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Can anyone help lease. I am trying to look up Trentham race results from 1969 to 1974.

Have tried the internet but no luck so far.  Tab results section  only seems to go back to 2000.


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On 2/11/2019 at 2:51 PM, ivanthegreat said:

If all else fails try a decent library Major Daily paper archived on microfische OR Wellington Racing club itself.

One would expect Auckland Racing Club having them.

Manukau library better than Auckland Public library but with these library situations most annoying when one is missing.

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Hello Gubellini,

Thanks so much for your reply. Probably the whole lot if you can as I am not sure of the race I would like to look up.


The short story is I was newly married, biked over to the course , got $2 worth of the quinella and got back around 6 months wages. Would love to know the horses etc

and cannot remember although to be fair it was 50 years ago! I think it was a 2yo race and one of the 1st two was a first starter from up north.

Many thanks

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6 minutes ago, gubellini said:

To simplify things I will only post quinella results over $100 for a start.

Back in the sixties it was most unusual for any horse to win first up at Trentham. One that did was Aquarelle trained by Harold Webby from Stratford and paid big money. Went on to be a high class 3yo. Be a help if Akcam could specify the month.

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Nordic Star/ Graduation $167.20

Count Kereru/ Pinotage $904.70


Grey Coral/Chelsea Tower $194.20

Llananthony/ Testemall $109.85

Belladell/ Ribotgold $205.75


Tiparillo/ Star Traveller $382.15


Ayub Khan/ Blue Nile $137.05

Te Atiawa/ Gaelic Spirit $412.55


Houdini/ Cinda $105.90

Mystic Dancer/ Execute $120.00

Bilyana/ Philtone $272.95


Sir Alan/Paramill $171.70

Peg’s Pride/ Battle Maid $140.60

Orcades/ Tonbar $106.00


Puppet/ Karanda $218.25


Elamite/ Hush-a-Bay $351.25

Point Of Order/ Nordic Star $138.45

22/1/73 Lady Armour/ Native Track $102.35


My Opinion/ Chessington $105.70

Bonny Campfield/ Paris Lad $118.05

Kaukapakapa/ Auditor $158.60

10/3/73 Mexiqueena/ Donna Paree $113.60

Poppa’s Gold/ Lovely Honey $131.30



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Gubes, I recall Garry Phillips winning easily on a 2yo on debut at Trentham paying big money, so would have been a big quinella. The name escapes me as I write this but will come back later I'm sure. It was trained by Graeme Rogerson.

It went out a hot favourite at it's next start at Awapuni with Garry throwing everything at it winning by a nose.   

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17/3/73 Marinoto/ Ballymena $232.75


Hasty May/ Kija $118.45

Wellineas/ Bronze Chief $261.05


Cherradi/ El Mustee $118.35


Wellineas/ Marabello $162.30


Meditate/ Benson $100.60

Kerry King/ Scalpel $120.15

Final Request/ Zeberace $295.55


Jack Daniels/ Kai Tak $626.20


King Candy/ El Kay $142.15


Dark Ruler/ Nikaboka $124.70

Perilada/ My Comfort $110.45

Jim Dandy/ Red Cent $225.80

Pedlar/ Coober’s Charm $189.95


Fumbler/Trace $317.80


Orangeman/ Native Guide $190.30


Kew/ Raharuhi $169.00

Counsel/ Somerset Pride $121.15

An Illusion/ Kaukapakapa $159.00

Royal Sign/Escuina $192.60


Red Gurkha/ Escuina $228.90

Ayub Khan/ Turfcutter $125.90


Kronenbourg/Sonora $705.20


Dark Burn/ Sugar and Spice $125.90

Tricky Boy/ Lomond Prince $381.65


Ahjay/ Scotch William $222.85


Coniston/Maling $101.20

The Ruler/ O’Gromni $318.25

Bellmana/ Fresh Joy $173.10


Emerald City/ India $101.90

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Best I can recall, maybe summer, as I biked over to the course, but cannot be sure

One of the first two was a first starter, and from Auckland/Waikato etc ie not Central Districts.

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