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  1. Who is Matt Dunning I agree though..............why not close out with a droppie
  2. Would be a good bet. Is he spokesman for anything?
  3. Are you saying Trentham not racing because it has no fibre????????????
  4. Working again now. Ron must have been on a break.
  5. Faulty right now. Help desk getting service desk to look in to it.
  6. No mention of Simon Mackay, the aussie IT guy who was on the team. Dean leaving all the hard work to next CEO or simply waiting to outsource????????????
  7. TOMMY WOODCOCK AND PHAR LAP Looks like him in both pics.
  8. David Walsh Riding Master Training, Safety and Welfare Advisor - Southern Mobile +64 27 570 0804 Noel Harris Riding Master - Central & Northern Mobile +64 27 809 3678 Kim Clapperton Riding Master - Central Mobile +64 27 221 9738 Jonathan Riddell Jumps Jockey Mentor Mobile +64 27 453 5953 Sally Waters Apprentice Jockey Tutor - Northern Mobile +64 27 494 2850 Amy Johnson
  9. No quaddie on those races. See result race 4
  10. News release by Dean yesterday on TAB site.
  11. Omaha Beach would also be a great option.
  12. To Cambridge AW track. Be building new complex there for race meetings.
  13. References to partnering or outsourcing interesting. Looks more likely than ever.