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  1. FFS you are really hard to get through to 1. I am not guessing, the $7000 was reported on the HRNZ website 2. I am not inferring that a Club near me could have done better. I was stating that at $7000 we all have problems 3. I am not throwing around betting figures to suggest 'minnows' should get more. I have stated that all races in the lower classes in NZ could be run for $2000 more if there was no Stakes Subsidy Scheme. I didn''t proposition that this should occur, I just pointed it out I have previously called you an idiot, perhaps I shouldn't have, but your posts are i
  2. Not rubbish, but to appease you let’s take a pretend $10,000 from the TAB room and pretend to add it to the $7000 just to be generous and account for selling machines not being in every nook and cranny to service what you have said is a small crowd Ill help you out, that equals $17,000 Now all the problems are solved because $17,000 is bloody terrific isn’t it? It’s so good we can all relax, there is nothing to worry about, turnovers are brilliant, interest is high Mikie
  3. Yes, and the Pokies contribute how much per year to balance the Racing Account? $1,000,000? Mikie
  4. So Ohokaman is different? He can say "fuck off'? Just cancel my login please Scooby Thanks Mikie
  5. Where did I try to 'out'; JJ Flash? Mikie
  6. No Stables, I think it is very 'real' You are comparing Oncourse T'O's now with On course T/O's of a year ago Both excluded the TAB room so a year to year comparison is perfectly valid Mikie
  7. Give it up Gregory Everyone? I think you are the only one I've asked to list their achievements (plus I may have commented that I'm a bit sick of Ohokaman telling us how great he has been in his working life). That's because it's obvious you don't have any Aggressive? I don't think so Can't stand gutless wonders like you? Yes Mikie
  8. You seem to talk a lot as well. I said it was a decade ago that you were going back in order to bag someone, but on checking it is closer to 20 years. Let it go I posted what my problem was. You posted bagging someone based on your (alleged) inter-action with them 20 years ago I note you refer to ATC as an "entertainment venue" because the racing has been propped up for many years by Pokies hasn't it? I think what I achieved was far more tangible than anything you ever achieved in your life. However only a few of us can judge your achievements because you hide behind your
  9. That is the correct On course T/O The TAB onsite also had sales, but they are not included in On course T/O figures Mikie
  10. I think you used the block function because you couldn’t answer questions, you were made to look a fool by Chief Stipe and others, , and your identity was revealed Gregory Paul Being the coward you are you ran for cover Mikir
  11. But it’s not just ATC with crap On course T/O’s Stables Mikie
  12. So questioning your post makes one a know it all? Pot calling kettle black you gutless wonder Mikie
  13. I told you to go back to your sandpit, ergo don’t tell me that I can’t respond to someone telling me to fuckoff If that’s patronising and you are upset that’s just tough. It was my polite way of telling you to xxx xxx I can’t see where any of my posts on this thread were caustic, it’s common knowledge that the Dick head thinks he was the greatest employee in the history of harness racing and that he’s got a grudge as previously posted by me As for you, why don’t you try actually answering queries that are directed at you following statements you make? You always dodge the
  14. If it's true you'll be fine I'll chip in for any fine (but I'm a solo Dad, don't expect much) Mikie
  15. Aw shucks I have tried to be more amenable but when you're told to fark off by a chicken shit you get a tad angry Mikie