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    nathanleslie got a reaction from Baz (NZ) in First Broodmare   
    Our first Foal
    Only Had To Wait 2Yrs
    Mare Slipped Last Yr .But I Think He Was Worth The Wait.

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    nathanleslie reacted to Chris Wood in u kidding   
    Ellerslie and TeRapa are my two favourite tracks, but for holiday racing, Taupo killed them all.
    Nice family environment, picnic at the car, drink your own beer and wine, super day out. 
    You can entertain your owners, enjoy the racing, and in the public area was there any problems, no chance.
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    nathanleslie got a reaction from Breeder in Our Second Broodmare   
    Thanks Shad would be nice some beginners luck
    Thanks Breeder i understand what you mean now. I really have no idea what im doing. but very willing to Learn Thank you
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    nathanleslie got a reaction from .... in Our Second Broodmare   
    Thanks Bruce I was thinking the same thing
    Nasrullah  Geez it is a shame we dont have son of Madaglia D'oro. Maybe somebody should stand one next year.
    Thanks Woodbine good to know and all the best for Karaka
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    nathanleslie reacted to dbtab in Blue Shadow   
    His sire Dalghar is producing some nice horses ,Blue Shadow is looking very promising
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    nathanleslie reacted to rdytdy in "Miracle" Mal Johnston   
    He has put out two songs about that Cup:
    Here's one:
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    nathanleslie reacted to puha in Chinese   
    As Branson said today if the water is being exported it's commonsense it should be taxed etc. The Chinese are coming here in droves on holiday why not incorporate a day or two at the brand new racing complex ? Every time I stay Ridges in Rotorua fior the races  the place is teaming with well heeled Asian tourists being herded onto buses of  follow the well worn path  of  tourist attractions.All i I see is a missed opportunity for Arawa park and the racing industry in general that they havent somehow formed a relationship   to entertain them at the races which is only 200 metres from Ridges lobby.
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    nathanleslie reacted to tim vince in Rory Hutchings   
    not eating cant be much fun I think  I would need a freshen  up- after 3 hours
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    nathanleslie reacted to Spikecity in hong kong   
    Professionally run from top to bottom. Two super racing surfaces and good horses and many of the best jockeys in the world. Interference in a race is minimal and dealt with harshly. Happy Valley is lot "party night" which is more like "yuppie night" where drinking beer and socializing seem to be the centre of attention. Shatin is definitely for the die-hard punters and is an hours trip on the subway from central station (with a couple of changes of subway routes). Facilities for the crowd are definitely better at Shatin with more seating indoors, however getting an indoor seat is almost impossible as so many people attend the meetings held there. Huge crowds leaving after the last race to take the subway and would suggest leaving before the last race even though there are extra subways put on especially for the races.
    Yes there is little competition for the gambling dollar in HK with only sports betting being offered on football matches. They do have a Sports Lottery which is similar to Lotto.
    The races are shown live on TV with full introductions and tips before each race and races are also shown live in TABs (which are packed).
    For me I love going to both courses mostly for the atmosphere and it reminds me of how racing was back in my younger days - stands packed, racing to see the horses parade before going into the birdcage and then hoping to get a spot in the stand again.
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    nathanleslie reacted to High Sparrow in This is good   
    Ah the memories, nothing better than riding a horse along a beach with a bit of pace on.
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    nathanleslie reacted to Nachos in Good vs Bad trainers   
    In my point of view, a top trainer is a top horseman. - someone who can take a crap horse and make it average, take an average horse and make it ok, and take an ok horse and make it 'good'. However, often the real horsemen never get the opportunity of having a 'great' horse, because their focus is on the animal - not the people.
    I feel that what often makes a trainer appear to be 'good' is, as TBL alluded to, the 'brand' of the trainer. In order to be a 'brand' they are generally fabulous talkers - basically salesmen, who are able to capture wealthy clients, who invest heavily in the horses. They therefore will often have a huge number of horses in work. In regards to actual 'training', they may sit at the track in the morning spinning yarns, but not actually dealing with the animal. These trainers also have a huge number of horses  However, many of those in work never go to the races because they either:
    1. break down
    2. aren't good enough.
    As the trainer is basically running a 'sausage factory' operation, if one horse doesn't stand up, the wealthy owners have another horse waiting in line. As a result, their horses tend to be well bred and their winning stats will automatically be high because they have, essentially, the pick of the crop. It then turns into a cycle of what appears to be success.
    However, the horsemen isn't often a salesman, so doesn't get wealthy owners at their door. This isn't to say they are rude or poor communicators (often they are anything but), but they are not a really charismatic personality.  Because they don't get the wealthy owners, they often have shares in the majority of horses they do have, and because they don't have the wealthy owners, often have to sell their better horses just to survive. As a result their appearance of 'success' (having really high strike rates, or winning group races) is less. And, like the salesman trainers cycle of success continues, the horsemen's cycle of average horses continues.
    If I was looking for a new trainer, I would approach jockeys and ask their opinion about which trainers they think are the best 'horsemen' and go with them - the jocks know who they are.
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    nathanleslie reacted to Insider in RIU V G Ville   
    For fucks sake, once upon a time, when I was able to wear a frilly dress there were thousands on course each and every Saturday yet we were able to go in and pat our horse, see it saddled and get a heads up from the trainer. 
    Today with no one on course, we can't get in to see our horse, pat it or get the information from the trainer on how it might go. 
    Instead we have to listen to the radio or watch Trackside to learn that it is a good chance and that every other prick will be on it too.
    As I say, for fucks sake,  the worlds gone mad!
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    nathanleslie reacted to We're Doomed in Something Positive for a chancge   
    With all of the doom and gloom in the industry isn't it great to see such good fields at Poverty Bay this weekend.
    It is brilliant to see trainers supporting a club that tries hard and attracts a decent crowd. And some of their sponsors must be an embarrassment for some of the metropolitian clubs.
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    nathanleslie reacted to Ohokaman in Minx   
    Morons. She equalled Phar Lap's many did Black Caviar win again.....?? 
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    nathanleslie reacted to barryb in You've got to feel for the hard working people of racing   
    The 2 online auction sites run every couple of weeks wont have helped this sale and the Festival sale, I know myself and a few others who might have bought something have already done so during the year and are not venturing along to this sale.
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    nathanleslie reacted to Ruby in You've got to feel for the hard working people of racing   
    Slam Dunk I think it's pretty obvious really to survive people have to sell as the costs of racing a horse  - trainers, vets, transport, farriers etc far outweigh the return you get for racing - no business can sustain such losses.
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    nathanleslie reacted to scooby3051 in Say what you like   
    Say what you like but that was a decent thing David Ellis did to make sure the final lot Joe Walls auctioned was a sale... thought it was a nice gesture. Enjoy your retirement Joe Walls thanks for the years of great auctioneering.
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    nathanleslie reacted to billy connolly in James McDonald   
    But you wouldn't have a clue. Some people get less than 18 months for manslaughter!
    These racing police (in all jurisdictions) wield far too much power in my view and us minnows have to cop the preposterous penalties these pricks dish out. Even if a license holder took their case to a high court judge the judge wouldn't interfere with a sporting bodies penalties / rules.
    Time for a racing ombudsman I say.
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    nathanleslie reacted to Counter Punch in Fall at Gore   
    Today a young lady went to work to do what she loved. Sadly, and most cruelly, tonight she will not return home. A true reminder that no matter what might annoy or frustrate us in this industry that at the end of the day it is just horse racing and nothing else. RIP. 
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    nathanleslie got a reaction from Willow Grove in First Broodmare   
    Yes Berri I need all the help i can get. So Shocking would be a Good  Stallion for Next Year. 
    What a Lovely Foal Willow Grove. Not surprised you sent your Mare back to Dalgar
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    nathanleslie reacted to gubellini in First Broodmare   
    Il Cavallo very nice type standing at a very reasonable $3,000. Won once at 900m and four times at 1000m so progeny may not get much further. By Choisir the sire of my suggestion Proisir. Proisir won three from 1200 to 1600m. He also ran two Group One seconds so was a serious racehorse. His fee a lot higher at $7,000.
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    nathanleslie reacted to Nasrullah in First Broodmare   
    The only stallions mentioned above that are commercial ( to sell at a sale) is Proisir and maybe Zed and Il Cavallo. There are other stallions out there that suit also.
    If you don't have a large budget I always say it is cheaper to sell a horse at the weanling or yearling sales than the cost to race a horse.
    Then if the mare leaves a good one you can decide on keeping a filly later.
    I would send your mare details to the top three 'commercial' stallions you select to see if you can get a discount because she is a nicely bred mare.
    Go for a stallion that the Aussies will like. A horse that had a Group One performance in Australia at 1600 up.
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    nathanleslie got a reaction from inside edge in First Broodmare   
    Hi Thanks everyone for your Help 
    Brighthill Farm Has Given me a Really Good Deal To Dalghar
    What do you think about that Mating
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    nathanleslie reacted to gubellini in First Broodmare   
    Hi nathanleslie. Endless Gossip is from a great 2yo producing family. She won at 2 as did her dam Chingquillo who won two Listed races in Victoria and run third in the Blue Diamond Stakes. Her grandam also won at 2. If you are wanting to breed a sprinter The Bold One stands for only $2,000 or a sire like Proisir stands at $7,000. If you are looking to breed a stayer have a look at Zed or El Hermano who both stand at $4,000. Endless Gossip is by Towkay out of a Bletchingly mare. This sort of breed are adept on wet tracks. With either Zed or El Hermano you should get a foal that would be a real wet tracker! Good luck in your first breeding venture.