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  1. I see a Peter Simpson has passed away in the last few days in Waikato. Anyone know if it is the Peter Simpson who was?
  2. Could be another great day at the office for Dexter. 2 out of 3 aint bad!!!!!!!!
  3. Meadowlands today. Six races and Dexter has driven four winners.
  4. Sounds like I got it all wrong.
  5. I see two of his horses tested positive for meth. I thought people took meth. not horses. Allan would not have done anything wrong if Bob was still about. Also his star pupil has also been caught before.
  6. Burrows should be out also for encouraging Anderson to commit a crime. No wonder they call them "crims on rims".
  7. Paul, I forgot, Nairn.
  8. Mitch Kerr's father is Paul. Was Paul's father Brian who started out training in Dunedin.
  9. Value Bell


    Is it Ken Cummings a part owner of Krug?. Ken is an old Dunedin ratbag.
  10. Last race at Methven. Mr Nairn got a good divy off the horse.