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  1. Let alone the promised update from NZTR.
  2. Top man. Top trainer. RIP Neill.
  3. All good with me. Played a few today. Manawatu - relatively slow rural broadband.
  4. What? There was one late scratching. All other scratchings were before scratching time. What do you expect? Some kind of scratching checklist that you have to fill in before you scratch? Bit scratchy after galloping. Heat in a leg. Elevated tempreature Unsuitable track condition No suitable rider available Not eating up. Owner can't make it Broke down Injury Needed medication it can't race on Etc. etc. etc. You could have a list of say 100 items and if you then still tick the box saying 'no good reason' the horse gets stood down?
  5. Surely Avondale have unpotable water from a bore or something and use rain or soil moisture sensors?
  6. Who is exempt from restrictions? The restrictions do not apply to businesses operating in the rural townships of Waiuku, Helensville, Bombay, Murawai, Snells Algies, Wellsford and Warkworth because they have local water sources. The restrictions do not apply if you are using non-potable/untreated water and are therefore not connected to the metropolitan supply network. What are the restrictions for commercial water users? Commercial water users cannot: Connect a hose or water blasting device to the metropolitan supply network unless it is for health, safety, emergency or biosecurity reasons Operate a car wash unless it uses recycled water Water sports fields, plants or paddocks unless they have an irrigation system that is fitted with soil moisture or rain sensors.
  7. Rosie Myers remains in coma NZTR 8 October 2020 Central Districts jockey Rosie Myers remains in Wellington Hospital following a fall at the Foxton trials on Tuesday. Rosie was struck by another horse after she fell and has sustained head and facial injuries. She remains in an induced coma, but all her vital signs are good according to husband William Fell. William, and Rosie’s other immediate family, have been at the hospital since Tuesday and appreciate the support and positive thoughts they have received from the wider racing fraternity.
  8. Roger that! Noted. Not in my electorate but just up the road as you say.
  9. Aside from getting the name wrong, McKelvie wasn't on the select committee was he? So how would he know? Hearsay? And what exactly does he think the committee did to the bill that will result in anything positive for racing?
  10. How is it a commercial approach Berri? Please explain. Seems the opposite to me.
  11. At least she was a member of the select committee that considered the matter. I don't think Saarah Dowie was. So if McKelvie thought so that's a bit of a worry. Not that I think there ended up anything in the Act that will assist racing. If he thinks that as well, then we have a greater worry there.
  12. Blue I thought and from memory not seeking re-election after the Ross affair?