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  1. fitzy

    C. S. Hayes Stakes........

    Hopefully the Guineas is a clean race this year. When O’Reilly ran the winner was later found to have raced with illegal substances which were not detectable by testing at that time.
  2. fitzy

    new owner for stud farm

    Chinese billionaire gets OIO approval to buy stake in Hamilton stud farm His company was earlier involved in National Party donations scandal. By Andrew Bevin Thu, 30 Jan 2020 Add to Saved Content Lang Lin, chief executive of Inner Mongolia Rider Horse Group Inner Mongolia Rider Horse Industry has received OIO approval to purchase 35% of Highview Stud/ Bauhinia Farm, which owns 119 hectares of farmland in Hamilton, for $5.4 million. Inner Mongolia Rider Horse Industry hit in the headlines back in 2017 after its owner, Chinese billionaire Lang Lin, used the company to give a controversial $150,000 donation to the National Party. Highview Stud, which trains and breeds racing horses, has a leasehold interest over the land for up to 12 years. The OIO approved the investment on the grounds it was expected to create full-time jobs, exports, increase the efficiency and productivity of Highview Stud and bring additional investment into New Zealand. The regulator also expected the investment to advance government policy regarding the sale of thoroughbred horses in New Zealand. Lin made his fortune in fast food and has worked to create a racing industry in China, where it remains illegal outside of Hong Kong and Macau. He chose New Zealand for his breeding operations because of the quality genetics, affordability and quarantine standards and his company has been eyeing up and breeding horses here since 2012. Top stallion Mongolian Khan, 50% owned by Lang Lin's company and Windsor Park Stud has stood at stud in New Zealand The furore The company’s $150,000 donation to the National Party was widely criticised as going against the spirit of the law, which bans foreign donations of more than $1500. Lang Lin and the National Party got around foreign donation law because the donation was funnelled through Inner Mongolia Rider Horse Industry NZ, which is registered in New Zealand, despite having 100% Chinese ownership. Last year, Green Party Electoral spokesperson Golriz Ghahraman called the donation “an example of powerfully vested interests tipping big money into the coffers of the National Party.” Yesterday the Serious Fraud Office said it had filed criminal charges against four people related to the latest, unconnected National Party donations scandal. The defendants, who have not been named, would appear in the Auckland District Court on February 25. Neither the charges or the defendants’ identities are known at this stage and the charges laid have not been revealed. National Party leader Simon Bridges said in a statement neither he nor the party had been charged.
  3. fitzy


    Huey you need to check your facts. Savabeels strike rate for SW’s is at same level as Zabeel if not slightly above. Savabeel about to reach 100 SW’s from 12 full crops (ignoring current 2 YO’s). I think Zabeel took 13 or 14 crops. Since last years catalog Savabeel has added 21 SW’s to his tally. This season in Aus Savabeel has 4 SW’s with earnings of $3.6 mill. Tavistock has 1 SW’s - none in NZ - and isn’t in Aus top 50 sires.
  4. fitzy


    For $1000. Good cheap horses these Showcasings
  5. Probably not far from being accurate. Out of interest what was Melody Belle's rating before she franked her form in Melbourne? That may give some guide to any inherent bias in the rating assessments.
  6. Oceanex wins G2 Matriach stakes at Flemington today. Point at least partly proven I think.
  7. Bugga. Looks like a few have underestimated this horse.
  8. Crow I was always told to not waste time arguing with idiots but in your case I will make an exception. If you knew anything about stallion performance you would understand how good OP is going. To date he has 116 individual winners from effectively only 2 crops to race. 15 of these are Stakes performers, with 6 having been Group 1 performers. Fortunately good judges like Chris Waller know more than you and the top trainers keep buying them. I forecast he will get plenty of stakeswinners over the next 12 months and look forward to your being proved totally wrong.
  9. fitzy

    Melody Belle / J. Richards

    Good 4 at Flemington for Oaks today.
  10. Pathetic remark. OP is leaving top horses all over the place.
  11. fitzy


    What you mean you are going to ride her .....
  12. fitzy


    Interesting story. No doubt just one of many clubs under pressure and considering other options.
  13. fitzy

    Melody Belle / J. Richards

    Well done Melody Belle, clearly the best horse going around here in NZ. You have to wonder about the form though when a 96 rater and a 94 can run 2nd and 3rd. The 2nd horse has generally failed when tried against the best here in NZ, though is having a great run at the moment. IMHO this was the weakest field I have seen in this race over the years.
  14. fitzy

    Take a Bow NZ Breeding

    Berri other than the fact she raced in NZ for part of her career what link is there to NZ breeding ???????????
  15. fitzy

    Blue Breeze

    Poor race yesterday at Wyong after good win fresh here. Anyone know what happened?