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    Perhaps a slightly lesser class of horse down there though it's all relative, but just goes to show it's not what you do, it's the way that you do it.
  2. Me too 20 mins after their message but was told it was full already
  3. Maybe for those who are not public trainers though I agree, a bit more difficult compared to Aussies city/ country situation. Bottom line is if nobody talks about it, it certainly won't happen.
  4. Barcaldine, great Kiwi shearers pub.
  5. I would have been interested in one or two at $100. Was that petfoods dare I ask, though I know petfoods are having trouble getting rid of offal these days and can't take more than a couple at a time.
  6. Blue

    Jacinda Ardern

    Would be the funniest thing ever especially after all the trade they do with China, mining, cattle and so on. Talk about biting the hand.......
  7. Maybe another "novel" day though running mile meetings is not uncommon. My gripe is that horses running 1.59.8 are still getting black type. Given our quality of tracks today any horse running, say, 1.56 or slower doesn't deserve black type.
  8. Surely part of the process was to employ people who could hear and see. Could they not hear the horses and at least the loudspeakers, and could they not read well enough to know what time the races were run and the times between races they had to do their job?
  9. A million years ago the card started with the " Over The Top" hurdles won in 1970 (??) by Great Summit owned by Harley Bowler of Cambridge.
  10. Tough win under tough conditions at Alex park too. Exciting prospect next season.
  11. Best forecast I've ever seen. Couple of weeks ago a RC member directed me to a Norwegian Change it to English. Its updated every 30 minutes and certainly for Whangarei its accurate to the hour.
  12. Novel race means just that to me. No reason to think it will become regular any more than would a 3,400 meter race would.
  13. Alternatively Stodge, what do training fees look like in UK and Ireland?
  14. Watched the Norwegian forecast hour by hour yesterday. Incredibly accurate. Interesting.
  15. Blue

    Jacinda Ardern

    I noticed on TV last night in England they have lifted lockdown and hordes of people were shoulder to shoulder in the street- most without masks and- hullooooo.........suddenly a big spike in Covid cases. They were never that close in lockdown. Can people not work out a simple equation?
  16. I'm watching it in Whangarei today and it's accurate to the hour. Just had a wee trickle of rain pass over and meant to be bits and pieces most of the day though not enough to effect the Ruakaka track.
  17. As Berri said lots of grass - looked very deep in the post race 3 inspection. Almost looked like very long ryegrass and being wet can get quite slippery, especially when horses are only wearing plates. Safer if shorter, but just mho.
  18. I'll be interested to see just how much winter racing these AWTs can handle.
  19. Just wondering, with the huge growth in trotting numbers of late, why are 2yo pacers divided into separate colts and fillies races yet 2yo trotters are mixed? At this point in time in the top rated 12, seven are fillies and there are ten of each in the top twenty so it's not as if it's weighted towards one sex.
  20. And I think we all agree that's probably NOT going to happen, looking historically.
  21. I just use the TAB app and would far rather see (though there is the odd pause) than hear. There are lots of things and movements in a race that commentators don't always see having a narrower focus. Just mho.
  22. I used to think like many of you re broadcasts but now if I'm not near a tab or tv I watch the races live on my phone. Dont say you cant afford the technology because it's all out there plus its 2021. Radio commentary is history.
  23. Yes, must be Reo's first winner in 20 years. Was a bit of a tearaway when he was at Ruakaka but good to see he's stuck with the game.