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  1. Front row from left =Gordon Mac McGregor, Fred Stanley, Les Watt, Artie Dick, ? Lindsay Waters the scorer. Middle row = ? Newall, Roger Storer, Johnny Veitch, Lance Pearson, Norman Woods, ? Dave Henry. Back row = ? Ronnie Ramsay, Tommy Flaws. Missing from photo is Gordon Chave. Every week Gordon was at Bishopcourt for a Kaikorai home game.
  2. Norman was my older brother. Kaikorai team early 60s.
  3. Roy Colbert lived in Ann Street, Roslyn. Roy was a good neighbour. Gordon Morrison owned and trained Meadowbank. Meadowbank won a Wellington Cup. My surname is Woods.
  4. On the HRNZ page is a story about Deny Everything. Damian Love is a printer. HIs father Neil was a printer at the Evening Star in the late 60s. Do you know who Neil is? At the Evening Star Neil had a Best Bets sticking out of his back pocket. Also at the Evening Star was John Carlyle and Roger Soroka.
  5. Colleen needs a overcheck fitted.
  6. In the front row without a helmet looks like G. D. Shand.
  7. Value Bell


    I have this photo, 8x6. Dont know what year photo was taken. Back row, L to R = D. Green, R. Fergusson, R. Clayton, C. May, A. Pringle, M. Baker, F. Tunstall, J Young snr, A. McKenzie and H. Black. Front row, L to R = S. Dickie, T. Rea, R. Carter, D. Shand, L. Frost jnr and D. White. Free to a home.
  8. 1962. What are the first names of all the drivers?
  9. Have found out who Bruce is. Yes I used him as a lawyer when he had just started out. Bruce will do well in his new job.
  10. Does anyone know who Sir Bruce Robertson is that done the review?
  11. I see a Peter Simpson has passed away in the last few days in Waikato. Anyone know if it is the Peter Simpson who was?