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  1. Value Bell

    Cambridge trials.

    A filly by Muscle Hill x Allegro Agitato attempting to qualify. Kyle Marshall training. What would the fillies value be?
  2. Value Bell

    Why ?

    Who is in the RIU? Made up of?
  3. Value Bell

    wrightson ss series final addington

    Is Phil related to Lawrence or Brian? Wlly was at Okato with Captain Carthew.
  4. Value Bell


    A flop. 1986.
  5. Value Bell

    Pembroke Playboy.

    Looks like a good horse on the way up. Race 5 at Invercargill today.
  6. Value Bell

    Ben Hope

  7. Value Bell

    Ben Hope

    The great Vinny.
  8. Value Bell

    harness racing yearling sales 2020

    Who bought the trotter?
  9. Value Bell

    Forbury Park. 1964.

    No 3 night Festival meeting anymore. Well gone.
  10. Value Bell

    Forbury Park. 1964.

    Sidey owned Kumai the galloper.
  11. Value Bell

    Forbury Park. 1964.

    Who was better with trotters? Colin or Noel?
  12. Value Bell

    Dexter named Driver of Year by USHRA

    Well done Dexter.
  13. Value Bell

    Interdoms- A little piece of Otago History

    White World was owned by Jim Barnes. Later Mayor of Dunedin. Can remember when Bagdad Note won the Melbourne Cup, the owners arrived back in Dunedin with a miniature replica of the cup. Some local lads thought they could make some money by nicking the cup and get some ransom money. The story was in the ODT and the lads found out the cup was worthless so left the cup beside the road and rung the ODT and told them where the cup was.