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  1. dbtab

    another good one to watch

    After giving build up to the race theTAB cut to the dogs with a win pool of $751 against HK pool of $6million you figure it out
  2. dbtab

    TAB website down for maintenance

    My biggest grievance is they dropped the trainers and jockey index so you have to scroll through every race to find the information
  3. dbtab

    This TAB website...

    Rang the helpdesk as i wanted to back k tyler in the 1st he told me to click on extended form, sorry mate i said there is none .He replied on the right hand side by watch and play ,my replay was there none of that as well ,48 million wasted and k tyler wins the1st paying over $20
  4. dbtab

    New FOB and Shutdown

    Went to TAB today to make a deposit and had to put pin no in but after 4 goes the lady had to get me go behind bar to use her machine ,she said has been nightmare for them ,they have rung TAB but have no response after 5 days
  5. dbtab

    Winner disqualified to 2nd

  6. dbtab

    Consensus !

    great win went to back her and the new site crashed and continues to crash ,nothing new
  7. Just tuned in to watch race 3 at Taupo and with 2 horses to go into barrier they go and run 3 adds come back as they have 350 to go?
  8. dbtab

    Race shares in Lovely colt

    Any pics or breeding?
  9. dbtab


    r 1 7 10 win r 2 1 win r 3 3 win
  10. dbtab


    Wow did not except that response La Zip ,i would not mind owning the horse a lot of upside me thinks .
  11. dbtab


    What a fantastic performance first up by this horse to win by 10 lengths without the brakes let go
  12. dbtab

    first past the post

    Since nobody on this site knows the answer is Ladbrokes .but with my bad luck they only do it on Aussie racing so my $150 at 12 on NZ race was not payed out bummer
  13. 1. Flemington R5 - 2-6-10 2. Flemington R6 -1-5-15 3. Flemington R7 -1-2-10 4. Flemington R8 - 1-4-2