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  1. Hufkissen


    WTF! The "ratbag lot" as you so delightfully call them had in the majority lost everything they owned. For you to treat them so derisively, in such circumstances is deplorable. They were not calling for Mr Morrison to give them government money, rather that he fund the fire services better.
  2. Hufkissen

    Australia ABC CHANNEL 7/30 The Final Race

    Vlandy may have found himself another Everest. Left wing right wing whatever, the perception of the average person after watching that will be that racing treat their horses like shit.
  3. Hufkissen

    Shane Dye

    Race starts at 2 minutes 20 or thereabouts. Listen to the call. Sensational
  4. Hufkissen

    Shane Dye

    What a race!
  5. Hufkissen

    Shane Dye

    Thankfully Rough Habit got us out of a hole - I think. My memory is hazy. I recall going to track to back Veandercross. Bet of the day. Slaughtered. Rough Habit. Last till turn and stormed home along the INSIDE. 9/2 if I recall. Great day.
  6. Hufkissen

    Angriest Man In Aucklands Viaduct.

    Come on Leo, lift your game. This woman is angry AND rude.
  7. Hufkissen

    True Story...almost.

    Syndicate this on a weekly basis to the Informant. They could not print enough copies.
  8. Hufkissen

    Name for my horse please.

    Yards of Class
  9. Hufkissen

    Big news right here

    Okay, found this from 2017. Seems optimistic to assume the industry will just "get" this money.
  10. Hufkissen

    Big news right here

    This Bill will also bring some financial relief for the industry by making offshore betting operators contribute to domestic racing and sports codes from the bets they take from New Zealanders. How much money are New Zealanders betting with offshore operators? If this was enacted, how much would the return to the racing industry be? Thanks in advance for any shared knowledge.
  11. Hufkissen

    Weir waves the white flag

    Were they really kept in a safe? I missed seeing that being reported. I do recall seeing reference to video footage and an undercover cop planted in as a employee. Strange days indeed.
  12. Hufkissen

    Weir waves the white flag

    Disgruntled ex girlfriend or employee would be a good start. Follow up with "I took them off an employee who longer works for me and had them secured for safe keeping. Just forgot to destroy them." The arguments do not have to be good. Just create enough doubt. Anyway as you rightly point out. Possession was the crime and he is doing the time. I suspect, with no firm evidence, that there is hint of a plea bargain. Speculation will now proceed to who takes over the stables.
  13. Hufkissen

    Weir waves the white flag

    There must be video evidence of the devices being used, surely? If the only evidence was that the devices were found in his house, then any lawyer worth their salt would have got him off.
  14. Hufkissen

    Rugby Hooker

    Not straight throw to line-out a "technique" issue whereas not straight to the scrum considered more "deliberate". Maybe?
  15. Hufkissen

    Go Winnie

    Draw a salary AND diddle the pension. The new face of capitalism.