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  1. I couldn’t agree more, now they know what to look for in the retesting of race samples. I think a number of dodgy trainers will be sweating. I just hope they go through with it..
  2. Dalboy


    You are right, they are galloping tracks. Were else in the world do harness race professionally on grass tracks? We are living in the Dark Ages!!
  3. Dalboy


    It looks like grass track racing is here to stay, unfortunately it is going to take a fatality or serious injury with the current grass crossings. It really sums up the professionalism of harness racing, living with there heads in the sand. The game is a joke with no welfare to drivers or horses, there is still no action to race fixing, drugs and cheats. Last one out, turn off the lights..
  4. Dalboy

    Whip Rules

    It’s a fucken joke, ban them.
  5. It was great to the Aussie stewards not mucking around, maybe NZ stewards could do the same, eg Kirstin Barclay driving style in the home straight in the group 1 breeders stakes. Not a mention in the stipes report?
  6. It is too late in the season for grass track racing, should work on day light savings.
  7. Can the industry please make up there mind with closing down clubs. Geraldine for example, facilities are inadequate for professional racing and yet they get a life line next season. Were the best mile track in the country ‘ashburton’ only has a hand full of meetings. You have too break a few eggs to make a omelette, but at the moment they are becoming hard boiled. I know people from the South Canterbury won’t agree, but we have to move with the times..
  8. Is this the commentator that has a pet name for most drivers, ice man, magic man, I suppose with the small fields they have to fill in time some how!!
  9. Well put Charlie, maybe you would get better value for money in Bosnia, minus the bombs!!
  10. I can’t be the only person thinking enough is enough. I am sick of this industry thinking that cheating is ok. Time after time we have heard of trainers being warned, and the ones that are caught, a weak slap on the wrist. From milking shaking, blue magic, Operation Inca and what ever they are using now. When does it get to a point were some serious decisions are made, I have contacted Gary Woodham, Mike Gober, the Racing minister and animal welfare and nobody seems to care about what is going on. Personally I hate cheats, they are no better than thieves and rapists, and in no industry should
  11. Let’s be honest, I am a breeder but why would you go to the time and money to breed a trotter. By stats, the top young trotters come out of the yearling sales with the same owners. It doesn’t help when the same trainers keep winning as well, the game is on a lot of trouble especially when issues like Jesse Alford are not sorted out straight away. Wake up everyone!!, personally I am sick of it..
  12. I couldn’t agree more, it just shows how far behind the harness game is. It doesn’t help that the harness judiciary system is as weak as piss..
  13. Dalboy


    How many horses have to break on these crossings for there to be a major problem. Gore was disgraceful and Westport wasn’t much better. This is supposed to be a professional industry, I feel for the punters!!