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  1. coro fan

    Philosophical Question

    The rail at Timaru is out three metres - when it is true they start 14.
  2. coro fan

    Time to end Jumps in the South?

    Hi Shad I searched the exported horses list for April, May and June, and didn’t see Dee and Gee, so I don’t think so. I could have missed the name though - sometimes I need to go to Specsavers
  3. coro fan

    Time to end Jumps in the South?

    It doesn’t help that whoever does the programming in the South won’t card high weights alongside what jumping races that are carded, I’m sure it would be easier to attract more riders if more high weights were carded - even if those riders are visiting North Islanders. Remember when the ‘approved’ jumping venues were announced years ago? Timaru, Wingatui, Riverton Riccarton and Oamaru were the approved venues. Oamaru stopped running jumping races, not sure why, and Riccarton only hosts the Grand National meeting with no lead up jumps meetings. So a less races coupled with the uncertainty of being able to engage a jockey on race day leads to a reluctance from owners and trainers to school horses,. This in turn has lead to a lack of SI jumps jocks as well as horses. I’m not sure on a way forward, but with Timaru and Riverton tagged for closure, that is two venues that will potentially be gone. Riccarton only hosts the GN meeting, so you are down to Wingatui and possibly Oamaru as venues. Perhaps more jumps races should be carded in the SI, it might attract more owners and horses and hopefully jockeys - dreams are free
  4. coro fan


    There are a few trotters - not sure of numbers, and very few gallopers. Stephen Blair-Eddie owns a property near the track and bases himself there in the winter.
  5. coro fan

    Described as “horse trainers from Cambridge”

    She is a show jumper and he fancies himself as a horse chiropractor.
  6. coro fan


    Phar Lap Raceway in Timaru is on the motor home/caravan overnight stay list. Self contained units are welcome for $5 a night. There are powerpoints and water available as well. Maximum stay of three nights, if there are races on then it is a bonus for those stopping there.
  7. coro fan

    Clerk of the Course

    The clerks of the course at employed by my local racing club are paid an hourly rate, that includes holiday plus a reasonable tax free allowance for their horse. They take home $400 in the hand a meeting.
  8. Yes, I suspect you are probably correct - also there was a reasonably tight timeframe for clubs to get their submissions in as well.
  9. I can’t answer your question but I see it states in the report that a submission wasn’t received from the Waimate Club. In yesterdays local paper it was reported that Waimate definitely sent a submission in........ democracy in action??
  10. Hi everyone Please see below for a givealittle page - Eddie has been diagnosed with leukaemia
  11. coro fan

    Firestarter The Prodigy

    Keith owned a pleasure horse or two and went showjumping and was often seen riding his horse around the village he lived in.
  12. coro fan


    Maybe the trainers are voting with their feet and supporting the clubs they want to stay open..........
  13. coro fan

    Good Idea...thoughts...

    Which is exactly what the club does and has always done - no we do not expected be a part of the advertising when the meeting isn’t a part of the promotion. Where did i say that the club did???? My comment re no promotion was meaning the Summer Festival of Racing promotion - as Tom also said Reefton don’t get promoted either.
  14. coro fan

    Good Idea...thoughts...

    It wasn’t anything to do with the gate charge - more to do with the conditions of the promo - no BYO - searching bags, giving the attendees survey’s to do, and then coming to the club and saying as a result of the survey if you want this promotion back next year you have to up-grade x- y- z.
  15. coro fan

    Good Idea...thoughts...

    Yes same thing happens to Timaru’s December galloping meeting - a few years ago the club took part, But didn’t want to take part again - so the Dec 28 meeting gets no promotion.