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  1. fitzy

    Melody Belle / J. Richards

    Well done Melody Belle, clearly the best horse going around here in NZ. You have to wonder about the form though when a 96 rater and a 94 can run 2nd and 3rd. The 2nd horse has generally failed when tried against the best here in NZ, though is having a great run at the moment. IMHO this was the weakest field I have seen in this race over the years.
  2. fitzy

    Take a Bow NZ Breeding

    Berri other than the fact she raced in NZ for part of her career what link is there to NZ breeding ???????????
  3. fitzy

    Blue Breeze

    Poor race yesterday at Wyong after good win fresh here. Anyone know what happened?
  4. Locally US Navy Flag might be the most obvious 1st season option.
  5. fitzy


    What a horse, and what a race.
  6. fitzy

    Volksraad as a broodmare sire

    Interesting comments Berri which clearly must be taken at face value. Obviously one of the vagaries of horse breeding that a horse with such limited ability plus soundness and temperament issues could prove to be such a successful stallion. Thankfully he didn’t seem to pass his unsatisfactory traits to most of his stock. Stallion selection is clearly a lottery.
  7. fitzy

    Volksraad as a broodmare sire

    Berri with your knowledge of English racing I am staggered by your comments. Volksraad was purchased by Pat Connell who had close connections to the Henry Cecil stables. They knew full well how much ability he had but due to injury he wasn’t able to show this on the track. No doubt lightly raced horses like this are always a risk but Pat was prepared to take the gamble. He is one of only 2 or 3 stallions in the past 40 years who genuinely started at the bottom and became Champion sires. i have heard suggestions that his partners in the horse weren’t that impressed but clearly changed their minds later
  8. fitzy

    Volksraad as a broodmare sire

    See Peter Jenkins pedigree comments below from a few years back. MF a superior racer with strong pedigree. Service fee very reasonable. Rock of Gibraltar: Overall SW/named foals - 6% SW/named foal with mares by Green Desert or his sons - 20% (none involve Cape Cross) Danehill Dancer has 37.5% stakes horses to named foals with mares by Green Desert or his sons while his overall average is 11.4%. Gold Mine program shows a VGS score of 1.83 for the Danehill-Green Desert cross (in that order). For the uninitiated this score predicts the number of SW a certain cross is likely to produce given the overall stakeswinner production of the individuals involved. The cross is expected to yield 7.63 SW but has yielded 14.
  9. fitzy


    Stud book says 23 foals from 82 mares in 1st NZ crop with 41 no returns which seems unusual. Small foal crops in US also. What is his fertility like.?
  10. fitzy

    Volksraad as a broodmare sire

    Mongolian Falcon
  11. fitzy


    Jeepers am not so sure that Cape Cross ever struggled for mares. In his first 4 years at Cambridge Stud he served 455 mares with over 100 in first 2 seasons. He sired 28 2YO winners (10 black type) in his first NH crop. As a result he was priced out of our market and then didnt come back to NZ for a number of seasons, as an older stallion. Showcasing has averaged 115 mares in his 7 NZ seasons so no lack of support their either.
  12. fitzy


    Interesting that his NZ crops seemingly had little if any of the qualities of his NH sired runners.
  13. fitzy


    I see Verry Flash ran his usual honest race for 2nd at Tauranga after being parked 4 or 5 wide at the tail of the field! Horse obviously has ability so why would you waste your time racing here for $30k when he could go around in Sydney every Saturday for $120k with a decent jockey on board?
  14. fitzy

    ​Crown Prosecutor

    Not surprising really even Epsom Derby winners struggle to be commercial stallion prospects unless they have been top 2yo’s or have won G1 miles. The fact that Crown Prosecuter paid over $100 in winning the derby should tell you enough about his 3yo form. Expect his temperament as a colt was the main issue.
  15. fitzy

    Royal Ascot

    I think Sir T and Zabeel both sired Gt Northern winners. Do you judge their stud careers on that fact alone ..............