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  1. Correct........me too ,and a lot of other Owners too I believe. Club members have been kept in dark and advised to wait the Court judgements on Apartments before the true situation and plan for future can be divulged. But really the Northern region doesn't help matters by apparently not working together with HRNZ/TAB on dates and programming. These Thursday/Friday back to backs don't help. Cambridge on Thursday had 106 noms for 8 races planned. There was 36 horses nominated for 2 x 2700 m races.....what ?....I was told 2700m races not attractive ! Of the 36.....8
  2. tasman man


    You mean the little rascal from back in a day........the winning photo would definitely say yes plus the Creightons from the Taieri , they enjoyed much success in recent years with the All Stars.
  3. For a person who is very anti-Auckland and only watches the odd race that interests you seem to have a wealth of knowledge on the Northern scene , so possibly use modern devices more than you make out.....and did I read where you have had multiple offshore accounts. Are you making all this stuff up ?????? Seriously ???? And you desperate to get Radio back , Aaron Wood aware of the fact that radio listeners need to have the race painted in the listeners mind.......'under lock and key ' reached its use by date decades ago and 'three or four back on the inside means little if clea
  4. Love your work Baz[ NZ ] I remember Lion's Roar dam Minnaleo winning a few races as she was a daughter of The Mighty Lions who won the Avondale Cup and 4th in the Auckland Cup. The latter was raced by a Group of enthusiasts from the Mt Albert Lions Rugby League club....a few of them were also part of Xcellent and won handsomely from a multi bet TML in Avondale Cup into Xcellent in NZ Derby.
  5. A bit early on the trigger there. I just watched Matchmaker take a Group 3 at Randwick ....with James Mac and CWaller involved it felt good to be a Kiwi. Matchmaker raced in NZ up to November and still NZ owned. Then the Derby was a NZ bred trifecta...the winners dam by Ekraar [ Extra Explosive ] won a listed NZ race at Foxton] among its 3 x wins when trained by Andrew Scott. I note NZTR already has an article up praising NZ breeding and the Karaka sales. Then there was Quick Thinker as mentioned and he beat Rondinella who I seemed to remember racing out of Roger Jame
  6. Most trainers try to do their best for their horse and owners etc ,treating injuries , adding supplements to their feed etc etc.....to get the best results for all concerned including themselves . Most top athletes are the same. Unfortunately at times the with holding times are gambled with ,mistakes made , and they break the rules and often caught and punished along with owners etc who lose 'winning' stakes etc. Then there are those who take this a step further and regularly engage in dishonest behaviour ....regular cheating. These are the ones who bring the Industry and
  7. Picks Randwick r2......4,8 Randwick r3......3,16 Riccarton r5......2,7 Te Aroha r5.......6,7 Randwick r4.....4,5 Riccarton r6 .....3,8 Te Aroha r6.....2,7 Randwick r5.....2,4 Riccarton r7......5,7 Te Aroha r7.......1,2 Randwick r6......1,6 Randwick r7......2,3 Randwick r8 ...1,5 Randwick r9.......1,13 Thanks
  8. IMO its a historical thing.....when the Jewels began , young trotters were very low in numbers , in fact at most meetings there was usually approx 3 trotting races to every 6 to 9 pacing races. That's between 25% and 33%. Yes the tide seems to be turning , definitely this year in 2 yr old ranks. Only 2 years ago 2 yr old trotting races were usually down graded to Non-tote races for $2 ,000 stake cos lack of numbers ! In early days of Jewels the stakes needed to qualify for 2 yr old trot were very low. In addition trotting races usually attract less betting . So a
  9. What is not flash about Northern racing ? When should these Southern meetings race .? With the main track Addington racing Friday and the very popular grass tracks racing Sundays when should the other Southern tracks be racing. And when are you elevating yourself into administration to sort this stuff out ?
  10. Currently NZ racing struggles to provide jobs and /or job security for those seeking a career in racing....other than jockeys where imports growing. But with Australias rich racing only a short ride away ,is this such a bad thing ? Verry Elegant seems to be flying the flag pretty high at present , while Aussie fields are full of Savabeels, Tavistocks and descendants of Sir Tristrim. There are currently a swag of horses in Aussie who originated in NZ and are doing very nicely with the bigger opportunities available over the ditch.
  11. As a keen student such as yourself would know eljay , official drivers are not officially advised till approx a day after fields are drawn. And you will know also that HRNZ puts in 'likely' drivers which are the the horses driver in last race.....as you have mentioned previous this annoys you. But often they don't do it to the stables with several runners, maybe suggesting they trying to be as accurate as possible ,realising the big stables more likely to be forced to have different drivers.Are the fields when drawn up 'official' fields widely publicised and bet on , the draws are cr
  12. I guess the Melbourne Cup is a good example of a field over 20 being a betting bonanza but can't imagine how NZ could list fields of over 20 . Most courses have a maximum of 14 or less , most meetings couldn't drum up 20 plus jockeys particularly with the increasing whip suspensions and the poor resilient NZ owners barely get 20% of their 'investment' returned with average field size of around 11. But if the potential is there a 'promoter' should put on the series along the lines of what you suggest and then we can gather some facts... eg . Dunstan Stayers . Many of our Group ra
  13. I'd suggest the owners or yourself ring the racing manager at club and simply ask. My guess is the main trot race had a 20m maximum ,which is great for the tightly assessed open class trotters , so they decided to stick to conditions / rating band of the lesser trot and not 'promote' the highest assessed from the lesser race. I agree this doesn't make sense particularly when one race now has 5 starters ,and the other has a 30m back marker facing a very difficult task. I noted there were only 75 noms for 10 races. The 2yr old non-winners race only had 5 noms so predictably w
  14. Te Kawau ??? Yulestar ??? Blossom Lady ???
  15. Obviously not big on numbers currently.....Canterbury stayers......and they have had plenty of good opportunities since the Cup week began in November. Then the better ones probably looking at Canterbury Gold Cup [ $100k ] in 2 x weeks time. A few Southerners been racing in North and those plus a few Northern raiders will clash over 2000m in 2x weeks. Let not your heart be troubled WD.......stakes not used this week will be won next week.CJC has some good coin on offer. A $32,500 winner ...$17k less deductions would not cover a years training fees.