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  1. No one including the racing minister seems to care about the future. Breeding numbers are way down, you can’t invent horses. They need to do something, or last one out turn off the lights!!
  2. We do have the best breeds?
  3. Personally and this is just my opinion, that NZ racing of all 3 codes should just be another racing state of Australia. The benefits of this would be ten fold, better betting pools, in-line drug testing over both countries, etc.. Also it would mean better stakes over the 3 codes to lure better dogs and horses from Australia. Personally I would love to see Chris Waller having a satellite stable in NZ. Australia just seems to run there racing industry so professionally, I think this could be the future, otherwise we could be left behind, but is only my opinion. I would like to know what
  4. Dalboy


    Scott Dickson has been fined twice but yet still holds a training license. Just a slap on the hand, we need to be more like Australia. A life ban should be the only solution.
  5. Dalboy


    Does anyone know what is happening to operation Inca!?
  6. Dalboy


    At least he will be familiar with crims and bad guy. Should be right up his alley
  7. Now the jewels look like they are staying in the North Island, there is definitely an opening for Ashburton to stage its own mile day, not 1700m, New Zealand racing needs to break the 1.50 mile time and realistically Ashburton or Winton can do it. If you could get a major sponsor on board and lure some Aussies over with a sub 1.50 bonus, similar to the Monsanto race years ago. I would love to see a Little Brown Jug format with heats and finals on the same day. Just some food for thought?
  8. Think what you want, all I can say is that cheats always get caught. It is called GREED!!! I think Lee is the goose or living in la la land, if he thinks everything is legal in the industry.
  9. Lance Armstrong the biking cheat, who used blood doping..
  10. Finally we have someone with no baggage to racing in charge of the IRU. Being an ex policeman, he won’t have any pets in the game. He wants to come down hard on cheats when he takes over on July 1st, best news I have heard for a long time. Good luck Mr Clement.
  11. I couldn’t care less who is in charge, all I can say is that lance Armstrong finally got caught. Watch this space!!
  12. Obviously your name pound for pound means you are carrying some extra weight. The difference between you and me is that I have been involved in the industry for 30 years and I tell it the way it is. Take your head out of the shit heap, I just hate cheats. Look what happened to lance Armstrong, he got caught!! It will happen here as well. Have a nice day..
  13. With the on going cheating, operation Inca and blatant poisoning of horses with foot rot solution. I can’t believe how gutless people are in the industry, basically turning a blind eye to it. Everyone knows what’s going on, but would rather say nothing (Gutless). I would love to see all these pricks band for life, what are people scared of. Outside the industry, these people are nobodies, I will keep emailing Gary Woodham weekly till he gets sick of me, then I will email him twice a week Nobody is above the law!! I would like to know what everybody thinks on this?
  14. My heart bleeds for him, I’m sure he will pay the gas bill ok this month..
  15. Does anyone know what happened to Geoff Small and Neil Brady?. Both trained some great horses, Small- Elsu, Changeover, De Lovley, Pullover Brown. Brady- Franco ice, Elec to live, Gotta go harmony.