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  1. Have just read she is going to race again, in Doomben Cup in two weeks. The word Greed comes to mind!!
  2. Totally agree with you Not Cricket. I did not realise this about her feet yesterday. Surely she has done enough for her group of owners.Like you say why are they continuing to race her. I think she is showing she has had enough and wants to be a Mum. It is bad enough she will probably be lost to New Zealand as a broodmare and it is just so sad for us Melody Belle fans. Let’s hope she ends up at a lovely stud where she can enjoy the retirement she has well and truly earned.
  3. How true are these comments. I remember taking a week off every Easter and heading up to Auckland to go to the great meetings they held there. Saturday, Monday and the next Saturday, great fields and crowds. Always looked forward to it. Sure Trackside has certainly changed things a lot but on Saturday I heard them advertising the Easter meeting coming up soon. Why on earth is it not held at Easter??
  4. Totally agree Chevy86. Five day suspension is nothing, he still gets to ride at the big Auckland Cup meeting on Saturday. I’m not saying Opie isn’t a brilliant jockey, because he is, but let’s treat all jockeys the same. Another battling jockey would’ve been suspended for much longer. Time to treat them all the same.
  5. Some of those fields at Ellerslie aren’t that flash considering prize money on offer, and look at all the publicity and razzmatazz they get when they have a meeting like today!! Don’t knock the poor old South Island racing, I think they do pretty good considering they have lost a few meetings. Maybe a bit more help from the hierarchy wouldn’t go amiss. Just my thoughts, and I don’t live in South Island either.
  6. What poor fields for Group One meeting at Otaki. Entry cost is $20. A bit steep for a meeting like this. Those are big city entry prices not country meetings. When will some of these clubs learn.
  7. Couldn’t help but feeling sad watching Aalaalune going around again today at Ellerslie . Sure isn’t the same horse since it left Jacob McKays. I wish they would give it back to him to train where he gave it the TLC it obviously loved. Some horses just don’t like being in big training establishments.
  8. Would just like to pass on a big Congratulations to the Kumara Racing Club for putting on a wonderful days racing and fun yesterday. I was watching on my TV at home and wished I was there. Great fields, amazing crowd, plenty of entertainment for the kids, great weather, everyone looked so happy and enjoying country racing at its best. Of course the icing on the cake was everyone’s favourite Overtheriver winning the Nuggets. The whole West Coast circuit can give themselves a pat on the backs for their great racing. I only hope the hierarchy can see how much we need days like these.
  9. Thanks Tasman Man, WOW that was some total but the way Danielle is riding she may give it a nudge. Good Luck to her.
  10. Thanks Nerula but I did find that. I want to know what is the highest total to beat in a year. I seem to think either Lance O’Sullivan Or JMac may hold it. I think it may be up round 130ish.
  11. Can anyone please tell me what is the top Jockeys Premiership total for the year in NZ? The way Danielle Johnson is going at present is she in line to beat it? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.
  12. Loving these stories. I remember my first big collect. It was at Marton races. I got the double Gaystefan - Happy Venture. £78. I was 10:years old (shouldn’t have been betting , but my father put it on for me). I am now 71 and that’s what started my gambling. Always packed courses and when it rained they threw hay down on the ground and towed the cars out with tractors. Country racing at its best.
  13. Just watched TV1 Sports News. Was sure there would be at least a mention and maybe video of Probabeel and Te Akau Sharks amazing wins yesterday , but nope despite numerous sports from cricket to tiddlywinks covered not one mention about one of NZs greatest race days. A lot of people wouldn’t have seen those races but still would be interested. Very disappointing.
  14. Thanks Ponderosa, just checked and you are right. Totally agree with you about American racing.
  15. Thoroughbred Weekly Does anyone know if we get this weekly Greg Radley Show on Trackside now? Used to be on Sunday mornings but it is not shown on the schedule now. Was looking forward to watching it tomorrow after our great day today.