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  1. inside edge

    Damn TAB app.

    this new site is the biggest stuff-up ever, it is so god dam un -weildy it does not flow and so easy to get lost and and then you miss out getting your bets on, it is just a bloody nightmare. I have not heard one good word said about it everybody is of the same opinion who ever is responsible for this mess should be on the first bus out of town.....
  2. inside edge


    Derby- Civil Disobedience Guineas- Main Stage Oaks- Savvy Coup. Thanks to the organisers for the opportunity
  3. inside edge

    Club membership

    No this charge is purely to use the track nothing to do with use of club stables paddocks or track is only payable once a year it isnt the money but the principle of it.i would say that we are the only track in nz that are rqd to do this and if you dont you dont get on the track...
  4. inside edge


    You dont to put it simply....
  5. inside edge

    Club membership

    Thats very interesting Pam they have made it quite clear that I have join the club if I want to continue to train there, also have to pay another $ gst for the privilege to train on this track, do any other trainers have to pay this extra fee to train on their track ( I am not talking about track fees) this is over and above those...
  6. inside edge

    El Hermano

    and the roll continues for this underrated sire : Under the moonlight just wins the Lisa Chittick WFA Foxbridge Plate congrats to all concerned .....
  7. inside edge

    Club membership

    whilst we are on the subject of membership to a Racing club can anyone enlighten me as to whether it is now compulsory to be a member of the Racing club that you (as a trainer) train out of. That to me seems to be a bit like blackmail I am just interested if this now applies to all trainers as this is what is happening at the track I train from.. interested in any replies to this ..
  8. inside edge

    New Racing Board member

    Not much hope for us then is there cann't even manage his own affairs let alone let him loose in our slack outfit.
  9. inside edge

    New Stallion at Highview

    Nice breeding and a very nice and fair stud fee. I would consider breeding to this guy. Well done High View...
  10. inside edge

    Gorky Park

    He is now with Wayne Carter 1226 pyes pa rd Tauranga. I agree I too think he is a very underrated stallion and has done well with his progeny that have raced so far. I think wayne told me that he is standing for about $1200.00 which would be good value for a son of Montjeu. Well worth a punt anyway....
  11. inside edge


    You are not to far of the mark there Puha from what I have been hearing the drums are beating I think a big flash Hotel for the chinese is going to be built on the Arawa park racecourse some where next to Ridges... How true that is I dont know...
  12. inside edge


    Things have got so crazy regarding the policing of alcohol being taken into racecourses it almost resulted in a punch up between over zealous security guards at the summer at the races meeting in Rotorua on the 27th, with trainers and track riders being stopped at 6.30am this is with horses on trucks and in floats with the idiot wanting us to produce or trainers licences and or track rider licences before he was going to let us in. The reason """ trainers are always trying to sneak in alcohol for christ sake""" at that hour of the morning with our horses on board one of the trainers was going to run him over with her truck we were on a time constraint with having to be off the track by 8am and here is this muppet with a line of vehicles waiting to get in.At that hour in the morning we have got better things to worry about than sneaking alcohol in. An once of COMMON SENSE goes a bloody long way. Its just way out of control with all this red tape going on as Puha says do they want us all to stay home and not enjoy these small things in life after we have all worked our guts out all year for little or no return....
  13. inside edge

    Trifecta not Tractor....

    Priceless.... Have to agree just loved michelle
  14. inside edge

    Ready to Run sale

    breeder: I dont think the majority of the vendors where being unrealistic in their expectations the costs of simply getting the horse to the sales is huge an average would be around $11,000 and then add the cost of breeding/buying the horse in the first place and then you are getting some quite frankly insulting offers for them for example $5000. for a horse that has just cost in the vicinity of $25.000 . Most of the rtrs i saw looked a picture and a credit to the vendors, and i would say the most ran up in very credible times. I think its a sign of the times that racing is pretty much stuffed, and the studs need to start looking at their fee structures if they want to attract some of the smaller breeders back.
  15. inside edge

    Ready to Run sale

    alot of sad people after this sale,heaps of passings and the chat was that with so many pin hookers getting their fingers burnt this years yearling sales might not be to good with the pin hookers not able to buy until they manage to ditch the many passed in rtr,s. It will be interesting to see how things go in the next couple of months. I see NZB is coming to the rescue in a small way by offering incentives to sell in their Gavel House on line auction specificially for the passed in lots..