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  1. tasman man

    South island racing

    .....sounds like terrible bad luck. It just goes to prove...."One should always gather one's facts"....before ranting and raving !!!
  2. tasman man

    South island racing

    ....to the race in that it was run at little more than a hack canter. There were 2 warm fancies ,one was quite short on tote ,they were at back moved closer on turn , then got snookered in straight ,running on late for 3rd and 4th. Issue was there were just 7 horses in race ,along with slow tempo. In race 2 I watched Royal Lu which raced 2nd ,led in straight , got stitch but looked a chance for 4th but rider dropped hands well out from line....finished 6th .half-length from 4th. I guess things are just run at slower pace !!!....more relaxed.
  3. tasman man

    Food for thought

    ......a great race and a great occasion all-round. That unlikely to change anytime soon ,as far as .....a race that stops Nations , attracting once-a-year punters , a social outing, Marketing, profiteering ,publicity etc etc. Just getting harder to participate in !!!!
  4. tasman man

    Food for thought

    ......NH horses are higher rated and as a result too many are making up the field in the big one. Definitely not so good for Australasia and sooner or later something will be done to ensure a few more 'locals' will take part. However ,tweaking NZ races unlikely to change things for Kiwi hopefuls. Our races are simply not strong enough ,Kiwi horses would still need to perform in Aussie.
  5. .....and I thought maybe the last winner ended up the fav which may have helped us !!!!! Peter....you do such a great job....I see divi for last winner $5.20...is different by 10 c to your 'official result'. Was the last winner the fav. @ $5.20. Some nice races today....plenty of good Kiwiscs efforts , trainers, jockeys and horses. Whers's pogo when you need him....mourning in Manly ,maybe !!!!
  6. tasman man


    ....for any length of time and you can come up with dozens of little errors. To some this is butchering the English language but as most of the comment is 'off the cuff' ,and some feel the need to constantly rabbit on ,and it is racing which does has speak and a flow of speak of its own , I don't think it's too bad. If the print media ,and books,can have spelling and grammatical errors and TV1 front-person can call Paula B ,Paula Benefit, then I think the race folk can make blunders too. Many say brought instead of bought and vice-versa ,we all do , and words such as everythink.....and the horse has done good lately ,he's spot on ,ridden a treat , came home well and won with leg in air ,or on its air [sp ] , the money was on the mark,or worse on the lolly, and he has got the chocolates......WHO CARES . Yep place names are places on map and jockey names etc all should be said correctly but some of the horse names are plain silly ,too long ,tricky ,and if you gor foreign expect mistakes. One phrase which tickles my fancy is the "without further a jew / adieu". But my best ever was when the Dennis Brothers horse was said to be trained by Dennis Brose , cos the book said Dennis Bros.....happened many times. But the commentators etc are faced with a nightmare in those big maiden fields.. it can't be easy, especially midweek when there are up to 100 'newish' nags running around , many with stupid names.....and in up to 4 different countries !!! Plus many of us in racing ain't the brightest....a friend tells the story of driving a jockey and his car to the races from the Waikato to Woodville and they were running a bit late and thought they knew a short-cut. Realising they were lost , the driver decides to stop at Petrol station to buy a map...he goes in and starts tranaction and jockey comes in and says 'Why you buying that ?'. "To find out what road to get on ". "oh I have a map in the glove-box ,I thought it only had place-names in it" Give em all a break !!!!
  7. tasman man

    G Unit gone

    .....send a boy on a mans errand !!!! Where the hell did he get JJ's Flash from ?? Next time pick a South Islander !!! Only had to get $1.40 to survive ....bad luck indeed !!!
  8. tasman man


    ....has been proven ??? Maybe that horses with North Island 'affiliations' do well in South Island !!!! I doubt if you are too well bred nor were you a 'big buy'. A top 'blue blood'.....yeah right !!!
  9. r1....5 & 8 r2....3 & 8 r3....4 & 7 r4....5 & 10 r5....6 & 15 BB r6....2 & 4 r7....1 & 5 r8....4 & 5 r9.....3 & 4 r10....4 & 8 BB Good luck !!! Go the Sharkies !!!!!
  10. .....Nechita ,thanks !!! I could be the first to be shown the door !
  11. tasman man


    .....but as you start as low as $20k now and include 'well breds' as well I would expect a 'pile' of horses per meeting. I looked last Sat and I think you had maybe 6 horses in each NZ meeting. There were probably 6 wellbreds/big buys in the jumping races alone !! I think you included 2 minor Aussie meetings ,possibly cos the Darley/Patinack/Pommie imports would make huge lists. Then I took a look at Taupo , and the race I looked at you had no horses. I came to the conclusion your lists are incomplete , so I am giving you this feedback. Early on I thought your $40k mentions were hardly "big buys" , and now that you include $20k well.....South Island or not !!! It's just my opinion , and if you are happy posting them , good luck to you !!!
  12. tasman man

    What's Dillo's Best Bet at Whangarei?

    ....The Press liftout it is R6 Sacred Falls and ditto for the mighty, marvellous Mark C. SDavis the greyhound maestro plumps for R7 Tony Lombardo.
  13. tasman man

    Hamish Hunter

    ...of this race and the charge seems plain ridiculous. In past week I've seen horses hit more and harder mid-race !!!
  14. tasman man


    .....I see you are now including prices as low as $22k as a 'big buy' !!!! I sometimes look at your lists and find them very incomplete in that several horses I personally know went for reasonable money are not included. And by 'reasonable' money I would draw the line @ say $100k plus . A 'big buy' to this thinking would be say $250k ,which to many would be 'peanuts' particularly when some of the Stud fees have exceeded that eg...RD and EDL. Obviously if you are spending the time doing the lists ,you may as well make them more complete. Tho seeing all these 'costly' horses still running in mid-week maidens may be a huge 'turn-off' to prospective owners !!!
  15. tasman man

    Back to the number 1 ranking for the best ever.......

    .....how the current World Rankings stack up ??? Murray must be edging up the list and whoever holds the top after so much amazing Tennis over the last 12months , must be 'special' !!!!