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  1. Wobbly start but bits ok. Hopefully the team recorded their show and they watch it on an ordinary tv as I think they will see and hear a few easy fixes they can do. The live video resolution was ok on phone but poor for TV, and weather didn't help the audio. Wishing them well for next week.
  2. Would love to watch but don't know if we can. We only have the Trackside Sky package and Freeview on the tele and don't really feel like using up my data to watch the full show via my phone
  3. As owners of a higher rated NI trotter that just in ordinary races has been beaten regularly by BFB and Temporale, we pick and choose when we are prepared to have our horse thrashed by the likes of Sundee's Sun. There are 4 group races over 5 weeks for the top trotters at Auckland and not every horse can cope with gut-busters week after week. It is scarcely a surprize a week out from from the Rowe Cup some horses are having a breather.
  4. If these races are supposed to reward horses that race regularly and are the backbone of the industry, how come this does not reflect the reality at Auckland where trotter numbers are much the same as pacers. In fact in the nominations at Auckland this week there are 25 trotters and only 17 pacers that would be eligible for the series. I can see no reason why eligible northern trotters and pacers should not have a similar likelihood of reaching their finals.
  5. Its just the horses' "birthday" that's changed, not the racing year. Hopefully though we'll see more juvenile races shifted to later in the calendar year. E.g. most juvenile trotting group races historically been April & May as it was recognised trotters take longer to get the necessary racing skills. I'm sure the 2yo Trotting Stakes would have had more in the field if held Oct-Dec.
  6. I also see the "innovative" idea to tackle the problem of back to back Cambridge/Auckland races and low horse numbers is just to reduce the number of races/meeting! Surely if there is going to be two night meetings in a week, at least programme a wider gap to provide the potential for horses to race twice. Also no sign of any northern grass track picnic meetings to capture new participants and maintain wider community ties/good will for harness racing (our future freedom to operate). Cambridge is doing well at this on course (there was a busload from Rotorua last night) but it is also good to
  7. Having the Rowe and Auckland Cups so late is bound to reduce the number of SI horses coming up. It reduces the time to refresh and prepare horses for Cup Week and when one adds on the costs and the stress the travelling may have on the horse, many trainers and owners may think not worth it. This would be accentuated when there is a very dominant favorite. It will be interesting to see how many come up to take on SS in the Rowe Cup this year.
  8. The noms closed last Friday but nothing on HRNZ site almost a week later. Is the TAB in the know with the future odds for these races?
  9. Perhaps with our reducing horse populations we need to rethink our Group races. Group 1 races are meant to be the best of the best from the whole country (and possibly from Aussie). IMO these should always be FFA. But when it comes to G2 races, some don't even attract horses out of the region, let alone across the Cook Strait. We need aspirational races for the top 10% of horses around the country so I'm not for downgrading them. But some handicapping is sensible so more of those top 10% have a real chance. Else they will continue to make one way trips out of NZ
  10. From infohorse looks like too many colts! Were some handy ones racing a decade ago but best mare was in Aussie and not bred from.
  11. Both races are preferential barrier draws. The pacers Flying mile has historically been PB but the trotters race, which for decades was run on Christmas Eve, was formerly a random draw. I guess by making group races preferential they hope more lower rated horses might consider taking on the champs. But in the case of the trotters, local trainers know the 3 top all fly from the gate so R60s would be in for a hiding.
  12. No wins but all 3 placed
  13. We don't own any ourselves but will be watching three 3yos at the Park descending from our foundation mare, a grandson in Race 1 and a granddaughter and great-granddaughter in the Oaks.
  14. I gather the term used for her pattern is "splashed"
  15. The original article that Wai Eyre put out that was on Facebook (and their responses to subsequent comments) stated that genetic testing confirmed the registered parents and that's she's a de novo mutation. In other words she's a freak and her colour didn't come from her parents. However, she has a 50% chance of passing her colour to her offspring.