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  1. Mikie

    What the.....

    You seem to think there is a correlation between “red lining” (your words) a horse and a heart fibrillation i think that you have no idea whatsoever in my experience a heart fibrillation is completely random, and the frequency doesn’t distinguish between a top fully racing top opposition and a maiden in a 7 horse field in the boondocks it is also not such a big deal in most cases. I’ve had one that fibrillated, salined her the next day and again after her trip home and 14 days later she won a double with the second win being an outstanding staying effort Most old timers will tell you to saline a horse after a heart fibrillation, worked for me Mikie
  2. Mikie

    Auckland Noms

    Tasman Man Not sure if Derek would appreciate the song choice it was the theme to “The Spy Who Shagged Me” wasn’t it? Mikie
  3. Mikie

    Auckland Noms

    Fair enough Tim If I was in charge PBD for maidens based on sex would be every 4 weeks Just my opinion, nothing more I would however, also do a spreadsheet showing winners sex with PBD, and winners sex without PBD, in comparison to the % of starters so I had some facts to work with Mikie
  4. Mikie

    Auckland Noms

    Whilst I thank you for replying Tasman Man I think you have missed the point of my query I’m well aware as to why there is a PBD in the maiden race; as you say it is to give the fillies a better draw My query is why do they need it and I have given the example of 2 horses in this week For example has anyone done any research into the percentage of winners in maiden mobile events at Alexandra Park over the last 2 seasons? My guess is that it is a “no” and the policy has meandered along based on figures that are years out of date or, even more likely, it’s something that’s been done so we’ll just keep on doing it My personal view is that maidens are maidens and females shouldn’t always get a PBD. Mikie
  5. Mikie

    Auckland Noms

    Tim Can you explain to me why a 3yo filly with form 5223 and $13000 in the bank needs a PBD over a 3yo gelding with form 59 and $92 in stake earnings? Mikie
  6. Mikie

    Question on Jesse Duke when he was with Purdon

    All different ages but I would say on NZ runs you would be right I stand to be corrected but Self Assured looks like he would be a good 10 lengths better than Jesse Duke Then there was Ultimate Sniper plus his older Ooen Class horses If Lazarus was a brnchmsrk I’m predicting Self Assured will be the one to match his achievements, unless the standing start trips him up at Cup time Just my opinion Mikie
  7. Mikie

    Nui ba den

    Please read my post I wasn't thinking that a hobby trainer from South would race up there Read what I've posted, I've said that the number of hobby trainer's horses in the South Island at some meetings really help the numbers If you want to be pedantic then perhaps I should have said "these types of hobby trainers aren't around at Alexandra Park as they are in the South Island" but I thought most would have got the drift I'll try to be even clearer in future for you Tasman Man
  8. Mikie

    Nui ba den

    I have raced many horses at Alexandra Park, with more success than average I'm not agreeing entirely with Stables but the cost of having a horse trained up North is a factor (going the wrong way may be an issue for some, but not all) Yes, the South has the All Stars who are at the higher end of the scale on a per day basis, but the South also has a huge number of hobby trainers who are 50/50 with mates in a horse Don't underestimate how many there are, just have a count-up at the next Banks Peninsula meeting Those hobby Trainers don't bolster the numbers at Alexandra Park and, yes, for the reasons that Stables has put forward (land cost, training track availability)
  9. Mikie

    Nui ba den

    Andrew Morris is but one member of the Handicapping Sub-Committee and, from what I hear, hasn’t got the votes to do much damage I saved your quote twice, so now I’m lumbered with adding something The Chairman of the Handicapping Sub-Cimmittee that pushed through this Ratings system is more to blame i think he still may be Chairman, I haven’t checked. With backing from 2 South Island Secretaries who just don’t want to rock the boat he is responsible not only for the system, but the ongoing tinkering I ask you this, if you purchased a new car would you be happy if you had to take it back to the Dealer every 2nd month for modifications? Mikie
  10. Mikie

    Nui ba den

    I’m not defending the suits entirely, but some Trainers (particularly a Canterbury one) on the Handicapping Sub-Committee , and some Club Secretaries, must accept an equal part of the blame for this debacle
  11. Mikie

    Nui ba den

    I’m pretty sure that this is what I said in my post I’m also sure I started a thread saying exactly this as well Let’s go back to the Class system and use Programming to cater for the horse population and the variance in stakes Aucklands lack of horses cannot bd fixed by Handicapping and programming only, I’m not claiming that it can be
  12. Mikie

    Nui ba den

    The Handicapping system would be better if they had never changed to a Rating system The old Class system would have worked well if Clubs and the Handicapper (only 1 back then) had used the possible permutations that it afforded Let’s take 2 horses as an example. Both have won 3 races in a row. One has won 3 $25000 races and the other 3 $8000 races Ckubs running lower class meetings could have a “C3 race for horses with < $ 16000 in winning stake” to differentiate between these 2 examples Clubs could also have run “C3 but limited to horses that have not won in their last 6 starts”, another example The ability to individualise conditions was endless It was simple, there were and are printouts available with all sorts of details making it easy to programme races knowing who could get in and who couldn’t Yrs, the old system needed alterations to Age wins and to the Drop-back provision but that could have been achieved This system is a mish mash of rubbish, and it’s not just the suits to be blamed, there are horsemen on the Handicapping Sub/Committee who pushed this stupid system through and who continue to tinker with it regularly Mikie
  13. Mikie

    Inca collapse continues

    I don't know the wording of the lesser charge I do know that NMcG didn't really want to plead guilty to even the lesser charge, but the costs of lawyers versus the penalty meant that any sane person had to bend over and take a small one up the %^& It is not a fair system where you have to plead guilty just to avoid legal costs
  14. Mikie

    One of

    Are you referring to Tim Vince?
  15. Mikie


    Lot 50 Thank you