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  1. Backed 2 horses today for a win ,horse 1 won showing $2 or the way but when it crossed the line bang $1.80 went back and it showed $2.10 on the site.Horse 2 won and was showing $3.20 all the way and same thing when it won bang $2.70 what the --uck is going on?
  2. Whats with the new location drop down when you go too have a bet?
  3. dbtab


    No was 3.15 pm
  4. Went to Thames yesterday and had an hour and twenty minutes to kill before next appointment ,thought i would go to PUNTERS SPORTS BAR and practised the new on course measures to see how they work.Deposited a hundie into account and started watching the races and had a couple of bets.After 30 minutes the manager came up too me and asked what i was doing ,i explained and she asked me too leave ,there were 6 people in the place .What is going on?
  5. Why are these trainers not on the list
  6. I just went on Love Racing site and typed for the list and it is obvious that it has not been updated for a couple of years
  7. Hope you will post Leggy when you get it ,i bet he will not get back to you
  8. If my horse fails to get a start because some person who owes money how can i stop this if there is no information who owes what
  9. No Tonto and the Lone Ranger do not have balls, they will do another horse trough incident
  10. As an owner i am horrified that nobody has been named and shamed.I have paid all my bills and i expect everybody else should do the same or be penalised as the rules state ,no exceptions
  11. Cannot believe the TAB made a 4 dog race a freebet if your dog did not win but finished 2nd 3rd or 4th.They have gone to the dogs and made me bet 30 on the winner thanks you idiots
  12. The muppets at Petone are at it again.All races in July are open entry so maidens racing against class 65,72 and open class horses.Really who thought that one out somebody on 300k who has never owned a horse ,i give up the place is an embarrassment
  13. The muppets are at it again.All races open entry so your maiden horse will race if it gets a start against class 65,72 ,open class horses.Unbelivable,that is why they are on the big bucks.
  14. It is unbelievable that the TAB is driving their customer base into the ground . Soon they wont have anybody to bet, the older generation who are used to paper form and placing bets at aTAB will just give up .The most idiotic thing i have heard this week ,smacks of somebody on 300k who does not bet
  15. The decisions being made are so bad i cannot comprehend that anybody who knows racing would do this.Giving up phone betting lost 20% of their customer base this will be with no on course betting be another 10% .Nobody who is in business for themselves would do this, wind the buggers up and start again