was a personalised email that said “Simply make one deposit of $ or more into your TAB account.” The offer gave the customer a time period and then said “and we will load your account with a $50 Bonus Bet. How good?!” The Complainant was concerned the Advertisement 1 was socially irresponsible as the term “chasing fix” encouraged gambling in excess. The Complainant was concerned Advertisement 2 was misleading as the advertisement did not state the amount the customer needed to deposit to receive the Top Up Bonus and claimed the offer was specifically for the customer. Advertisement 1 was Upheld in relation to the use of the word “fix” and Not Upheld in relation to the use of the word “chasing.” The Complaints Board agreed “chasing” did not meet the threshold to condone or encourage harm in context with greyhound racing where the dogs chase a lure. Considering the use of the word “fix”, the Board said a common definition of a ‘fix’ is to temporarily satisfy an addiction and it can also be associated with simulating a ‘high’ or ‘rush’. The Board said linking gambling in any way with the language of addiction was a breach of the Gambling Advertising Code.
  9. What constitutes one as an expert? An expert, more generally, is a person with extensive knowledge or ability based on research, experience, or occupation and in a particular area of study. So your 100% correct driving 8 wins over 10 years would hardly define one as an expert in that field. On official statistics it would be very easy to discredit one as an expert in the field of harness horse driving if it was a poor percentage winning record wise which then disputes ability wise for that person to be labelled an as expert. But based on research one can become an expert without having had personal experience in that area. Self confessed as an expert in any field I doubt would be recognised by any Court of Law without first providing verified information to back up such a claim. No Court would recognise someones claim as an expert soley based on a claim to substantiate it by providing a 8 wins over a 10 year period as proof. If the claim has been documented in evidence 'harness drivers steer their horses by slapping them on the reverse side with the reins' has in fact been made I would contact 2 or 3 of NZ's present or past top drivers and maybe also 1 or 2 in Australia and seek their response to this claim. Having been at the top of their occupation the Court would accept their determination and if they which I am sure would dispute the claim made then it would bring into account how can this person be considered as a reliable witness soley based on his or her own self confessed expert ability wise to be able to make such claims and for it be used as part evidence. I have driven harness horses only in work so experience and occupation wise am in no way an expert but knowledge wise I know reins are used to communicate through the bit to make the horse aware of the direction you want it to take, slowdown and to stop. Slapping the reins will generally make a horse go faster which drivers in some parts of Europe tend to do as whips are banned but slapping used to make a horse go the opposite side to the side that it's getting slapped on is laughable. Yes you could train a horse to do that no doubt but there is no point unless your using the horse in a circus act. Possibly a horse trainer could train a horse to race to that type of command but why would you that's what the bit and reins are duly used for? Bizarre claim. Like I said above I am no expert on harness driving but common sense tells you steering a horse to go left when slapping it on the right doesn't happen in racing. View 100 past races and see how many times you will see that happen be zero,zilch,nothing, never. Although I might have seen that occur in the fantasy movie 'A Never Ending Story'. Yes it could possibly work with dragons with racehorse no.
  10. Fake racing news only paints the glossy picture by Brian de Lore Published 17 July 2020 Truth is stranger than fiction as the saying goes but the problem with racing today is that no one is telling the truth, and therefore the racing public cannot make the comparison. We know the fiction dished up to racing people is strange but it’s becoming even more curious, and the fiction was again on show this week when some non-des-plume writer posing as ‘Newsdesk.’ wrote a story entitled, ‘Outgoing McKenzie hails Racing Industry Act.’ Subsequent inquiries to NZTR has revealed the author of this advertorial journalism is Andrew Birch. It’s a hard headline to swallow given that Dean McKenzie and RITA was diametrically opposed to most of the changes made to the legislation between the first and second reading (and there were a lot of changes), but he is now displaying his versatility by adapting to it like a chameleon and is happy to accept the credit for all the gains made in legislation, given he is the boss of racing’s reform. New Zealand racing administration has seen plenty of chameleons The ability of the chameleon to change colour and adapt immediately to the environment in which it resides has long mystified the scientific world; in New Zealand racing administration, however, we have seen plenty of chameleons come and go. The opening salvor in this article fails to convince in saying, “McKenzie believes his time at the helm of NZ racing is ending on a high with the passing of the Racing Industry Act.” Let’ s get this straight! The Racing Bill reads only the way it reads because of a focused Transport and Infrastructure Select Committee who met most of the wishes contained in the well over 900 diligently written submissions including almost 100 who fronted personally for the oral hearings. They are responsible for this legislation – not the lines of arguments put forward by RITA, which performed poorly at the hearings (McKenzie) and was against many of the issues the industry wanted, such as retention of the IP (Intellectual property). Further on in this story, McKenzie continues to use the pandemic excuse by saying, “COVID-19 was the ultimate curveball,” but Treasury throws cold water on that excuse in a paper that appeared on it’ s website that can be found at: file:///C:/Users/User/OneDrive/Documents/NZRB-RITA/TreasuryRacingb20-initiatives-ia-4278244.pdf On Page 4, Clause 5 says: “note, that due diligence on the RITA has confirmed that there were significant commercial and ownership issues that existed prior to COVID-19, and that the long-term commercial viability of RITA may be in question unless significant reforms are made.” Treasury had PWC looking at the RITA books in March and Clause 5 confirms everything The Optimist has been saying about RITA’ s financial state over the past year. Clause 6 confirms what Minister Peters alluded to in his pre-budget announcement: “note, that RITA is likely to require further additional support in the future to position the industry for recovery.” It’ s not that difficult to conclude if you’re the recipient of $50 million from the Budget 2020 but still require further funding with a big question-mark on the long-term commercial viability, according to Treasury’s advice from PWC, then you’re skint. …budget figures disclosed did not add up to delivering the funding for the codes for 2020 ($139.6 million)… RITA still hasn’ t posted the full half-year report on their website, only an abbreviated version in News. It was put up briefly but taken down quickly and has not reappeared. The reason possibly because the budget figures disclosed did not add up to delivering the funding for the codes for 2020 ($139.6 million) committed to by Dean McKenzie and RITA. You can only cover up for so long – the truth will have to come out but no one is telling it at the moment. McKenzie talks about how well he’s done with the legislation but fails to mention RITAs debt level to the ASB which is still reputed to be at $45 or $47 million. Remember, it’s election year, and our Minister will not want any bad news for racing until at least September 20th. To catch the votes, lousy news must be toned down to a minimum, and that’s why we are supposedly racing for the same stakes – the $139.6 million – although there’s nowhere near that amount of money available coming in on current revenue levels. The get-out clause of a quarterly review on stakes money is sure to be used. And that’s why this good news story about McKenzie, who like Allen before him, is only fake news, strangely posted on the NZTR website. Why would such a story appear on the website of NZTR promoting someone who has caused them the most grief in the past 18 months? NZTR supposedly represents the participants of the industry, and in fact, is in place to serve the industry in the best manner possible. Where is the leadership? Racing people in New Zealand at the very least deserve some honesty, but no one from any organisation is currently providing it. The End Alice Hoodsays: July 18, 2020 at 8:30 am Well said. I asked NZR CEO, for one of his online question sessions who and what the ” suppliers and suppliers” were that were to be paid the $26m. His answer, you’ll have to write to RITA as they know that. Why have we got a CEO who either won’t or can’t answer that question. As a breeder and race horse owner, I am pouring money into a dark hole as there is no transparency . it is a sorry state of affairs. WE need the truth before the election but it probably won’t happen Brian de Loresays: July 18, 2020 at 8:37 am No leadership, no transparency, no accountability – this industry has all three in truckloads Reply steve herlihysays: July 19, 2020 at 10:46 pm I,m laughing and out LOUD , what a circus, and everyone stakeholder pre covid are still in. Had a light bulb moment I have scaled my racing interests down to one horse and have ceased breeding after 25 years. FREEDOM of choice , I don,t have to put with the BS . My bank balance is on the rise, think I might buy a boat, or a plane ! Let me know when the industry goes bust, and when the NEW opposition company are calling for share holders. Thanks Brian , for all the hard yards , no BS, love your work. Reply Leave a Reply
  11. If Leo is not licensed or own any horses I struggle to fathom how the RIU could bring any charges against him. The person Leo expressed his opinion on in the past made derogatory comments concerning a Member of Parliament when employed in the NZ police which is governed by the Government. At the same time he made racist comments which he later apologised for. Mr Grimstone stated that he left the NZ Police Force on his own accord so while his remarks were investigated it would appear that he wasn't censured in any way. As someone pointed out two wrongs don't make a right but rather than spend money that the Industry can ill afford to wouldn't it be far better for the RIU to request Leo to make an apology for his remark as Mr Grimstone did for his. I am not condoning his use of language but as we often know sometimes we can all have a bad day and unfortunately one can make a comment based on that type of current mind situation at the time. The NZ Bill Of Rights Act allows for everyone the right to freedom of expression and opinions of any kind in any form but the word used probably wasn't appropriate. If every person given a expletive word added to characterise them on a public forum sought to take legal steps to address it then NZ Lawyers would be buying themselves new BMW's every 6 months rather than every 12. As often is the case financially the lawyers will be the winners and sadly the NZ Racing Industry the losers.
  12. Doesn't matter what they do to the site now they will never regain the number of customers they had prior to its start. Once a Company loses customers because of a lack of confidence in their service and products they offer its the beginning of the end. Designed by clueless people unable to comprehend what was and is required by customers so unfortunately it was doomed from the start. Remember it was touted to pay for itself in three years, the first 6 months of this season shows how much of a fantasy that call was. I suppose when you live in Fairyland you will believe in fantasy's.
  13. They wouldn't know the meaning of customer service. I don't struggle its the fact before it was one click to get to info now its more which wouldn't be a problem if it was so damm slow. Like many I gave up on the NZ TAB use TopSport in Aussie clean, easy to use site unlike the $50 million clunk of crap.
  14. I gave up on it when it kept on giving the circle of death. It's too slow compared to overseas sites and terrible for navigating around. It was supposed to be simple to use not designed by simple, .