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  1. Hopefully the legal bills won't add up to more than 100% of the costs incurred
  2. The matter is slowly working itself into the public domain:
  3. I'm not sure when violating the criminal law of the land by assaulting a woman became a "misdemenor" but I'd love to have you as my judge one day.
  4. I understand the sentiment but even if I agreed with you, I would think the mitigation would apply to reduce a two year jail sentence to say one year. If this was my daughter ...
  5. How on earth did he not get a custodial sentence there??
  6. "Another nice one picked out by Dave at the sales" is, I believe, the script to recite here.
  7. Here's the statement: We did not like the penaltyissued by the Judicial Committee, but nevertheless did not appeal it, preferring instead to take a more vague and disingenuous route of suspending his licence because that is something we feel we can do without any independent oversight."
  8. I just don't follow - he admitted the breach; a penalty was handed down (and to my knowledge not appealed by either side at the time); the penalty has been served... so what's the hold up? Has there been an incident since the penalty that has aggravated matters? Because everything that came before - all the good and less good about CWJ - it was all known when they determined the penalty...
  9. 1. The Leg Up is the TAB's podcast and during the Spring and Summer it comes out weekly (on a Thursday I believe). They go a good job and it's a good listen. 2. The Boys Get Paid have several different initiatives filling the void and all of them a re very worthwhile: (i) a podcast named No Last Race, which is biweekly, and which focuses on sensible punting but also issues other hot topics; and then (ii) a Saturday morning podcast 10am-12pm previewing the day's races here and in Oz, and replete with interviews with trainers and jockeys; and (iii) a Sunday morning show with Mark Claydon,
  10. Pretty good numbers by the looks, should be a reasonably decent 9 race card. Ashburton races should be much better on Sunday. Here's hoping for decent tracks for both.
  11. Sorry to hear mate - it won well! I did not, but did have a fiver on Ophelia Rose and also backed Betathedeviluno in the last (although just for a place). Was a rare good day for the roughies. Sky Hi Rahtwo not far away for you on Saturday. Five meetings in 14 days coming up in the South Island, so will be a busy time.
  12. Hopefully not more strife just as he was due to come back...
  13. Hot Tap looks like it will get a start in Race 6 now, and subject to jockey choice (both recent hoops, CWJ and G Jogoo are suspended), would be a good chance