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  1. Agreed. He had a shocking night and cost at least 2 of his drives a higher finish. I'd be very surprised if he doesn't end up having another holiday.
  2. Next time??? Hope there isn't a next time. But with this govt, that's probably a given. I hope she who wrings her hands considers her options a bit better next time.
  3. Navitas


    Couldn't disagree with your statement more, he was afterall the stables #3 driver. TW is a very good driver and true, he didn't get to drive the stables top horse's very often, but he certainly got his share of winners, in big races, for the All Stars. Also, I imagine the owners would have a pretty big say in who they'd prefer to drive their horse. Sounds like tall poppy bashing to me, shame on you
  4. Agreed. Not only brave, but very shrewd too. Not to mention lucrative. Well done Team Williamson
  5. What an awesome idea... even if they were silly enough to decline Great to see this kind of "outside the box" 'thinking
  6. Firstly, I agree with what you're saying completely. But who would be the one's charging them? Their mates in the police, who got suckered into spending a fortune, with nowt to show for it?
  7. Indeed. But hard to turn down six figure offers. Not that I'm speaking from experience
  8. And my question is; I can see it from both sides, but what good does this do to anyone? It seems parts of our industry are hell bent on self destruction. Yes, a lot of F bombs got dropped, but it should not have got that far in the first place...
  9. From HRNZ website, workouts page. DISCLAIMER: These workouts are UNOFFICIAL and NOT usually subject to stipendiary control. Harness Racing New Zealand Inc. advises that we are unable to verify any of this information. For any queries regarding workouts contact the club concerned: Auckland Trotting Club Inc The "NOT usually" part creates some degree of doubt, surely. Once again piss poor handling by the RIU, throwing their weight around. This could have been settled very quickly by HRNZ providing clarification for one of it's own IMHO.
  10. dkc, I agree. Personally, I prefer Sundays over Friday nights, especially when there's 2 Friday night meetings.
  11. "Harness Racing New Zealand (HRNZ) confirmed Mitchell Kerr had relinquished his licence and said it was not aware of any investigation by the RIU". This statement alone should have all licence holders concerned. The RIU have confirmed they've passed information on to police, yet the people in charge of our game are in the dark. HRNZ, have you never heard of damage control? Something/anything positive would help now, but all we get is.... ummm, we know nothing. DUMB F.....
  12. I take your point Iraklis, but I didn't intend to intimate they follow precedent alone. Judges can and do use discretion. I just wish when using that discretion, they didn't give discounts to crims for things like, it's a first offence, a custodial sentence will prevent me playing sport overseas, or my Dad was a drunk & my Mum didn't love me.... Should have considered all of this before committing the offence!!!
  13. Oh please. Without making this political.... The current government, including the corrections minister, have stated they want prison numbers to decrease. Whether you agree or disagree with the sentence, get used to it, these sort of non custodial sentence's will continue. BTW the law works on "Precedent", judges follow precedent. Again, agree or disagree that is a FACT.
  14. Navitas

    K Spicer

    Hearing he's gooone? Can anyone confirm?
  15. I'm sure they'd be disappointed, it is after all THE pinnacle of Harness racing in the South Island. However, I'd like clarification on one point you continue to make. You keep suggesting the Dunn's have spent more then anybody else at the recent sales. I suggest to you they'd be in the top 10 for $'s spent, but most definitely behind Feiss, Dalgety, Lincoln Farms, Stonewall Stud, Kennard's, Breckon Farms & dare I say it, the All Stars themselves. Yet, they still managed to win the trainers premiership last season!!! I don't have a bias, just fact checking.