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  1. Riccarton R6- Carnaby Joker Riccarton R7- Miss Tavi Good luck all.
  2. Cubes Ashley was the best balanced apprentice in the South Island I had seen for a long time. She rode 75 winners in her abbreviated apprenticeship. A huge talent.
  3. Ashley Frye has her first ride as an Amateur in R4 at Riccarton today on Going Steady. A former Champion South Island Apprentice her last ride was on Zuleika on the 14/3/2014. Zuleika fell and Ashley sustained severe head injuries. Amazing she is back riding today!
  4. Wouldn’t it be great if Trackside TV used an ex jumps jockey for expert comments on Grand National Hurdle Day on Wednesday and Grand National Steeplechase day on Saturday. Tommy Hazlett did so quite a few years ago.
  5. Thanks for the competition. Please use my prize for future competitions. Thanks.
  6. MissJools I am acutely aware of Taiki Yanagida’s plight. I am an administrator of another racing site and have updated news about him several times a day. Thanks anyway for your comments. My comments about Aidan were tongue in cheek.
  7. Aidan doing a great job presenting at Riccarton today but PLEASE stop finishing your sentences with the words “as well”. Superflous phrase.
  8. Riccarton R1- He’s Ric Riccarton R3- West Coast Good luck all.
  9. M2 R5- 10 M2 R10- 10 M11- R2- 8 M11- R4- 3 M11- R5- 1 M11- R6- 4 M11- R8- 8 M14- R4- 5 M14- R5- 10 M14- R7- 6 M12- R2- 10 M12- R7- 3 Thanks for the competition.
  10. Berri you can ring Michael Sheridan on 03 236 0667. He will be glad to hear from you..
  11. Berri email Michael Sheridan at Sheridan-Gopi. He will provide you all the information you need.
  12. I have visited the Cambridge TAB a few times and have always found the staff helpful and obliging. Perhaps the six figured salary boffins at the TAB should pay the frontline staff a more competitive wage?
  13. crustyngrizzly absolute certainty that NZ will never get a crowd of 16,000 at the races again. Note that the CEO of Northern Territory Racing is a Kiwi- Andrew O’Toole. NZ’s loss and Australia’s gain.
  14. Berri not many of us can aspire to the BBC standards of diction and grammar. Cor Blimey we are Kiwis!
  15. These personal attacks on Pip Morris are in poor taste. I think she does a good job as a presenter. She is knowledgeable and well informed.
  16. mikenz agree about Craig Rail being the best in the south. Like Bruce very under-utilised.
  17. scooby3051 I agree. He is the Managing Director of Raffle Farms in Cambridge. That would take up most of his time. Always impressed when he fills in as a commentator. Grossly underused in that role.
  18. Bruce is far and away the best commentator in the north. He understands speed and tempo during a race. Very analytical in his pre race comments.
  19. Te Rapa R5 Magic Wonder Te Rapa R11 Inca Warrior Eagle Farm R7 Goldsborough The Valley R1 Prince Of Helena (Two extra picks carried over from last week abandonments) Good luck all.
  20. Crustyngrizzly Ahjay won the 1970 Taumarunui Cup trained by his owner Hec Tapper and ridden by John Harris. He was the first 3yo to win it since the 3f Housewife won it in 1916.
  21. scooby3051 I took a share in another horse last week. I must be positively mad!
  22. TurnipOrange those top horses you mentioned raced in the golden years of NZ Racing. We are now in the Stone Age where horses like that race in Hong Kong or Australia.
  23. How about a modified Highway Handicap system? In the north for horses not trained at Matamata or Cambridge. In the CD for horses not trained at Awapuni. In the South for horses not trained at Riccarton. Time to look outside the square when it comes to programming.
  24. We need more races for one win horses only. Country NSW run a lot of 0-1 win races. We could do the same here. Claiming races? Look at what overseas countries do and modify our rating system.