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  1. UK based wagering operator he worked for was Blue Square who under performed and was sold for a fraction of what it was once worth. Purchased by Betfair to acquire the customer data-base. Interesting to see Blue Square teamed up with the same outfit as the NZ TAB, Open Bet. In 2012 all the benefits of the renewed partnership advised to the media and 1 year later done and dusted. 2012 - Blue Square agree OpenBet deal Operators Blue Square Bet have extended their relationship with OpenBet by signing up to the supplier’s Online Product Roadmap. The online betting firm have signed a multi
  2. Your going bad when your making John Allen's performance as CEO look good.
  3. Oddly my two questions were not answered both related to transparency so I will put it down to he has no clues on both situations which is a disturbing situation. The bonus bet fiasco is a major concern as a determination as to how it occurred was promised nearly one year ago. One can only assume that it was an internal management #@%& u that is too embarrassing to report on. Personally I would blame the CFO at the time who must have been aware of the situation and if not why wasn't he? Thankfully for the benefit of the NZ Racing Industry that person moved on about 12 months ago.
  4. Ha I see it' closed in the last hour. Probably not bad for the DIA it only took them six days to wake up. All three codes got to nominate someone to represent them. Alan Jackson nominated I read somewhere nominated by NZTR. Not sure if he is the best around as he didn't seem a very dynamic Chairman of NZTR in my opinion but to be fair on the guy that's only due to feedback I have heard from a few involved in that code and others may well think he is the right person. I have heard two names mentioned as nominations for the Harness and Greyhound codes but I hope the info I got is
  5. a calendar for Christmas. Remembering this is the outfit who administer the TAB and advise the Racing Minister re racing policy. Screenshot taken today six days after nominations closed so get it right DIA nominations are closed not currently open %$&k me just no idea.
  6. What is the bank debt currently (was $45 million EOY) and when do you expect this debt will be completely cleared?
  7. That's good to hear someone knows how to promote one side of their business successfully, shame that publican isn't in charge of marketing at the NZ TAB. The local TAB Agent threw the towel in as he said after paying all expenses he was earning $4.50 an hour, it used to be in the top 3 Agency's turnovers once upon a good time. Yes the NZ TAB are going real well when a situation like that turns around. I also will judge the new board and management on results once they are appointed. When an Organisation has a National monopoly no customer should be leaving because of mismanagement or
  8. I did until I opened a betting account overseas. I will give you one thing your 100% the NZ TAB's #1 cheerleader. I give them a tune-up because they continue to cost the Industry lost revenue because of their gross incompetence in understanding how to run a wagering operation and how to service customers. At least registered on & off course bookies in NZ would be another avenue for a punter to try and get a better service. Not saying they might receive that but let's be honest any overseas outfit doesn't have to worry about the competition here. Bigger punters have left the NZ TAB i
  9. Unfortunately they would be incapable of selling beer to an alcoholic. The TAB was set-up for the right reasons unfortunately over the years those reasons were lost due to management incompetence. Monopolies lose any incentive to innovate or provide new and improved products plus customer service deteriorates to near zero which all adds up to the NZ TAB.
  10. Rangiora punter 'shocked' at betting agency TAB's reluctance to investigate counterfeit notes Mariné Lourens05:00, Jan 12 2021 An avid Canterbury punter says he was “shocked and annoyed” when he reported receiving counterfeit notes in a racing day payout and was told by the TAB there was nothing it could do. Bruce Gasson, an elite TAB customer, won $680 at the trots at Rangiora Harness Racing Club on the first Sunday of the new year. His payout included three $100 notes. Gasson said when he arrived back home, he realised two of the notes “didn’t look q
  11. - How can the TAB post millions as profit in the Annual Accounts for merchant fees when the amount to look to recover is only supposed to represent the actual cost of the service for a business. Cost and recovery for the fees should balance each other out. And why does the TAB who are presently pleading for customers to come back and bet with us continue to charge this fee when Australian bookmakers and TAB's incur the cost of credit card fees themselves. - When can the Industry expect the promised independent report back in Mach of last year on why millions of dollars in bonus bets
  12. Yes and as I have said it took Covid to do it. They were broke believe it or not but Covid actually helped them out. Maybe if the clowns actually listened to their customers there might be a lot less to moan about. Here they are pleading with customers to come back and bet with us but have they actually bothered to ask them why they deserted them. They need too be told because they are obviously too thick to work it out for themselves. Most Companies ask customers why they have taken their business elsewhere but not this one.
  13. Ha rubbish I post, the results are there if anyone with a half a brain can clearly see. Give me one positive thing they did prior to Covid? Ha they increased the o/d to $40 million - real positive trading of a Company well in the crap. .You really think they are going that well they have their hands ties and the Minuister has been advised that more money will be needed to prop them up. And in case you are a bit slow there are plenty of people who have zero faith in the current management as the above quote re performance monitoring would suggest.
  14. Covid made them get their arses into gear prior to Covid they did stuff all.
  15. Match racing every runner puts in an amount eg $500 either winner takes all or split on placed. If you want to race for big money you go overseas. Either that to make money from horses open a restaurant.