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  1. Patiti

    Groff Small

    Not currently licenced
  2. Looks like Dean now gets the job as MAC becomes RITA. Announced this morning at Karaka.
  3. Patiti

    Jjumpout results

    What a hoot!!!!!!!!!!!1
  4. Patiti

    Kiwis get a nice double at Sunshine Coast

    Big kiwi connection today at Wyong R2
  5. WHY the silence from the board. If it was a listed company they would be required to make a statement and if they expect or can see benefits starting to accrue from the new platform why can't they say so.
  6. Patiti

    John Allan Industry Conversations

    No reports from Westport yet. Anyone out there attend.
  7. Couldn't agree more.
  8. Patiti

    John Allan Industry Conversations

    I see in Bernard's blog on NZTR he reports on the Hawkes Bay conversation highlighting the move to digital with the reduction in on course and phonebetting as a % of the total. No mention what the overall trends are and the impact of the FOB platform generally. Phonebet has gone from 8.9 % 3.4 % . On course from 2.8 % to 1.8 % Floating these sort of stats around in isolation is dangerous. Surely a proper analysis of the total trends and impacts of the new platform and phonebet systems would be more helpful.
  9. Patiti

    John Allan Industry Conversations

    Westport 12May 5.00 - 6.30pm Riccarton 22 May 12noon - 1.30pm Wingatui 22 May 6.30 - 8pm ARC 30 May 3.00 - 4.30pm Te Rapa 31 May 10.30am - 12 noon Other dates may be added
  10. Has anyone been or going to these meetings. First one 8 May 19. Be interested to hear his views.
  11. Patiti

    David Ellis decides to speak out....

    AT THE KARAKA SALES ???? Winston is opening the May mixed.
  12. Patiti

    HRNZ Web Update

    Results now hopeless. Seem to have taken a direct feed off the open bet site where the layout is spread out over several pages for each race and then repeats all starters. Even the TAB site has gone back to a better display in its results section.
  13. Patiti

    Name for my horse please.

    Lollipop or Mr Sandman
  14. Needs a change to the legislation. Was mooted for next lot of changes a couple of years ago but seems to have dropped of the list. The new platform was meant to be capable of taking a number of non sporting events. Might be still with the DIA.
  15. Patiti

    Name for my horse please.

    Nothing lost