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  1. Well blow me down Trackside TV finally give Danielle Johnson a presenting spot after Race 3. Very informative comments but she only got a few minutes on camera. Very disappointing.
  2. As a Trackside viewer tonight the best news is that Danielle Johnson will be co-presenting. Why Trackside don’t use more elite participants like her is beyond my comprehension.
  3. Back in the 60’s at tracks like Riccarton and Te Aroha they regularly had 24 horse fields. No problems with the gates back then.
  4. Seems to be a cosy arrangement between elite Recruitment Agencies and so called business high flyers. History tells us that portability of business skills to racing and gaming has been a failure in NZ. Maybe Mike Tod will prove me wrong but the odds of doing so would be pretty juicy.
  5. Great training effort by Ken and Bev Kelso. Her time of 1.6.18 eclipsed the previous Race Record (and NZ Record ) of 1.6.51 set in 1999 by Bawalaksana. Her time could well be a world record on Turf.
  6. George is still doing a good job in the north but I would like Bruce Sherwin to be given more commentary opportunities.
  7. We’re Doomed most maiden winners race next in R65 midweek $12,000 races not $30,000 Saturday races. Ideally my proposed Maiden Series races would be worth more than the sums I stated. A $50,000 Final would be great. My point is that owners and trainers should be given more incentives to retain horses to race here.
  8. Why don’t clubs get together and organise sponsorship for a Summer and Winter Maiden Series? Qualifying races of $12,000 and say a final of $30,000.
  9. Devastated for Cliff at the loss of his pride and joy. He still has the 3f Casino Princess in training. I am sure she will keep him going.
  10. Eclipsed I am not a linguist but note that the surname. Moet has two dots above the e whereas the drink doesn't hence the different pronunciation.
  11. MrBigStuff correct. Named after the wife of French vintner and winemaker Claude Moet. Pronounced differently than the drink.
  12. More pulp fiction from these two Aussie clones/clowns. Covering their butts before the dreaded February stake announcements. Pity they haven't been more "aspirational" in their roles.
  13. Matamata R1 - 16 BB R2- 13 R3- 8 R4- 7 R5- 14 R6- 3 R7- 15 BB R8- 2 R9- 5 Trentham R1- 14 R2- 5 R3- 9 BB R4- 8 R5- 9 BB R6- 5 R7- 10 R8- 8 R9- 6 Thanks for the Competition.
  14. Didn't have a bet at Hawera today but looked up the results. Noticed that Sapporo won Race 5. It was listed as a scratching in RaceForm. Strange.
  15. scooby3051 Incentivise will carry 55.5 kg not 57 kg.
  16. Sickopunter Michael Walker was once again very informative in his presenting/comments role at The Valley yesterday. Surely we could duplicate that expertise here even if only at the bigger carnivals or race days. Some of us want more from our presenters than dividends and price changes to be spouted ad nauseam!
  17. I think it is high time that Trackside looked at it's model for selecting presenters. NZ Racing would be the only major sporting code not to employ former elite participants in the roles of presenters. Across the Tasman Michael Walker is currently presenting on their racing presentations. Peter Moody was recently employed as well. Their expertise is invaluable in such roles. Francesca Cumani and our own Jayne Ivil ditto. I would like to see Trackside employ former successful participants as presenters. Sure they would need some media training. Suggestions: Michael Coleman and Nigel Tiley in th
  18. Palliser you will be relieved to know that your nemesis Pat Comerford is off to Singapore in the next few days. I wish him well in gaining more experience in his presenting role.
  19. arjay Mascarpone (note correct spelling) won $9,000 for running third.
  20. voice of reason a very unreasonable comment about Ryan Elliot. Marscapone is a big long striding type who markedly throws one foreleg wide. Rotorua doesn't suit this type of horse. He is far better on roomy left handed tracks like Te Rapa and Trentham.
  21. Palliser the name is Pat Comerford. Sloppy research on your part spelling his name wrong. Agree though that the knowledge of racing displayed by some of our presenters is as thin as the thickness of margarine on a boarding house sandwich.
  22. Cubes Phil Bayly raced Blue Denim. His son Andrew is the MP for Port Waikato. A very effective local MP with an impressive CV and financially savvy. He has a thorough knowledge of the rural sector and racing industry.