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  1. Scott Base at $4.....???

    La Zip is on to it. The Randwick mile requires a special horse and I think Scott Base is it. I think the Randwick mile would be more up his alley than the Ellerslie 2400.
  2. Jockey comments Ellerslie's meeting - Sat, 17 Feb

    Spare a thought for the owners of Zacada. His jockey said, and I kid you not, "they went too slow so I only came eighth." That is the sort of logic that would make her a brilliant cost accountant for Fletcher Building.
  3. Reefton

    Kaharau couldn't win at Greymouth or Reefton, so they took the easy way out and went North.
  4. 100k maiden Naki challenge

    Let's do something that they don't do at Fletcher Building. Let's consider risks and rewards. I pay $6325 to enter, $460 for the float, $391 for trainer and staff accommodation and $161 for the jockey = $7337. I win and get 60% for the winner, which after percentages is $49,650. But having won a $100,000 race the stable staff will need an extra 5% , that is $3000. So I risk $7337 to win $46,650 in a fourteen horse race. Suddenly, idiotic Lotto is looking okay.
  5. Kawi v Start Wondering

    But Kawi had been headlined by Mike Dillon in this morning's NZ Herald. Volpe Veloce is the only horse in the past two years to carry Mike Dillon's headline and win. That was the Railway H'cap/Stakes. The newsprint those spurious headlines are printed on must weigh a tonne.
  6. Nz tab

    Now the outfit run by John Allen is showing its true colours. This is a total shambles. It cold be easily explained but I imagine that nobody is allowed to talk until it has been passed by their public relations consultants, all of whom work Monday to Friday. I went to the TAB website news to see what was going on, but there was absolutely s.f.a. there about it all. Their response will be a cacophony of managerial double talk excrement of a bovine male. And trainers want me to take a share in a horse that will be running under the auspices of this fouled up organisation. Get a grip! Now, I have been using computers since 1970, and I know how melodramatic they can be. So you get out there and say; "we have a foul up" You keep your customers onside, but our NZRB adore treating their customers like used toilet tissue. Flush us away.
  7. Stirrups too short?! Tongue in Cheek!

    The race was so long that the horse was able to grow from a filly to a mare during the running of the event. Well that's what the journalist wrote for us.
  8. Aiden R

    I thought there was a Commer truck full of commas in that post.
  9. Abandonments - RNZ This Morning

    I listened to that John Allen on the radio. Normally when I hear public relations guff I turn off, but I listened intently. I do believe he would be better suited to a job in central government rather than trying to run a betting agency. His idea of providing continuous betting to people around the world may seem admirable, but the costs of doing so; I just cannot believe that they are worthwhile. I think a rigorous cost accountant would highlight the losses in some areas. But we will never ever find out as the favourite phrase of a bureaucrat under scrutiny is "it is commercially sensitive". I think that is code for; "we are building a huge empire so that we can sail into the next decade without the burden of NZ racing, but by providing a wagering facility on a multitude of foreign events." I say, without NZ Racing, because by then they would have stuffed it.
  10. Melody Belle rort ?

    Much has been written about Patrick Erin and how the system is so unjust. I think the Auckland Cup is shoe in for him. Over the past 18 months he has only won one listed race, viz the Riverton Cup. As a six year old he would be weighted at 55kgs, with a 0.5kg penalty for winning the Riverton Cup. He gets in the Auckland Cup at 55.5kg. And he deserves to win! I sincerely hope he comes north. And Mr Handicapper, if he runs worse than second he should lose several handicapping points, as on his rating he should defaecate upon the field from a great height.
  11. Henry Hubert

    I think there is a touch of class to this horse. He stuffed up the start and was sent from barrier one to the outside of the second row. Settled down in LAST place then scooted the field to win by 2 1/2 lengths. I did not know he was that good. I backed the second horse.
  12. Melody Belle rort ?

    But I think that just as the set weights and penalties gifted the Auckland Cup to its very very astute trainer Tony Pike, I think it would suit Patrick Erin greatly.
  13. Melody Belle rort ?

    That win for Melody Belle was in a set weights and penalties race. If she had run second she would have DROPPED points as she was the highest rated horse in the race. I believe the three points added was very fair.
  14. NZRB 2017 report Brian de Lore

    Brian de Lore's latest piece in The Informant is wonderful. He interviewed John Messara from Australia. His piece is required reading. I welcome comments from those who have read it. Basically what Messara is saying is that the NZ Racing Board is unnecessary. What we need is four bodies; the gallops, the trots, the Totalisator Agency Board and the greyhounds. I read his thoughts and began thinking; if Messara had his way the redundancy costs in the Racing Board would cripple NZ racing. So many useless people would be made redundant that the severance costs would be a nightmare. Others would argue that that is a necessary investment in the future of our industry. Please read it and tell me where it is wrong.
  15. Winstons big announcement...

    Hesi, please tell me you are wrong. You have stated that the NZRB generated $349m, then spent $205m, not a penny of which went to the three racing codes. Hesi, if you are correct then you have illustrated a giant stuff up. This is scandalous!