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  1. Patiti

    Maija Vance

    She talked to Peter Earley on trackside today. Great insight to where she is at and the prognosis. Seems to be coping very well with a very difficult situation. Accolades to all her supporters.
  2. Patiti

    Greg O'Connor

    Luke Radich not Jason Tan I believe.....................
  3. Thats why it takes no account of others especially harness at dual code venues. No depth to it. Are we now going to get a report (s) on the harness greyhound codes. Also sports betting not mentioned. The Thoroughbred Racing could outsource its own product and the rest can go jump.
  4. Why doesn't NZTR just take the assetts of all clubs and manage them like a big Fonterra type company for the "Industry". HRNZ could do the same. Also Greyhounds. Could even float with members of clubs getting preferential share entitlements
  5. Patiti

    NZRB statement of intent released

    The board should not be agreeing to these strategies. I still think the appointment of Bayliss by Jackson was the beginning of the end. He should have resigned when the new Chair was appointed.
  6. Patiti

    NZRB statement of intent released

    Purcell was NZTR not NZRB Two separate entities. The statement of intent was issued by John Allen, NZRB Seems a lot of waffle to me more about recent achievements and looking to repeat with a big emphasis on Sports.
  7. Patiti

    July 5th TAB announcement?

    soccer???? world cup
  8. Patiti

    Another meeting bites the dust

    If there was an all weather at say Cambridge or Matamata would this help much Some meeting are going to lose out anyway,
  9. Patiti

    Fav last leg of quaddie

    If equal favourites on win pool go for the lower number?????
  10. Patiti

    Congratulations Jonelle Price

    Hearty congratulations and noting that it is a first for a Kiwi lady is fair comment. Good on her.
  11. Patiti

    miramar and kilbirne tabs closing wgtn

    Is this because they do not have pokies there. Still Newtown or the realm I suppose. Upgrade the corner bar??????????????
  12. Patiti

    Winston can’t cope

    Never fear, Messara is here.....
  13. Patiti

    Interesting development

    And Helix
  14. Patiti

    Herald article today on Hanger

    Comes from a very good Wairarapa Family. Passed at the ready to run. Came home very strong when clear late. Looked very good horse on the improve.