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  1. I think the Hopes have only used Blair twice for two wins. How can they take a truckload of horses to the races almost every meeting and only get the occasional win. I always put a line through their horses unless a top driver is used. Yes I know they have won 54 races this season but their UDR is only 0.21 placing them 110th on the list, yes better than M House, Some others not that flash but a little higher are M Jones and C Dalgety. Gp Blair
  2. Just my take on it, but I don't think it was abandoned until after the race was over. Terrible look and all drivers should have been fined. Unless you are told the race is abandoned the drivers should have continued. Yes it was junior drivers and most didn't know what they should be doing. some were pulling up and some were continuing. It isn't the drivers call to decide wether or not the race should continue. Felt sorry for the connections of the winner having to come all the way from southland to face that abortion of a race.
  3. Thought this looked a reasonable bet 45 to 1. Have also included any 5,4,3,2 for a total collect of over $2000 if all successful. Good luck all
  4. Better odds than Lotto heh. This bet includes all 12 races, any 11, any 10, any9,any8,any4,any3. Not sure why you can take any5,6 or 7. Most of the multi's are 1 cent lol.
  5. Idealism Regal Attire Arabian Blue It's All About Faith Oscar Bonavena ALL UP TO WIN PLUS ANY3,ANY4
  6. Hard to believe they lost as they both hang on every word that comes from Mark Purdons mouth. How could they bet on Cyrus which won the previous week with Mark driving at about $17 when he gets off to drive the Faith horse. The other Faith horse backed in from $14 into $4 and they knew nothing about it - weird. All their bets seemed strange to me and Mick is a self proclaimed professional punter - he may be but it looked very amateurish. No I didn't put any money into it and did very nicely on my own (logical I thought) outlaying $150 to return $4200 on a few all ups. Thank you Mark
  7. But to be fair Nats is doing all the training of the horse and the transfer to Purdon/Cullen is only about the location of the horse. I do think there is no need to bag Mangos, but the reality is that while he did all the prep work with the horse (and the other horse) the horses have certainly bloomed being with Nats. You can't train a horse over the phone about a horse you are not seeing and driving on a regular basis, and while they obviously will have discussions on what is best for the horse, I am sure that Brent will agree with whatever Nats said - well at least he should
  8. Spikecity


    I actually prefer his, Blairs and AGHs style of driving where they sit as quiet as a mouse in the sulky, whereas John Dunn looks like he has a bad case of piles and leaping around on the seat at various times in a race. However this was a case of sitting too quiet - smoking his pipe and thinking "I got this" and won't it look good to tell everyone "I didn't even need to pull the pulls" when suddenly it was WTF and a desperate pulling of the plugs and the horse has lost its momentum. The part that pisses me off is the BS the drivers tell in the stipes room covering their arse and how
  9. Spikecity


    Must be a decent holiday for that drive. I am a big fan of Tim's driving but he certainly got caught with his pants down in that one. I have always wondered why drivers say "never activated the hood because I had the field covered", and if they did get dive bombed what would happen. Guess we will find out when the stipes report comes out, assuming they even saw it hehe.
  10. It is not a vaccine!! Same as the flu jab - NOT A VACCINE - can still get the flu, and increases the chance of getting covid
  11. Yes it's criminal the bs that we have to put up with - no public allowed at the races but 4000 people can go skiing together
  12. Race 4 C DeFilippi (TIGER LOU) [Rule 869(2) Whip & Rein Regs] - Using whip with more than a wrist flicking motion. Race 8 C DeFilippi (JESSIE KELLY) [Rule 869(2) Whip & Rein Regs] - Using whip free of the rein on one occasion. Already been suspended twice for this - nicely played CJ
  13. Best outcome ever for Tim getting out - multiple winners every week - well done
  14. Definitely George Shand . Another there is Clarrie May - Terry Mays father and Ricky's grandfather.
  15. Did a great job commentating tonight. No "the Chief" and other pet names, nor the repetitive "all locked ...." .