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  1. Pembrook Playboy was last at the 400. What a finish. A lot of drivers would have given up. Well done Nate. Brilliant drive.
  2. 22 programmes. From 1971 to 1990. Also 5 Kurow programmes from 1963 to 1976. Free to a good home.
  3. When Leo applies for a new liquor licence, the police will oppose it saying Leo is unfit to hold a liquor licence. Something different, I know of two people who have had a visit from the police regarding there firearm licence. Both people had speeding tickets in the last year and a note was place on there licence that these two people should be people of interest regarding are they fit people to have a firearm licence.
  4. Best of luck with the sentencing.
  5. Bunty, You will have the Grim Reaper Grimstone chasing you now. What is Cameron Kirkwood's job with HRNZ?
  6. I think Colin was from around South Taranaki area.
  7. Dont let them bully you Leo.
  8. Ultimate Stride does stride out well. Very impressive.
  9. 1/2 sister to Field Marshall. Same owners.
  10. Value Bell


    Dick Prendergast's colours.
  11. D L McGregor had a horse Pacific Pearl who won a few races. Smillies also had a few good horses.