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  1. A terrible look for the industry and a great shame
  2. i am also looking forward to seeing how Bourbonnaire and Marine go up there (although they only just landed last week). I guess Aegon ends up there too for the 4yo series??
  3. Sadly broke down mid-race. Thoughts to all connections.
  4. Agreed entirely. Well done all and thanks to all the trainers who supported the circuit.
  5. That's all Matt ever said - the headline to this article took the word "out" out of "Cameron calls time OUT on ..."
  6. His rides did seem noticeably to dry up this last year or so. Not sure if I am missing something but I couldn't understand why.
  7. I am pretty certain the Southland ones this week were computer generated. So if the horse had run 4th last start the machine spat out "Behind the placegetters last time" and if it hadnt race in 30 days the machine spat out "Resuming", and so on. A lot of them were internally inconsistent along the lines of "Nice effort last start. Looks held" which is not the work of a human being (one surely hopes...).
  8. Hopefully the legal bills won't add up to more than 100% of the costs incurred
  9. The matter is slowly working itself into the public domain: https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/racing/123515144/rising-harness-racing-trainer-quits-as-concerns-sent-to-police
  10. I'm not sure when violating the criminal law of the land by assaulting a woman became a "misdemenor" but I'd love to have you as my judge one day.
  11. I understand the sentiment but even if I agreed with you, I would think the mitigation would apply to reduce a two year jail sentence to say one year. If this was my daughter ...
  12. How on earth did he not get a custodial sentence there??
  13. "Another nice one picked out by Dave at the sales" is, I believe, the script to recite here.
  14. Here's the statement: We did not like the penaltyissued by the Judicial Committee, but nevertheless did not appeal it, preferring instead to take a more vague and disingenuous route of suspending his licence because that is something we feel we can do without any independent oversight."