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  1. As described, memory-type immune responses ensure the rapid rise of antibody titres after initial exposure to SARS-CoV-2, rendering the benefit of vaccine-induced antibody response exceedingly doubtful. Regardless, we should not assume that high antibody titres against SARS-CoV-2 will always improve the clinical outcome. With several virus families—in particular with Dengue virus, but also with coronaviruses—antibodies can aggravate rather than mitigate disease. This occurs because certain cells of the immune system take up antibody-tagged microbes and destroy them. If a virus particle to whic
  2. Definitely not an anti vaxer and definitely won't be happy.
  3. Fine with me. Has reason to be here imo.
  4. No, but I just sold some today. People still need it, or animals do at least. I think the question was why are we discussing this in a racing forum, or that was my take. I know you made it clear in your headpost that it was due to the similarities here with the JCA and RIU behaviour.
  5. No longer true. Filed yesterday. 1635941 MATAWHIO SPORTS HORSES LIMITED Removed Shareholder Mary-elizabeth SHARP 56b Bryant Road, Rd 1, Papakura, 2580 , New Zealand Removed Share Allocation 66 Shares Mary-elizabeth SHARP 56b Bryant Road, Rd 1, Papakura, 2580 , New Zealand Amended Share Allocation Previous: 34 Shares
  6. Is definitely all a bit smelly. How do they get name supression? It was reportedly their bach? And did I just hear that they somehow got back to Auckland and no-one knows how they got there?
  7. True but they'd have an open and shut case to hang him for stopping horses.
  8. I really don't prefer the Herald to anything much thanks.
  9. No intermediate or long term RCT data wrt adults either for that matter.
  10. It's international human/chidren's rights law as above. And I'm not aware that has been overridden in the UK or USA either. Where did you see that?
  11. I don't need to google. I'm fully aware of the consent law in NZ for health procedures. Children of any age can consent to any health procedure where they are deemed competent to do so and where not, their parents/guardians can consent on their behalf. Age has nothing to do with it.