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  1. Leggy


    They are part of the Crownbet stable aren't they? RITA have an agreement with them don't they if that's what you are worried about. Catch up. From the 19/21 Statement of Intent. In April, we signed a product fee and media rights deal with Crownbet in Australia which will see all New Zealand racing available as part of Crownbet’s digital offering. Crownbet will also use New Zealand Racefield information, in conjunction with their wagering activities, and pay a product fee based on their wagering turnover on New Zealand racing. Our broadcast partner Tabcorp is allowing their Sky racing channels to be available to Crownbet customers, taking all three codes of New Zealand racing to a new audience in the Australian market that we haven’t been in before. Don't see what the big deal is.
  2. Leggy


    Mainly better pricing available? Or at least an alternative pricing option? Again, why not?
  3. Leggy


    why not?
  4. Leggy

    Anyone for a game...seeing we’re all bored

    Probably would have improved if I'd added you to the list.
  5. Leggy

    Anyone for a game...seeing we’re all bored

    He should be on your list!
  6. Leggy

    Anyone for a game...seeing we’re all bored

    Bugger. Not fair. I think I've been stopped.
  7. Leggy

    Anyone for a game...seeing we’re all bored

    1. MIA – Led all the way. Won easily without doing much. 2. GP – Lacked the 90 rating pace, just battled. Bumped by Midget in the straight though. 3. J.A. – Spent too much early. No extra. 4. C.B. – Got back in behind then appeared to be distracted when the filly came up underneath him. Couldn’t score. 5. G.H.- Threw her weight around but was off target. 6. M.G.- Ummmm….ahhh, I’ll have to get back to you on this run. 7. B.S. – Never really sighted. 8. A.B. – Didn’t seem to have the background for this despite the form line. Better suited to gardening. 9. W.P.-Tried to take control. Faded. Might improve with less malt in diet. 10. P.V’L.- Favoured but never stays when the results are shown.
  8. Leggy


    Yep. https://www.isglobal.org/en_GB/-/nueva-evidencia-respalda-el-uso-de-ivermectina-como-una-herramienta-en-la-eliminacion-de-la-malaria That may be indicative for dose rates.
  9. Leggy


    Any thoughts on this? https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/world/australian-study-finds-common-anti-parasitic-drug-kills-covid-19-cells-within-48-hours
  10. Leggy

    Anyone for a game...seeing we’re all bored

    OK. That helps thanks. I had MIA off the list as beyond being on a list of the top ten idiots in racing - on my much worse than that list. I'll move him back down onto it. Did you see the latest NZTR stakeholder report? Why on earth would they be crafting a 4 month start up programme? Surely, 6-8 weeks mostly open entry when they have no clue what horses will be available, especially when it is likely to be some regions before others? Doesn’t make any sense to me. Or are they still thinking it will just be pretty much BAU?
  11. Leggy

    Anyone for a game...seeing we’re all bored

    OK. Here and aus? How did you keep it to 10?
  12. Leggy

    Anyone for a game...seeing we’re all bored

    Do they have to be currently involved in NZ thoroughbred racing in some way? I.e., are former and aussie idiots allowed or excluded?
  13. Leggy

    Is this happening in Petone

    They couldn't need 10% of their staff for the forseeable future?
  14. Leggy

    Common Sense Versus Mediocrity

    See if this works.