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  1. Sadly in the Racing Industry that's a common problem over the last few years and obviously Operation INCA is a classic case. Transparency isn't there like it once was.
  2. Exported turnover as at the end of June 2021 returned $1.3 million which represents 3% of the total for 11 months. The Chairman has reported that exported turnover was $83 million for last years 12 months. Take off $5 million for July (average month is $6.9 million but obviously less meetings in July) and you have $78,000,000. 3% of that figure is $2,3 million so how or why was only $1.3 reported as the actual amount received? The $3.2 million difference between Greyhounds and Harness is huge and hard to believe. Maybe with 3 years of on-going Operation Inca and the now known fab
  3. What's the point of putting figures out when you don't proof read them fist. The Chairman used to be the Finance Chairman of HRNZ so should a no brainer to check figures first. You don't need an accountancy degree to notice the standout obvious error. Amateurs!
  4. Sadly when an Organisation have had in the past and presently nil management running it along with a clueless overseeing Government Agency eg DIA there can only be one end result. The only thing you want either of those two outfits running would be as far away as possible to anything your involved with.
  5. One would hope they are not holding onto millions owing to service providers in order to make things look better on paper than they actually are. Sadly wouldn't be the first time. And hopefully they have learnt how to establish areas of costs that should be correctly accounted for in expenses eg previous reports out by millions due to supposed coding errors Still no report over a year later as promised to the Industry as to how and why it happened. No worry the NZ taxpayer funded the loss through the bail-out.
  6. They would struggle to price at a $2.00 shop
  7. yesterday (details below). The INCA Investigation has continued to drag on with it looking highly unlikely that the initial media storm on 'race fixing' is looking like a joke with some odd claims made along the way so it wouldn't be a surprise to me if the question asked doesn't have some validity. There is no possible way the police would have conducted a $10 million dollar plus investigation unless they had some serious intel to go on. Word is the Police Commissioner is fuming over the money and time spent resulting at this point in time some small time drug activity that didn't warrant the
  8. In business it's very dangerous to set a precedent in order to appease a customer Granted there is a vast variance in the bet winning amount below and the winning return to the customer referenced in this thread but in Court it could be argued that the amounts in difference should not come into it but rather the process and reasoning that was applied to appease one customer should also apply to others. I think the punter used an obvious error to his advantage but they took his money for the bet and initially paid him which shouldn't have happened. The punter shouldn't have used the comp
  9. To be fair to John Allen on his quote below he was clueless on betting and was guided by other clueless management with some unfortunately still there guiding the rudderless ship. $19,000,000 a year in profit but no mention of the $17,000,000 a year to maintain and service it. Yes the NZ Racing Industry got shafted big time. Mongrel system won't be generating enough profit to make it any use to the Racing Industry. Only winners will be the Sports codes reaping the extra income for no cost. The above again demonstrates what happens to an Industry when you have nil
  10. A $50,000,000 betting platform along with $17,000,000 a year to maintain it and you upset customers because it doesn't update price changes what a joke just like the idiots who said this is the system we need to purchase.
  11. Last racing venue for this greyhound is NA?
  12. Blossom Lady sorry to say the only situation relating to your above post is that you have 100% 'exposed' only yourself to be sadly lacking in the skills of scrutinizing and researching information. Probably best that you don't ever consider taking up a second career as a Detective. THE TORCH is male and Jan Skinner is female. Hope at least you have the basic scrutinizing skills to realise that there is a slight difference there. Go away and brush up on your ability to do the right researching so you will come back with the correct name of the poster who you got horribly wrong. Proba
  13. UK based wagering operator he worked for was Blue Square who under performed and was sold for a fraction of what it was once worth. Purchased by Betfair to acquire the customer data-base. Interesting to see Blue Square teamed up with the same outfit as the NZ TAB, Open Bet. In 2012 all the benefits of the renewed partnership advised to the media and 1 year later done and dusted. 2012 - Blue Square agree OpenBet deal Operators Blue Square Bet have extended their relationship with OpenBet by signing up to the supplier’s Online Product Roadmap. The online betting firm have signed a multi
  14. Your going bad when your making John Allen's performance as CEO look good.
  15. Oddly my two questions were not answered both related to transparency so I will put it down to he has no clues on both situations which is a disturbing situation. The bonus bet fiasco is a major concern as a determination as to how it occurred was promised nearly one year ago. One can only assume that it was an internal management #@%& u that is too embarrassing to report on. Personally I would blame the CFO at the time who must have been aware of the situation and if not why wasn't he? Thankfully for the benefit of the NZ Racing Industry that person moved on about 12 months ago.