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  1. Patiti

    5G ---- Let's do it right.

    If the conference was in SA then Bernard mentioned it in a blog.
  2. Patiti

    Anyone for a game...seeing we’re all bored

    Stiassney Jackson Bayliss Hughes Allan Purcell Saundry George Henry Kydd
  3. Patiti

    TAB to go tits up

    Just random clippings from the Auckland Star 2 Jan 1919.
  4. Patiti

    Is this happening in Petone

    What does this mean. Is it distributable profit or Revenue before deductions for operating expenses. A disclosure of the current financial position and likely level of distribution for next season would be better. The new entity TAB NZ looks unlikely this year as the second tranche of legislation will probably stall. If there are major changes it may go back to the select committee
  5. Patiti

    Capital Value Disappearing

    I think you will see a dramatic tumble in service fees right across the board.
  6. Patiti

    Auckland GRC

    Harness Gallops or both. The Messara report puts a lot of weight on the Greenfields as all but a done deal.
  7. Patiti

    Auckland GRC

    Has the Waikato Greenfields having any impact here.
  8. Patiti

    App ratings

    Where are these ratings from and what was the criteria. Can't be that bad surely.
  9. Good idea. Should have been done 12 months ago.
  10. The suits will get past Easter.........................just.
  11. Patiti

    $50M cost and $20M a year for this!!

    The jetbet system was progressively upgraded over years and is still more fit for purpose than the current system, They keep bemoaning the number of favourites winning as the reason for little or no return for some options. The automated pricing with the new platform seems to weighted to a much lesser return and there may be a fundamental flaw in its structure.
  12. Patiti

    TAB to go tits up

    Still giving bonus bets today at Avondale. Does this mean they have fixed the problem or is the train too hard to stop and further losses expected
  13. Patiti

    Corona Virus Impact on Racing Could the cure be close at hand
  14. Patiti

    Corona Virus Impact on Racing

    UK dogs starting in ten minutes. Presume they intend to have betting on it soon.
  15. Patiti

    Corona Virus Impact on Racing

    Have a look back at the Spanish flu 100 yrs ago to see what devastation it caused. This needs immediate measures now, Isolation is the best way to stop it.