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    2022 calendar

    Jewels no more except for 2yos at the end of the year (fillies and c&g races for both gaits). Good for those in South Island but as I said above, baby trotters up north unlikely to come.
  2. Hopefully if HRNZ makes more decisions based on factual data rather than relying on the views of a selected few and trial and error, we might be able to at least make it a bit more of a positive experience for more of us in the industry. "Thriving" must be an aspirational goal
  3. What do you all think of the proposed feature race schedule for the new year? My impression is a lot of thought has gone into it in an effort to try to keep our better horses racing in NZ. It appears most of the "Jewels" money has been distributed into new minor feature races around the country that horses in the R65-80 range can have a go at. Even though I'm an ardent trot enthusiast, the only thing I query is concentrating so much into the two $100 k 2yo trots at the end of the year. I would rather see that amount of stakes split into 4 $50K races with one in the North. The costs and risks f
  4. Funny Face has a similar look and way of going as her grand dam Allegro Agitato. It will be interesting to see if FF develops the same speed.
  5. Horse numbers will continue to decline as the numbers of owners decline. There are multiple factors underlying this and while it is great to see industry efforts to get new blood in through syndicates and to improve stakes, harness racing has tough competition when it comes to Aucklanders' discretionary spending. What we don't need up north is poor programming accentuating the problem (eg at present we have Cambridge, Auckland and Manawatu racing within 5 days of each other). Hopefully numbers up here will pick up next month - the lockdowns did disrupt the training programmes for horses based
  6. Fascinating reading the moans in this thread. Thanks to the public health advice and the restrictions that the govt has enacted, the Delta variant has been kept out of South Island. Yes, the public can't attend Cup Day - but those with the most on the line can. Unlike around the 60% of NZers still in Level 3, the rest of you can have some sort of gatherings to celebrate the day. As Tasman man wrote, it is only one year. I'd much rather live with these temporary restrictions till we get our jab levels high enough than experience the levels of deaths and cases of "long covid" amongst my friend
  7. The truck driver didn't spread it as he followed protocols, tested positive through regular testing and went into straight into isolation in PN without even going home to Auckland. However, all 28 Waikato cases (so far) are connected to the original Hamilton case who was very ill by the time he turned up at hospital. We've yet to find out what joy the woman and missing friend spread round Northland, hence the L3 lockdown. Our NZ official covid webpage cites 2 scientific studies showing vaccination reduces transmission to close household contacts by 40-50%.
  8. I had specified outside Auckland: The initial case in Hamilton, the driver in PN and the woman in Northland were all unvaccinated
  9. Given the mix of unvaccinated people spreading Covid around outside Auckland and the lack of any checks at the Cook Strait, I suspect the majority of SI people are ok staying in L2, especially those working in hospitals or predisposed to bad covid outcomes. Its probably only a month or so till the vax levels are higher and the covid passes are up and running. Pictures of the Kaikoura meeting in previous years have shown the in-field packed with people and campervans. Just how could the Kaikora Club volunteers prevent their big day becoming a super spreader event? And under L2 restrictions who
  10. Kaikoura is a holiday destination event which can't be replicated at Addington, irrespective of Covid. As a North Islander, getting to Kaikora is on my "bucket list". In contrast, we used to have an annual pilgrimage down for Cup Week but now don't go as find Cup Day an ordeal for someone keen on the actual racing (battling through the party goers, having to watch the screen as can't see sections of the track, freezing, boiling or buffeted in the open stand all day). Slightly better when an owner - but not much. Much better to save our money and watch from home. We don't really have any harnes
  11. Wow - can't really believe I'm seeing this misinformation. Google any reputable medical website to see the 4 main types of modern vaccines and how they work. And why flu vaccines must change each year to deal with the main new variants circulating (but you might still catch another flu variant). No need to take my word.
  12. Low deaths thanks to everything in place. Facts: no deaths of polio, diptheria or tetanus thanks vaccinations. No deaths from cholera due to clean water and sewerage treatment. These diseases are very real but we are protected against them so of course they don't feature in NZ stats. That's success! Take away those protections and we'd be as vulnerable as a poor community in India.
  13. We should remember one of the earliest covid cases in NZ was a harness racing person and his friend who he dined with just before returning to NZ died of the disease. Covid 19 is real, does cause deaths and the "long covid" doesn't sound fun either. I doubt I'm alone in thinking we're so lucky to be in NZ where we've had way less deaths and economic impacts and more freedoms than most other countries during this pandemic. I think Addington planning for a level 2 Cup Day with groups of 100 is a sensible approach. Spare a thought for what Aucklanders are going through to protect you South Islan
  14. Back to back northern meetings have long caused problems but I as understand, the clubs concerned don't have control over racing dates. The current tiny fields are totally understandable with the barrier to travel over Covid boundaries and the difficulty those reliant on Puke to get horses race fit. Also we've had a run of meetings at Cambridge and not every horse can race weekly. I know ours is 'resting' this week.
  15. As an owner of a novice trotter having its 1st start, we are actually very pleased to have a mobile start. As long as the mobile doesn't go to fast, we've always found our novices are more likely to have a decent chance of racing in the field from a mobile than a stand. The very worst for a novice trotter is a standing start with race winners and unrulies behind. Can almost guarantee won't go away, especially if drawn 1. There is logic behind the fact that all juvenile trots are mobiles. Imagine if all novice pacers had do standing starts only! Having trotters doing standing starts all the tim