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  1. Patiti

    Racing Bill Submissions

    Unless the NZTR come to the party and support the TAB and RITA this whole deal is going nowhere.
  2. Patiti

    Southland Saturday

    Need to address the dual code status of the likes of Timaru. Large harness use and considerable thoroughbred training at the venue. SC Hunt club also race there and I see in the submissions by NZTR they exclude Hunt clubs from there assett snatch. Confused.....
  3. Patiti

    Twists and turns of breeding

    Any performance by the ferlax colts would advance the mare considerably especially if she goes to a commercial stallion. Some top stallions in the dam line so could easily make book one soon.
  4. Patiti

    awapuni synthetic track

    How does all this fit in with the future venue plan and is it the clubs driving this or the NZTR or both. The assetts of Foxton, Levin, Otaki, Manawatu Raceway and perhaps Trentham are all under review potentially with funds to be used for the industry going forward. Any money from the sale of land would need to be used for the future capital of the industry and could be lost forever if used for current expenditure. The PGF should be paying the full cost and not pushing the club into spending money they dont need to right now. I am puzzled as to who is driving this project and how it fits into the overall plan.
  5. Patiti

    Riccarton fields

    Friday Morning Weather: Overcast Track: Dead 5 Rail: True | 3mm Rain Overnight Weather and Track Updated at 8.53am Friday 7 February Track conditions from NZTR site. Would have been OK for 2yo's unless already a bit shinny
  6. Patiti

    Deja Vu

    Looked like the Indians were trying to lose the way they fielded. But then we blew an early run out chance on the first ball over the Super over. Confusing...
  7. Patiti

    Hawkes Bay fields

    Do the clubs just run the same programs year after year and take no notice of the needs of the owners. OR Are they directed by NZTR not to do more.
  8. Patiti

    Hawkes Bay fields

    Hororata not listed as a club on NZTR although CJC mention a Hororata day in their listing with a special membership for Hororata and Rangiora. Feilding is listed as a seperate club racing at Awapuni. When the future venue plan is settled the clubs running them should be matched to the venue and known by that name.
  9. I believe this S100M a year is purely speculative scaremongering. They seem to be trying to develop by take over activity and struggling to make a return to their shareholders. We do not have to make money for our shareholders, instead, distribute profits to the codes. The proposed model is probably the best we can do for now without risking everything. NZTR should get in behind because their continuous chorus of dissent may bring down the entire system leaving us all betting with off shore entities whose prime goal is performance measured by dividends to their shareholders and NO distributions.
  10. Patiti


    Lot 546
  11. Patiti

    Dean McKenzie road show

    The Minister and his advisers and RITA are bending over backwards to help Bernard and his cohorts and all his does is winge and moan because he is not getting his own way on everything. Could derail the whole process. Who is right and what is your opinion Chris.
  12. Patiti

    Dean McKenzie road show

    Bernard talking to Peter Earley on radio today going on about partnerships. joint ventures and outsourcing the TAB still and how they are going to fight hard out to get what they want. As usual takes no account of other codes and sports and makes a lot of unsubstantiated conclusions. The whole process is rushed with no real cost analysis or projections. Best we keep the faith and trust in the Minister and appointees to get it right.
  13. Patiti

    Telegraph - official time?

    Reliable times are important to compare performances.
  14. Patiti

    Bernard,s blog

    I am dismayed at the tone and rhetoric of this report. After orchestrating the removal of the NZRB board and replacing it with one of their own as Chair they now seem at odds with the proposed legislation. Unless there is general agreement on the changes particularly any new governance model the whole process is too rushed and needs to be widely debated before we end up in a worse position than we are now. Even the appointment criteria to the board of NZ Tab is so similar to the current model that it is bound to fail. The restrictions on distributions unworkable. There has been very little detail about expected outcomes of the changes and certainly no cost benefit analysis of the changes. The AWT at Cambridge is a good example of things just happening with no information being given to the general public.
  15. Patiti

    All Stars Mile

    What happens to the undistributed betting profit and what would have been distributed in the past couple of years using that formula?