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  1. Yes. Though I wouldn't really mind if we actually had a Pattern.
  2. Think it's the NZ Pattern Committee these days.
  3. This wasn't bad either if you want to think about his big two milers.
  4. As p4p said, a judicial review has nought to do with racing. It is not about the original case itself whatever that may be. It is a review of the legal process to decide whether that was conducted appropriately or not.
  5. OK, I didn't see that. It's not on their completed review page.
  6. That was thrown out and the police presented a completely new recasting of the case which the jury accepted. Be interesting what the newish Criminal Cases Review Commission have to say about it all. The fat lady still has to sing.
  7. Yeahh though the science of the CNS forensics remains a bit dubious for mine.
  8. Except it's not a molehill but a very important mountain that it appears needs climbing by someone. You can't have NZTR, the RIU or the JCA running roughshod over human rights. So I'd be giving him a high five for climbing this one and standing up for the latter. Joining the "piss in the pot, pass no issue" chorus is just perpetuating the bullying imo.
  9. Being of good character has nothing to do with it. The quation is whether or not the request for a drug test amounted to unreasonable search and seizure as he claimed in which case he has the right to decline. The Rules of Racing cannot override that.
  10. Not sure about that. Just a guess but I'd say at least half the key participants in the racing industry have an alcohol or other drug habit. Dealing those does not make them unsafe to participate. I'd say safety is paramount. Use or dealing is not an industry concern unless participants want help with that.
  11. Rubbish. The rules of racing do not and can not override the BORA, either in their written form or their application. I think it would be interesting if he appealed. I hope he does. The JCA decision seems to have avoided the BORA questions raised by citing the Rules of Racing. Questions about whether or not he was randomly selected or otherwise and whether that meets the BORA standard of reasonableness are not clearly addressed imo.
  12. You are missing the point. He is and was NOT an employee. The obvious point of distinction is that a Licenceholder is not an “employee”. In addition, and more importantly, a Licenceholder under the Rules of Racing is engaging in a “Safety Sensitive Activity”.