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  1. fitzy

    Inbreeding to Danehill

    And full brother has won 3 in a row and 4 from his last 5. A number of Zeds winning bred on this cross.
  2. fitzy

    Saundry on AW tracks

    At last a leading trainer actually at the coal face admits we have too many racing facilities, maybe there is some hope. Well done Pitty I hope others are listening.
  3. fitzy

    Saundry on AW tracks

    Sorry not quite sure what your point is. Its blindingly obvious from comments on this topic that synthetic tracks have significant issues and we will go backwards if we end up with the wrong options. Based on their record over the past 40 years what confidence can you have that the clubs or NZTR have the ability to make the right choice. The industry can’t be run as a democracy but as participants we need to be assured that a proper process is conducted to make sure the best option is taken. As said earlier this is the industry’s last chance to get it right.
  4. fitzy

    Saundry on AW tracks

    Encouraging to see some progress but I am concerned re lack of transparency and robust debate in process re consideration of track options, both in terms of track type (synthetic vs Strathayr etc) and location. As usual there is a lack of vision in the industry, and even less leadership. No doubt only logical SI location is close to ChCh. Is it time to bowl Riccarton and build a state of art facility (i.e. Cranbourne or Pakenham with turf and synthetic tracks) slightly to the south of ChCh? Similarly is Awapuni best CD location? Again why not a modern facility somewhere on Kapiti coast which would potentially replace Trentham which is surely well past its use buy date practically and economically. In my view this is the last chance for the local industry, there will be no more handouts. Get it wrong and the industry will be gone within 10 - 15 years. I understand local coal crop now only about 3000 and falling so replacement racing stock will be a serious issue within 5 years.
  5. fitzy

    Question - Owners & Leaseholders

    Very simply terms acceptable to all parties. In reality - how much $ will people receive in compensation for cancelling their lease on the horse. i agree with P4P best thing is to have right of purchase at a fair value in the lease, that way if a big offer comes along all parties get to benefit and no arguments.
  6. fitzy

    Question - Owners & Leaseholders

    It’s pretty simple. You can’t sell the horse during the term of the lease UNLESS you come to commercial terms with the lessee’s. Practically you would need to “buy” them out using part of the sale proceeds.
  7. fitzy

    First Season Sire Predictions

    Some of the Luminaries (sarc) were Half Century, Happy Melody, High Ice, Jigg's Alarm, Keitel, Lucky Ring, Minstrel Blues, Northerly Native, Pin Puller, Royal Loch, Shannon, Shifnal Prince, Silver Prospector, Space Appeal, Trubisc, Voyager, Wham, Young Runaway, Archimedes, Blazing Keel, Blue Razor, Concert Dancer, Conquistarose, Defecting Dancer, Destroyer and Exattic. Interesting that few if any of those names are in any way memorable, at best 1 or 2 may have been handy sires, the rest less so. You would have to look hard to find many of them in a pedigree today. Food for thought when comparing to some at stud today.
  8. fitzy

    Any Thoughts On Super easy

    This may be the first and only time I have ever seen anyone suggest that Aus trainers are more patient than their Kiwi peers. History would clearly indicate the opposite. Could the real reason be that the better bred progeny have gone to Aus as a result of being offered at Karaka? Better pedigrees & better types = better results.
  9. fitzy

    Epsom Derby

    Bad mistake not getting Saxon Warrior off rails before Tattenham corner.
  10. Has no one worked out that this is largely a cull sale and Dan is minimising his losses???????
  11. fitzy

    New Stallions 2018

    Thanks La Zip. Following your logic you obviously must think Winks is a slow good for nothing camel also given that nearly all her best races have been on rain affected tracks. Perhaps I’m wrong but I thought this topic was about new seasons sires and their stallion potential. I stand by my comments re MF.
  12. fitzy

    New Stallions 2018

    I don't understand this nonsensical crap about branding this horse as "an average son of FR" ???? Mongolian Falcon is a G2 winner of 3 races and was in the first 3 in 7 of 9 starts. His only 2 misses were after receiving severe interference in a 2YO G1 race and then being injured in the 2000 Gns (but still running 6th). His 2 stakes placings were behind 2 individual G1 winners. By simple definition that record easily places him in the top 1% of the racing population of his generation and makes him an "elite athlete" and well deserving of an opportunity at stud. Personally I'm surprised he hasn't found a home in the North Island. La Zip you are indeed entitled to your opinion but without any factual or logical basis to them its unlikely anyone with common sense will pay any heed. At $3000 he is sensational value and I hope he gets plenty of mares.
  13. fitzy

    New Stallions 2018

    I thought I had seen some insane comments on this forum in the past but this takes the cake. No one with any idea of breeding or racing would bag a G2 winning son of Fastnet going to stud. Based on Arions results in Aus there are 10 sons of FR at stud which have had runners. With FR's oldest 'grandchildren' being 5YO's no less than 5 of the 10 have sired G1 winners and 3 more have sired SW's. So thats 80% of his sire sons with runners already proving themselves as superior to the norm. I would say MF is a real chance could well be another Highly Recommended.
  14. That Ellerslie are doing this work now without regard to the needs of the wider galloping code is symptomatic of the problems within racing. Like it or not this is the premier track in NZ and they should be installing a Strathayr track or similar. Ellerslie needs to be in a position to race every 2nd weekend and it’s unlikely this work will achieve this.
  15. fitzy

    Reliable Man

    OP has 31 1st crop winners so far vs 14 for RM. I like both stallions but OP looks the best hope so far, the SW’s will come through.