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  1. Leggy


    Thanks both. A potential initiative of the Breeders Association then. Not really a statutory or RITA thing. Nothing stopping them doing that but nothing's changed in that respect.
  2. Leggy


    This is a voluntary sweepstake scheme for specific races though isn't it, say like the old FAMIS scheme here? It's not a compulsory levy going to the general stakes funding as far as I can see.
  3. Leggy


    Hi gubes. From a quick search, I can't find anything about these stallion levies. Can you explain how they work or point me to some information about them please?
  4. Leggy

    Another one FFS....

    And they ban the trainer? Interesting.
  5. Leggy

    John Allen

    The problem is that it is performing up to the expectations of many of us, including Deloitte's. The question now is what does RITA do about that?
  6. Leggy

    John Allen

    I think that would be a conflict of interest while employed in that role wouldn't it?
  7. Leggy

    John Allen

    True. The boards appointed them and then bought into their stupid ill-informed ideas. That doesn't mean that the string of CEOs' competence to perform the job was anywhere near adequate though. Agree with the last bit. RITA are on a hiding to nothing given the letter of instruction from the Minister. The situation is now intractable (fucked if you prefer).
  8. Leggy

    John Allen

    How did the delay cost truckloads of income? The new platform is generating way less profit than its predecessor. A permanent delay would have been a better result.
  9. Leggy

    One of the Best Weigh Ins Ever !

    Would you maintain a $151m distribution to your stakeholders (the codes) if your earnings were $124m ($37m below budget) Trump?
  10. Leggy


    Totally, but let's remember that behind every great man ...
  11. Leggy

    One of the Best Weigh Ins Ever !

    Except they've just got a permanent holiday on gaming duty from the government 50/1 to be phased in over the next 3 years. Currently worth $13m a year. I agree with much of the rest of what you say though there is no sign of any of that happening other than the outcome that you fear.
  12. Leggy

    One of the Best Weigh Ins Ever !

    I'm sure that will be the case and I agree that no single person can be blamed but Saundry after 2 years seems to have joined the chair of the board (in fact most if not all of the board) as MIA. Maybe if he had played and missed he could at least be given credit for trying.
  13. Leggy

    One of the Best Weigh Ins Ever !

    Messara may well be right Ohokaman but according to the NZRB: 225.The NZRB undertook some analysis and have an updated estimated turnover of $1,200 million per annum, estimating revenue in the first year at $24 million (also based on a two percent charge). 18 And that's only the betting by NZ residents with overseas operators hence an estimate of $24m from a PoC tax, something that Messara recommended. 1.2 billion divided by a 5 million population is $240 per capita. That's plus what they spend betting in NZ. Talk about pie in the sky. The Treasury did note in their analysis that " The Department has not been privy to the underlying data which the NZRB has used, so it is unable to provide any commentary regarding the quality of the data and the subsequent results."
  14. Have to wonder whether getting young people on course is a worthy goal. Who decided that? And how will that improve revenue or the well being of the industry? Accidentally observed an owner trainer association meeting this week. One woman and no-one under 50 for sure. Most not under 65. A bunch of passionate and dedicated grey haired gentlemen with the interests of the industry at heart. From what I overheard, having a grumble about the TAB etc. I suspect little influence and even less useful ideas. I was invited to join them but those days are over and I politely declined and reverted to my steak sammie and porter. It's all too little too late for mine.
  15. Leggy

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    I really can hardly be bothered commenting anymore but they should just close down the RIU and hand the integrity responsibilities back to the codes. I think it was better back in the day when it was performed by volunteers at club level. A lot cheaper too.