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  1. I disagree with your comments JJFlash I have followed Harness Racing most of my life and in fact had a horse win at Hutt Park. The facilities have improved on track unbelievably at Auckland and Cambridge since those days. The racing is much the same, perhaps Auckland field sizes could be better. At both tracks the people are now inside rather than outside so from your TV it maybe looks a bit like no punters. Have you been at Cambridge on course in the last few years?
  2. I get an email most days from the tab with favourite runners in that day, including scratched horses? Today one of the runners is a horse I had success backing last season that I'd forgotten about. I'd like to be able to add runners from historic results and unraced horses too.
  3. Why involve the kidz kartz with that clown show tonight
  4. Over 50 local horses involved is a big positive, if the place was kicked in to touch where would they be?
  5. I am a harness fan and have attended many cups, some with poor starts as well but that was a shocker as everyone saw and has commented, even the stipes saw it. Add to that the support races with multiple breaking horses no wonder the code cops flak. Not that you can put Harness horses in boxes or starting stalls but at least let's get a standing start away from a stand, not a moving Mobile without a vehicle. Ray Green must be spewing, and should be compensated by hrnz for this. Should have been declared a non starter as a false start was not blown. That's my opinion and I see others have
  6. That's the worst start I've ever seen and I reckon the stipes should have blown the false start whistle. The blue colours were always going to feature but they sure didn't deserve the advantage they got. Perhaps the RIU should investigate all aspects of this rubbish
  7. Not only is Aaron very good at his job he is a hellova nice guy with it. Excellent at running through the sponsors business details etc and the owners details too. And he must put in the study on Greyhound form, times etc and he's only be commentating on them a short time. A great effort Aaron
  8. IMHO until 12 harness horses in a 12 horse race can complete the event on a regular basis and all finish within a reasonable margin between first and last the code will continue to suffer. Governance, starter issues, stripes, rules, grades, North vs South are maybe fixable, galloping pacers and trotters are a betting turnover killer. Standing starts, maiden trotters, etc turn off thoroughbred punters from having a go. Perhaps a third of the harness races have failed to finish or tailed off runners. Not a good look
  9. I have owned horses in both codes both in syndicates and wholly owned and raced by me. Every bit as much fun in a syndicate as owning it yourself and you are able to spread your ownership way wider and you meet so many great people as a result. The downside is not having as much input or control when it comes to making decisions, a friend recently found out after the fact that the galloper he was in was sold to the South Island without any discussion and has since won several times. He was in it to watch it run and would have bought it himself if he had known.
  10. I usually do $50 by credit card, costs $2.15 in charges and it is instantly in your account and available to bet with. If my account is low I usually do it early in the morning so I don't have any drama
  11. Also quite surprised that hrnz say owners ok at level 2 Grnz no owners
  12. How about the jockeys surname
  13. 2200 metres run in 2.38.44 and 2.38.70 Hardly a mention made of these stunning times and even the trotters ran 47 from a stand. What a rise in standard of both the animal and the tracks we race on I guess. Not that long ago 42 was a quick time.
  14. Leo doesn't seem to be too concerned and even said it was saving him money by him spending less on corporate and sponsorship at the track. He seems big enough to fight his own battles, win, lose or draw. Perhaps ask his opinion on whether he needs any help
  15. Am I the only one struggling to successfully punt on the oz synthetic tracks? Not just in racing but particularly councils and regulatory industries upper management salaries are ridiculous and wrong and redundancy payments also wrong. Our game has survived for generations with a lot of valuable and unpaid work from experienced and knowledgeable people who love the game. It has now been driven down a dark road by well paid, like 5 times what they are really worth IMHO, people who have made poor decisions ie the multi million dollar website etc, and the worst thing is they've