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  1. Leggy

    Dean McKenzie road show

    See the above DIA impact statement. Of course the Messara report is a key reference.
  2. Leggy

    Dean McKenzie road show

    Regulatory Impact Statement on the bill. https://www.dia.govt.nz/diawebsite.nsf/Files/RIA-Racing-industry-Reforms/$file/RIA-Racing-Industry-Reforms-Bill-No-2-December-2019.pdf
  3. Leggy

    Dean McKenzie road show

    Bernard should stick to (or maybe start) his knitting and start sorting the code level stuff and leave the TAB to sort out how to maximise revenue from NZTR events as you say Patiti.
  4. Leggy

    Dean McKenzie road show

    The government did not appoint John Allen. The RB did and that had 3 code appointed members on it. That's probably a good example of why code appointments to the board should not be persisted with. Read the RIS for a fuller rationale as to the other option being preferred. Makes a lot more sense to me.
  5. Leggy

    Are the Whip rules working

    Completely agree that they should be allowed to carry them as you say. Certainly, that they may not rotate them and I'd say not use them for urging purposes with their whip hand off the reins. They should be allowed to change them from one hand to the other. Why NZTR still haven't fixed this is beyond me.
  6. Leggy

    Kozzie Asano

    Don't think you need to worry
  7. Leggy

    AWT Cambridge

    It sounds like 1000+ at the moment from the quote in the article that I linked to in the first page of this thread. I.e., 1000+ currently in work there. "First and foremost it is a training and trials track for the over 1000 horses we have in work here at Cambridge," says Campin
  8. Leggy

    AWT Cambridge

    I think I saw it variously reported between 1000 and 1200 Trump. Is that correct?
  9. Leggy

    Splitting Races

    Hardly any, if any, 10k races are self-funding. They are just sometimes a lot closer to that than the 200k ones.
  10. Leggy

    The ride of the day at Trentham

    Rode quite a few gallops with CWJ. Used to just look over and ask him how fast we were going? Ezy pzy.
  11. Leggy

    AWT Cambridge

    That was also another polytrack I think? Presumably Cambridge and NZTR will have also had a chat to them as part of their due diligence.
  12. Leggy

    AWT Cambridge

    No corners either so easy on joints and bones and you can choose the degree of firmness or softness that you want to work on and cool the limbs off immediately afterwards.
  13. Leggy

    AWT Cambridge

    Yes. They have good experience with polytrack and are doing a full replacement this year after 12 years following some presssure from Horse Racing Ireland to undertake this work. Suggests that about a ten year useful life before full replacement should be planned for depending on useage. Apparently requires about a 3 month close down. I assume NZTR and Cambridge will have also had a chat with them as part of their due diligence/feasibility analysis.
  14. Leggy

    AWT Cambridge

    I prefer solid data than what someone guesses and I suspect that the stress on polo ponies' legs is similar the world over.
  15. Leggy

    AWT Cambridge

    Hope to be there in September. Been a while!