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  1. Spikecity


    I thinl any mare from the Excuse Me family could be mated with a hereford bull and produce a champion
  2. Spikecity


    And Wayne Low awarded "Driver of the Year". Didn't he get put out for a year for incompetence?
  3. Spikecity

    One of the Best

    I think Olga Korbet was a half or full sister to Noodlum and she was pretty smart
  4. Spikecity

    Farewell J Teaz

    I liked his "the others are too far from the lure", hopefully he will take over full-time in the north but the powers that be probably won't allow it
  5. Spikecity

    Auckland Race Caller

    Totally agree, added colour without the bullshit we usually have to put up with
  6. Spikecity

    One of the Best

    Being clear of the well clear of the field at Forbury and jumping a puddle - think he fell if my memory is correct
  7. Spikecity

    UMC still at it

    That theory probably means he will run 7th
  8. Spikecity

    Allstars website

    Anyone else having trouble getting onto their site? Looks like they may have overlooked renewing their subscription or my browser has a problem.
  9. Spikecity

    The Mighty Laz

    Auckland Reactor
  10. Spikecity

    All Stars 4 at Menangle

    Any person who admires great achievements.
  11. Spikecity

    Richards vs Baker/Forsman

    Going to be a close race but @$5 Jamie has to be a super bet. Thoughts?
  12. Spikecity

    Make Harness Racing Great Again

    Shatin in Hong Kong does this to good effect - some races on the grass and some on the dirt track
  13. Spikecity

    Streaming trackside radio

    The point is that it is inexcusable that audio is not available on the TAB site
  14. Spikecity

    Chariots of Fire

    Interesting race with the draws. Hopefully Chase A can hold out Picard to the first bend Chariots Of Fire – GROUP 1 (1609m) 1 Chase Auckland 2 Picard 3 Royal Gamble (EM1) 4 All U Need Is Faith 5 The Black Prince 6 Boyd Writer 7 Rackemup Tigerpie 8 Poster Boy 9 Ignatius 10 Hail Christian 11 Jack Farthing (EM2) 12 Ashley Locaz
  15. Spikecity

    Streaming trackside radio

    but it can't be accessed outside of NZ