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  1. Value Bell

    Farewell J Teaz

  2. Value Bell

    Farewell J Teaz

  3. Value Bell

    Farewell J Teaz

  4. Value Bell

    Farewell J Teaz

    McLaughlan colours had tartan pattern.
  5. Value Bell

    Farewell J Teaz

    Colin McLaughlan supported Forbury especially over Cup Week. Manaroa, Royal Ascot and Manawaru.
  6. Value Bell

    Racing Act

    Mr Lamb will be getting twitchy.
  7. Value Bell

    mick guerin

    Sheldon Murtha was a big loss.
  8. Value Bell


    Ohokaman, Are you still in contact with John? I worked with John at the Evening Star newspaper in 1966 & 67. Roger Soroka was also working with us. Roger trained a few winners for himself.
  9. Value Bell

    Race 1 at Gore today.

    The first four drivers home were?
  10. Value Bell

    wierd names of horses and dogs.

    Stu Sutherland trained Screws Loose, by Aksarben/Misfit. Won its first race start at Forbury and paid $90.00 odd for the win. Aronmot was trained by Owen Quinlan, owners were Tom and Nora O'Connell.
  11. Value Bell

    Is Bob butt

    Some of Bob,s drives looks like he cant be bothered trying.
  12. Value Bell

    Auckland Trotting Club

    Herald said she wants to spend time with a sick family member.
  13. Ask Shane Jones to buy Stratford. Throwing money willy nilly around. Winston could have a talk to Shane !!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Value Bell

    Dark Horse

    Anyone know what has happened to this trotter?