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  1. Wow, so now I'm not only a whinger, but a moaner as well. Sorry JJ, but I'll continue to speak my mind on topics I feel passionately about!!! But back to the topic of this thread & my original argument; If you & your ilk believe a race worth $1 million, where half the field looses money after "buying a slot", as apposed to The Jewels, is better for the industry, good luck to you, I don't.
  2. JJ, perhaps you didn't read my previous post properly, or maybe I didn't phrase it correctly, but the names you've listed highlight my concerns. BTW, I'm not against improving the industry, but grass roots always seems to be last cab off the ramp. I do however take extreme offence to you calling my comments whinging and telling me to get involved. Briefly, I have 2 broodmares, both confirmed in foal again this season, with foals at foot. 2 yearlings in work at Auckland and a qualified 2 year old in Canterbury. I had a 3 year old drop dead in the paddock & a 3 year old filly that
  3. Sounds like the rich getting richer, while the battling breeders, owners & trainers continue to get the crumbs. Shouldn't be difficult to spot the conflicts of interest here
  4. And all of this in a booming property market. Imagine the losses if the market was in recession!!! The question remains, Is the ATC capable of finding its way out of this hole? BTW, selling Franklin Park seems absolutely ridiculous to me, surely by the time you purchase a new property and set up the required infrastructure at said property (assuming somewhere suitable can be found closer to Auckland, than Cambridge) the proceeds of sale will be used up, plus some? Happy to hear others thoughts
  5. yup, the same lot. And jeez mate, one at a time is more than enough for me thanks .
  6. Didn't see the race. Here is how the stipes saw it; Race 7 PAUL RENWICK JOINERY (JUNIOR DRIVERS) MOBILE PACE DENNIS DENUTO - raced wide early stages. FRANKIE JONES - raced wide early stages. CALYPSO ROCK - raced wide early stages. SKIDADDLE and DENNIS DENUTO locked wheels near the 1400 metres resulting in driver B Hope (SKIDADDLE) being dislodged from his sulky with SKIDADDLE escaping driverless with a number of runners being checked to varying degrees. Due to the driverless hors
  7. So, a court of law can find you innocent, but the RIB can still impose lengthy suspensions &/or fines, because they have a lower threshold. Sounds like vindictive arse-wipes desperately trying to save face to me.
  8. Wow!!!! Are you for real, or just taking the piss? I hope it's the latter. If it's the former, you are a seriously sad individual.
  9. haha hang in there mate, it's gonna be worth it
  10. Agreed. Draws have certainly evened the field up this year... To quote GS, Bring It On!!!!
  11. Why? Because HRNZ have this antiquated law which allows for caretaker trainers. So disparaging either trainer, in this instance, is completely unacceptable.
  12. 10 off the front. The bones looking better all the time lol
  13. Bugger, just heard Pembrook Playboy out of cup with leg injury. Only minor injury apparently, shame for the connections, but there's always next year. Saw BTTB in the catalogue & then at the yearling sales of his year, he's raced up to his breeding & looks that's for sure
  14. Ya not wrong about this Covid shit mate, completely over it. Now that the draws are out I can't see Pembrook Playboy getting beaten. Been a little unlucky of late, but has the drop on all his main rivals here. As for "The Bone", think his future lies in Oz or possibly US, has speed to burn that boy.
  15. Best for me is Taipo, a tough field, but a slight drop back in class & the mobile will help. For odds, Trixton Time. I'm expecting the Dalgety's to have a good day