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  1. Where are they going to put the orange cones. ATC have to protect people while at Alex. Park. Seat belt or safety harness?
  2. Any of the Moccasin family of trotters still about.
  3. Miss Haley should be fined $200 for bringing harness racing into disrepute and another $200 for wasting the other Stewards time.
  4. When will we see Stacey back in the sulky?
  5. Anyone know who the owners are? Curious.
  6. Anyone know about Jack's history?. Said he was from Dunedin and drove trials and workouts at Forbury.
  7. Nina, Stick to trying to train horses.
  8. Alex trained out by Ardmore airfield. Was a panel beater also.
  9. Didnt HRNZ have a caveat over Forbury Park from a previous loan.
  10. Good too see Ollie Purdon as part owner.
  11. I see Matty Williamson qualified Mr Teddy yesterday at Oamaru. From the Fred Oliver family. Kevin the coalman, from South Dunedin, made a good effort. Eddie Griffin was his mate. Roger Soroka was also a trainer around the time of Kevin.
  12. Slim done well with Scotch Tar. Take them all on. Also Mawson MacPherson with Castleton's Pride.
  13. Front row from left =Gordon Mac McGregor, Fred Stanley, Les Watt, Artie Dick, ? Lindsay Waters the scorer. Middle row = ? Newall, Roger Storer, Johnny Veitch, Lance Pearson, Norman Woods, ? Dave Henry. Back row = ? Ronnie Ramsay, Tommy Flaws. Missing from photo is Gordon Chave. Every week Gordon was at Bishopcourt for a Kaikorai home game.