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  1. Ultimate Stride does stride out well. Very impressive.
  2. Value Bell


    1/2 sister to Field Marshall. Same owners.
  3. Value Bell


    Dick Prendergast's colours.
  4. Value Bell


    D L McGregor had a horse Pacific Pearl who won a few races. Smillies also had a few good horses.
  5. Value Bell


    Some good divys.
  6. Gala Girl was Frank's foundation mare. From her he bred a lot of good horses. Frank would have the horses ready to race on race day. Stu Sutherlands daughters never took over from dad. A pity.
  7. Fred Oliver put Oamaru on the map. Knight's have put Roxburgh on the map, Jim Morgan put Oamakau on the map.
  8. Brother of H W.
  9. Will Wallis chip in with the fine as Wallis was the cause of what happened? Even if Wallis had taken no action Williams had every right to lay a complaint against Blair. I hope that I dont run into you Mr Wallis as I might say the same words to you.
  10. Stella Frost got Phil Williamson interested in harness racing. Watching Stella Frost being trained on Kaka Point beach from his home.
  11. A filly by Muscle Hill x Allegro Agitato attempting to qualify. Kyle Marshall training. What would the fillies value be?
  12. Value Bell

    Why ?

    Who is in the RIU? Made up of?
  13. Is Phil related to Lawrence or Brian? Wlly was at Okato with Captain Carthew.