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  1. Whoever advised a review in the High Court needs their head read. No chance of any success, just a waste of time and money. IMO
  2. Stewards report is not clear and does not say whether Jockeys or trainer to blame. Trainer fined after admitting what?
  3. Middle top or bottom pub? Collings in middle then?
  4. Nice little piece in the Dominion with last end and interview with Nicole.
  5. Goofy Glenn and he is still there.
  6. Should or have they returned the wage subsidy.
  7. oops Off to a great start again. Looks like all the changes are working NOT
  8. Who is Matt Dunning I agree though..............why not close out with a droppie
  9. Would be a good bet. Is he spokesman for anything?
  10. Are you saying Trentham not racing because it has no fibre????????????
  11. Working again now. Ron must have been on a break.
  12. Faulty right now. Help desk getting service desk to look in to it.