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  1. Hawke's Bay La I Hope that Bridle wasnt for Kismet Yes I worked There Before School Debbie
  2. I used to ride work for Shorty before School .Karen Coleman and Vicki Askew where Apprenticed to him when I worked there .Great Times. RIP SHORTY
  3. Thank Berri At Least your Honest Would love to have gone to Pins but it's a bit far to Travel now. Think I need to do more Homework on this Breeding Capper .Knowledge is very Limited on Breeding .So hopefully can only improve Going on Beginners Luck Here
  4. How do I delete top photo?? Hes not really this fat bad Angle 20190116_171956.mp4
  5. This is our Pocket Rocket (Fingers Crossed ) Taken Today 10 Weeks Old Dalghar /Endless Gossip
  6. Thank Breeder and Berri your help and knowledge is very much Appreciated .We sent Sweeping Success to Falkirk this year what do you think of that Mating ?? Burgundy/Sweeping Success Colt taken today 10 weeks old
  7. Lol Sorry Insider I Dont know How To Plait Manes .
  8. Yes. Free Return Because Mare Slipped last years Foal
  9. Thanks Breeder. He Was Three Weeks Old I'm Very Happy With Him Everything is in the Right place. Good Legs Etc
  10. Our first Foal Only Had To Wait 2Yrs Mare Slipped Last Yr .But I Think He Was Worth The Wait.
  11. Thanks Jess and Shad She's not due to foal till the end of September so iv got a bit of time. Dalghar would be my pick but been told you dont want a double cross of Danzig. Thats whats changed my mind about him Any help on that subject would be great
  12. Thanks Shad would be nice some beginners luck Thanks Breeder i understand what you mean now. I really have no idea what im doing. but very willing to Learn Thank you