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  1. I had a peek today and can tell you progress is being made. There were 5 big diggers in action plus smaller machinery putting in pipes and pouring sand/ gravel etc . All the running rails had gone , steeple chase fences gone . The area that had the fence out of straight has been cleared as its been advertised for sale . But although several machines and workers were busy to my untrained eye I would say the task has barely started and the job very much in it's early stage. The Golf course and driving range was busy and the Ascot car park almost full !
  2. My apologies for today.....I ambled past this morning ,and saw preparations underway for the last dance ! Of course , the two places next door will no doubt carry on the the traditions. When one door closes , another two will be open !
  3. I've heard and read complaints that there are no grass track meetings in Canterbury for 7 weeks , during the time that regular meetings ...3 in June , 2 in July.....are held on the synthetic track. This comment appears to be untrue. In June there are grass meetings at Timaru and Riccarton , while Ashburton races in July . In addition between now and the National week starting early August there are grass track meetings planned for Wingatui x 3 and Oamaru x 2. And before National week there are at least 3 x meetings where most races are worth $30k - $35k. As to the sma
  4. Cheer up eljay......more time and information etc available to encourage more betting ! I heard the cameras will be scanning around the oncourse crowd to see the happy folk enjoying their night out with special focus on your lounge and in particular your table to gain some insightful comments on each horse's chances. So have a shave ,wear your best threads and take your trial notes along and remember to smile !
  5. The article states it is available on both Facebook and You Tube so should be accessible to most. 6 weeks is quite a short trial , but it starts with a Group 1 night and better fields than recent weeks. Every race will have extra lead in times for people to have a bet. The new channel probably won't be shown in TAB's and Sports Bars and may give folk even less reason to go to the races. But on-course attendances often quite bleak in winter.
  6. Try Harness Dato Star......all good there, they will take your money !
  7. tasman man


    Maybe the Waikato should have a synthetic track .
  8. Unsure how the RIU excess costs crept into a thread on Luke R , but I feel it worth recalling how this RIU thing was born in NZ . Following the GFC , NZ looked to be in major recession with high unemployment and less consumer spending. Many predicted doom and gloom ...racing was worried. The NZ Racing Board about 2010 did a Nielson Research survey and asked the NZ public many questions re their opinion on NZ Racing and wagering. None of the results were particularly good. Only 16% of respondents had a positive image of NZ Racing and wagering. Only 22% thought Raci
  9. Luke , and he probably is very lucky as well , is a great guy to listen to ,very knowledgable and I always loved him when on previously . He had a great knowledge on many sports ,and in particular racing and he was a Tasman man .Obviously with his law qualifications he was possibly over qualified to be just presenting from a Trackside studio. My friend used to say he reminded him of an undertaker....quite a stern serious complexion. So I read Torch's post with interest and decided to take a peep at what he was in convulsions over and praying to get strength from above. I sa
  10. Exactly........that's why the current strategy , along with poorly thought out race programming should not be adhered do...what is the definition of insanity again ? The same happens at the other end eg young trotters. Even in the south. 10 race one week ,then the next week , 6 days later there are 3 noms. Even allowing for the known few trotters having a breather ,the Rowe Cup will be lucky to get 7 ! Good luck , Valmagne got second a few years back ! No Mufaso Metro or the good Neal trotter to help boost the field ,they blazing around Aussie ! Back to RATTO , it worked well d
  11. Mostly these races are feature and/or Group races. Pretty hard to cancel these races when horses have travelled from South Island and afar in the search of these much sought after features. Another race changed from Friday was a 4 x horse mares race ,so it easy to transfer these horses into a their race in rateing range ! As we have discussed on here many times connections are not willing to serve their horses up as fodder for the very best ,especially in mobiles. Testing times for the new HRNZ strategy of trying to herd all the good horses into one spot , especially as w
  12. Obviously working on what is generally the 'norm' with pacers clearly outnumbering the trotters. Plus maybe they hoping that more Pacers will come out of the woodwork or out of the cotton wool. Harness in the North should be keeping a current of list of all horses ready to race to keep any guesswork out of it. If trotting connections want a little handout they could go around in the Group 1 this week at ATC ,with only 4 noms and $100k up for grabs. $3k for just going around , and over $5k if one of the 4 x noms strikes trouble !
  13. Hardly a game changer , more a gimmick or novelty time filler ! I can comment as I was probably the latest 'winner' of this event at the ATC.....it was 21 December 2020. I think there were no corporates to drive the horses so ATC club members were asked. The ownership synd drew my name out ! I had some trouble finding a Doctor to verify my fitness to drive ...physical and mental ...but I trained hard to be in top condition. I named my horse Pasta Post....the main opposition was Puma Pants ! My co-driver and coach was Jay Abernethy...the tactics were to lead out behin
  14. You'll find the whole NZ Racing dates to August 1 2023 on HRNZ website. Click on NEWS and a couple of pages back on 5 May there is an article headed....Cromwell gets new dates. Click on that and it will lead to the link..
  15. Congrats to all winners , and this 'say no more' character......what an amazing job he does ! Thanks !