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  1. I didn't say either affected palmy river levels nstrip. I said they affected Foxton river and water table levels. If you don't believe me, you can see for yourself. Go down to the Foxton river loop one day (in settled/no rain weather conditions) at high tide and put a stick in the bank at the water level. Come back at low tide and see where the stick is relative to the water level. If you don't believe that tides affect coastal water table levels, then perhaps you should let the scientists concerned about the affects of global warming know so they can stop worrying about it. "“We lo
  2. Just checked. Both working for me here now.
  3. I'm looking at the filed audited accounts Tony. I don't have the President's report. You are mixing up the gross revenue for one with the gross surplus of the other. If you take the FY21 accounts, there was a gross surplus from trial operations of 38k. There was a gross deficit from training operations of 80k. In other words the trial business is subsidising the training business. 56k from other revenue makes up the rest of the training operation deficit. This has always been the case in the last 20 years even when there were 200 horses in work there, though when the club was racing it wa
  4. Firstly, I do not want to suggest that Tony's original comment was not a fair one. I would also expect that there would be a grass gallop available there on a Saturday morning. It is very frustrating to get there in the morning, be wandering out to the track, look up at the board and see that the track you were expecting to work on is closed with no reasonable alternative available. If one is there every day, it probably can be confirmed what will be open the next day. If not, it would be nice if this was available the day before on a website or the facebook page for example. My original comme
  5. That's very true around here! Exactly the issue at Foxton when the water table is high.
  6. Crow, I'm not sure if some of your comments here are serious or not. On the day mentioned by Tony the plough was open for galloping. They have a trial meeting there next week and need to look after the course proper in preparation for that. A couple of weeks earlier when I was there on a Saturday they were galloping on the course proper on decent footing. That was the same day that Trentham was abandoned because it was underwater. This was an extreme weather event. Again I am not sure if it is a serious question but above you asked "If the track is affected by the sea tides why is the wat
  7. If you can read, you will appreciate these were extremely unusual and severe conditions. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/300612542/wild-weather-flooding-threatens-foxton-home-as-owner-pumps-water-for-11-hours
  8. Tony, I have trained one or two at Foxton on and off for the last 20 years and although it is a well draining track, every few years, the water table gets up to a level that means the track drainage has nowhere to go. This is particularly so when the Manawatu River floodgates are opened at Moutoa.and worsened when that meets high tides. http://www.voxy.co.nz/national/5/40353 If it weren't for that, Palmerston North would be flooded and you probably wouldn't even be able to get to Awapuni. Foxton and Foxton Beach in particular pay the price for that. You have the beach as a work around at thos
  9. That's the minimum I would say is value and happens to be the NZTAB price last I looked. Clearly you can get 3.25 or better elsewhere.
  10. Agree in that field and probably still reasonable value at 2.70FO
  11. Just back from Foxton. Intermittently pissing down but course proper open for gallops. #1 plough has a bit of surface water but footing good. Business as usual.
  12. Yes, surely the course officials and staff, let alone the stipes who walked the course could see the problem BEFORE they ran a race on it.