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  1. Spikecity

    Greg O'Conner

    Nobody is accusing OConner of any crime except stupidity.
  2. Spikecity

    Will fill my pockets this week

    Easy money to be had
  3. Spikecity

    canterbury Harness Awards

    The whole thing sounds like a joke to me. Most awards given wouldn't be hung on the wall to save embarrassment
  4. 1. Awapuni R7---2 2. Randwick R4 ---9 3. Ruakaka R7 ---3 4. Randwick R5 ---5 5. Flemington R5 ---2 6. Randwick R6 ---8 7. Flemington R6 ---2 8. Randwick R7 ---7 9. Flemington R7 ---2 10. Randwick R8 ---15 11. Flemington R8 ---4
  5. Spikecity

    Greg O'Conner

    I don't see any crime in what he is alleged to have done, but not a good look (especially in his position) if the person asking him is breaking the rules. Why wouldn't these people who are alleged to have placed these bets not done so through some distant relation not involved in the game. Just shows they are allegedly breaking the rules, and are pretty dumb as well. Makes Greg O look pretty stupid too if it is true.
  6. Spikecity

    Greg O'Conner

    Wasn't he suspicious when others are asking him to bet for them? Will be interesting to see if they were doing a J Mac (betting on a horse the were driving) or a D Oliver (betting on a rival) and if it was the latter surely he should have been wary of WTF is going on
  7. Spikecity

    Some positives

    No not the positives you are expecting. Tim Williams getting some plum drives Mark Purdon getting some outside drives Both deserve more recognition than what they get - I would put Mark in the same league as DD (well as a driver that is, not all the other shit that may or may not transpire hehe)
  8. Spikecity

    Police Raids

    Well think J Mac"s bet was only $5000 but they threw the book at him and his wasn't fraud, nor a police charge. These guys (if proven) will be going out big time. And as Tim indicted earlier the Awards should be cancelled otherwise they will be a laughing stock.
  9. Spikecity

    Police Raids

    The police are bringing the charges so costs will be be on the taxpayers of NZ. The costs for the defendants are their own responsibilities and the longer they drag it out the more expensive for them. Drag it out as long as they want as far as I am concerned - this means the won't be on a racetrack for a longer time. This is not an inquiry in the stewards room, these are criminal charges and the police must have concrete evidence to have pursued it thus far. This isn't about not trying in races - this is fraud and if proven will mean time inside. Aside from that their reputations are shattered now and will never be trusted again. And as a sideshow we have also got to see who is involved in supplying Class B drugs.
  10. Spikecity

    Police Raids

    I remember long long ago we had a horse for some Chinese guys who like to punt and we had a horse suitable so I wrote a letter to my mother (who like a small punt) saying that I didn't know when but this horse would be winning within its next 3 or 4 starts. Anyway the horse went on the southland circuit over Xmas and was galloping in his races and going awful so the punt was off but I didn't have the time to let my mother know. The last day of the circuit and lo and behold the horse won @$80 and my mother got the lollies as she innocently just kept doubling up her bet on the horse hehe
  11. Spikecity

    Police Raids

    Must watch video - helps understand the sinister side of this drug
  12. Spikecity

    Police Raids

    Quite right they do this. But what Beirne is asking is more like "insider trading" and these trainers are giving it to him. Akin to saying "your horse isn't going very good but I know of a fix that is going down in race 2 hehe"
  13. Spikecity

    Police Raids

    I doubt it - it's called professionalism vs a bunch of amateurs. But ethically I feel it is wrong for trainers to be telling Beirne (and for him to be asking) about other stable runners - typical "she'll be right mate" attitude.
  14. Spikecity

    Police Raids

    There must be a hell of lot more to be exposed yet. Ok Nelson race accounts for 2 people. Manawatu accounts for 1 only as J Curtin hasn't been charged. So they must have many more races where those others charged have had an involvement in. What I have trouble believing is how they could actually make enough money off the punt to 1. make it worthwhile and 2. how the accused were tempted to take part in it. Most of those involved wouldn't be strapped for cash unless they had a huge drug problem. At least with J Mac in Aussie it was just plain stupidity and he wasn't cheating Joe Bloggs. Munce and Rawiller in Hong Kong a lot more serious and in Rawiller's case (after what happened to Munce) insanity