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  1. Plus old Kaharau getting a major share too. Is it that he just never gives up or is it an indication of the quality of our stayers today? No disrespect but I suspect the latter.
  2. Blue


    At home by the second to last race yesterday and heard George mention the "good crowd on course." Not sure when I've seen a smaller one. Trainers and handlers come and go in the owners area but with only 60-odd horses starting you can ascertain there weren't many there. Upstairs there were 18 people in the bar before the Cop, about double that in the stand and about that standing to watch the race. Wouldn't have to know how to count up to 100 to do your crowd figures. Is it a part of George's brief to make a positive comment about the crowd? It's wasted if it is because he's only talking to the converted and the converted already know there's no such thing as a 'good crowd' on any course these days.
  3. Blue

    U can see why

    This is becoming the funniest thread ever. For us who were around in the 60's I can't help but think: I am he as you are he and you are me and we are all together I am the egg man I am a walrus. (Apologies John Lennon).
  4. Blue

    Is he a worthy Minister For Racing ?

    Let's go round in circles. Maybe the Minister of Racing should step in ?????
  5. Blue

    Tim Williams

    Not much ne could do in the last. Went rough off the gate and had no option but to settle where he did, then had to extricate himself somehow. Was winning in two more strides.
  6. Blue

    50mtr horses cannot win.

    Unless they're the class of Oscar Bonavena. Just listening to the whale. Temporale as good as he is cannot win off 50 mtrs.
  7. Blue

    Bryce Stanaway

    Dargaville boy originally. Colorful past, good show rider, had jocks licence at one point and rode a few of his own hurdlers. By that pic he looks a lot like his Dad (Ian) as he gets older.
  8. Blue

    Is he a worthy Minister For Racing ?

    You mean " which minister has done ANYTHING for racing? Not just Winston. The basis of my earlier post. Racing is well down the food chain
  9. Blue

    Toblerone, kiss of death

    Find them another sport to follow. Jockeys are not thinkers by and large.
  10. Blue

    m walker

    If they ban whips altogether, what other rules will change so they can recoup the hundred$ of thousands in fines they won't be getting?
  11. Blue

    Is he a worthy Minister For Racing ?

    Keeping Politicians honest is most certainly an oxymoron. But let’s go back to the title of the thread. ‘Is Winston a worthy Minister for racing?’ It’s really a hypothetical question and can only be answered restrospectively and according to his performance which will, of course, be judged differently by different people according to their standing within the industry. Never is everyone able to benefit fully or equally. I’ve watched his performances in Northland for a considerable time in a number of spheres. He ‘knows’ about education because he was a secondary school teacher. He ‘knows’ the law because he was a lawyer, however neither of these pursuits has he practised for over forty years. Things have changed considerably in that time to the extent that if you’re not up with the play, you’re simply ‘not up with the play’ regardless of the bullshit. Promises made over the years have never come to fruition. Re racing, Winston has spent considerable time at the races, he knows how to bet and all the combinations. He has been to the yearling sales and rubbed shoulders and clinked whiskey glasses with the principals of the industry who persuaded him to inject big money into fillies races to further their own ends which he did, while the Chris Wood’s, Leo Molloys, myself in a very small way and many of you who collectively prop the industry up are simply left lamenting. After a break Winston regains the portfolio probably being a fairly obvious choice but with good timing as the industry is making waves about being in the doldrums and the Messara Report has looked like the saviour of our Aussie counterpart so why would he not link arms and go with it? However New Zealand is very different from the Aussie racing scene and there is no ‘one size fits all’ so the report will not work here without considerable tweaking. This tweaking means Winston must step up and do some research and make some decisions himself – something, in forty-odd years in politics, he has been thus far unable to do. A master of rhetoric announcing a year ago and convincing principals of the industry that stakes were going to double is now smoke in the wind. On the other hand the majority of stakeholders realise something must change but no body, club, committee is prepared to meet the problem head on and make any change. “Why should we? Why don’t they?” A bit selfish if I may say so and not in the best interests of the industry but human nature and ulterior motives generally lies at the basis of these things. Everyone wants a bigger share of the pie but how do we make a bigger pie and what if someone gets a bigger share than them, hence lots of talk but no action certainly in the past year or so. Winston’s current court case means his attention is deflected from his ‘real’ job. It will take up valuable time pre-Christmas, then there will be a couple of months break until the 2020 Parliamentary year kicks in so no sign of Winston except probably at Ellerslie, New Year. Then MP’s start planning their campaign towards the next elections, saying nice things to everyone to cement their platform of voters without actually doing anything and that’s Winston’s whole career in a nutshell. To a great extent racing is it’s own worst enemy, seeing that things have been deteriorating for twenty or more years but failing, as a body, to do anything about it while believing reports from the hierarchy that all was well when it clearly wasn’t. To answer the thread I’d have to say a resounding ‘no’ but what are our options? Given that a minister of housing might be shifted to the education portfolio when he knows sweet FA about either pretty well sums up the situation. In my seventy-odd years I’ve seen the heady days of racing gradually deteriorate without really realising it. Probably the case for many. How can we possibly get a racing minister firstly with a ‘feel’ for the industry then take it to heart not necessarily to make us all wealthy horse owners but to stop the downhill slide of a time-honoured sport? And what, then, will be needed to get the graph trending uphill again? No easy answers, are there?
  12. Blue

    Is he a worthy Minister For Racing ?

    Of course they're "covering their butts" just like he is.
  13. Blue

    50mtr horses cannot win.

    Not so Lloyd. Front horse started off 20 so backmarkers were only essentially on 30 mtre handicap.
  14. Blue

    Melody Belle / J. Richards

    Despite the knockers racing has a huge following in Aussie whereas apart from those directly involved its almost a dirty word in NZ sadly.
  15. Blue

    ~the Cox plate..intriguing..

    Agree entirely Trump. We've had a number of Melbourne Cup winners in the past that still haven't been hailed as Champions. Over-exaggeration seems to be commonplace these days.
  16. Blue

    ~the Cox plate..intriguing..

    Sure was RR. Richard's said TAS coming home to spell though I thought while he's on top of his game would be an ideal time to go for a $2mill prize in a fortnight but what would I know.
  17. Blue

    Melody Belle / J. Richards

    The Melody Belle half sister made short work of them at Riccarton today. Meleka Belle looking pretty special.
  18. Blue

    ~the Cox plate..intriguing..

    And 4's on the place. Gotta love those big pools. At least you can get a decent return.
  19. Blue


    Not a whole lot over them but she was effectively outclassed. Needs to go back to maiden races and work through the grades.That will be the measure of her ability, not a man made rating.
  20. Blue

    One for Gubellini

    Invariably names crop up again. I see a horse in the States under the name Firing Line. We had a 'Firing Line' farm hack back in the 50's and I recall something by him winning a few races in that era. Used to know the mare too but the memory's a bit faded. Do you have any info on him just for interests sake please.
  21. Blue


    Horses are like that Gubes but there's been a couple of 100/1 shots win some good races recently though the bottom line is if it cant gallop at all it wont win anything. I saw one race when she tailed right out. At least finishing midfield would have inspired a little confidence. Good luck to anyone who gives her a shot.
  22. Blue

    One for Gubellini

    Thanks Gubes. Backfire was the horse I was thinking of and did Alec Charlston from Te Awamutu have Deep Stream?
  23. Blue

    Melody Belle / J. Richards

    In my observation a mare will run one blinder early in foal, but rarely more than one.
  24. Blue


    Press Baron was a handy trial winner today before they got canned.
  25. Blue

    Are races getting faster?

    Records are made to be broken but records are unlikely to fall very often until we get over this love affair with irrigation and get back to genuinely fast tracks.