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  1. Would Bernard Saundry be best to comment. Sure he would say what communications they had.
  2. Patiti


    special crossed with Kris Superb pedigree
  3. Patiti

    Is this site shut down ?

    Seems not
  4. Patiti


    Final field place bet
  5. Patiti

    Time to end Jumps in the South?

    A very good question that perhaps RITA will address as it looks to reset the industry. An area that has been neglected by NZTR. I think that jumping is an integral part of racing and must continue.
  6. Patiti

    John Allen must be sued !!!

    If anyone was to be sued it would be open bet / paddy power for failing to deliver the world leading betting platform that TAB thought they were getting.Losses could be absolutely huge.
  7. Patiti

    Racing Act

    Not all the current board Bill Birnie is now part of Rita and Liz Dawson is an ex member. Dean is also on the board of NZTR.
  8. Patiti

    How y’all looking now

    Used to follow her all the times a few years ago. Didn't realize she was back riding
  9. Patiti

    RITA- Board

    Bernard's blog states that they are actively negotiating the outsourcing of the TAB with MAC. Going for the jugular. Unseemly haste it seems to be. Could be the death rattle of all codes. Sports betting would survive probably but with little return to Sports NZ. The epitaph is being written.
  10. Patiti

    RITA- Board

    Please explain. NZTR is the author of its own mismanagement and has simply blamed it on the TAB for years. Now they have taken over by stealth well see how good they are. The export industry seemed to be the focus of the submissions in Parliament . Taking over clubs and assets seems to be their next step.
  11. Patiti

    RITA- Board

    The NZTR and the clubs have a lot more to do with the state of the thoroughbred industry than Glenda. They have been undermining the Board for a long time and have finally succeeded. What follows is completely unknown. Will they recommend RITA management of all clubs and their assets for the greater good.
  12. Patiti

    RITA- Board

    Parliament on racing bill NOW Channel 86
  13. Patiti

    How y’all looking now

    Is it contemplated that RITA take over management of the codes as well as the TAB. Putting the industry under statutory management.
  14. Patiti

    Trackside on free to air

    Already expired. Continues but no longer exclusive