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  1. i made a statement a couple of months ago about the new track and was rubbished.I wonder if the people who did that have any comment now as i hear it is a crap service and not many using it ,is this correct.If so we need to stop the next two going in before more money wasted
  2. Anybody heard how the new track performed yesterday.My spy said there was a lot of kickback ,any comments
  3. The excuse from Gavelhouse was that the 2nd bidder went directly to seller ,but were is that information
  4. Bd on a horse last nite and it was passed in not reaching reserve with my bid being the highest.To my surprise it was sold to the bidder under me who went direct to owner and paid less than my bid.Rang Gavelhouse and they said bad luck nothing they can do about its this bullshit or what?
  5. according to TAB site on the synthetic ,looks like the grass to me
  6. Had a beer with him at Paeroa one day, after his horse was demoted after it brushed the second horse winning by a couple of lengths.He was that pissed he said that was it with NZ RACING and he left for Australia in a couple of months.
  7. Trainers charge a lot more for syndicated horses, i have friend who has a really good horse group 1 winner and they pay 4k a month when the horse in training and racing.
  8. Backed 2 horses today for a win ,horse 1 won showing $2 or the way but when it crossed the line bang $1.80 went back and it showed $2.10 on the site.Horse 2 won and was showing $3.20 all the way and same thing when it won bang $2.70 what the --uck is going on?
  9. Whats with the new location drop down when you go too have a bet?
  10. Went to Thames yesterday and had an hour and twenty minutes to kill before next appointment ,thought i would go to PUNTERS SPORTS BAR and practised the new on course measures to see how they work.Deposited a hundie into account and started watching the races and had a couple of bets.After 30 minutes the manager came up too me and asked what i was doing ,i explained and she asked me too leave ,there were 6 people in the place .What is going on?
  11. I just went on Love Racing site and typed for the list and it is obvious that it has not been updated for a couple of years
  12. Hope you will post Leggy when you get it ,i bet he will not get back to you