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  1. Spikecity

    Allstars website

    Anyone else having trouble getting onto their site? Looks like they may have overlooked renewing their subscription or my browser has a problem.
  2. Spikecity

    The Mighty Laz

    Auckland Reactor
  3. Spikecity

    All Stars 4 at Menangle

    Any person who admires great achievements.
  4. Spikecity

    Richards vs Baker/Forsman

    Going to be a close race but @$5 Jamie has to be a super bet. Thoughts?
  5. Spikecity

    Make Harness Racing Great Again

    Shatin in Hong Kong does this to good effect - some races on the grass and some on the dirt track
  6. Spikecity

    Streaming trackside radio

    The point is that it is inexcusable that audio is not available on the TAB site
  7. Spikecity

    Chariots of Fire

    Interesting race with the draws. Hopefully Chase A can hold out Picard to the first bend Chariots Of Fire – GROUP 1 (1609m) 1 Chase Auckland 2 Picard 3 Royal Gamble (EM1) 4 All U Need Is Faith 5 The Black Prince 6 Boyd Writer 7 Rackemup Tigerpie 8 Poster Boy 9 Ignatius 10 Hail Christian 11 Jack Farthing (EM2) 12 Ashley Locaz
  8. Spikecity

    Streaming trackside radio

    but it can't be accessed outside of NZ
  9. Spikecity

    Purdon buys Aussie horses

    Great read and I think sums up the situation discussed here. Roughly the story is about Douglas Whyte and what happened when he arrived in Hong Kong and his workload and ethics and then dominated the racing scene. Others had to lift their game or get out https://www.tdnausnz.com.au/edition/2019-02-07/from-fierce-rivalries-to-respect-for-douglas-whyte
  10. Spikecity

    Purdon buys Aussie horses

    Where have you been - he has been buying at the Aussie sales for many years now
  11. Spikecity

    Good Trial Sat

    Race 10 [10:10pm] BRECKON FARMS YOUNG GUNS SERIES (HEAT 4) C&G 2YO MOBILE PACE $25,000, 2YO COLTS & GELDINGS, 1700m Racebook TabForm Gear Front Line Limit For 2-year-old pacing colts & geldings. Refer series conditions with this programme. Book Form Age Sex Name Rating Draw Hdcp Driver Trainer 1 223 2 g Double Or Nothing MR50 1 Front David Butcher R W Green 2 742 2 c Sir Tiger MR49 2 Front Andre Poutama R W Green 3 31 2 c Perfect Stride R55 3 Front SCR SCR 4 854 2 c Eagle Watch MR49 4 Front Todd Mitchell M G Berger 5 2 c Line Up MR50 5 Front Zachary Butcher R W Green 6 5 2 c Copy That MR50 6 Front Tony Herlihy R W Green I guess we should ban Ray Green too for such domination. No doubt there will be team driving too lol
  12. Spikecity

    Good Trial Sat

    Totally agree with you and Nats does deserve equal kudos. Yes the attrition rate must be high too and they are fortunate to have other waiting at the gate to get into the barn. What ever happened to the smart trotter that Steelballs had with them. I know it broke down and I presume never came back.
  13. Spikecity

    Good Trial Sat

    What has that got to with what I said? Allstars fan, just as I admire Chris Waller, Joao Moreira, Tim Tetrick
  14. Spikecity

    Good Trial Sat

    Isn't this good business? Granted others do not have this luxury, but in fairness that has been achieved through his obvious talent. Why his talent is decried by people is beyond me. Some decry that his domination is killing the game, others accuse him of using substances, and others just are jealous and small minded - they hate people who are successful. Yes I am an Allstars fan, just as I admire Chris Waller, Joao Moreira, Tim Tetrick etc. Why anyone hates them is beyond my imagination.
  15. Spikecity

    Good Trial Sat

    Arden Rooney an obvious one- Manning