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    Trump, we all do our own kind of homework to varying degrees then make our decisions accordingly but buying yearlings is perhaps the biggest gamble of all. At that stage we only know they can walk, we don't know if they can run. But invariably we keep going back to find the ones that can. Racing would be lost without us.
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    Fair amount of logic in that Trump except training fees times ten might just tighten the sphyncter muscle a tad if positive results aren't forthcoming reasonably swiftly.
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    I'm regularly surprised he hasn't appeared on Gavelhouse before now. TA have offloaded a few lately. Not neccessarily a criticism it's simply if they're not performing or reached their mark they might as well be offered elsewhere so Gavelhouse is doing a good service in that respect.
  4. That was years ago. Maybe we'll now see a resurgence of buyers at the yearling sales and a bit more enthusiasm for trainers to go for big races. The Jewels could look quite different next year without AS dominance. On the other hand, all the best to Hayden and Tim.
  5. Settle down a bit guys. The coach didn't touch the ball. The players made some dumb moves, tackled poorly and made some poor decisions and handline errors. Two teams take the field. Generally one wins, one loses and this time we were out-played but remember 1998? That was the year the All Blacks lost five.......that's right, five in a row for those who remember, and though we've come to believe we should always be winners, life ain't always like that. At the end of the day nobody died. It was yesterday, lets get over it.
  6. Trying to have a serious discussion here Lloyd and you spoil things by being so bloody sensible. You and I both know the dates committee have no idea of what local demographics might be utilised to make a successful meeting. Fought the same things for many years in Northland but any pleas simply fall on deaf ears.
  7. High time we outlawed selfies.
  8. Winston apparently trained as a lawyer but hasn't practiced for over forty years, if ever. He also trained as a teacher which he uses as a knowledge back-up but apparently only taught primary school for a short time. Would his representation be of much value? I don't know CWJ but fully acknowledge his ability and horsemanship, and also his former problems with the demon drink. It has already been asked here 'if he was wasting and going without food, why did he have a few beers the night before riding?' Only he can answer this question. And while the rules and the ruling in this instance have c
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    Jacinda Ardern

    Never ever had problem with smoked mutton.
  10. I find it pays to look at the rider as well. Some are not overly confident if it's their first ride on the horse and some only win by the law of averages.
  11. Gruff, was never a problem getting wall to wall people in early January and tried for years to get a second date to make a Tues/Fri meeting or Thursday/Sunday but as is still the case, the dates committee have no idea of seasonal or geographic benefits to horsemen, public or the industry as a whole. Rather sad.
  12. Largely agree. There is still such a thing, despite riding to win, as riding conservatively. Current riding style doesn't help in this situation either.
  13. He sometimes works on Uretiti beach, Waipu, but lives in hour away.
  14. Last couple of meetings were on the grass, dual code days but all weather all history now.
  15. Raced horses even before the days of irrigation Winx and when summer tracks were rated hard and fast and there were certainly no more broken down horses then than there are now.
  16. Theoretically Army. No penalty if you have a vet cert. Notwithstanding, why are galloping people complaining about the industry when they aren't prepared to line up? And are we going to see a heap of scratchings at Ellerslie next week because the ground is too good for hurdlers and 'chasers?
  17. Eljay, I believed this for almost half a century too but actually the ones with some ability have problems but the GOOD ones get over them.
  18. Furthermore there's been no harness racing at Ruakaka for five years.
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    Jacinda Ardern

    Just a comment to us all U H and how we are all duped by the electioneering process, the rhetoric and the promises that have no chance of being delivered.
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    Jacinda Ardern

    " We have squandered our resistance for a pocketful of mumbles, such are promises All lies and jest 'til a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest....." (Maybe a little out of context but nonetheless profound words from Paul Simon (The Boxer).
  21. I seem to recall yeeeaaarrrs ago (like in the 50s) a lot of jockeys had false teeth which they took out before they raced. Maybe that was a safety thing back then though they only had skull caps, not helmets, and no body armour.
  22. Hmmmm....yes, a bit disappointing regardless of the price tag. If you look back a bit, several of their stallion syndicate buys have gone better with their nuts out but it seems it only takes one or two group wins to make something into a viable breeding proposition. I guess that's what a good pedigree is all about.
  23. Did he not work at Haunui under Frank Turner in the 70s when they stood Karayar?
  24. I have the dubious distinction of owning the first horse to be put down at Ruakaka, March 1979. An example of how numbers have changed. A division race, drew #1, he was 5th on the ballot yet got a start. I was a sharemilker at Cambridge so wasn't there and radio commentary was scratchy. Story was that it was just a matter of who would fill the minors when he rolled in at the turn, bumped the rail and broke a blood vessell in his shoulder. Curtains. You haven't been in racing until you've had all the ups and downs.All part of the game.
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    Seem to remember Chelsea won on her first race ride. Always had ability but getting a lot more rides now she has an agent.