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  1. Patiti

    Aussie Bookmaker Takeover

    Any regulatory approval needed and how might it affect any possible Joint venture that Bernard keeps pressing for.
  2. Patiti

    Winton Gallops

    Winton should have dug their toes in and said we have a track and are all ready to go and we will race here. Now they end up at Gore because those making decisions and are being bully boys have probably never ever been South of the Waitaki.
  3. Patiti

    Winton Gallops

    Love to know if RITA decided or NZTR (Bernard) with another preemptive strike a la Stratford.
  4. Patiti


    Seems to be an entire. I see it traces back to La Mer.
  5. Patiti


    I thought the Greenfields plan for the Waikato covered all three codes whch could invigorate the North and provide another feeder club into the Park.
  6. Patiti


    What if I buy an apartment because it overlooks the park and they close the track and just put more apartments there. Too risky now. They were marketed because of the unique situation.
  7. Patiti


    Not since commingling BUT they did pay out final field immediately for a while as part of a promotion. (I think.)
  8. Patiti

    John Allen

    The delay could have cost a lot if it had performed up to expectations. The resignation memo states that he has laid a solid foundation that can be built on. RITA should be more measured with what they say as all the evidence shows otherwise. Still a bank loan to be sorted with a direction not to leverage the balance sheet. Not sure how that can be achieved with the amount of work still required to be done on the platform.
  9. Patiti

    Weigh In - Shaune Ritchie

    Just watched the two episodes and see Bernard still adamant that a joint venture is the way to go. The TAB is already in a JV with open bet / paddy power. There may be serious issues between RITA and NZTR on this matter. I would be interested to know how much involvement the Chair of RITA had in the discussions on this topic when he was a member of NZTR.
  10. Patiti

    Methven no go

    Ashburton confirmed as venue...............
  11. Patiti

    Bernard's blog

    Found them under join in, thank you.
  12. Patiti

    Bernard's blog

    Still not on my computer on the NZTR site.
  13. Patiti

    Bernard's blog

    Nothing on NZTR website since June 22. Whats happening at HO.
  14. Patiti

    Couch TV Presenters, here’s your chance

    Matt Cross appointed to take over from Mark Surprise surprise.
  15. Patiti

    Greg Kerr -Resignation

    Would Glenda like to be on the board?