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  1. Eastwood Jaunty

    Riccarton fields

    It seems that it would have been better not to have two meetings at Riccarton in the space of 5 days. I
  2. Eastwood Jaunty

    McNabs Riding

    Sam Wynne must also spend half her life suspended. She got two in a day last time out and is gone for about 5 weeks.
  3. Eastwood Jaunty

    Telegraph - official time?

    Does anyone know the official time for the Telegraph? I haven't seen it posted anywhere, which seems odd.
  4. Eastwood Jaunty

    Tanya Jonker

    Thanks for the replies -- what a shame. I hope she can get back to riding weight and go again. It's certainly a very tough gig.
  5. Eastwood Jaunty

    Tanya Jonker

    Can anyone tell me why I haven't seen Tanya Jonker riding over recent times? Always enjoyed backing her, especially on a front runner.
  6. Eastwood Jaunty

    The Rocks!!! Wow

    No. The NZ record for the mile is 1.50.6 held by border control and set at ashburton in the 3yo boys jewels race in 2013.
  7. Eastwood Jaunty

    Well done Edward

    Damn good ride on Edward
  8. Eastwood Jaunty

    fixed odds bullshit

    The two favorites, which were taking 90% of the market, were late scratched. Of course the odds of your final field bet were massively reduced. You didn't make a futures bet.
  9. Eastwood Jaunty

    What is Kylie Williams on....???!

    You can add the ride on Miacoca in Race 1 today to this list. Unless the instructions were to cover as much ground as possible, I dont think the trainer would be pleased.
  10. Eastwood Jaunty

    Kawi at $8 until 5pm

    Michael Pitman said on the radio this morning that Enzo's Lad was only in the race because the owners insisted and "that's their prerogative". Did not give the impression he thought the horse warranted the trip to Trentham, but I am sure he is delighted to be proved wrong.
  11. Eastwood Jaunty

    Kawi at $8 until 5pm

    I think Loader is still the one to beat.
  12. Eastwood Jaunty

    Tom Woods wins Award

    The award would have to be airmailed from here.
  13. Eastwood Jaunty

    Watching NZ racing overseas

    My Express VPN also has stopped working -- the TAB website now knows that I am not in NZ when trying to watch even if VPN activated to NZ.
  14. Eastwood Jaunty

    Hong Kong races

    Thank you for the replies. The pools looks incredible for win, place, quinella. Looks like quaddies aren't commingled and no Jockey Challenge?
  15. Eastwood Jaunty

    Hong Kong races

    Does anyone follow the HK races closely? I am just starting out and would like to learn more. Seems very fair racing.