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  1. Yes that's ridiculous. Not much use having a whip rule with the penalty only half the riding fee. You can only expect further breaches to occur whatever the rule is.
  2. Hasn't been doing them all season has he? Not very quick to work that out.
  3. I hope that is not a serious question. I and others have been talking about those here and elsewhere for at least 15 years and racing has gone exactly where we predicted then without fixing them. I'm not wasting any more breath reiterating them.
  4. R Elliot (LEVANTE) - Admitted a charge in that he struck his mount LEVANTE 7 times prior to the 100 metre mark. After considering submissions the Adjudicative Committee imposed a suspension of his licence to ride in races from the conclusion of racing on Saturday, 22 January until the conclusion of racing on Monday, 7 February, 8 national riding days, and in addition imposed a fine of $4,000 Win should be taken away for that.
  5. Isn't that the same all over the country? Not just Wingatui. Reasons are the same nationwide aren't they?
  6. Don't think that has anything to do with racing, for me anyway.
  7. They told me contracts would be confirmed in September but haven't seen or heard a word. Might give them a ring again.
  8. She was certainly something. Was there that day too when she won the Sires.
  9. Yep. Real handicaps, real handicappers, genuine pace, and yes, real commentators.
  10. Is the Manawatu Cup a handicap in the true sense of the word? I don't think so. 6kg weight spread top to bottom with 2/3 of the field jammed up on the minimum. You probably have the records in your library WD. Go back and look at a Manawatu Cup in the 60s/70s when it was a handicap and let us know what the weight spread was.
  11. Carrying 60.5 when we had real handicappers and real handicaps. Skelton swears he can point to the blade of home straight grass when he told Grey Way, "No, there's no way through there," and Grey Way said, "Yes there is." "He just took charge of me. I've never had a horse do that before or since. "He said, 'To hell with this, we're going to win.' There was no gap there, but he made one." These weren't brumbies he was running past either. Kiwi Can, Tudor Light, Vice Regal, Shifnal's Pride and Patronise were in that wall of horses and each one would be a group one winner
  12. He carried the weight when the handicapping model made that a real difference.