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  1. Whoever thought it a good idea to put on trotting and pacing Country Cup meetings at Cambridge when the meeting is back to back with Auckland? If these two clubs were working together for the best of the industry, this is the week Cambridge should be running a 'minor' meeting.
  2. Nelli


    Tactical Landing was a top juvenile US racehorse, as was both his sire and dam. While just a young stallion, his progeny are already doing great things in the States. In regard to the family of lot 51, the dam is a half sister to 3 horses that were top juveniles. So the genetics are there and judging by the price, the stable believes the yearling has the right conformation and gait. I myself would prefer the dam to have several wins to her name (in Sire Stakes finals almost every competitor is out of a good race mare) but the dam sire is a top stallion.
  3. Perhaps there are so few horses, the stipes know them all so well that they can tell at at a glance if they are on the juice
  4. We pay the cheap $18 package to record and watch the races but what I was originally writing about was the free to air channels where anyone with access to a TV could watch racing for free, even if stuck in a crappy motel. I know multiple pensioners who used to follow our horses and now can't (although one dedicated person trundles down to the local TAB to watch there).
  5. A few years ago when Temporale raced at Auckland, the tentative programmed HCP races would change miraculously to a 30 m max back mark when he raced, but when he wasn't there, horses like Credit Master never got a let up. Then of course, to rub salt into the wound for owners of the also rans, the commentators would enthuse how great the horse was. Of course he was clearly superior and a great horse - but the whole point of handicapping is to even the field and it blatantly wasn't happening back then.
  6. Nelli


    Have any of you who are punters got suggestions as to what Auckland could do better to improve their GBR week after week. They need to do this as while in the past their summer Cup carnival probably replenished their coffers, I'm afraid the autumn 'carnival' dates are hardly likely to do so. It's hard to entice the general public when the weather is cool and many of the Southern trainers will be prefering to have their stars spelling so they will be top race fitness for Cup Week.
  7. True. One of the nicest courses I've had horses racing at. And a lovely city to spend a long weekend.
  8. The sad thing is that Phil Holden says it's great for our sport and he couldn't be happier. So we add Dunedin to the list of major population centres (Tauranga, Rotorua, Hamilton, Napier/Hastings, Wellington) that had harness racing meetings when I got hooked but no longer do. Who'll be next? Timaru? Invercargill? Less exposure equals less new owners and punters, and less licence to operate. Last one out, please turn off the lights.
  9. Especially because there's so much reality show garbage being aired on other channels. Cricket has moved with the times to make the game interesting to watch and showcase the players.
  10. See in the news today that even though it will create a small initial decline in revenue, NZ cricket is switching away from pay TV to free-to-air to increase and broaden its audience. IMO NZ racing needs to do the same
  11. Nelli

    Hawera noms.

    I read into the good numbers at Hawera that owners and trainers: 1) Had horses more suited to grass tracks that Alex Park. 2) Liked the opportunity to give their horses the experience of a trip away - but with lot less hassle than to the SI. 3) It's a good holiday time for owners in the upper NI being the week between Anniversary weekend and Waitangi Day. Apart from the current roadworks the trip from the Waikato is stunning.
  12. And what's more, very unusually the preferential draw was based on money earned in last 5 starts.
  13. Could be because he's dropped into an amateur drivers' race.
  14. IMO sprint nights are an excellent way of generating interest at Auckland when field size has been compromised with back to back meetings with Cambridge. Mobile starts for trotters means different horses can shine. And there are some 1st starters to look at. Yes, there are only 2 place divvies in most races but other bet types can provide a rewarding challenge (my favourite is a poker 4).
  15. The series will be quite exciting for those who follow or race horses in the North, as like the Jewels, a horse can earn its way in by a few wins or by chipping away week after week. It gives the little people a chance to go for the big money and I assume ATC hopes it will inspire a few more owners into the game or to hold onto their horses a little longer before selling to Aussie. Also, unlike some other series, it doesn't require a trip south for the final and may even be an incentive for the southern horses coming up for the autumn carnival to include a few more races in their trip. Hopefully ATC lines up good sponsors with deep pockets so the series doesn't put them in even more debt.