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  1. Matamata abandoned

    I have noticed an increase in abandonments since the introduction of the Jockeys' Engagement Fee.
  2. Matamata abandoned

    That Graeme Styles at Matamata is possibly NZ's best course caretaker. He is in shock at the abandonment decision, and rightfully so. Just to add insult to injury, two hours after the abandonment, and with party time people at the races, the on course screens were still showing the abandonment rather than Riccarton odds. I am convinced that NZRB and their TAB staff have a much better knowledge of the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi than they know about running a betting business. They cannot comprehend that genuine punters want to bet on gallopers, not poker machines that bark or thieves on wheels. This abandonment might just be the straw that breaks the camel's back. One horse slipped less than 15 centimetres with a hind leg, not a front leg, and that horse was so scratchy in its preliminary that anything could have happened.
  3. How does this work?

    Flying Ibis was dropped one point, not three points, for that inglorious last at Cromwell. I disagree with you that Strickland is corrupt. An incompetent fcuking loser; I agree with you.
  4. Huge for Haunui

    I saw somewhere that a Showcasing mare sold for 2,100,000 guineas!
  5. Would it be at all possible to give us people a little longer warning of such an epic event. Travel arrangements must be made.
  6. I hope it was a great evening. It is so sad that I was unable to make it. Well, sad for me, anyway.
  7. NZRB 2017 report Brian de Lore

    I have spent some time thinking about the New Zealand Racing Board annual general meeting I attended at Karaka, a couple of weeks ago. I sat next to a likeable rogue who calls himself 453 grams for 453 grams. There were no annual financial statements made available at the meeting. Then I thought; "would the NZRB allow a totalisator licence to a racing club that was so mismanaged that it was unable to present the club's annual financial statements to those present at the club's annual general meeting. That is the height of administrative incompetence, and no number of excuses, all as weak as urine, will suffice.
  8. Big day for big news

    Prince Harry, by his choice, will do more for the republican movement than any number of zealots. If that is the best the "royals" can manage, then the time has come to ditch them.
  9. ellerslie

    Do not make fun of North Korea and its leader. The N Z Herald report that the North Korean leader; "has banned singing and drinking alcohol." Just like the "fun police" in a country that makes fun of Kim Il Yung, have banned betting and drinking alcohol at the Ellerslie Infield on New Year's Day.
  10. Zabeel

    Has anybody else noted the huge number of Zabeel's grandsons and granddaughters doing so well. If the winner isn't by Savabeel, it seems to be out of a Zabeel mare. I cannot recall any stallion ever having that sort of influence. It seems uncanny.
  11. Prom Queen

    Okay, Who was it? With 300 metres to go somebody told the bonny filly that Mike Dillon had tipped her in this morning's New Zealand Herald. Weight will stop a train, but not as effectively as the "curse of Mike".
  12. Te Aroha - joke!

    Do I remember correctly but wasn't Te Aroha the course where a race meeting was cancelled because the running rail blew over? FFS
  13. Te Aroha - joke!

    Racing commenced at Te Aroha 137 years ago. The spring weather in the Waikato-Thames Valley area has been changeable for each one of those 137 years. When setting a track for a race meeting you take account of the long history and you adjust yourself to the situation. Well, that is what a reasonable man does; he adjusts himself to the world; an unreasonable man tries to adjust the world to himself. I have serious doubts about the reasonableness of that track's manager.
  14. Would it be possible to tell us when the almighty Cubes will be redeeming his voucher at HQ. No, I am not a bludger, I'll pay my way, but I would like to personally meet such a knowledgeable punter and any others who would want to learn from that Oracle. Caution; after half a litre of red wine I become very knowledgeable.
  15. Gingernuts

    Corey Brown's ride on Rekindling should be kept to show to young budding apprentices. To repeat Trump; "it was a pearler".