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  1. Nelli

    50mtr horses cannot win.

    It helped race over 2 miles and tiny field. Would be different story if 2700m and big field of comparable top level trotters. Was great to have the 2 mile races The pacer results showed that some horses need distance to shine. Even though a small trot field, the "catch me if you can" tactics on Gershwin added excitement and set up the track record.
  2. Nelli

    NZ Cup

    I'm thinking that NZ Cup should have a name change since can anyone really believe it and the Dominion are attractive options for owners of NI horses? The costs to the owners are so high (paying 30%+ of the stakes) that if you don't have a horse that you are certain can get in the 1st 3, you are better off to stay at home.
  3. Still series of 3 acceptance fees for Interdoms. I think some conditions set by Interdom rules and are out of ATC direct control. Trotters still get a poor deal. Lower stakes and acceptance fees higher relative to what they are racing for. Also no consolation even though more trotters may nominate than pacers as with NZ Cup and Dominion.
  4. Nelli

    Rating let up

    How come Woodstone has been let up 3 points? Yes, hasn't raced since Cup Week when got 2nd in the FFA but did have 5 wins in last 10 starts. Have heard trainers asking same for other higher rated horses with longer times off for injury were refused
  5. The SS, sales races, Breeders Crown etc are sweepstakes. Foals and yearlings must be nominated before they are even broken in. In contrast the Cup and Dominion are open races, supposedly attracting the best horses in Australasia. But while North Islander may have horses good enough to compete, the cost barrier of entering and getting a horse and trainer down and back from the North Island is daunting.
  6. Based on last year's numbers for noms, sustaining payments and starting fees, owners paid out a total of $241K (incl. $31.5K in gst) towards the NZ Cup $800K stake (30%) and trotting owners paid out $99K (incl. 13K gst) towards the Dominion stake of $300K (33%). The owner of each Cup starter paid out $14.7K and if they didn't place their net return was $1000. The Dominion owners paid out $5.5K with net return of $365 if down the track.
  7. Nelli

    The Mile High Club

    Certainly would like to see a few more hcp 3200m races. Something other that the usual mobile sprint-crawl- sprint races, gives horses good from a stand but not fast from a mobile a better chance of winning (and prolonging career) and would mean pacers would get standing start practice.
  8. I've long thought acceptance fees at Addington a ripoff for owners. We've had a horse in the Dominion in recent years and are well aware that the net "other runners" stake of $365 is less than the class races on the same day. If your horse is unlikely to be in the first few, you are better off financially to go in a lower class race if based in the South Island or not come at all if race at Auckland where even the "other runners" in higher rated races get $500 on ordinary race nights. You can tell by the lack of North Island horses coming south for the big races nowadays that owners do look at the bottom line.
  9. Nelli

    It seems to me

    What you say has merit. Certainly jumping to 55 tough for a maiden trotter, especially when they are still learning race craft and standing starts.
  10. Nelli

    TAB account

    No local races till next season - the TAB has lost an online punter. Mind you, he' s lost a lot of enthusism for betting with the horses going, when he was a regular a couple of years ago. He says anything that looks exciting gets sold or saved for the group races next season.
  11. Nelli

    TAB account

    My husband has got so annoyed with TAB he's withdrawn most of his money from his account and will stick to betting at the track from now on. Our Skype camera on our pc wasn't ok for pictures and he could find no way to load image files. This am he went to the local pub TAB outlet but though they could let him withdraw his funds with his drivers licence as id, they didn't have the means validate his account. He understands the TAB wants to have everyone with photo ID but thinks it shouldn't be so hard to do. My offer to do it on my phone went down like a lead balloon - he thinks this is typical "Wellington think" and they are just disinfranchising the older punter.
  12. Nelli

    How does

    Great to see Stonewall Stud's full page colour ad for harness syndicates. While not for me nowadays, syndicates are a great way to get new people involved or enjoy ownership without much outlay. Decades ago when we had 2 mortgages and 3 little kids, we started our ownership adventure in one of Dave Philip's Redvale syndicates. The connections we made led to a partnership in a filly with fellow syndicatees, and while only a modest winner, she was the foundation broodmare for our partners, and they've had tremendous success. I had a dabble with one of the ATC syndicates when we were in a racing lull and found it a very positive experience.
  13. Nelli

    Breeding trotters

    Might be a Pollyanna but what else are trotting breeders. Although not happy with with everything, there are positives. Least one can get a start (a problem back in the 80s), we do have a good choice of trotting stallions, if you breed anything half good on the track they are easy to sell when ratings get too tough, and for those in the northern NI, we've the opportunity to race for good stakes. Would like more mobiles for maiden trotters (we'd see plenty of galloping maiden pacers too if they had to do standing starts from day 1, especially with experienced horse off behind them) but clubs have to card fields to suit the pool of horses available.
  14. Nelli

    TAB and virtual races

    What do Racecafe patrons think about the TAB introducing virtual racing next year? I thought 4 horse gallops races from USA was cheap chaff for betting addicts but this seems bottom of the bin. Yes it is easy money for the TAB, but also sets it up as a justified target for the antigambling lobby. I would rather see the TAB aiming at quality coverage and increasing turnover on NZ races, which clearly supports local industry, than 100s of virtual races
  15. Nelli

    How does

    Even the faithful find the going tough now. Cup week lost lot of appeal for us as now an exercise in endurance. Before the earthquakes we regularly flew down for the week. But now staying home in front of the tv rather than sitting out in the elements for 12 races amongst those who are only slightly interested in the horses is gaining appeal. We've only gone the last few years as had a horse racing and have family in Chch. Wasn't that enjoyable as an owner, even when we won on Cup Day! Much more fun at local track where part of the community and locals share your ups and downs.