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  1. https://www.waikatotimes.co.nz/nz-news/350133879/more-dogs-euthanised-due-overcrowded-pounds
  2. I doubt Entain are relying on NZTR for much which is why they have held back money from the purchase that they can apply to racing as they see fit. NZTR will continue as they have for the past couple of decades ignoring key issues like stakes allocation, track infrastructure, handicapping and programming while continuing to watch thoroughbred racing move further and further from a sustainable basis from wagering and as Sharrock said, continue to hunt for every other pot of gold they can find.
  3. I'd say watch the NZ turnover on BF as with this move and the restrictions imposed by other Aus providers along with very poor pricing from the NZTAB, there may be increasingly limited options for many.
  4. Clearly that is the aim. The letter goes on as follows: The Ladbrokes brand operates under the Entain Group Pty Ltd licence in Australia. Entain New Zealand Limited is a subsidiary of Entain Group Pty Ltd and on behalf of TAB New Zealand, operates the TAB brand in New Zealand. TAB provides the same Entain service and experience that you have enjoyed with Ladbrokes, but now with a recently updated localised experience, including seamless betting, access to local Customer Support and faster withdrawals with ANZ. If you have funds in your Ladbrokes account, you will need to ensure your bank details are correct prior to the 23rd of June 2024. Ladbrokes will automatically withdraw any funds to your chosen bank account after your account has been closed.
  5. https://www.waikatotimes.co.nz/nz-news/350280037/always-right-time-catch-thief-new-kiwi-collars-crim
  6. You should remember that you used have to not only login but have a positive account balance. Entain lifted the latter requirement. That said, it seems a bit silly given you can watch for free without login on Loveracing or HRNZ.
  7. Yep. You sell her, you sell her.
  8. Where does it say in the catalogue or T&Cs that there is any such conditiion of sale? They are selling as a broodmare prospect, so if the buyer decides to race her there is no warranty from the vendor that she is suitable for that. Still entirely the buyer's decision as far as I can see.
  9. So, what's the difference then if they are both Statharyrs with Reflex mesh elements?
  10. How can an owner put a caveat on a sale under the sale T&Cs?
  11. In NZ anyway, horses can be un-retired by their owners.
  12. He's stating exactly what was reported by NZTR. To date, they can't find anyone to fill the position and there is apparently no-one in the current team who can step in while they continue to search for a suitable person to fill the role. And the positive is that we have someone like Bruce to step in, setting aside other key roles at NZTR and his own racing interests to do so. I think you are being the negative one here Scooby.
  13. So, the Gold Coast is a Strathayr with no fibre/mesh in the profile? Really? Did they forget to put it in?
  14. If there were, who would want it given the system in place?