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  1. Just watched TV1 Sports News. Was sure there would be at least a mention and maybe video of Probabeel and Te Akau Sharks amazing wins yesterday , but nope despite numerous sports from cricket to tiddlywinks covered not one mention about one of NZs greatest race days. A lot of people wouldn’t have seen those races but still would be interested. Very disappointing.
  2. Thanks Ponderosa, just checked and you are right. Totally agree with you about American racing.
  3. Thoroughbred Weekly Does anyone know if we get this weekly Greg Radley Show on Trackside now? Used to be on Sunday mornings but it is not shown on the schedule now. Was looking forward to watching it tomorrow after our great day today.
  4. Wonderful result all round for a wonderful cause. Totally agree, the Lindsays are an amazing asset to the Racing industry. They deserve all the success they get, especially after the last six months they have had.
  5. Do they get fined for being overweight?
  6. Horses Breaking Down Can anyone tell me why so many horses seem to be breaking down these days at the gallops? Was watching Ashburton today and it was very distressing to see one break down in the straight. Also saw another one break down earlier in the week. I love my racing but it is so sad to see this happening more often these days. So sad for all the connections of these horses.
  7. Another problem to add to the list. Yesterday I couldn’t put money into my account. Tried a few times and finally got through to operator who said yes they were having problems and to try later. Also said to check my account in case money had gone through twice. Sure enough it had. Rang them today and they credited my account. One way to get figures up I suppose. One can only imagine what it’s going to be like on Melbourne Cup day!,
  8. Have to say I felt sorry watching Aalaalune going back through the field today, getting buffeted around by the older horses. Wonder how poor Jacob McKay felt watching her.