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  1. Chilly Filly Never been slow away in her life I remember the immortal words of Allan Thomas 10 years ago or so - the seasoned QLD Commentator who knows far more than me "Ahhh I see the Favourite has missed the kick again " This Prompted to me run an analysis in my DB of thousands of QLD races at the time and surprise surprise the chance of a fav missing kick was double that than any other runner My Sample was in the thousands and highly significant with a p < 0.001 . Must be just an illusion though
  2. And in R3 They run Chilly Filly Dead last and who is surprised when she scrapes in for 3rd Again she has led and won in most of her races God the Punters are Screwed Every time.. and they wonder why the kids arent interested in the sport Absolute Deliberate action to make Chilly Filly Fail. I wasnt going to back it anyone. There have been 2 meets on the Riccarton syntthetic and the on speed bias is clear to Everyone SO those who think I am just a whining punter please Defend the actions of the ride on Chilly Filly and Global Beauty
  3. A very smart and quick horse who is well capable of leading and has done so at least twice in the past and has times to smash this field The Riccarton Synthetic you MUST be up on pace in races up to 1400 or else forget it And what does he do he sit back from a reasonable draw and comes flying home when it is all over Dont tell me the jockey and trainer dont know the bias on this poly track It is either deliberate or absolute stupidity
  4. He did lose forward momentum and that is worth more than a length on the line. And of course how dare I criticise a ride by a "famous" jockey. Better cancel my account for hate speech. I have ridden 3 horses in my riding career. From the rank ponies at Dude Ranch to equally nasty animals at a Napier Pony trek. All thoroughly unpleasant beasts the lot of them
  5. Of course he won the next race that I I dont back I analyse 400 horses today here in in OZ for 1 Bet or maybe 2 a day. ANd it all goes in the rubbish when Johnson who had clear air on his outside chooses the inner path which was already closing off. At 55 or so his relexes are no longer up to it . Lots of 2nds but no value in place bets for many reasons. Occasionally I do the Exactas
  6. The TAB is basically a govt monopoly or Govt Dept. They employ their family and friends to work there in Petone and spend half their day sleeping. You cant expect too much from the dead hand of the state
  7. After Screwing up the ride of Tiratore - who was by far the best horse on many different measures . Why is he still riding ?he cant see gaps or read races anymore
  8. Yes doing a Box Exacta defeats the purpose as it is a QLA . So yeah and in this case it pays better - At least the Exacta is a fixed price which I like
  9. You haven't seen my facebook page obvisiously Peter Burt, I know what works!

  10. Yes Timaru R9 and R10 were 2 of my 3 bets at Timaru yesterday - I backed R2 Sophistical - No where, R9 Vague and R10 Tappys Lad were clear standouts and won accordingly so a Good day for me
  11. I didnt mean the Corrupt Chinese government I meant all the Chinese in NZ who love gambling and are very superstitious and blow heaps of money on the tote -. They would be great to organise private betting pools with with much better odds than the current state monopoly of the TAB and all the neptotism that goes on in Petone. The Chinese here are probably running their own betting pools anyway Imagine the communists have now got their hands on Happy valley - what was once a incredibley clean operation for HK will now be as bent as the Beijing sharemarket or the London Metals Exchange f
  12. ANd what do base your picks on ? Short Stuff - what is your reasoning My last decent punt at Phar Lapp was on the William Wallace - who dorked them by 4 L at $25 - that is the sort of value I look for tho it is extremely rare these days