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  1. Sorry John Legend, my last paragraph was badly written. I still support harness racing, still involved in ownership and punting , still have many friends involved like I am. Still attend at the track , perhaps not quite as regular as previous years. I have never bred a Standardbred though. Everyone I have known that has been involved in governance has had a passion for the industry, perhaps maybe you too? Never easy for everyone to agree on the magic formula though.
  2. John Coulam has his own name and signature on his post. He has put time and effort to help the whole harness fraternity try and achieve a sustainable result over a long period of time at several levels , now at Chairmans level. Flash, Tasman, etc, including me as well are keyboard warriors with no target on our shirts. You guys might know who you all are and your pedigree re club representative, trainer etc but I don't. In my opinion if you don't like what John Coulam says or does get on your local club committee and be part of the process that elected him. He is at least commun
  3. Perhaps the green party got some sort of promise from Labour in the initial negotiations? Re the P positive, lifetime ban for the person involved in my book.
  4. Sort of reminds me of the great aussie movie The Castle Similar lawyer!
  5. I agree with the statement the old website was OK. Re the Racing Minister, I once had a meeting with a previous holder of this position and pre Winston. He was driven halfway across the country in his chauffeur driven BMW along with his black suited advisor. We had given his office a brief on exactly what our questions were and why we needed the information about the subject. He was not only the racing minister but held several other titles. He was useless, was not and did not answer any one of our questions, he kept deferring to his offsider who said we cannot answer t
  6. How about if said world authority had punted on the favourite? Not saying he did but he was quite able to punt as it wasn't in this years rules
  7. Sorry 25.5 was on the board 3 times, not 25.
  8. Absolute rubbish Drink Shoeys crosses the line at 25. Ends up 25.59 Federal Morgan crosses at 25. Ends up at 25.50 Pedro Lee runs 25. The clock has somehow malfunctioned so they panic and go to an outside influence from last year's rules, not this years, and leave everyone hanging Finally 25.61? Is declared wtf How could it go up when all the other times stayed in the 25.? And become 25.61 Cannot wait to see the replay when I get home because surprisingly has yet to be posted
  9. Whole shebang should be postponed for a week or so or whatever time it takes to get Auckland back to level 2. Unfair to run it without the preferred drivers
  10. Lawyers have a code of conduct and ethics, accountants, car dealers, real estate agents etc have a similar written code to abide by. But although the majority stick to the rules there are bad eggs in every game. Another poster on here suggests a lifetime ban, I tend to agree. If that power is available or possible to use it surely would be a hell of a deterrent for those thinking of offending. Worth a shot maybe?
  11. I disagree with your comments JJFlash I have followed Harness Racing most of my life and in fact had a horse win at Hutt Park. The facilities have improved on track unbelievably at Auckland and Cambridge since those days. The racing is much the same, perhaps Auckland field sizes could be better. At both tracks the people are now inside rather than outside so from your TV it maybe looks a bit like no punters. Have you been at Cambridge on course in the last few years?
  12. Why involve the kidz kartz with that clown show tonight
  13. Over 50 local horses involved is a big positive, if the place was kicked in to touch where would they be?
  14. I am a harness fan and have attended many cups, some with poor starts as well but that was a shocker as everyone saw and has commented, even the stipes saw it. Add to that the support races with multiple breaking horses no wonder the code cops flak. Not that you can put Harness horses in boxes or starting stalls but at least let's get a standing start away from a stand, not a moving Mobile without a vehicle. Ray Green must be spewing, and should be compensated by hrnz for this. Should have been declared a non starter as a false start was not blown. That's my opinion and I see others have
  15. That's the worst start I've ever seen and I reckon the stipes should have blown the false start whistle. The blue colours were always going to feature but they sure didn't deserve the advantage they got. Perhaps the RIU should investigate all aspects of this rubbish