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  1. And thoroughbred ownership would be an even bleaker over all prospect. I've owned in all three codes. Dogs are the best return by far for me.
  2. Swarbrick supports decriminalising all drug use. But not in the greyhound industry . She also authoritatively states that the Turnbull case is the 'tip of the iceberg'. What does she base that statement on? Just a populist lightweight.
  3. DC9


    Oh dear. Wasn't a good feeling looking at the lead after closing the lid and realising the collar was still on and you could hear the bunny rolling
  4. DC9


    Lol I handled dogs for 8 years or so and the only time I got called in to the stipes room was for leaving the collar on a dog in a race. Got off with a warning. I'd say the same thing happened here.
  5. Will it even go ahead this year?
  6. Looks like the Dogs bookie has slept in this morning....
  7. Condolences to you and the family. I only knew your folks to say g'day to at the races , but Mike was a straight shooter. My friends the Laaglands spoke highly of him.
  8. One out of George Simon, Aaron White and Peter Earley to go....
  9. DC9

    Sad news

    Some of us have lost a second dear friend in the space of a few days. But that pales in comparison to what the family will be dealing with. Thoughts are with them x. Henny fought her illness so bravely for so long. How little she had left in the tank, physically, is now apparent. Going to miss you guys.
  10. Just reporting what he can't report on lol.
  11. I believe the adjacent cycle velodrome is now defunct. That will make it easier to rezone.
  12. I heard last week that the current lease has , I think 4 years to run, and that the site is indeed earmarked for high density housing. Even if it is currently zoned recreational, do you really think that would be hard to overturn?
  13. So, how would the turnover on an average midweek gallops meeting compare to the stakes payout, compared to an average greyhound meeting? Your post is churlish.
  14. I think that is a valid point, Lloyd. There's a form trainers can sign, called a Charge Authority. Not sure how far its powers extend, but I had one once when I was taking dogs to the races on behalf of a trainer for a few weeks ( I am a licensed Owner/ Handler).