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  1. Ha Betting Platform the Industry was told would be world class. No runner form comments at today's Addington meeting the first one back since Lockdown. On Sportsbet's website (NZ TAB's betting partner in sports) they have comments. This new betting platform Allen told the Industry was needed to compete with overseas competition. If you don't have comment previews guess what your not going to be competing. $#$%@en clowns (sorry that's an insult to the clown's of the world).
  2. Yes the TAB needed to lose some of these 230 people but how many have lost their jobs to help pay for a lemon of a betting platform's overrun in costs along with a $17 million a year to service and maintain it. These job cuts are going to save the industry $10 million the Industry is told but the Industry was never told of the $17 million a year in additional costs for the betting platform until after it was up and running. Now punters are paying for it also (not money wise but info wise) by not having raceform publications,previews on local racing (no Metro previews today),no onourse presenters, no newspaper coverage, no radio coverage, no terminals on track etc. First to have have their jobs go should have been the clowns involved in the betting platform as the Industry was lied to as to regards the costings. The Board was lied to as well and they were obviously too thick too know otherwise. The Industry needs to be making a stand and demanding these people go down the road and if they don't do that well they get what they deserve an Industry's wagering service they help to pay for going down the drain. Make some noise rather than sitting back thinking it's all going to be okay, bottom line is it won't be.
  3. The TAB was set-up to service the racing clubs and now they have no service to offer them so why does it still exist?
  4. Industry should be demanding it if the Racing Minister doesn't when review is finished.
  5. Exactly so what is left, brain dead nilers!
  6. LightsOut

    Gizzy gone

    A lot of things cost the Industry money but they are very small compared to what the one biggest cost to the Racing Industry is.
  7. LightsOut

    He has to be taking the piss....

    Wasn't that the mandate given to RITA by Winston Peters when he legislated them to take over on 1st July 2019? It's like John Allen has been reincarnated. RITA needed Covid 19 to make them wake up and realise what a pandemic actually is and to click that maybe the Racing Industry was already in that state before the virus struck! Pandemic definition is - occurring over a wide geographic area and affecting an exceptionally high proportion of the population Examples of Pandemic : Research from the 'Deloitte & Messara Reports' paint a bleak picture of the economic toll that the NZ Racing Industry will suffer for years to come due to the TAB's 'pandemic' of employing brain dead CEO's and General Management resulting in closed racetracks,breeding numbers down by hundreds as well as huge numbers of Industry related job losses. In one small bizarre way the NZ TAB showed the Nation that when either a 'man made Industry pandemic' or a 'virus pandemic' hits the end result is much the same. Now if the NZ Racing Industry had seen the 'pandemic' coming and put the NZ TAB General Management into 'Lockdown' maybe things could have got better a lot sooner rather than later and the fallout damage would have been a lot less to endure and the recovery rate greatly shortened.
  8. "Despite far reaching efforts to reduce costs across the TAB, including salary reductions, staff taking leave and reducing all non-essential expenses, it simply was not enough to offset the blow (Bayliss knew all about blow) Covid-19 has had, and will have, on our industry," executive chair Dean McKenzie said.
  9. LightsOut

    Attention All Offshore Betting Agencies

    If he doesn't have get any success with the Gambling Industry (ha that's stating the obvious) the perfect job just came up on-line. Looking For Children’s Party Entertainer - New South Wales Job Position: Looking For Children’s Party Entertainer Company: Confidential Country: Australia Location: New South Wales Published: 05/05/2020 ID: 253981523 Looking for 2 children-s party entertainers for 3 hours on Saturday 7th from 10.30am to 1.30pm for about 50 children for face-painting, balloon twisting and games. quote to gulcom Perfect they are looking for 2 clowns so he can put a word in for one of his NZ TAB mates. If they want a well qualified, known clown and someone on the same wavelength as 50 children it will be tough going to find a better clown. Word is he twisted a CEO and board to believe his stories so it will be a walk in the park twisting children with his fanciful tales.
  10. LightsOut

    Attention All Offshore Betting Agencies

    Word is they got sent over by the Corporate Bookies in Australia to knock off the NZ TAB so no race betting monopoly would then exist and they could move in to NZ.
  11. LightsOut

    Symptoms & causes

    Might be more profit in some pools not shared with Australia but if your giving away more than 50% in rebates than the takeout rates
  12. LightsOut

    Symptoms & causes

    Allen was at odds and critical of Deloittes for not doing enough research into the new fixed odds platform. Well that about sums it up doesn't it, I bet whoever did that report at Deloittes was thinking where does the Racing Industry find these muppets. One would hope the clown above who made that statement above is gone. The worst part is I doubt Deloittes were aware of the $17 million a year in ongoing costs. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New Zealand Racing Board head John Allen has hit out at claims international financial agency Deloitte has made about future TAB profitability. A summary of the document known in horse racing circles as the Deloitte Report was circulated to thoroughbred clubs and industry organisations earlier this month. The report, dated May 2017, was commissioned by New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing to investigate the New Zealand Racing Board's blueprint for the future. Until the release of the summary, none of the report's findings had seen daylight. The report's summary showed Deloitte was critical of the NZRB's inability to secure or enhance its future. It was also critical of the anticipated rate of return for the NZRB, which runs the TAB, from its soon to be unveiled fixed-odds platform. The platform, which is set to be rolled out on August 1, is a collaborative project with overseas companies Paddypower Betfair and Open Bet and is estimated by Deloitte to cost from $59 million to $72 million. An NZRB representative disputed that figure and said in its 2016 statement of intent showed the platform would cost $29-35 million. The margins the platform would return to the NZRB have been tested by financial firm KPMG, but Deloitte was critical of the strength of that testing in its report summary. Allen is at odds with that criticism and is critical of Deloitte for not doing enough research into the fixed-odds platform. ``Deloitte didn't talk to us (guessing they don't talk to the monkeys at the zoo either) . This was a desktop exercise that they undertook without actually engaging with us and in our view they have significantly understated the value we are going to create from this. ``Because they have made assumptions about the way in which our calculations were reached which are simply not true.''(Deloittes work on facts and figures not on fairy tales) Allen is more than comfortable that the NZRB made the right choice in partnering with Paddypower and Openbet and that the partnership will increase his organisation's profitability. ``We are confident that the fixed-odds platform will create the value that we are expecting from it.'' ``We went through a very extensive exercise, by bet type, to assess the margin impacts that we expect to be delivered from this particular initiative.'' ``There's a lot of analysis, a lot of thinking and a lot of testing ideas that has gone into that process.''(a lot of something went into the process ) Partnering with Paddypower Betfair and Openbet was one of a range of options the NZRB had when choosing how to expand its fixed-odds business. It is understood some betting agencies offered the NZRB much cheaper options. Contracting out part of its core business meant the NZRB had to be thorough in choosing a partner. Allen was not critical that the Deloitte report was commissioned, and he applauded any move to help boost NZRB income. ``We all want the same thing is which is to substantially increase the amount of funding for the industry. ``I think we can be very confident in the future of our industry. I know there are many challenges and I know as a consequence many people are asking question about that future. ``But I believe there is a lot of confidence.''(I thought marijuana wasn't legal yet?)
  13. LightsOut

    Symptoms & causes

    Main problem is that Jetbet handled both tote and fixed odds betting so now you have two platforms doing the job that one used to do at tens of more millions in cost. Normal functioning Company's reduce costs by replacing two systems with one which will cover both requirements needed but this outfit does the opposite, a bizarre situation in the real business world but when your spending someone else's money 'carte blance' reigns.