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  1. Te Rapa R3 2BB,6 Te Rapa R4 7BB,9 Te Rapa R6 5,6 Trentham R8 1,4 Doomben R5 1,6 Doomben R6 9,12 Doomben R7 9,10 Doomben R8 7,8 Flemington R7 9,12 Morphettville R6 2,8 Morphettville R7 4,13 Morphettville R8 2,17
  2. Rotorua R3 4BB, 7. Rotorua R5 1, 4. Rotorua R6 2, 6. Rotorua R8 1, 5. Eagle Farm R3 2, 6. Eagle Farm R5 8, 13. Eagle Farm R7 2, 14. Eagle Farm R8 11, 13. Scone R8 15, 16. Scone R9 2, 12. Morphettville R3 1, 6. Morphettville R8 1, 3.BB.
  3. Match K Te Rapa R2 3, 4. Te Rapa R4 7, 8. Te Rapa R5 2, 5. Riccarton R4 1, 6. Riccarton R5 7, 8. Riccarton R7 3, 8. Morphettville R4 3, 4. Morphettville R5 1, 3. Morphettville R6 3, 10. Morphettville R7 1, 2. Morphettville R8 1, 2.BB. Gosford R8 4, 6.BB.
  4. I see they are no better down south - come on guys enjoy life - Robbie Close just driven his 400th winner and Brad Williamson saluting to an owner of the horse he was driving who had just passed away. Just act like human beings if possible please - if not get a job in the government. Driver R Close admitted a charge under Rule 869(2) and the Whip & Rein Regulations in that he crossed his reins late in the run home when performing a celebratory gesture. After viewing replays and considering penalty submissions the Adjudicative Committee imposed a fine of $200. IDEALISM - dr
  5. Te Rapa R2 7/8 Te Rapa R3 1/8 bb Te Rapa R5 1/11 Te Rapa R7 1/2 Eagle Farm R5 3bb/6 Eagle Farm R7 2/9 Eagle Farm R8 3/8 Hawkesbury R6 5/6 Hawkesbury R7 3/5 Hawkesbury R8 2/10 Hawkesbury R9 5/11 Sandown Hillside R8 7/8
  6. https://harness.hrnz.co.nz/gws/ws/r/infohorsews/wsd06x?Arg=hrnzg-Ptype&Arg=RaceVideo&Arg=hrnzg-RacehdrID&Arg=296766&Arg=hrnzg-rSite&Arg=TRUE Not sure if it went over 7 or 8 markers lol
  7. Reign goes well over markers on first bend to avoid a galloping horse rather than go around it and not even an enquiry
  8. From my view Krug had nothing to do with it - just just cruising along and Mangos misjudged where he was going and hooked his wheel inside Krugs - pretty amateurish driving to my mind - bring back Nat hehe
  9. Why isn't the starter fined for incompetency? Yes Lamb was a part of the 40 thieves gang, but surely they should be treated the same as trainers and drivers - all part of the presentation that is called racing. We could also start fining the stipes too I guess for incompetency - no that wouldn't work - most would go home each week with no salary.
  10. Yes well you can thank the starter for that one too - another shambles
  11. I thought it was marginal and have seen plenty worse with no action taken. He was never hands free of the reins. The being not on the gate I thought was absurd (even though Mark admitted it - mind you if you don't admit they will hound you). It was stated on The Boxseat and generally thought that the mobile would be running up faster than usual because of the calibre of horses. To the eye he was perhaps no more than a half length of the gate at dispatch and again we see other horses a length off the gate at dispatch in other races. To me it looked like the stipes though (Hmm - a $900,000 stake
  12. Not really, but surely something needs to be done urgently re these standing starts and Donnelly is no better than Lamb. The main problem I see is that the drivers play him. You see them hanging back, waiting for a run up and he lets them go. Half are at a stand still, many are already away and gone and a lot aren't even ready or standing sideways. We had enough of this shit with Lamb. Grow a pair Ricky - you are supposed to be in charge - not the drivers on the charge.
  13. Agree and knife in the back - why would you keep a nice three/ four year old only to have to race against the like of Self Assured in a traditional 4 year old race - and they wonder why there is a lack of horses to race
  14. Te Rapa R4 5-8 Randwick R3 4,10 Randwick R4 2-5 Hastings R6 3-8 Te Rapa R7 1-7 Randwick R5 2-6 Hastings R7 2-4 Riverton R8 7-10 Randwick R6 2-3 Randwick R7 1-4 Randwick R8 1-14 Caulfield R8 3,9
  15. Super race - first two wonderful, though Spankem did almost as much midway work as SCA and came home well. SCA disappointing by his previous efforts - certainly not "the beast" in this race ( to the mile in 42 is not that fast for even average horses). Krug surprised me - I gave him no show after his Aussie trip but 3 wide the last lap and he never gave it away up the straight. Disagree with the earlier comment re Jack T and Stylish Memphis - he did hold them all out from number 1 and only relented after the winning post first time. Mach Dan - agree with all on here re R May - yes wonderful dr