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  1. Tips useful but why the obvious difference when open the HRNZ site? Does the club have to pay the TAB?
  2. Not putting up supporting TAB form comments for the Cambridge field tonight won't help turnover and looks a real insult to those in the industry up North. It mightn't influence big punter but does inform and add interest for others. Shame on whoever is responsable for this very obvious north/south divide!
  3. Any idea why no TAB form for Cambridge tomorrow on the HRNZ site whereas there is form for the later 3 South Island meetings over the weekend?
  4. Certainly some effort put in. Hopefully in the future the TAB can do the equivalent. In the meantime looks the best we can do to support racing here and speed up recovery is check out the form via Aussie then bet locally.
  5. Everyone is entitled to opinions, but data and careful controlled observations are what science is based on. I much prefer to rely on the latter. There will always be people who say smoking causes no harm, seatbelts get in the way, and don't vaccinate your kids. Its your individual choice even if the taxpayer and health system has to pick up the pieces.
  6. Look who has been reading misleading US web pages. This virus IS a serious threat to society. The whole problem with Covid-19 is that you are infectious days before you develop symptoms and you kill innocent people you come in contact with. Lots of us owners are in the vulnerable age group. We are only a week or two away from being able to see our horses race. So hang in there and stop spreading nasty dangerous misinformation.
  7. I'm curious to see what effort Cambridge makes to add interest when they host the 1st post-covid meeting. Will be challenging! The majority of horses up here are trained on public tracks so most horses a couple of months away from race fit.
  8. I'm an owner and as far as travel costs go, they are miniscule compared to breeding and training. Racing in Taranaki was almost always a day trip unless it was a two day meeting. If you have a very good horse, then even Aussie is on the cards (had successful campaigns with 2 trotters). However, we've always looked at the bottom line and with the high nomination fees the Met charges, in recent years it simply wasn't cost effective to send a horse down for the North Island for the Rowe Cup unless certain of getting in the first three. Also have to think of horse welfare with the long trip - we've had horses injured and dehydrated, so below par performances
  9. Nelli

    77 racedays

    post above submitted before finished - meant Cambridge had grass to picnic on. Last sentence was around that without seeing racing up close, numbers will increase of naysayers who think we are cruel to our horses and entice people to be problem gamblers
  10. Nelli

    77 racedays

    Sad to see grass track racing finished in the North Island. Those were the family days that brought racing to communities and built good will amongst the general public. Cambridge at least has grass and used to make a reasonable effort for Christmas Eve - but now has lost that date (23rd just doesn't muster as most people still at work). So harness racing will be just focused on the off course punter and those that are against racing will have more fertile ground to sow
  11. Nelli

    TAB costs

    Certainly feels a depressing time to be an owner/breeder. Even if choose to breed have to have deep pockets to take horses through to stage sell to Aussie if good enough (most sensible financial option) or through to be an old battler going round week after week. We are all in a tough spot whether owner or trainer. I wonder if we will see an exodus of trainers losing local tracks to Aussie with offers to race their current owners horses over there - if you can't manage the long trips to see your horses racing live then the racing coverage on tv would be much the same.
  12. We are different from Australia in that they were able to keep training and racing within their region. It was only the inter-State movement restrictions that prevented the Group races. In contrast those training on public tracks here had to close shop totally and some of their top horses are only just coming back in work. Its tough on us that did have good age group horses preparing for Jewels etc but fairer overall to start the new season afresh.
  13. Our trotters trained at Cambridge often started their careers in Taranaki even if they ended as solely 'Auckland' and 'Cambridge' horses. Its tough for novice trotters to learn their craft when race after race they have experienced horses rushing past them from standing starts. The trip away and racing in weaker fields with the slower pace helped educate and build confidence. Throwing novice trotters in at the deep end works for some but for many owners and punters, their optimism is dashed in the 1st 200 m. We used to enjoy the picturesque drive down often staying several nights to enjoy what the region had to offer. All gone .....sigh.
  14. I wonder if Cambridge will object to not racing on Christmas eve. Who would go on the 23rd when still a workday? Would they even run their G1 trot? I work in Hamilton and remember the meeting at Claudelands in the 70s being packed with Hamiltonians, including many workmates for which it was their one afternoon of the year at the races. Those were the days .......sigh...
  15. As an owner it is awful getting 5th - no rating drop and once you've subtracted the trainers and drivers fees, you are little better financially than the owner of the last horse (and sometimes you are the last horse just to rub it in!!).