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  1. Greg Lindsay

    The Totalisator Agency Board

    Any breakdown of the TAB central processing unit has NOTHING to do with the size of a field. The last stat I saw, was that it was online 98.6% of the time it was required. I would suggest it is a very robust system.
  2. Greg Lindsay

    Stallion One Hit Wonders

    Sir Peter Vela would have to be the king of the one horse wonder stallions: Cavilleiri (G1) by Gaius (IRE) Marmalitre (G1) by Wolverton (IRE) Tethys (G1) by Kings Island (GB) Guiseppina (G1) by Johar (USA)
  3. Greg Lindsay

    Repeat names of horses

    Names cannot exceed 18 characters, including the spaces. Don't apply for names whose spelling or pronunciation is similar to names already registered. A name cannot be reused until 15 years has elapsed since the foaling of a similar named horse. Names for broodmares cannot be used again until 12 years has elapsed since that name last appeared in a Volume of the Stud Book. Names of winners of Group One races are protected. Name of a Stallion cannot be used until 15 years after it last appeared in a studbook.
  4. Greg Lindsay

    Sack The Trainer

    Black Kirrama, I would like to see that photo if you are able to scan and email it to me - [email protected]
  5. Greg Lindsay

    Herby Dyke - Sad News

    Whilst working for NZTR I was asked to drive Mr Dyke out to Trentham on a Saturday morning. He had a large Bentley car. It was more expensive than he house I had just purchased. Driving along the motorway out of Wellington he said to me it would be best to go a bit slower. I replied that I was only doing 100. He said, "yes, but that is miles per hour...." Bloody nice car. He wasn't paying as much attention on the trip home....
  6. Greg Lindsay

    Brand Inquiry

    What is the pedigree / name of the horse ?
  7. Greg Lindsay

    Tony Lee resigns

    First time I have looked at this site for some time. Only did it to find out what the feck the real oil behind T Lee's resignation was. I was hoping that there would have been some kind of news service on here by now - where are the interviews from G Broomhall, the CEO of the Racing Board, Tony Lee himself. No Trackside, and the time difference makes listening to the internet live a bit complicated at times. To get my fix every now and then I go to the NZ Racing website and listen to C D race commentary's - that will be a waste of time now. Although it never provided any income to the NZ Board anyway - so nothing lost to them. Find out the real story - and post it on here.
  8. Greg Lindsay

    Question of the day....

    So why the heck does it appears that the rules are written as if the administration is out to "GET" the license holders. If the rules were being interpreted and policed without prejudice it would most certainly be more comfortable to conform - but the fact that it appears that the rules do not apply to the administration creates a bigger them vs us concept.
  9. Greg Lindsay

    Question of the day....

    You are dead right - security and integrity do require addressing. My concern regarding licensing of staff is that it is ONLY so that they can be dealt with under the rules - rather than actually providing more or less security or integrity. For an annual fee anybody can be in control of a horse on raceday regardless of ability or competency.... But for security purposes it must have an approved bit in its mouth.... Murray Baker was fined because Stuey Hale was leading one of his own horses around at the trials - wonder if he gets charged when Phil Bayley leads in his next G1 winner... Getting too many leaves and can no longer see the trees me thinks....
  10. Greg Lindsay

    Cameron George is back!

    Are their quotes available as to how long he will last this time ?
  11. Greg Lindsay

    Question of the day....

    I have just read the new rules of Racing. Rule 307 ( clearly states that ownners are not to lead their horses in after winning a race - unless they are licensed to do so. Bloody disgrace. The Clubs that allowed this rule to be instigated as it is should be disbanded. Also very interesting to note that Stipendary Stewards, Investigators and other raceday officials are not subject to Prohibited Substance testing - only licensed persons - the ones that also work on racedays. Why on earth arent the same clubs that are refusing to let owners lead their horses back to scale voting to have their own raceday employees randomly tested on racedays to see if they too are fit to complete their employment !!! Pity the poor trainers that take a horse from my uncle - They will need to license him or face braking Rule 307 ( - the penalty of which is a fine of up to $20k !! Looking forward to seeing if these one sided rules (out to get the licensed people even harder !) are to be applied evenly - or continue sporadically.
  12. Greg Lindsay

    Question of the day....

    Unions are for the weak who need protection because they do not have the ability to work hard. But read the following - Who is going to be charged for this oversight - when a trainer does not declare a jockey in time / or gear change in time he is charged and fined - who the heck is going to be bought to account for the following omission ???? Rules for some and not others is incredibly diificult for me to come to terms with.... 48-Hour Policy - Kurow, Waikouaiti, Central Otago Meetings 30 December - 3 January In relation to the 48-hour policy, the following section of the policy does not apply to the following Gallop South meetings: Kurow JC Wednesday 30 December Waikouaiti RC Friday 1 January Central Otago RC Sunday 3 January Where a horse is accepted for more than one race at the same meeting scheduled within two days of each other, it shall be balloted or eliminated out of one of the races at one of the race meetings, irrespective of its weight, performance or qualification status. This exemption was inadvertently omitted from the December edition of the Thoroughbred Racing Monthly.
  13. Greg Lindsay

    Question of the day....

    What is the rationale behind registereing stable staff - or in fact anybody that looks after a horse on raceday ? Is it so that the Rules of Racing therefoer incorporate those persons and that they can be held accountable for their actions ? Is it therfore not pertinent that the rules be changed and also an annual fee be charged on the employment of the administrators ? All members of the board - the various GM's within NZTR their staff, the Handicappers and the Racecourse Inspectors - so that they too can be held accountable for their actions, untruths, errors, inability to complete their tasks in a timely and adequate timeframe... Eg - A late return to the Stud book is subject to an extra fee - But the Stud Book dept can take as long as it bloody well likes to process those returns.... The GM for Communications can appear on Television and pass untruths - yet when a licensed trainer does it, he is found to be bringing the game undone. The Handicapper incorrectly weight or include a horse for an event - but when a trainer does it at the trials - he is hauled before the JCA.
  14. Greg Lindsay

    Kendayla Park

    Nice double on Saturday. Congratulations. Make sure you knock back the Hong kong and Singaporean contracts - you'd have a huge tax problem with what you would be likely to earn there - Come to Brazil - no cash, but a great lifestyle !
  15. Greg Lindsay

    Beat up on Don Murray

    Prodigal Son, did you really arrange tio have Don Murray beat up ? Please let me know how the heck you managed to escape the long arm of the NZ Thoroughbred Racing on that - Tim Carter didn't. Naturally, although I am on the unpaid forfeit list, as a former NZTR employee (like Kinley & Fenwick) I presumed I have an exemption from the rules and enjoyed a bit of time at the G1 Windsor Park Raceday in Hastings. How on earth did you manage to get an exemption from the rules as well ?