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  1. Dear Phil Apparently you and the HRNZ Board had a "considered and focused discussion" as regards Forbury You then had a "review, discussion and deliberation" about Timaru This was followed by a "lively and considered discussion" about Gore and Wyndham You weren't finished, you then had a "solid review and discussion" about Roxburgh Roxburgh were lucky, they then joined Tuapeka and this time you had a "thorough review and discussion" In the same vein, you had a "detailed discussion" about Geraldine You then "deliberated and discussed" Westport and Reefton Another "lively discussion" was then held about Nelson and Marlborough For Manawatu you "reflected', you "had thoughts" and you again "reviewed and discussed things" and finally you signalled you would have more "rigouress thoughts" Once you finally finished your "lively, solid, detailed and deliberative discussions" you then summarised with "a longer term", a supportive stance", an "accelerated pace', a "catalyst" was factored in, you had "overviewed initiatives", a "regeneration journey" and a "future footprint" FFS, you might win the "JA" Award for the many different descriptions of the way that you had discussions but is there any need to say it? Yours and the Board's job is to have discussions and make determinations, just do it without having to describe them as different in each case. It is PC rubbish Mikie
  2. Race 1 : 1 2 3 9 2: 2 7 8 12 3: 1 2 4 10 4: 3 4 11 14 5: 7 9 13 15 6: 3 4 9 10 7: 2 6 11 16 8: 1 4 5 11 9: 1. 5 7 8 10: 3 5 6 7 11: 5 11 12 16 12: 6 9 10 15 Many thanks especially to Scorer, amazing effort Mikie
  3. Not always correct Army Let's take Marlborough as an example If it is sold the land is the valuable part, everything else would be bulldozed The land was brought by Members decades ago with no TAB monies Mikie
  4. Given that On-course T/O's have fallen to $7000 at ATC (no doubt affected by RITA decisions in part) I wouldn't be pointing the finger mikenz Mikie
  5. I didn't say what I thought, I just said that everyone will be able to see The dates are out now Have a look at them Mikenz Mikie
  6. I'll be rogered, didn't see that coming Avondale gets 5 days back! Mikie
  7. Everyone will know if they have a 'clear window', they can read the Dates schedule mikenz
  8. Sometimes I really struggle with your posts mikenz What do you mean "do you keep a track open for 2 days a year"? (my emphasis) If the local Committee and Community are bearing the costs of keeping the Track open what is the detriment to the wider racing industry? The old acorrn about travel doesn't really apply now does it, as with so many race days at Addington those that travel don't have to , they like to Mikie
  9. They will be too busy chasing Avondale's $ to begin with Mikie
  10. The CD's 6 full race meetings will be 3 x 2 day meetings I predict Marlborough will get dates reinstated as well Mikie
  11. The Club is the Members, and in quite a few cases the land was purchased due to the endeavours of Members many, many years ago ie Racing profits did not fund the initial purchase Mikie
  12. Was possible to do this before Royal Assent and a couple of Clubs did do so Now, as another poster pointed out, it is too late to do do Mikie
  13. Not similar, those are the exact words in Hamlet, the High School play for which I was conveniently sick with chicken pox ( yes, chicken, not the pox, I was only 15) I hope you are right P4P Mikie
  14. Hokitika too quick for NZTR So were a couple of other Clubs but NZTR too thick to know as yet Tough luck chaps Mikie
  15. Mikie

    Stakes Stables

    No, I don't jest I'm told HRNZ pays for air travel, taxis, accomodation and meals as well as a full time salary but I can't be arsed to confirm that. My pick is it's correct Mikie