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  • Moore To Ride Diademe In Sy...

    Crack international jockey Ryan Moore will team up with a red hot Cambridge training partnership on day two of The Championships this Saturday.

  • Scott Richardson Celebrates...

    Twenty four hours after securing his first Group One win as a thoroughbred owner retired stockbroker Scott Richardson, pictured, was taking time out in his usual quiet and understated manner to celebrate a victory that has been a lifetime in the making.

  • Smashing Triumphs At Te Aroha

    Smashing may not yet have enjoyed the racing success of her mother, but she is nevertheless fashioning a tidy record of her own.

  • Scrutinize Passes Pedigree...

    A Group One pedigree was put under scrutiny at Matamata on Wednesday and it passed with flying colours.

  • Marky Mark Claims Sires Pro...

    Racing justice was served to prominent thoroughbred identities Brendan and Jo Lindsay at Awapuni on Saturday.

  • Werther Looking For T Factor

    Andrew Campbell is hoping the Tavistock factor can give Werther an edge when his three-year-old chases age group honours at Awapuni.

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