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  1. Why is he based in the Deep South these days? I feel like I missed that.
  2. Not sure what else you could have expected of Global Beauty. It has raced the same way every start since it was a 2yo.
  3. It would be one logical move; another would be to refund all bets as the bets placed assumed four legs and that assumption is now known to be incorrect. Not sure it is worth overly twisting one's knickers about.
  4. Correct leggy, Race 12 was abandoned long before the quaddie started; all bets on squaddie were refunded (this was announced many times on the tv)
  5. Panzer is German for tank, and so on
  6. It will have been caused by an auto-translation - Camino Rocoso is Italian for Rocky Road, Levante could e translated to Lift in Spanish, and so on.
  7. How about that Veandercross? Boy he could run.
  8. I apologise for what I have created. I only meant to inquire as to whether Sam Wynne would be returning to riding soon.
  9. Yeah, thanks. That's what didn't make sense to me, hence asking on here.
  10. That would be a shame given the thin ranks in the SI. I know she was referred to the riding master which perhaps was tough to take.
  11. Does anyone know if and when Sam Wynne will resume riding? I know she had multiple suspensions which knocked her out for most of November/December but had expected her back.
  12. Mike what were you liking the look of on Saturday?
  13. I dont know if they have scaled back their numbers but it is often the case that summer is not their busiest time as a large chunk of their team are wet trackers. They have four in on Saturday, including Tyler Eight who looks a genuine horse.
  14. I admire the sentiments expressed by many but the guy has so many--very serious--priors that he should never get back on a racetrack. Let's not forget he tried to seriously injure Sam Collett in a trial only a little while back ... https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/racing/74374899/jockey-jason-waddell-found-guilty-of-improper-riding-and-misconduct If I was a jockey--and I am not brave enough to be one--I wouldn't want him among my cohort.
  15. Also for each race day you can print an alphabetized list of what each trainer and jockey has in that day