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  1. Racing Post ratings seem to be different to Timeform.
  2. Ok so have Timeform for Belardo Date Crs/Class/Type Result Btn Type OR Dis Going Eq Jockey ISP BSP IP Hi/Lo IPS FS% Tfig TFR 14 Jun 16 Asc C Group 1 2/13 0.50 Turf G1 8f Gd/Sft (h) James Doyle 9/2jf 6.26 -/1.5 4sk
  4. Australia Rating is different to Timeform rating which are the numbers you have given for Belardo. The above copied link I have put up is from Not comparing apples with apples.
  5. PROBABEEL (NZ) Age, Colour, Sex 4 b f (6 Nov 2016) Trainer Jamie Richards, New Zealand Date Crs/Class/Type Result Btn Type OR Dis Going Eq Jockey ISP BSP IP Hi/Lo IPS FS% Tfig TFR
  6. Sorry for misstype Probabeel is Timeform 120
  7. Suggest you compare including other jurisdictions and the numbers are very different
  8. I agree with Fitzy. Your numbers are all wrong. Is this for NZ only and ignores the Australian results? Compare all runners in all countries would be a good starting point. If you are going to compare data then have a wide data set rather than a first crop that has not finished racing
  9. Horses with Crepello blood in NZ - Dalghar , Reliable Man , Shamexpress
  10. Agree War Front sons a lesser risk!! He is after all by Danzig. Also helps that Scat Daddy, War Front were dirt sprinting types than middle distance horses. My dirt fear examples- Animal Kingdom, Big Brown. I remember Berri explaining why Indi King who stood here in NZ was a big risk.
  11. Be interested in the thoughts on a few observations and as we know there are no set rules in breeding. Dirt horse- Looking at the recent results of stallions who shuttled to Australia that were American dirt horses. The results are poor. USA- The amount of drugs horses are given is a bit of a worry. Plenty of media about this. Compare the Stakes-winners to runners in Australia to the Stakes-winners to runners in USA for a previous shuttle stallion. Seems like there are some interesting statistics there. Example Medaglia D''Óro. SW to runners 12.3% in USA. In Australia 6.3%
  12. He will get more support here in New Zealand compared to what he got at stud in Australia for the two seasons he stood there.