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  1. Just 39 pacers and 37 trotters at Auckland this Friday. Not great for the club. But why the contrasting treatment of trotters and pacers? Five pacing races (all mobiles) and 3 larger trotting races (all stands). Surely given the small numbers the pacers should be having hcp standing start races just like the trotters? The 4 horse gift race for On the Cards is an embarassment. Given the shortage of horses up north is unlikely to improve in the near future, I suggest the northern clubs take a consultative approach and organise a workshop with trainers to develop a new more flexible way of progr
  2. In the "false start" the 3 outside horses anticipating the start were already turning away before Lamb called the false start (watched the replay 3×). Then the same 3 horses repeated the anticipation while other standing stock still and he lets them go. Shame!
  3. Nelli

    Auckland noms

    Nice little sop to the trotting owners having the amateur drivers sponsoring one of the trot races. Hopefully wasn't a bribe to get the amateur race included instead of having 4 trots
  4. Nelli

    Auckland noms

    As expected - will be full trotting fields with novice trotters set up to fail. And small pacing fields including amateur. A big sigh from a trotting owner.
  5. Interesting reading the Auckland noms. There are 41 trotters nominated for mile night with 9 maidens. With only trotting 3 races, race winners will be moved into the maiden race and field size will average 14. The noms are being held open for the pacers as the equivalent 5 pacing races have 50 nominations with 8 in the maidens and 10 in the f&m maidens. My question is why should novice trotters have to race in a full field against experienced horses, most which will have over 25 starts, and pacing novices do not? Surely noms should have same policy for both gaits.
  6. My other half stopped betting on his TAB account when he couldn't get "registered". Our pc camera wasn't up to scratch and the 3 TAB outlets he went to couldn't do it. The silly thing was he was so pissed off by the time he got the 3rd rejection he withdrew most money he had in his account. No problem do that with same info needed for registering!
  7. As an owner and breeder of trotters, I would love to see more mobile opportunities for trotters in the NI. Just like some pacers, some trotters will never be good from stands no matter how good the trainer. It can take months for a novice trotter to learn how to go away from a stand in a good-sized field with experienced horses behind: this is testing for horses, owners and punters (and expensive). And the horse doesn't learn much racecraft when 100 m behind. We don't do this to novice pacers or juveniles of either gait. Yes we do have fewer horses up here but surely we could have preferent
  8. Lights counting down like racing car starts might work and cope for both horses that need a 'moving' start as well as those good at standing.
  9. This is tough. If it wasn't for the rule some horses may not be pulled back while finding their gait and therefore not loose ground. Trying to enforce a rule to ensure this didn't happen would be so vulnerable to interpretation. I too have been burnt by this rule but at least it is clear cut for all.
  10. I feel lucky to be able to watch my horse have its first start tomorrow on her 2nd full prep this year, the 1st ending with previous covid outbreak. While the stables are poor compared to Auckland and Addington (but no worse than many other clubs) I much prefer watching races there than any other NI track. Closer to horses and good view of track from multiple places. Don't have to be a member to enjoy tiered dining/viewing. Of course as an owner I would like higher stakes but the club has to be fiscally responsible and can only work within its income stream. The stakes not that bad - as long a
  11. Tips useful but why the obvious difference when open the HRNZ site? Does the club have to pay the TAB?
  12. Not putting up supporting TAB form comments for the Cambridge field tonight won't help turnover and looks a real insult to those in the industry up North. It mightn't influence big punter but does inform and add interest for others. Shame on whoever is responsable for this very obvious north/south divide!
  13. Any idea why no TAB form for Cambridge tomorrow on the HRNZ site whereas there is form for the later 3 South Island meetings over the weekend?
  14. Certainly some effort put in. Hopefully in the future the TAB can do the equivalent. In the meantime looks the best we can do to support racing here and speed up recovery is check out the form via Aussie then bet locally.
  15. Everyone is entitled to opinions, but data and careful controlled observations are what science is based on. I much prefer to rely on the latter. There will always be people who say smoking causes no harm, seatbelts get in the way, and don't vaccinate your kids. Its your individual choice even if the taxpayer and health system has to pick up the pieces.