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  1. Dunno if the example you used is correctly stated as 400% more but it is a shitload more in stakes in Aussie and many races exceed 400% ! I guess there are other factors to consider when deciding what suits you best as an makes sense to send your horse to Aussie if it has good ability . If your horse is a slow one it will cost you less in NZ plus you will see it in the flesh a few times etc and maybe enjoy the race-day experience a bit if we ever get out of this lockdown situation !
  2. Most were eljay ,but I believe a few others considering hoping on the flight and some would have been waiting for Sires Stakes final spot to be confirmed !
  3. Surely must be a record for Harness in NZ. 16 x races going around at Addington on Monday I think there were 277 nominations so its great so many horses getting a run ......including 3 x Group races . A longish day for all......11.30 am to 6.30 pm There are 9 x Northern horses racing which means there will be about 16 Northerners there for Cup week.
  4. I guess he referring to the fact that when it was announced last season that Manawatu Trots in jeopardy of being cut , it then said reduced programmes would be run in conjunction with the dogs ,obviously to save raceday/trackside etc costs .
  5. Plenty of upside in increased advertising for this years race and into the future and warm fuzzies for the Brand and probably an instant profitable outcome from the race. Sportsbet have apparently paid out $6 mill on this and the story has gone around the world ,and likely to create added interest in UK etc who don't have the recent number of runners. Its the biggest gambling event of the year in Aussie so the $6mill likely to recouped many times over ! Great for the Brand !
  6. Ashburton usually favours those handy to the pace......often was discussed at Jewels time.......odd in that it is a big track with a long straight but many find it hard to make up ground. Reasons often given are that it is down hill last 250m and often wind at back. The races I saw were interesting ...the 2 yr old was impressive , Darling Me won a very exciting race and 5 x very good trotters had a real tussle with the parked Hope horse outstanding with great final sectionals. Add in Sundees Son and others and thats a class field ! The Cup class race was interesting in that the
  7. Berri ,you seem quite negative about NZ racing ....yet again .....but looking at the Australian racing yesterday I didn't feel so bad about it...far from it ! Our horsemen/women seemed to do OK ...that is our jockeys and trainers while the horses were there abouts . You will know the numbers ,but in most areas ...population ,economy , betting ,horse numbers etc I think Aussie [ and UK ] at least 5 to 10 times bigger than NZ. So I was intrigued to see the amazing Cox Plate race with its massive stake only had 8 starters....EIGHT....4 of them had NZ beside their name, one ran a c
  8. Picks Saturday Matamata R6.......1 , 12 Riccarton R8.......1 , 3 Riccarton R10.......5 , 8 Randwick R3.......5 , 6 Randwick R7.......2 , 3 Randwick R9........6 , 12 The Valley R3.......3 , 7 The Valley R4.......1 , 9 The Valley R5......4 , 9 The Valley R6......3 , 5 The Valley R7......1 , 5 The Valley R8......2 , 6 BB The Valley R9.......6 , 10 The Valley R10........9 , 11 BB Thanks
  9. Good to see he is running . But he has only ever raced ONCE further than 1600m so not much of a lead , and not a great opportunity to put the boot into NZ racing IMO.
  10. Well Meomy , I was quite happy to get my jabs ,as I have since I was a baby. Overall I have had good health ,but like many getting older I did have a medical event a few years back and as an alternative to having my leg cut off at the knee I chose to have all sorts of jabs and substances stuck into the Covid issue I was given options and read the dozens of opinions of accepting the jabs ,insertions and medications suggested. As a letter to Herald today points out those struck with Cancer have to endure treatment with some highly toxic chemicals and therapies which kill e
  11. I read where a 'selected' crowd will be allowed access. One of the few 'benefits' these days of being a member of the Club . Owners of horses racing on day will also get in , but with so many big syndicates in operation these days I guess some of these groups may also be restricted as well . Of course Auckland /Waikato and other level 3 lepers will need things to change re Travel before the big day. Where are the benefits from being double vaxxed ? I never even got a a free pizza or fish and chips !
  12. Cheers Barry, I checked the NZ starts only .....and took the total numbers off the raceday info on TAB page. Interesting that these horses still have juice left in them after racing in Australia where the opportunities are prolific ! Easy to see why NZ has so many exports/sales. Our horses are resilient ,but often have to race out of their class/ability and the cost of racing them far exceeds the rewards possible. It becomes an expensive hobby. And our Harness betting can do little to change this equation . Its grim in the North !
  13. Picks Hastings R6........4 , 6 Hastings R8........1 , 3 Ashburton R8......1 , 6 Randwick R5.......3 , 6 Randwick R6......2 ,12 Randwick R7......2 , 6 Randwick R8......1 , 2 Randwick R9......4 , 14 BB Caulfield R4.......6 , 10 Caulfield R5.......2 ,13 Caulfield R6.......4 , 8 Caulfield R7......2 , 8 Caulfield R8......6 , 9 Caulfield R9.......3 , 10 Caulfield R10......9 , 12 BB Thanks
  14. Good observation Cubes.......but be warned opinions on commentators often gets a bit personal. Most have their favourites , likes and dislikes . Shine up the shoes for Cup week ....hope it many of us can share it with you !